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The chickens came home to roost for one traveler who hatched the “greasy” idea of packing a firearm inside a raw hen for their flight out of Florida.

On Monday afternoon, the Transportation Security Administration posted a picture of a gun detected inside a raw hen at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport security baggage screening room. The picture shows the gun wrapped and placed inside the chicken — where stuffing would normally sit.

TSA officials said a woman planning to travel to Haiti tried to smuggle the gun inside the dead chicken. She did not make her flight and was referred to U.S. Customs and Border Protection as she was planning to fly out of the country.

A TSA spokesperson took the opportunity to reach into their bag of Thanksgiving-themed puns as they issued a warning to other travelers looking to safely travel with secure firearms.

“The plot chickens as we barrel our way closer to Thanksgiving. For us, it’s a time to be thankful that our officers are always working around the cluck to keep you safe,” the spokesperson wrote. “We hate to beak it to you here, but stuffing a firearm in your holiday bird for travel is just a baste of time. This idea wasn’t even half-baked; it was raw, greasy, and obviously unsupervised.” …

“Feather you like it or not, there are rules for traveling with guns and ammunition. So, don’t wing it,” a TSA spokesperson wrote.

— Tristan Smith in Florida Traveler Stuffs Gun Into Raw Chicken, Tries To Bring on Plane

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  1. Haiti is a bastion of crime based off the murder rates. There is some crazy stuff going on down there right now in terms of the government that isn’t being talked about by hardly anyone.

    • talk about what? it all has little consequence and after a while it all just runs together. iq-80 murders iq-80, iq-80 murders iq-80, iq-80 murders iq-80 ….

  2. it was a stupid idea.

    but also, yeah, sure, that’s what we expect from the employees of the American people, to use their work time to make a joke out of a serious situation.

    • I usually agree with most of your observations, respectfully, in this case I don’t…I found the TSA posting humorous.

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t humorous, it was. But we don’t pay government employees to be comedians. We already have one funny clown in the White House, Biden, and that’s about all the jokes I can stand from the government.

        • Ah, I see…We have fundamentally different definitions of “funny”. I fail to see anything funny about Biden….clownish for sure, but, funny never.

          Hopefully, we’re in better agreement on guns: picked up one of the FN 502 .22LR pistols the other day. Headed to the range tomorrow to see how it shoots.

    • “to use their work time to make a joke out of a serious situation”

      well _I_ laughed. lighten up and get some egg nog.

  3. “Honest, Officer, it was an experiment in lubricity and rust protection…”

    Schmaltz – The best CLP on the market.

    • ^ That made me laugh. Kudos for that.

      1) I can’t believe that a TSA staffer wrote that; too intelligent, too funny.
      2) An old school gunsmith once opinionated to me when asked about cleaners and lubricants, “100 yrs ago they used animal fat to lubricate guns, and a big number of those guns that still exist today work just fine. So don’t overspend on the fancy schmancy stuff…”. Good counsel.

      • Most modern gun oils and cleaners do not play nice with black powder firearms. They react with the powder residue and form corrosive compounds. When cleaning or lubricating black powder/pyrodex guns, use only products that expressly state they are safe for use on them.

  4. It would have been a lot more funny if the TSA had found a gun inside of a woman. She might have gotten away with it by claiming that she didn’t know her boyfriend left it there.

  5. Amazing how lowlife scumbag democRats who are fully responsible for an economic meltdown and rampant crime manage to get just enough votes to win.

    • Not really a surprise, economic meltdowns are temporary, losing access to Abortion could last decades if not centuries.

      • Hey dumbazz…Abortion shifted from a federal level to the states where it remains accessable. If tossing the unborn into trash cans is your sick reason to lint lick a democRat then enjoy what your ignorance labels as temporary.

    • With solid control of the urban area vote generating machinery it takes a true “wave” election with dynamic, competent candidates for the GOP to win. In states like PA for example – if the middle of the state can’t matchup with Pittsburgh and Philly then even a sadly damaged phony bro-dude like Fetterman can win – should’ve been a solid win for the GOP but it wasn’t, due to typical Republican incompetence – Dr Oz was not the right man for the job. But that’s nothing new, been watching the shite show that is the Grand Old Party for decades now – could any organization be better at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory than the GOP? Be ready for real disappointment when Herschel Walker fumbles in the end zone during the GA run-off and hands the senate to the Dems.

      • The Democrats and media were pretty effective about getting Herschel’s alleged skeletons out of his closet… allegations don’t really have a burden of proof, no conviction to win, it’s like Kavanaugh. On the other hand he may well have made some stupid choices, best to disclose that before you run because your crap will come to light if there is any. Regardless of the truth, they painted him as a hypocrite.

        NY City decided they do want to keep their reigning tyrant Hochul, surprised but not I guess. And Maura Healey for Mass, ugh… it’s like when California elected Newsom, I guess they just want someone to rule them. It’s like a battered woman who keeps going back to that person who abuses her. At least Stacy Abrams lost convincingly.

      • jsbryan…Oz not the right man? When it comes to a disgrace like fetteman one could randomly select the “right man for the job” from a phone book. Furthermore…Leave Hershal out of your forecast…It’s the surrender rhetoric coming from clowns exactly like you who hand the football to democRats….they’re applauding your dribble, take a bow..

      • The main reason Fetterman made it was Dr. Oz.

        Oz wasn’t considered a real ‘native’ of Pennsylvania by most voters because they viewed him as not having lived there long enough to represent them. And that argument Fetterman spent much of his campaign making and it worked.

    • well, “just enough” needs to be qualified some.

      So it wasn’t a red wave but its not really overall a democrat wave either and so far overall they have barely escaped. There are still some close contests that haven’t been called yet and these will determine if the Dem’s keep their very slim majority in congress or if Republicans will seize control of one or both chambers of the legislature. There are also races which may go to a run off in December, for example, in Georgia where Rep Herschel Walker has a 0.5 percentage point lead over Democrat Raphael Warnock with 96% of the votes counted but neither candidate has the more than 50% required by state election rules to win the seat.

      As its looking right now Republicans could end up with 220 seats (a gain of +8) a narrow majority in the house, but also Dems only gained one seat in the senate and Rep lost one seat so far and there are still races that have yet to be called.

    • “Amazing how lowlife scumbag democRats who are fully responsible for an economic meltdown and rampant crime manage to get just enough votes to win.”

      not at all, dominion has all the votes they need. and notice how they restrain themselves – just enough votes to win, and no more. they’re getting more sophisticated.

    • if you want certain things, haiti is indeed a voluminous paradise.

      you may not want to know what it is that they want ….

  6. Considering how many guns have been discovered in women’s private parts, I’d say that the TSA agents got off easy on this one.

  7. Looks like she plucked up her Voodoo or it didn’t work so well in against technology. So, is her goose cooked or will they let her fly the coop? If not we will be stuck paying to feather her nest for the next few years, not exactly chicken feed!

  8. It’s a safe bet she wasn’t planning to use that gat on the plane. More likely she was bringing it there to give to a relative or sell.

    Gun smuggling into Haiti from the US is actually big business. She’d have been much better off putting it in a metal box inside her checked luggage.



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