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My wife worries a lot about someone grabbing one of our twin boys while she’s strapping the other one into his car seat. A similar scenario just happened in a Walmart parking lot in Warner Robins, Georgia where a 67-year-old man forcefully took a child out of a car and whisked the child into the woods behind the store.

Thankfully, a good guy with a gun saw the horrific crime in progress and interrupted the bad guy as police say he tried to strangle the child.

It happened in the early afternoon on Sunday. Police say 67-year-old Haimnarine Doobay threw the juvenile to the ground and began choking the child. A good guy with a gun interrupted the attack and held Doobay at gunpoint until 5-0 could arrive.

Police were happy to apply the bracelets and lead Doobay to the local lockup.

From the Warner Robins PD Facebook page:

Image via Warner Robins PD Facebook page.

Kudos to the good Samaritan who used the proper amount of force to stop an attack on an obviously defenseless victim.

We all know that using deadly force to defend an innocent third-party from death or great bodily injury poses a lot of potential downside for would-be good Samaritans. However, seeing someone grab a young child and strangle them seems like one of those scenarios where even low-information types can understand that the use of force is both righteous and justified. Not to mention laudable.

Be careful out there and stay safe.

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  1. Walmart is not the safest place in the world. Some locations are worse than others but it’s a store that seems to attract these kinds of things. Their answer to it all was to pull ammo off their shelves. Which was completely ridiculous.

    It doesn’t seem possible at this point to decide never to go there again but while there it’s best to keep your head on a swivel.

    • “it’s a store that seems to attract these kinds”

      not their fault, it’s just where the people are.

      criminal thought process:
      1) where de little kids be?
      2) go dere.

      • I know things happen everywhere. I’m saying that the way Walmart reacts to things IS their fault. They truly believe that if they stop selling AR15’s then things like what this article is will stop happening. They actually think that if they stop selling .223 or 9mm ammo that their stores are safe. I am very much saying that THEIR idiocy is what attracts so much of the very thing they tell us they are working against to make us safer.

        How many of those stores do you actually believe have working security cameras monitoring their parking lots? I’m sure there are some. But not many. That IS their fault. I’ve personally been bitten by that one.

        • “They truly believe that if they stop selling AR15’s then things like what this article is will stop happening”

          that’s not how they’re reasoning. their reasoning is:

          1) what might generate opportunistic lawsuits?
          2) get rid of it

          that’s all.

          “How many of those stores do you actually believe have working security cameras monitoring their parking lots?”

          (blink) never thought of that. good point.

        • opportunistic lawsuits?
          like what?
          “Armed Good Samaritan Stops Child Abduction Outside Georgia Walmart”

        • “They truly believe that if they stop selling AR15’s then things like what this article is will stop happening”

          Hire urban neutered MBA types and chicks to run the joint. Discontinue firearms sales.

  2. This guy ARRIVED WITH THE JUVENILE. Grandpa pissed off at the bratty grandkid and overreacted “a bit”? Or is the police report a bit muddled?


      Mark, did you not get the memo?

      This was a BM, you know the code speak.

      The fact that this may have been a relative disciplining the child is irrelevant to the narrative.

        • Let me translate for you. Apparently miner feels that abusing a child is alright so long as it is a black person doing it.

          I think. It’s sometimes hard to translate gibberish.

  3. Smokin’ a Doobay?!? Protest voted today. Effing voting machine jammed. Slow & stupid BS in Cook county.

  4. Too bad the good citizens trigger discipline wasn’t substandard and DIDN’T pull the trigger like super douche Alec Baldwin and unintentionally remove the child-choker from life.

    That would just break my heart.

  5. Am I missing something? The details lead me to believe that the child was unattended in the car in a public parking lot. If true: why?

    • The media release (FB post) states that the suspect arrived with the child. Later, it states that the suspect was arrested and the child was turned over to their juvenile division.

      My take is, grandpa took the kid (probably not something like a baby or toddler, but older) to the store, the kid got mouthy, and grandpa took the kid out back for a whomping. It could easily be something else. The details are sketchy, but I don’t yet see how Boch came to his conclusion that this was an abduction, unless he has info not in the article. The linked story at MSN has no additional details.

      • The article stated:

        “Police say 67-year-old Haimnarine Doobay threw the juvenile to the ground and began choking the child. ”

        This isn’t a description of “whomping”, this is abuse. Whether the child was related or not, being thrown to the ground and choked is not defendable. A simple smack on the the 4th point of contact would be discipline, or at least used to be when I was growing up.

        • “Police say 67-year-old Haimnarine Doobay threw the juvenile to the ground and began choking the child. ”

          So the police were there and witnessed the incident?

      • “So the police were there and witnessed the incident?”

        Really? The statement the from the Police noted that is what was witnessed by the individual who intervened. Of course Mr Haimnarine Doobay will have his day in Court and be able to face his accuser and tell his side of the story if it indeed differs.

        Do you believe, if true, that the actions of throwing a child to the ground and choking them is acceptable disciplinary action?

        Moral of the story, don’t throw children to the ground and strangle them. When Homer does it to Bart it is a cartoon, not a treatise on raising children.

      • Okay, so, seemingly it was some kind of domestic dispute?

        Glad the good samaritan was there; there has to be more to the story, whether or not we ever know what it is.

        • doesn’t matter grandpa, neighbor, total stranger, in my opinion abusing a child gets you abused right back. he’s lucky arrested is all he got

        • “grandpa, neighbor, total stranger, in my opinion abusing a child gets you abused right back”

          So no physical punishment or discipline by parents/grandparents for kids?

          I agree, I think in general it’s a bad idea to teach children that physical violence is a valid response for disobedience.

          I’m glad to see you agree.

        • minor iq
          discipline is one thing abuse is something else. to bad your mom never disciplines you.
          clean your room and take out the trash your mom might get you more cheetoes

  6. “until 5-0 could arrive”? Hawaii is the 50th state, hence “Hawaii 5-0” was the name of a TV show, or two… when did it become slang for police everywhere?

  7. Gun owners are a pestilence, defying the natural order. This child should have been sacrificed on the alter of “safety for the fearful of firearms”.

  8. Welp, now that it seems the “red wave” has truly become the “red faceplant” you better hope the courts stay on our side.

    I take like 30 minutes to do something, come back, Fetty and Whitmer have won, you now have two D flips for governor and one in the Senate, things are not looking better in GA or AZ either.

    And check out the numbers for Beto. The “bluing” of Texas is real.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow when the Dems declare this a massive victory, a total embrace of their policies, and go balls to the wall towards becoming Venezuela.

    It’s all fun and games until the diesel rationing starts.

    • its not that bad. overall the dems did make some gains but not enough to make a hugh difference. plus it looks like rep gained a 8 seat advantage in the US senate while only losing one seat in the house. but gotta wait until the final tally is in because there may be run offs.

      it was not a red wave, but it wasn’t overall a blue wave either. the main things reflected was abortion and economy with crime being a lesser concern behind those. the rep made crime and economy a major point while the dems painted the economy as “improving” or ‘greater (which it isnt) and made abortion a major point so the tipping point was probably abortion which the dems hit hard.

      • at federal level the dems didn’t do well enough to make a difference. in some individual states they may have for the state.

        • The fact that they didn’t lose much at all, (which they didn’t, I mean the GOP still isn’t sure to take the House FFS) will be taken (and sold) as a sign of public support. They will double down and accelerate everything from here on out.

          Dems know what Biden means and they know how to use it. They’ve done it before. And the GOP will walk right into a buzzsaw, like they always do, letting the Dems blow shit up and the GOP taking the blame when they cannot/will not fix it. Just like the ACA that the GOP never intended to get rid of or fix.

          I really don’t think most people appreciate the tenuous position the US is in vis a vis the USD being the world reserve currency. We’re in a position to lose that status and if that happens, turn the lights out because it’s fuckin’ over. Well, except for all the elderly we’ll have to bury as the system collapses.

          As a friend of mine said “When the pensions and Social Security completely collapse in a year or two, they’ll get it. Then you’ll hear the screaming. But by then it will be too late. Until then, they’ll ignore it or deny it’s a real thing”.

    • Abbott won by over double digits. He over performed the polls. His lead over Beto was greater than the lead when Ted Cruz beat Beto for the Senate.

      You’re probably right about Dems claiming victory though. But they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Biden is still unpopular, Fettermann still has a mental handicap, Whitmer won’t do anything good Michigan, and now having saved “democracy” from the evil Republicans…. Democrats will crow into the sunset while rampant inflation, an economic recession, fuel rationing, and foreign policy crumble to dust around them.

      • If Abbot’s win against Beto in Texas doesn’t worry you about what it portends for the future then I don’t know what to tell you.

        Beto, of all the Democrats other than Abrams, getting 45% tells you that a moderate Democrat would give most GOP governors a run for their money. Abbot should have done to Beto was what DeSantis did to Crist.

        A far Lefty like Beto getting ~44% in Texas should scare the shit out of you. A couple of cycles and the Cancerfornians start to revert, they always do. Texas will go the way of Colorado.

        • “A far Lefty like Beto getting ~44% in Texas should scare the shit out of you.”

          The election result is inline with the fact that all, that is all, of the major cities in Texas are under Dim control.

          Texas isn’t structured like other states. The Lt. Gov is more powerful than the actual governor. Indeed, if and when the Texas governor leaves the state, the lieutenant governor becomes the governor.

          The lieutenant governor appoints the heads of all the senate committees, and guides legislation through whatever process suits the lieutenant governor.

          Some would argue that the speaker of the Texas house is the most powerful politician. Then, the railroad commissioner can also be said to be the most powerful, because there is very little in Texas that isn’t under the control of the RR commissioner.

    • I never saw anything that looked like a ‘wave’. What I’ve been seeing is status quo. This nation is pretty evenly split. It’s been that way for atleast two decades. Maybe three.

      • The nation being an “even split” for decades is demonstrably untrue across a host of issues. It simply seems that way because the elections are binary but the deeper datasets don’t support this hypothesis outside of a few issues that, really, don’t matter that much. This is why there’s so much focus on “intensity” in elections and microtargeting in the modern world, it’s also why elections have become as expensive as they are.

        It’s also entirely immaterial since the current situation bears very little resemblance to any time in history remembered by anyone currently drawing breath. I know it’s popular to say “Oh, it’s just the ’70’s again” but that’s so far off the mark as to be laughable if it wasn’t such a serious misinterpretation. We have a veritable cornucopia of serious problems that can sink a nation and we’re battling it out over bullshit because we no longer just have some different opinions, we hate each other to the point that it’s been acceptable for politicians to openly talk of gulaging their political opponents and taking away their children.

        • Prndll:

          The better question is why you’d think there would be a “red wave” and be watching for one? I certainly never even remotely suggested that there would be one. In fact, I warned, and explained why months back, why it was a bad assumption. I even went so far as to say that there was a real chance Fetterman himself, brain damaged and all, would win. You could practically hear the eyes roll over that comment too.

          Realistically, what did the GOP offer up to voters? Basically nothing. They had no vision for the future nor any way to get there, wherever “there” is. They ran on “Things are bad, people are in charge! We’re not those people! Vote for us!”.

          How awe-fucking-inspiring is that? I mean, Christ, it just drips with hopeful goodness and warm, fuzzy feelz doesn’t it?

          No, it sounds about as intelligent as the person saying “I’m the least drunk so I should drive”.

          Why would anyone think that was a winning strategy?

    • “Welp, now that it seems the “red wave” has truly become the “red faceplant” ”

      Polling is just fun with numbers. One might even note that Repubs followed the same path in the 2020 elections.

      Trump can be forgiven for thinking there was massive fraud. Looking at the rally numbers for both candidates, it is inconceivable that Biden could possibly win with a basement campaign. And the momentum appeared entirely in favor of Repubs.

      2022 looks very similar. Even the problems with vote counting computers, and state-level counting of “valid” votes, are similar. The Dims lay doggo, just like 2020, and managed to avoid, or vastly limit Repub power to the same level as the day before.

      In 2018, the Dims vastly underestimated the power of the polling, and lost. Twice, now, the Repubs underestimated the Dims (and the strong anti-life core beliefs of Dims).

      Oh, and were were all the “disillusioned” Hispanics who are economically shattered by the policies of the Dims, and inherently pro-life due to their heritage?

      Without military force, a nation divided 50-50 cannot be united. There can only be periods of marginal political victories, until something breaks. If the US is truly the only “beacon of freedom” in the world, then history demonstrates the arc is anti-freedom.

  9. “And began choking them.” A whole bunch of thems couldn’t fight back? You would think a bunch of thems could put a hurting on an old man. Stupid woke dialog even in the Deep South. We are so screwed.

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