Some Background on That Sacha Baron Cohen Anti-Gun Prank Video

The Sacha Baron Cohen prank video that’s been embarrassing gun rights supporters for the last 24 hours (4.5 million views so far) didn’t snag everyone they tried to lure in. Here’s our post from February relaying trainer Rob Pincus’s experience with these frauds. It’s worth a read. He realized what was happening and raised the alarm […]

Beginner’s Guide To Media Interviews

  The mainstream media industry isn’t your friend. Even your local newspaper or television station, unless it’s a small market, probably isn’t all that supportive of gun rights. (One litmus test:  Do they post their offices with “NO GUNS” signage?) How do you handle an interview if you’ve been singled out or contacted to give […]

It Should’ve Been A DGU: Four Times Three = VCU CCW Edition

  There’s plenty of crime on and just off campus at Virginia Commonwealth University. As you might expect for such a large, upmarket “gun free” zone. At last count there were 1,111 incidents per year. Just last week reported that “Police have arrested four people [above] they believe were involved in three armed robberies Tuesday night in Richmond near […]

Richmond Times Columnist: VA CHP Owners Are “Piles of Diarrhea”

At 4:15pm this Wednesday, TTAG personal defense writer Philip Van Cleave will appear on a NBC 12 News “First at 4” “round table discussion” (a.k.a. free-for-all). The president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League will trade barbs with a 26-year-old bartender named Jack Lauterback re: Virginia’s new law allowing CHP holders to carry in restaurants that serve […]