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Lynchburg, Virginia, (Bigsotck)
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Scores of people spoke in advance of the vote, a process that went on until 2:00am. In the end the council voted down the proposal to declare the city of Lynchburg a Second Amendment sanctuary by a margin of 5-2.

Despite the motion limiting the number of speakers, 120 people signed up to speak during the meeting’s public comment period — which lasted more than five hours — voicing concerns for and against Northam’s proposed gun control laws.

Lynchburg resident Ryan Thomas called the proposed Democratic gun laws “Draconian.”

“I can’t imagine people smart enough to get elected to hold public office can’t see how restrictive these laws are,” Thomas said. “They are attacking our right to defend ourselves.”

Lynchburg resident Tomas Straka, a native of the Czech Republic, agreed.

“These laws are not about public safety, they are about control,” Straka said. “The goal of every leftist regime has been disarmament. I know because I came from one of these countries. If gun control laws were effective then Los Angeles, Chicago and Baltimore would be the safest cities in the world. They are not.”

Lynchburg resident Elizabeth Corrales said the measures state Democratic lawmakers are proposing “do nothing to protect law-abiding citizens.”

“Restrictive gun laws only benefit criminals,” Corrales said during Tuesday’s meeting. “As a mother of four, I want that ‘great equalizer’ to protect myself and my family. I will not abide [by] any unconstitutional gun laws passed.”

Lynchburg resident and Vietnam veteran Robert Flynn spoke against the city becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary.

“When I left Vietnam, I left my M-16 behind,” Flynn said. “I’m a civilian now and have no need of an assault rifle which has the same purpose of killing someone. I have rifles and shotguns that I hunt with, and no one is trying to take those from me. I am against this city becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary.”

– Shannon Keith in Lynchburg will not become a Second Amendment sanctuary

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  1. Hey, guess what Major FUDD, everyone left their M-16 behind. Just wait, they’ll come after your precious over-under’s and bolt actions soon enough.

    • “I support the second amendment but” the only good thing that came from the SAFE act was most of us telling these types to shut the hell up.

      • “I have rifles and shotguns that I hunt with, and no one is trying to take those from me.”

        They came for the ARs, but I didn’t stand up for the ARs.
        Then they came for the standard capacity magazines, but I didn’t stand up for the magazines.

        • Haz-then…They became californians, who socialize with the government scum, who would harm Citizens, simply because the Citizen is armed.

        • Actually that is untrue. The bills being proposed would prohibit much activity around shotguns and bolt action rifles. I think they have removed the “assault weapon” definition that defines any firearm with a detachable magazine (such as a budget hunting rifle), but many bad, confusing bills persist.

          § 18.2-308.9. Sale, transfer, etc., of certain firearm magazines prohibited; penalty.

          A. Any person who imports, sells, barters, or transfers any firearm magazine that is designed to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

          Now they’re proposing an ammunition restriction so vague it will be tied up in litigation for years. NO GUN OWNER IS SAFE.

        • Any portion which prohibits any activity around any type of firearm would be automatically overridden by simple passage of a subsequent law banning such guns. IOW, any such prohibition is OBVIOUSLY totally meaningless eyewash. That is why prohibitions are properly couched in the Constitution. Now that we assume the Constitution can be ignored by a simple vote of a state legislature, it may be time to water the tree.

    • It’s not really about when or if they “come after” his guns IMHO. It’s about the overarching attitude he displays.

      The fact is that based on his public statements it’s obvious that he doesn’t care about the property and other rights of his fellow citizens so long as he feels his stuff is safe. As long as he’s not getting griefed he doesn’t give a shit about what happens to anyone else in this country.

      Regardless of past service his current stance is indicative of poor citizenship qualities.

      • The dishonorable nam veteran, hasn’t yet earned anything, and has no idea what honor is. If he would have had that m16 as a Citizen, then maybe he would have had the honor to say no to a corrupt government, as the 2nd Amendment allows.
        The nam veterans still do not understand that was our nation’s Nazi moment, of where good men should have killed every person in support of the war, instead folks said yes to following corrupt orders. The problem now is, that the the two parties used nam to execute the Constitutional Republic, and replaced it with a two party democracy, and the older folks don’t have the integrity to say they were wrong, so they have to double down and go full retread. Like how Reagan disarmed California and faction members hink that is conserving small government and the Constitution. If Vietnamese communsim was so bad, then why was/is Chinese communism good and worth selling our manufacturing base to.

        • Give a Socialist / Democrat an inch on our gun rights and they will take a mile. Give a Socialist Democrat your guns and they will give you and your country Socialism / Communism and you will have to accept it or die. After Ralph Northum did the racist black face thing he was almost driven out of office. I believe the big wig Socialist Democrats made a deal with him. We will support and defend you against removal from office if you will bring Gun Control and Gun Confiscation to the State Of Virginia and beyond. He is now trying to do his Moon Walk over our Constitution. We the people must rise up and defeat Northum and the Socialist / Communist Tyrants before they destroy America.

    • Agreed. He’s either an embedded phony,a local idiot (that was probably in a non combat arms MOS) or some combination of the two.
      Amazing how they always manage to find someone to pull the “I served and therefore I am an expert” card.
      For the record,so did I. But nowhere have I or will I ever do the ” therefore mine is the last word on any firearms related subject” Dipshidiocy

    • Someone please seek out his comment when he has to pass a background check for his shotgun ammo

    • FUDDs aren’t traitors. They’re neither hot nor cold. Neither for gun rights or against them. Neither patriots nor traitors. They’re lukewarm and passive, and need to be energized.

      Some FUDDs truly don’t care about anything other than what they themselves own (e.g, shotguns, deer rifles). However, some FUDDs haven’t woken up yet because they’re not fully aware of the danger. We need to educate them.

        • Exactly the Scripture reference I was thinking as I wrote that, but tweaked it for this topic.

        • @guest,

          The “lukewarm” reference is from Revelation chapter 3 in which the church of Laodicea was being chastised for being a “do nothing” people. Jesus was saying he reproaches those who claim to be Christians while sitting around doing nothing.

          Neither hot nor cold. Lukewarm. Might want to actually read the Bible to know what it says (and why) before posting a sarcastic opinion.

        • Laodicea’s lukewarm water supply had issues compared to other local towns with hot or cold springs. This was just a metaphor that people understood within a certain context. It wasn’t meant to turn anyone away.

      • Deer rifle? Don’t you mean “scoped sniper rifle” and “weapon of war?” The Rem 700 was issued as M24, M40, M2010, and the Win 70 was issued to Marine snipers since Korea. His shotgun is also either a pump “weapon of war” (M870s used by all branches), or break action “80% short barrel shotgun.” Obviously, nobody needs weapons of war that are designed to kill people, and he should turn them all in.

        • Yeah, and my Browning BAR deer rifle’s platform was originally a weapon of war when it was developed before most of us were even born. Come to think of it, most of the technology on your car/truck was developed on race cars, so perhaps that means your car is a racing vehicle and should be banned from roads?

          Are you daft?

    • This is the camel’s nose entering the tent. Only the beginning, if allowed to stand. If you have a vote, use it or you will suffer the consequences.

  2. No one is trying to take them from you yet, Mr Flynn.

    They’ll get around to you soon enough. But by then your protests will fall only on deaf ears, and echo from the empty places of those you would not stand with.

    • Nah he will have the politician exemption until he either screws up so big it can’t be covered up or he pisses off a bigger fish.

  3. “no need of an assault rifle”

    It isn’t even about AR-15s anymore. The legislature dropped that proposal. This guy’s a walking DNC talking point. “No assault rifles, 2A is about hunting rights”

      • Not sure about the hunting regs but I do know that VA is one of the “free” states without any serious restrictions. They also currently recognize out of state CCW permits. I think the citizens were used to having it easy and now the government overreach will backfire and bring more to the polls this November.

      • Yes, you can hunt with an AR. Regulations are .23 caliber or LARGER, and minimum 350 foot pounds of energy, so you can’t use .223 / 5.56 ammunition/barrels.

      • @300BlackoutFan is correct. I own property and hunt in Virginia annually, and currently use an AR-15 in .450 Bushmaster, which is perfectly legal.

        • As would be a .300 Blk, if you’re not hunting elephant, which clearly requires a .450 Bushmaster!.

        • I’m curious to know how the new .350 Legend will fare over time. I think I saw an upper chambered for it as a more manageable alternative to .450 BM or .458 SOCOM.

        • …or .50 Beowulf. I almost got an upper for that bad boy a year ago. Reviews say it’s like shooting a 12-ga slug.

      • It isn’t about hunting. When the 2nd Amendment was written, it wasn’t about hunting. It isn’t about hunting today and it doesn’t look good for tomorrow either.

  4. The Demonrats don’t care. What is the next step after the laws are effective? Secret non-compliance and boating accidents= compliance

  5. The Lynchburg, Virginia elections will be coming up soon. The vote was 5-2 against becoming a 2nd Amendment sanctuary city. Hopefully the citizens voice their opinion at the ballot box and vote the 5 out who voted against it.

  6. just because you turn a blind eye to taking certain guns( ,England did it too), your head might be safe with it in the sand, but your can still get it in the a$$, when they want your other guns.

  7. I encounter a metric ton of these Vietnam/Korea era Fudds and it pisses me off every time.
    I get it, you were probably drafted in, resent the politics that sent you there and every thing reminds you of shitty days and nights. You’re problems are your problems. Trying to make them mine isn’t going to do any of us any good. Besides, soon you’ll all be dead so fuck off already.

    • This is the proper response to any and all of these fools.
      My advice, however;is in the phrasing-find a way to communicate it without frightening the Grass Eaters.

    • They did not have the honor to fight a corrupt government that conscripted them as young men, so why do you expect them to defend Liberty from that same corrupt government as soft old men. The greatest tragedy of those wars was how the olkder folks allowed themselves to be socially engineered to view honor as being government issued, instead of earned through moral actions, like saying no to corruption.

    • I am a combat vet of Vietnam, and a non-combat vet of Desert Storm as well. I knew a bunch of people in Desert Storm who were CERTAIN that they were in combat, because that would look so good on their promotion records, regardless of their actual designation. I was unable to convince them that it certainly was NOT combat, I had seen combat and that was not it. I believe I saw somewhere that around 20% of those who deployed to Vietnam ever saw one moment of combat. The others are the ones you regularly hear bragging, alongside those like Sen. Blumenthal, who simply lied about the entire thing, was caught in the lie, and still was elected.

  8. Myself being a combat veteran of Vietnam Nam resent this Flynn’s attitude, apparently he was what we would call a poge back in the day, that means he never saw the fight always in the secured rear as a office worker or lackey for officers, him & John Kerry must have been in the same boat, again , he does not represent the Vietnam Nam vets I served with & most of them would love to have a word with this Flynn moron.

  9. 2030:

    Nobody NEEDS a high powered, long range, precision, laser-guided, telescopic sniper rifle with .30 caliber clips per second.


    I mean grandpa’s deer rifle.

  10. I too am an Army Vietnam veteran and also turned in my M-16 when I left military service. However, firearms serve many purposes for our freedom as Americans. First and foremost, they serve as a deterrent from our government(s) controlling, manipulating, harassing, and intimidating its citizens, which automatically occurs once citizens are disarmed. The framers of the Constitution, such as James Madison and Thomas Jefferson knew that governments proceed to take control of people’s basic God given rights when firearms are confiscated. Their knowledge of this occurring resulted in the establishment of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and why it exists for the protection of our freedom from control by our government(s).

    Secondly, firearms serve the purpose of defending ourselves and our families against criminals who will always have firearms at their disposal by obtaining them illegally. In fact, they and law enforcement will be the only ones with firearms with the citizens at their mercy. Another fact is criminals will and are emboldened knowing that the population has no way of defending itself; therefore, crime will skyrocket because they know they can get away with everything, including murder. Look at Chicago and Los Angeles where the population has been disarmed. There crime is the highest in the nation.

    Our law enforcement is great, but they can’t be there to protect us and our families the moment a killer decides to attack us or break into our home.

    So, yes, absolutely, firearms are very necessary for our personal defense and, more importantly, a protection from our government(s) taking control of our freedoms.

    • It is always a good idea to remember that occasionally a cop goes down, and requires assistance from an ARMED citizen. Happens often enough to be at least a bit of a reason!

  11. Of course we’re all focusing on the FUDD jackass, but why not. I am continuously perplexed and astounded at people’s ability to see what is LITERALLY right in front of them and see through it like it’s an apparition. HOW DO YOU NOT SEE?! Just anyone show me where the infringement stops and why it stops. And assuming he is being honest with his position, what kind of narcissistic scum must you be to look at another group of people, equal to you in every way, and think “doesn’t affect me, fuck them and their Rights.” Self-important, ass kissing, traitorous fucking asshat.

  12. I saw that this uproar made the National and International News. The press will be obviously hoping for violence from the Far Right Paramilitary Lunatic Fringe.

    Meanwhile Northam is digging in his heals and getting ready for all out war. Security is everywhere and the Jack Booted Storm Troopers are on notice to move out and lay waste to the countryside if their is a revolt.

  13. FUDD VET no one has an M16. Those are all registered under the NFA and prohibitively expensive.

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