Screen capture by Boch via ABC7 Chicago.
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Aspiring holdup artists in Chicago, by and large, have operated with impunity. Out of 65 hold-ups recorded in less than a week, cops have made no arrests save for an unlucky crew that ran into a concealed carry holder.

That CCW holder took out all four members of the vehicular-borne team. Other gun-toting good guys and gals haven’t always fared so well. With almost 700 homicides for the year, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Murder City, USA has easily secured its place, once again, as America’s homicide capital.

Then there are the 100+ daily car thefts and carjackings. Chicago Police solve some serious crimes…once in a while. The bad news?  They only clear about 3.5% of the most serious crimes and about 7.7% of all reported offenses.

As a result, more and more prudent Chicagoans have strapped up in the face of widespread crime…no matter what Mayor Lightfoot thinks of their decision.

Cops were able to tag one stickup crew with several armed robberies after a CCW holder took down all four members. CWB Chicago has the details . . .

Officials said a 56-year-old man was smoking a cigarette in his truck with the window down when a dark sedan pulled up next to him in the 4700 block of West Arthington around 5:53 a.m. Monday.

Jeremiah Brown and a 15-year-old boy got out of the sedan, while two 16-year-old boys remained in the car, Assistant State’s Attorney LeRoy Martin III said.

Brown pulled out a 45-caliber handgun with an extended ammunition magazine and pointed it at the man’s head while asking for his property, Martin continued.

But the concealed carry holder had another idea. He “immediately” tried to take Brown’s gun by grabbing the extended magazine and then fought with Brown for control of the weapon, Martin said. When Brown asked the 15-year-old for help, the concealed carry holder removed his own firearm from its holster and fired three rounds.

Brown and the 15-year-old were each shot in their shoulders. A 16-year-old in the getaway car’s driver’s seat was shot in the temple and is critically wounded.

After taking a round to the melon, the driver lost control of the car and ran over the final member of the four-clown posse, inflicting a compound fracture to his leg which limited his ability to run (or even limp) away from the crime scene.

CWB Chicago has a second story about the same robbers – and how two of them were involved in another armed robbery in April where they lost another member of their team to another CCW holder’s gunshots.

There is an incredible twist to report regarding the three would-be robbers who crossed paths with a concealed carry holder after carrying out a series of armed holdups in Wicker Park on Monday morning. The armed citizen shot two of the robbers, and the third broke a leg when the driver of their getaway car, who had a gunshot wound to his temple, crashed while trying to flee the scene.

It turns out that two of the three robbers tried to carjack an Uber driver earlier this year, but the hijacking failed when the driver shot and killed their accomplice. …

A source confirmed that two teenagers involved in the April carjacking were also involved in the robbery attempt that went sideways on Monday morning. They were never charged with participating in the April crime. Both, however, have been arrested on other matters before, two sources said.

Two participants in a carjacking in which a third thug was shot and killed by a citizen…and they weren’t charged with murder. Cook County’s Soros-funded State’s Attorney didn’t charge them for the crime in April. That’s why they were armed and prowling the streets looking for some Christmas cash.

Sadly for them, they ran into another citizen carrying a gun. Maybe they should try their luck at another career.

This past weekend, right in the heart of the Chicago Loop at roughly Dearborn and Randolph, a carload of thieves tried to grab another ride. The owner went to confront a man who was already his car while the robbery crew waited in their SUV. The bad guys produced guns and the concealed carry license holder drew his pistol.

Witnesses who saw the shootout in downtown Chicago from their hotel room above the street.  Screencap by Boch via ABC7 Chicago.

In an exchange of gunfire with lots of witnesses in the busy neighborhood, the CCW holder hit two of the three occupants of the carjackers’ car. The CCW holder was uninjured, as was the robber who fled from the targeted car, but not before leaving tools and a phone in his haste to avoid ballistic perforation.

Screen capture by Boch via Google Maps.

CWB Chicago has that story as well.

A concealed carry holder shot two men during an exchange of gunfire in the heart of Chicago’s Loop early Saturday morning. It’s at least the third time in about a week that armed citizens have shot suspected offenders during the commission of crimes.

The victim was walking to his car from the Cambria Hotel, 32 West Randolph, when someone fired shots at him from a red SUV, according to Chicago police. He returned fire, and the SUV sped away. Meanwhile, another offender who was inside the victim’s parked car got out and ran from the scene. Officers said the offenders left a tool and a phone near the victim’s car.

Another story didn’t have a happy ending for a CCW holder who was attacked in her home. Home carry is a thing and unfortunately, the 22-year-old resident wasn’t carrying. When she tried to retrieve her gun, the intruder fought her for it and gained control of the gun.

Fox 32 has this one . . .

A woman was killed after being shot with her own gun by a home invader early Wednesday on the South Side.

Police say the 22-year-old victim was inside her home in the 9400 block of South St. Lawrence Avenue around 3:18 a.m. when a woman she did not know got inside and the two began to argue. 

The victim, who is a CCL holder, had her weapon taken by the home invader and was shot once in the chest.


Another 23-year-old woman faced down a carjacking team with more success. She shot one attacker in the head, ending his career. As she ran from her car, another of the carjacking team shot her in the left shoulder.  She got away and made it to the hospital.

Meanwhile, a few minutes later, cops found a gentleman with a head wound in a stolen Kia not too far away.  Cops won’t say if the woman got a second member of the robbery crew, or if someone else punched his ticket.

CBS Chicago reports . . .

A woman who has a concealed carry license took on four armed men who tried to carjack her early Wednesday morning in the Calumet Heights neighborhood.

Police said a 23-year-old woman was sitting in her car shortly after 2 a.m. near 89th Street and Kenwood Avenue, when four men got out of a black sedan, and one of them tried to open her car door while flashing a gun.

The woman, who has a concealed carry license, shot that man in the head, then ran off from her car.

Another of the would-be carjackers shot the woman in the left arm…

A short time after that attack, a man was found shot and killed inside a stolen Kia, about 2.5 miles away in Chatham

Police said, around 2:15 a.m. an unidentified man was found in the passenger seat of a stolen black Kia Rio near 80th Street and King Drive, with a gunshot wound to the head.

Just another week or so in a big blue American city run by “progressives” who are re-thinking criminal justice. Obviously situational awareness and avoiding stupid places near stupid people at stupid times remain the best ways to avoid a criminal attacks. And carrying a firearm in increasingly recommended.

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  2. Seeee?

    Female gun owner killed when she lost the fight for her gun. This one death overcomes all the value of everyone else carrying, and using guns for self-defense. If being unarmed saves only one, it is worth the risk.

    On top of that, how did right-wing cranks get those other fake news stories into the media? It is settled science that there never has been an actual defensive gun use. Even if the other stories (defensive gun uses) in the article are true, the shooters were probably gang members, and since gangs and criminals stay out of nice places (malls, theaters, schools, good restaurants, etc.) what they do to each other is not worth addressing at this point.

    The fact that there are over one million so-called “defensive gun uses” is the reason gangs and criminals carry guns; to protect themselves from their intended victims. If law abiding people do not have guns, gangs and criminals do not need to use theirs when on assignment.

        • sambo…”The fact that there are over one million so-called “defensive gun uses” is the reason gangs and criminals carry guns; to protect themselves from their intended victims. If law abiding people do not have guns, gangs and criminals do not need to use theirs when on assignment.”

          Unfortunately your above “reasoning” in a battle with Gun Control does not, never has, never will define Gun Control. As long as Gun Control is not defined for milquetoast America by its History of rot Gun Control enjoys standing. The kind of Standing that History Confirms Gun Control clearly does not deserve anymore than slave shacks, nooses, concentration camp, gas chambers and the like deserve.

          BTW…When your swing makes it to floor of Congress LMK….

        • @Sam

          I second .40 cal Booger’s “Force” comment…excellent sar-chasm.

          Every day a Holiday…Every meal a feast…Every fifth round a tracer.

    • Sam,

      You may be right. One of my neighbors saw me open carry on the way to the range. He was startled; he said he had no idea I carry a gun. When he asked why, I told him it was because bad guys carry guns. He said…wait for it….wait….”but if you could not get guns, then, the bad guys would not be able to get them, either.”

      So, we left it at “Bad guys will always have weapons. So, until we stop the bad guys from having weapons, I will carry a gun. He shook his head, and resumed walking his dog.

      • “So, we left it at “Bad guys will always have weapons. So, until we stop the bad guys from having weapons, I will carry a gun.”

        Are you implying that DGUs can be an effective means of disarming bad guys?

        You’re just an old meany.

        • “The drug war is such a success. Nobody uses or buys illegal drugs.”

          Thass differnt. Some people need drugs to prevent a fatal withdrawal. Nobody needs no guns.

        • Some people need drugs to prevent a fatal withdrawal. Nobody needs no guns.

          A gun CAN be a preventative to catching lead poisoning disease from some drugged-up junkie gangster intent on relieving you of your cash and valuables to finance his/her/its/their/ze/zem/whatever next drug purchase. Better him/her/it/them/ze/zem than me…

      • @LifeSavor

        ”but if you could not get guns, then, the bad guys would not be able to get them, either.”

        Your neighbor is that special kind of stupid.

        I had this type of response once from someone. Hes the same guy who stood and watched and made a video of an elderly woman being attacked and beaten until she was no longer moving. Didn’t bother to help even though he could have, he is a stocky guy, muscles, works out a lot, he was twice the size of the skinny 14 year old unarmed kid using nothing but his hands and feet to almost kill this elderly woman with a walker. He was proud of what he did with his video (‘video intervention” he called it), he was on the news, he said “I called 911 and made video for evidence.”. They showed the video, didn’t hear him say a word on the video, no “hey, I called the cops.” or “stop” not did you see any move towards the beating scene to stop it. He was real proud of it until about an hour after it aired, when the lady’s son arrived and tracked him down and beat the crap out of him.

      • the dog is the loser here. HE has to put up with his twisted owner. Maybe the BG’s will find them out walking one day and when the dog turns gnarly on them, they’ll first punch the innicent dog’s ticket then the not-so-innicent owner’s will follow quickly. Maybe at that point owner will be thinkng “maybe that neighbour has a point after all…… as three thugs with baseball bats reorganise his cranium then take his stuff.

        • Well, no not right, before guns there were bows and arrows, swords, spears, catapult. trebuchet and before that there was sticks rocks and clubs… Even now in the absence of guns there is knives, motor vehicles, hammers, baseball bats and other blunt force objects as well as fists, feet and anything else that an enterprising wanna-be killer can come up with… Killers gonna kill…

        • In Japan where guns are scarce, gas cans and sarin are the weapons of mass destruction. Sarin really works great on a crowd. much better than gubms.

      • “Thought for a minute that dacian or the limey had coopted YOUR handle, well done.”

        I aim to please; so you aim too, please.

        • so you aim too, please.

          Always do, point and shoot or shoot from the hip is for cowboys and gangsters, a waste of ammo, I’m a one round one kill kind of guy…

      • A dozen people (author included) have noted that the post was a really fine example of “SARCASM”, and THIS is your response? Maybe you should pay closer attention, just sayin’…

      • “Sir, you are truly an idiot.”

        Reading is fundamental; comprehension seems to be optional for many.

        Quit looking to be outraged, and have some fun with gun grabber slobber.

    • Obviously you are either seriously delusional living under a rock or making up nonsense to stir the pot. There are hundreds of thousands of proven cases whereby the use of a firearm by a homeowner or other CCW licensed individual has successfully defended their life or those of their loved ones! You are not allowed to own a firearm. The lawfully armed citizen is a far more better individual to deter violent crime than an unarmed one. I speak from personal experience! My personal use of weapons to defend my life and my family has deterred individuals from pursuing attacks against me, my family and my home!

  3. Well that is why the democrats are rushing to pass semi auto rifle and magazine bans in Illinois. They want to make sure law abiding citizens have no more than 10 rounds in the firearm so as to give the edge to the violent thugs who were just probably trying to get money for grandma’s operation. Their proposed BS law doesn’t allow you to keep the magazines you purchased legally and instead will make you an instant felon if you do. Amazing what Illinois has deteriorated into in a few decades.

    • mythbusting here: grannie’s operation will be fully paid for my the TAXpayers there.. which class most certainly does NOT include these thugs.

      Second, the proposed law is ex post fact outlawing of goods presently and lawfully owned/possessed/used. That one cannot stand

      • “Second, the proposed law is ex post fact outlawing of goods presently and lawfully owned/possessed/used.”

        Again? “Ex post facto” does not mean what you think. If it were so, think of the tens of thousands of law suits that would be in the courts, regrding regulations that change lawfulness that takes effect on the current, or future date.

        “Ex post facto” means means government cannot reach back, and charge/confict you of a crime before the law actually took effect.

        Ex: You bought and sold cans of freon for airconditioning units. A new law prohibits the use of freon as of today. Govt cannot look back and declare that since you bought an sold freon ten years ago, you have committed a crime. However, you may be required to never again use freon, and maybe even be given an opportunity to dispose of freon in a govt prescribed manner, or not. Regardless, you can be charged with possessing contraband after passage of the law, but not charged with holding contraband ten years ago.

    • Like NY where such bans on semiautomatic rifles like AR-15 platforms, civilian AK-47s and other similar fire arms and magazines holding more than 10 rounds, the law will fail! It will fail because sensible armed citizens will not surrender their fire arms or magazines. It failed in NY! There are hundreds of thousands of these items in the hands of law abiding citizens that were never registered or turned in. Bitch Hochul’s latest round of extreme gun control legislation now requires all semi automatic rifles to be registered and licensed like handguns. That will be ignored. Democrats fear law abiding armed citizens for good reason! They don’t fear the gun toting criminals. It is, We, the People, that have the right to remove by force, any government that is not by the People, is tyrannical and oppressive, and presents a clear and imminent danger to the People and the security of this Nation! And that is where we are at!

  4. I expect that a significant percentage of the DRT bodies found in Chicago are the result of an intended victim defending themselves and then getting the hell out of there. You know for sure that the powers that be do not like you shooting their precious criminals, and should you do so they will likely persecute you even if they eventually decline to prosecute you. If your name gets attached to ending a thug, his gang buddies and his family will do their best to make your life as miserable as they can if they don’t kill you. So who can blame someone who just walks away after a self defense shooting in that kind of hell hole?

    • Yes, but forensics being forensics, you best pick up the brass and destroy the gun barrel. They won’t go after the creeps who do the robbing, maiming and murdering; but they will go after you.

      • jimmy mcnamalias,

        “… best pick up the brass and destroy the gun barrel.”

        I am thinking, at this point, that Chicago’s homicide investigation personnel are overwhelmed. Unless someone drops a compelling and complete evidence package in their laps, I doubt that homicide investigators will ever be able to link a dead attacker to a righteous defender.

        You do bring up an interesting point though. If someone attacks you in an ugly neighborhood of some urban Hellhole, their attack legally justifies deadly force in self-defense, and your attacker dies on the scene, should you indeed remove your brass from the scene and trash your firearm?

        While your actions in that hypothetical scenario were both righteous and legal, there are plenty of examples where scumbag prosecutors attempt to prosecute the righteous defender anyway–applying the principle that, “the process is the punishment.” Remember that you have no righteous obligation to make such a scumbag prosecutor’s job easy. (Reference our Constitutionally codified right to NOT incriminate ourselves with our verbal/written statements.)

        • Don’t see a need to pick up brass, if you are concerned about detection just wear gloves when loading (good idea anyway to keep body oils off cases) to avoid prints and if you are using a semi-auto change the barrel, firing pin, extractor and ejector (or entire bolt carrier if an AR platform) to REALLY be on the safe side, negates need to crawl around a crime scene looking for brass and spreading DNA everywhere…

        • If you use a revolver you don’t have to police up the brass. And tracking firearms by ballistics is a monumental task unless you turn the gumb into the coppers.

  5. Obviously situational awareness and avoiding stupid places near stupid people at stupid times remain the best ways to avoid a criminal attacks.

    Sounds like all of greater Chicago qualifies…

    • avoiding stupid places near stupid people at stupid times

      You are talking about Chiraq, your suggestion would require moving out of the city, otherwise it is not doable there…

      • Sad to say, it’s the same in most major cities in the current United States. Maybe when we find/make utopia there will be a better scene. Until then we must insure that crime is still a crime.

        • Sad to say,it’s the same in most major cities in the current United States.

          That is EXACTLY why I have never lived, nor will I ever live in a “city”… Assholes abound everywhere but at least numbers are lower, and they are more easily identifiable in rural and low-density suburban areas..

  6. Since bad people have an advantage of sneaking up on individuals going about their lives one must rely on surveillance, vigilance and or another to watch your back, etc. In other words you need the business end headed in the direction of trouble in less than 3 seconds max. Having to go get your firearm and fumble around does not work well when seconds count.

  7. Unless the majority of voters in these red communist states can get their act together, and vote for Liberty. The only outside force out there that might save them, are the court picks of former President Donald Trump.

    I believe you have 20 days left in the Land of Lincoln before the “Purge” law begins. And thank you to all the White law makers there and the governor for making it possible.

    Because the media will focus only on the black criminals when the “purge” starts.

      • You can’t handle the truth. The white elected Democrats made this law happen. But you can feel comfortable when the media will focus mostly on the black criminals.

        Who should be shot dead on sight. By the law abiding in Chiraq. And they are made up of all skin colors.
        Unfortunately the Libertarians Liberals and the Left don’t believe in using deadly force to protect private property.

  8. Avoid a certain demographic and your chances of being a victim plummet. Ooop! Sorry (not sorry)! I’m not supposed to notice that.

    Home carry is the way, with a rifle nearby, standing in a corner or inside a closet.

    It used to be you could do your business early in the day to avoid the criminal element, but that seems to have changed. Soon, you’ll need to go out in groups to do basic things like grocery shopping or filling the tank.

    Welcome to Biden’s America

  9. Strange dichotomy that MeTV’s flagship station is located in Chicago and so many very Americana John Hughes movies as well.

    I know for a long time all the shit was pretty much walled off from the city the rich yuppies live but it must be spreading by now. Sepsis always spreads.

    • I recently read that youth gangs are attacking shoppers–usually women–up in the nice north side of the City and on State Street in the middle of downtown. I wonder if the fact of the rich women being mugged may change the negative attitude about guns.

      • Nope. They will still vote Dim. Chiraq-eons are a special kinda tard. Nowhere to hide now-it’s everywhere. Purge Law in 20 daze…

      • “I wonder if the fact of the rich women being mugged may change the negative attitude about guns.”

        Not at all. Such women will blame gun owners, because Trump.

      • youth gangs have been attacking shoppers–usually women– all over they country for decades. Shoppers are usually easy and prime targets, their attention is elsewhere and what they have is usually of value or something the bad guys want. Women are prime targets because they are viewed as weaker, less likely to fight back/resist significantly, and easier to over come, and more likely to be the larger number of shoppers thus more target environment selections, and more likely to be buying higher value merchandise around Christmas.

  10. If you shoot a guy trying to rob you and he gets in his stolen car and runs over a bunch of people while he’s dying does the court charge you with their deaths?
    Seems like a good lawyer could make it work.

    • “If you shoot a guy trying to rob you and he gets in his stolen car and runs over a bunch of people while he’s dying does the court charge you with their deaths?”

      Yes, absolutely, of course, precisely, positively; the result of the act of shooting was foreseeable. Law isn’t rocket science; you just need to be bent left.

        • “I’m going to keep doing ‘LawShield’ commercials until I get mandatory gunm insurance laws passed.”

          Are you and that slimey little gecko cooking up something behind the dumpster?

  11. “A gun CAN be a preventative to catching lead poisoning disease”

    With all the copper bullets, and polymer bullets, and magic bullets, is “lead poisoning still a thing?

    • It is when I run a hard cast round in my 10mm (always carry at least one mag), got body armor? Better be the good shit. Hide behind a car, a door, a wall? no problem… I still shoot lead in my AMT .22 automag as well.

  12. @LifeSavor
    “Sam, “You’re just an old meany”. Whom are you calling ‘old’?”

    Well….if the shoe wears, fit it.

  13. @Old Guy in Montana
    “…Every fifth round a tracer.”

    Do you happen to know if “they” make tracer rounds in .22LR?

    • I wonder why?

      Could it be that it’s fukkin GERMANY and no one really gives two shits about what happens there? Still waiting for all those INSURRECTION charges/convictions after 23 months you would think someone would have found SOME evidence, how many millions did the Democrats piss away on those Jan 6 hearings? Crawl back in your hole moron.

      • To demented mad man max

        Try turning on that secret device called a TV set. Many of the perpetrators have already been convicted and in prison and the grand finally is coming soon when Herr Drumpf will be on trial as well.

        • Many of the perpetrators have already been convicted and in prison

          All but one has PLED to MISDEMEANERS no one has been “convicted” of a felony AND for sure no one has been charged with, pleaded to OR convicted of INSURRECTION… Only one (proud boys leader) pled guilty to sedition under duress… If you had HALF the intelligence you perceive in yourself, you would still be a half-wit..

      • to “The missing Link”

        quote————-nazis are leftist, try a real history book.———quote

        You are a star poster boy for the failure of our secondary school systems to teach students about European History. If you had made that statement at the university level you would have been laughed right out of the room.

        I might add historical genius boy Hitlers right wing Nazi’s shot it out with the leftist’s on the streets of Germany when he was rising to power. Go back to school.

        • Nazi (Nationalsoshullist party) is a FORM of Fascism and beliefs were indeed Soshullists, racists, big-government, Income equality; higher tax rates on the wealthy; government spending on social programs and infrastructure; stronger regulations on business, universal healthcare…
          The official state platform for the Nazis included:
          · State-Controlled Healthcare
          · Profit sharing for workers in large corporations
          · Money lenders and profiteers punished by death
          · State control of Education
          · State control of media and the press
          · State control of banks and industries
          · Seizure of land without compensation
          · State control of religious expression
          Sounds pretty much like EVERY progressive liberal I’VE heard lately…

        • to demented

          In reality you are confusing what dictators do including some of the Capitalist dictators of Sough America.

          And your litany about the Nazi’s is all wrong as well.

          Hitler inherited National Socialism from the Bismarck years and did everything he could to destroy it.

          Hitler took away the rights of Unions just as U.S. Republicans have done.

          Hitler privatized public utilities and other governmental institutions just as the U.S. Republican’s have tried to do.

          Hitler hated minorities, and ditto for the U.S. rabidly racist Republicans.

          Hitler hated refugees and ditto for the U.S. Republicans

          Hitler muzzled the press just as all dicators do no matter if they are far right or far left.

          Hitler made himself dictator for life just as all dictators do whether they be far right or far left.

          Hitter was militaristic and said “Every nation needs at least one large war to harden it towards war”. Republicans have traditionally been the same.

          Hitler was xenophobic just as Republican’s are.

          Of course the list goes on and on proving Hitler was as far to the right as one could possible get.

        • Rant away little clown, the facts are the facts Nazi ACTUALLY stands for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (in German) which translates to National Socialist German Workers’ Party (in English) You can’t change the FACTS just because Brandon says you can choose YOUR truths over facts… It is described as a far right political party but it does not take an intellectual mountain to understand that in Europe “far right” is STILL left of center in American politics. Your little brain may not be able to comprehend that but I’m sure you could find a book with BIG print in simple words and lots of pictures to help you understand the difference. Your inane comparisons are just too far gone to even deserve a reasonable point by point response but hey, thanks for the laughs…

  14. And in the states where there is no permission slip required to exercise a constitutional right there is no count on the crimes stopped or criminals put into real estate ?

    “…so you aim too, please.”

    “Always do,…”

    My caution/adomintion was more along the lines of something I copied from sign above the urinal at Chucky Cheese.

    • above the urinal at Chucky Cheese.

      Never been to a Chucky Cheese, however my aim is pretty good in those situations as well, but IS actually more like shooting from the hip…

  16. With the criminals running rampant, and little if any effort put into putting criminals in prison by the leftist DA/AG offices, I’m not surprised people are beginning to arm up and deal with the criminals as needed. Likely to see more criminals turning up expired.

  17. Funny how it is that all the gun banners moaned and wailed that easing gun laws would led to the Wild, Wild West and blood in the streets–yet the places where the Wild Wild West activity is most extreme is in those areas, Democratic Party strongholds like Chicago, LA, San Francisco and New York City that did NOT ease their gun laws.

  18. What’s frightening is the age of the new age criminals.
    I’d much rather have a 27 year old pointing a gunm at me then a 14 year old. The 27 year old has done did most of his killin and the 14 year old just dont a tick about nothing. Jail, courts, laws or lawmen, dont care dont matter , life and death, I cant die, you might , not me and fck it if I do.
    POC? Find me one opaque or translucent human and I’ll eat it. And a new color is about to join the game like white on rice.

  19. You’re responsible for your own safety; because the Police will just clean up the mess and the prosecutor will release the criminals back into the pond with relative quickness.


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