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GSL Defense Training image by John Boch
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Many politicians and the mainstream media persist in gaslighting Americans about widespread violence and looting in America. Even with buildings burning in the background, reporters keep reciting the mantra of “mostly peaceful protests.” Meanwhile, Democrat party leaders like Rep. Jerry Nadler claim that the fascist violence in Portland (for more than 80 days) and elsewhere is just a “myth.”

Plenty of people I know and respect believe more political and opportunistic violence is coming. I concur.  If and when Trump wins on November 3rd, I expect much more widespread violence, both in commercial areas and in residential neighborhoods as well. Yes, even outside of America’s biggest cities.

We got a taste of this after the death of George Floyd. And now, Kenosha and other cities in Wisconsin are enduring “civil unrest” by those with serious revolutionary zeal.

Violent mobs graduated from attacks on commercial and government buildings to “confronting” motorists.  Thanks to a lack of aggressive law enforcement, they’ve now moved into residential areas, terrorizing residents in otherwise peaceful neighborhoods.

They’ve hit cities big and small, too. In other words, this “revolution” can find innocent, unsuspecting people, even if they ordinarily seek to avoid it.

People like Shaun King have publicly advocated for more mayhem. Everywhere.

Are you ready?

You have a little over two months until the election to take some prudent steps to protect yourself, your home and your family. The time to prepare is now.

Guns and ammo The first rule of winning a gunfight is to “not be there.” But if thugs want to “cancel” you with a personal touch, the second rule is to have a gun. Carry yours every day where you can legally do so. If you can’t carry at work, have one in the car to help ensure your safety to and from work.

Old timers will tell you that if you have to participate in a gun battle, a handgun is what you use to fight your way to a long gun. They didn’t get to be old timers by being stupid, so have a defensive rifle or shotgun, along with suitable ammunition and a sling. Clint Smith is a big fan of shotguns.

I hope I don’t offend any chairborne rangers when I tell them that for shotguns, birdshot isn’t suitable for self-defense purposes outside of patty-cake distances.

Test drive your gear Practice with your gear at home while dry-firing to see how it all works together. Is it a happy family or is there conflict between the elements. For instance, if you bought armor or a “tactical vest,” does it impair access to your handgun carry rig for drawing or re-holstering? If your local range’s rules permit it, try doing some basic live-fire shooting drills while you’re geared up.

Don’t wait until there’s a chanting crowd forming nearby to find out that some of your gear doesn’t play well with your life-saving tool(s).

Self-defense insurance Nothing good happens after a defensive use of force aside from probably living another day. Self-defense insurance gives you access to outstanding legal representation at little or no charge. Because hiring a skilled attorney to beat a murder charge costs big bucks, money that most folks just don’t have.

The three companies I like and trust are US Law Shield, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network and US Concealed Carry Association. You can explore the companies to find the one that’s the right fit for you.  Regardless, get yourself covered. Today.

Build relationships with neighbors Do you know your immediate neighbors? Do you have their phone numbers? Have you assessed them yet as possible assets in times of crisis or are they potential liabilities?

It’s still summer. Go chat them up. Take some cookies with you, or maybe a pie. Help them put you and your family into the “asset” column.

woman wearing bullet proof vest body armor
Image by Oleg Volk. Used with permission.

Armor Buy yourself and your loved ones soft body armor, especially if you live or work in higher risk environments or if you are a higher profile potential target. Fortunately, decent armor is plentiful, affordable and available to everyday citizens.

GSL Defense Training image by Boch.

Training You can’t have too much training. If you’ve got a good foundation of skill sets, take an intermediate or advanced level course. If that’s not challenging enough, take a force-on-force class. Good training will keep you from making rookie mistakes that might get you killed in a gunfight, or others that might get you imprisoned afterwards.

Video surveillance If you act to the standard by which you will be judged in using defensive force, a video record will be your friend. And it’ll give peace of mind. Install a video surveillance system at your home and business. Nice 4k (ultra-high definition) systems (cameras plus recorder) are available for about $500.

Image by Boch.

Yes, at first look, that might seem pricey.  However, after something happens, the images and scenes it records may prove priceless both to exonerate you and to prosecute the bad guys.

A “Never Give Up” Mindset. Even if you haven’t sought out a lot of training, don’t have armor, insurance or good neighbors, a positive “never give up” mindset will go a long way to surviving a violent attack.

Listen to Clint Smith!

The bottom line: You have about two months before the election and the violence almost certain to follow nationwide. With a little preparation, you can help turn a potentially life-threatening situation into a manageable inconvenience for you and your loved ones.

Either way, be prepared to defend your home and business from “revolutionaries” who want to destroy and burn everything to the ground.

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    • ‘Talcum X’ would never risk his own self though. He is just there for the outrage click cash.

    • Hard body armor has a several month delay between ordering and receiving these days. For a good reason.

      • Steel plates have a long leadtime due to affordability and +20 year shelf life (a prepper prerequisite). A few considerstions for new gunowners: might as well ensure you have, and know how to use, multiple FAKs (quick clot, isrealli bandages, chest seals, TQ’s). Now you can make holes in the BGs, stop holes and patch up holes. But BGs can also be wearing armor too. Better carry more mags. Might as well ensure you have back up comms to communicate with your community if cell sites or the grid goes down. Maybe buy a few extra cans of OC spray. Much to consider.

        • Agreed. ALL polymer/ceramic plates/vests have shelf lives of from 2-5 years.

          Steele HELMETS and plates last forever, but plates need to be coated with urethane or somo other polymer to capture the shrapnel that a strike WILL GENERATE. Steele helmets and plates are 20 to 50% heavier.

          BTW thank you JOHN BOSH for getting me a 20% discount at ACLDN. Just mentioned your name.

        • Steel is easy to acquire.

          It’s just coated AR500. Such plates cheapish and available all over the place. However… it has problems.

          First, a lot of the coatings on them are questionable. Second, they’re heavy and most people are not in shape to wear one for several hours never mind most of the day. These people can likewise forget any sort of running.

          On top of that however, steel like this is cut to shape can have two other problems. It can be, uh, not AR500 but another abrasion resistant steel. AR500 is meant for heavy machinery use and there are substitutes that can and are slipped in by the ChiComs. If an armor maker gets fake AR500 they almost certainly don’t test it properly with an XL3t, XRF or the like. IOW, what they’re selling doesn’t work as advertised and they don’t know it. I’ve seen this happen where people used scrap AR500 from jobs to make targets and then blew right through them with the first rounds they fired.

          Secondly, AR500 is like all other steels. It can have flaws in it. Ones that will only be caught by proper testing which I promise you these companies are NOT doing. They don’t X-Ray, CT, ECT or ultrasound all their plates at the pricepoint these are sold. Get a bad plate and take a hit to it and you’re gonna have a real fucking bad day.

          Then there’s the fact that a lot of those plates are not actually rated for M855 or 7.62BZ as well.

          Ceramics, not dropped on an edge or abused are good to go well past their dates. I’ve seen them work perfectly fine at 15 years old.

          If you can get ceramic or UHMWPE I would get them over steel every day and twice on Sunday. UHMWPE rated for M855 and BZ is available, lighter than ceramic, takes a ton of hits and is positively buoyant (if you care about that).

  1. Why does nobody recommend Claymores and grenades?

    If the Booga is really coming, shouldn’t one put the “loo” in blooey? Or “Gun Free Zone” signs in your neighbor’s yard?

    Asking for a friend.

    • A bit tough to get a hold of the genuine articles. It was once common knowledge, and still is in many rural areas, to many people on what sort of “ingredients” one needed to combine to “take care” of a stump, beaver damn or large boulder. Many Nam vets brought back all sorts of novel ideas for such things. Necessity as the saying goes, is the mother of innovation.

      • “Necessity as the saying goes, is the mother of innovation.”

        My friend is curious if there is a place for areea denial weapons in defending homes and businesses.

        • The answer would theoretically depend on the location of said home/business. The zeitgeist would also need to be considered. With this in mind, Esoteric Inanity could give a tepid nod in the affirmative. Naturally, one must keep in mind that traps and explosives do not discriminate and great care must be taken.

          The obvious disclaimer of local, state, and federal laws may need be taken into consideration.

          • “The obvious disclaimer of local, state, and federal laws may need be taken into consideration.”

            All good advice.

            For my friend.

        • Lethal, your probably SOL going g to get bang in the rear looong prison term ? There was a case of a guy who had been robbed several times so he set up a trap for the intruders and ended up killing one. As I recall he got a several stiff sentence.

          • “There was a case of a guy who had been robbed several times so he set up a trap for the intruders and ended up killing one. As I recall he got a several stiff sentence.”

            Not thinking trap, but remote control. You know, “pokerized”. Maybe a simple sign of a skull and crossbones, with the label “Minen”.

    • Somebody here once suggested the brilliant idea of garden gnomes full of tannerite. A couple of those going off is sure to scatter the Molotov tossing pinkos.

      • “Somebody here once suggested the brilliant idea of garden gnomes full of tannerite. A couple of those going off is sure to scatter the Molotov tossing pinkos.”

        Agree. That would be close enough for government work.

    • The NFA gets in the way. Stupid ATF can’t keep their hands off of our guns. Remember Ruby Ridge! Repeal the NFA, the GCA, and the Hughes Amendment!

      • “On my side of the Big Pond, I’m stocking up on beer and chips for the fireworks.”

        Good idea, mate. The first rule of a gunfight is….don’t be there.

  2. If Trump wins, the left will riot. If Trump loses, the left will riot. If a cop shoots a black man, the left will riot. If it’s a Monday, the left will riot. If there’s a pandemic, the left will riot. If there’s inclement weather, the left will take a rain check and riot the next day.

    • “If Trump wins, the left will riot. If Trump loses, the left will riot. If a cop shoots a black man, the left will riot. If it’s a Monday, the left will riot. If there’s a pandemic, the left will riot. If there’s inclement weather, the left will take a rain check and riot the next day.”

      If Orangeman Bad makes the left wet their panties, the left will riot.

      • I don’t think they’ll be promoting the riots as much if they take the White House. They’ll want it to seem like things are under control now.

        • “They’ll want it to seem like things are under control now.”

          Actually, the way it works is that things are always out of control, requiring severe tyranny to protect the state. There is always an enemy, internal and external, to justify subjugation of the populace. There has not been a serious threat to China since 1945. Look at how that government always finds some group out of control, needing harsh correction.

    • If the great wailing and gnashing of teeth by leftists an progressives in 2016 was any indication, things might get very ugly in some locations after the election.

      • If one can not laugh at something serious, then it isn’t very funny to begin with.

        All joking aside, it’s a distinct possibility that things could likely get very ugly. To some people, the thought hasn’t sunk in. To others, they are living in that hell right now.

      • Thankfully, I live in the sane part of the country that’s been republican since the inception of the party. Before that, this area supported the Whig party. I would be concerned in any medium to large democrat run cities, especially if there are plenty of underemployed yoots.

    • If Trump wins or loses, the Left will riot no more on November 5th. Nothing stops the lame duck from invoking the Insurrection Act.

  3. I’ve already upgraded my AR to a modern upper with optic.

    Just bought three magazine bandoliers and four more magazines. Will probably buy four more soon.

    I bought cans and sleeves of ammunition back in the ’90s when I was having problems with Nazis.

    M198 works the same on communists as it does on Nazis.

  4. I encourage people to get as physically fit as possible.

    You may very well have to run for your life or to maneuver to a superior position. Get in shape.

    If you are wounded, your odds of survival are better the more fit you are. And even if you sustain a fatal wound, you will likely live longer if you are physically fit — which translates into more time to take as many bad actors with you as possible before you go dark.

    • Sage advice. Too many people only focus their contingency plans around technological commodities. They neglect to hone and train their own body and mind. Regular physical conditioning along with routine mental excercises(Working on focus, comprehension and perceptive awareness) can do wonders for one during a crisis.

      • “They neglect to hone and train their own body and mind.”

        I am big into lifting. Especially developing my arms for rapid deployment. Left arm lifts the beer, right arm lifts the pizza. Repeat.

        My technique works by legs as well; lifting this belly when standing from the chair ain’t like pushing a marshmellow. Gotta be in shape. Gotta be ripped.

    • “I encourage people to get as physically fit as possible.”

      Good advice. I used to be a gym rat, but working out isn’t much fun once the injuries start piling up, and you can no longer go all out. Somethings better than nothing. Don’t neglect cardio, nutrition, stretching, and sleep.

  5. Enough. I am a gun owner but this site has gotten way too political and is also buying in to a narrative where the BLM will soon bee pillaging white suburbia. The far left and the far right are both wrong here, the truth is somewhere in the middle. That said a long as the blame game continues this country will continue to decline as it has in the last four years. Anyone who says America is better now than it was before Trump is an idiot.

    • Guido:
      Nobody said that the BLM would be the ones who would be pillaging our neighborhoods. (Actually BLM themselves said it.) What we are saying, is like the Boy Scouts of old, be prepared!
      Having a firearm in each caliber would not be a bad idea as you do not know what ammo you can find when you have used your current supply up and no gun shops are open for resupply.

    • Gtfoh. One side of the equation wants there to be no gun owners except police and military so not sure where you think your middle of the road ideology is getting you. Antifa and BLM are already looting urban areas what makes you think suburbs are immune?

      You think it’ll make a difference what your political background is if the wrong group decides you’re the enemy? Did it help the innocent white guy trying to help a transgender woman who was robbed before a crowd of BLM tried to kill him and his wife?

      The politics of the second amendment and self defense are being discussed, not abortion or unions. If you’re not intelligent enough to understand that then this probably isn’t a site for you.

    • I didn’t vote for Trump last time. I will this time. Why? Because he’s done a pretty good job on the economy, and a great job overseas.
      And America is better off for him.

      • “I didn’t vote for Trump last time. I will this time.”

        I think there are substantial numbers that will do what you are planning to do.

        The only question is, will that be enough to balance out the additional votes Biden will get from the extra-enraged Leftists?

        Inquiring minds want to know…

        • I think you over estimate the ‘enraged leftist’ vote. Most of them are concentrated in a few cities rioting and they seem to be getting steadily reduced by kids with guns.

          Karens and soccer moms are seeing this mindless bullshit and they are going to go law and order this election. Which ain’t the dems.

        • Agree with jwm.

          The trend is not Biden’s friend.

          He’d down since the convention, Trump is up too. Trump’s approval popped to 52% today including 26% of self-identified Democrats and a somewhat surprising rise with Black voters up to 36%.

          Biden’s imploding. Earlier than I expected too.

        • The Left pushed the mail by vote so hard, I wonder if those idiotic voters will mail by vote just to protest Trump. The original claim was that nothing could go wrong with mail in voting. I think they realized the error in that, and now Michelle Obama is telling them they should vote in person. In other words, she’s saying Trump was right! If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious! Then there’s the whole post office conspiracy theory thing, as if there wouldn’t be a massive paper trail and witnesses if Trump was actually trying to derail votes by mail.

        • The cities voted for the left last time and there will be no change this time, thank heavens it was not sufficient to win the election.

        • Vote by mail doesn’t matter that much in reality this time around.

          That’s because if you look at a map of the states that allow it, combined with a map of the rules, and lay that over a map of red/blue from the last election the only states that are allowing mail in voting and combining it with automatic mail outs of applications or ballots are already deep blue with the exception of Utah.

          In the states that matter you either have to request a mail-in ballot special for CoV-2 reasons or specifically request an absentee ballot.

          Mail in voting is certainly problematic in a lot of ways but in this particular case the threat has been overblown because the “Cali/Washington/Oregon” model of just mailing out ballots only applies in Cali, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, New Jersey and Vermont. 5/6ths of those states are in the bag for Biden from the jump so the only states that might really be affected by such a move would be Utah with it’s whopping 6 EC votes and Nevada which could be “prevented” from going purple, also worth 6.

    • You’re hilarious fadda…obviously you weren’t around when Barry Soetoro n Michael were in power. I miss Joe R. Now HE could hurl some incentives. Quit pretending you’re anything but a pathetic troll😏😏😏

    • “Enough. I am a gun owner but this site has gotten way too political and is also buying in to a narrative where the BLM will soon bee pillaging white suburbia.”

      Sorry, Guido, but that’s already happening. Antifa and BLM are just names. Both groups are supported and directed by the same revolutionary socialist organizations which are themselves well funded and quite well trained. They are very good at what they do and been patiently waiting for just the right kind of volitile social disorder to appear. And now that they’re found it their intent is to expand their tactics and, hopefully, create a wider revolution. What we’ve seeing is from an old playbook. In the 20’s and 30’s both the Italian Fascists and the German National Socialists us street violence (Italian Black Shirts and Nazi Brown Shirts) to destabilize their societies and promote their government take-over. Although led by avowed Marxists the street tactics we’re now seeing are analogs for what the Fascists and Nazis were doing in the 20’s and 30’s.
      Not knowing history means that you are doomed to repeat it.

  6. Armor isn’t plentiful. Quality plate carriers are largely sold out. Trash like ar500 have a couple month backorder. The page the author linked to had nothing and a search of that site turned up some stuff I never heard of. Shellback has some stock. Those interested need to research carriers and plates.
    For people getting ready for action look into a decent plate carrier, lvl IV plates and a chest rig/taco shingle.

    Big item overlooked- get an IFAK and bare minimum a tourniquet. North American Rescue is a legitimate vendor. Did you see the commie who took a 5.56 round to the arm last night in Kenosha? Get a tourniquet. Practice. Take a first aid or trauma medicine course. Very cheap at your local community college.

    • Note also that several ceramic/PE plates that are available only have ceramic to about 1.25″ from the “plate’s” edge so they are really 7.75″x9.75″ plates.

      • Is that defndr stuff at Rainier?
        Personally, unless I was desperate and without funds there’s no way I’d use any PC and plate combination that I didn’t see or read about LE or mil using on duty. Experimentation with life saving gear isn’t the way to avoid Darwin Awards.

        • I was thinking of LAPG’s own Chicom brand specifically and it has been awhile since I saw it so the 1.25″ may be over or under the real distance. I have heard that it has to do with the NIJ testing standard’s Minimum Shot-to-Edge Distance of 2.0″. I am about the farthest thing from a reliable source on NIJ testing so, more knowledgeable folks please correct this notion or those reading this, read the standards yourself and make your own deductions about what they mean. I just know that LAPG has that lack of ceramic at the edge and saw Matt “Buffman” videos that showed both LAPG and Militech ceramic only extended part way to the edge. The Militech was closer to the edge I think though.

    • If you want a quality plate carrier at a reasonable price (considering what you’re buying) look for the Warrior Assault Systems DCS or DCS releasable.

      WAS is UK made for the SAS and SBS respectively and they’re very, very well made. They’re also in stock at Chase Tactical, EOD Gear and Spartan Armor Systems as of this post. GearZone Tactical may have a few, they’re my primary for softgoods but their website doesn’t tell you what’s in stock, you have to call.

      Plates? Like I’ve said for a few weeks… good luck finding anything you actually want unless you’re willing to spring for UHMWPE which, last I looked, was running around $800/plate if it’s rated to stop M855 and BZ.

  7. I live up on a hill with a lot of cover and only one way up – happens to pass by my septic effluent tank. I got me a Harbor Freight trash pump with a “donkey-dick” pick-up and an electric starter wired back to the house. Outlet is a 2” fire hose connected to a Navy All Purpose Nozzle (APN, for those that served) set for a wide spray pattern, stuck into the ground with some welded-up re-bar. The apparatus is hidden in the scrub oak just-a-waitin’. The spray pattern is simply BEATIFUL, and covers about half the area that an AC-130 gun can plow up. 250gpm, baby! If they don’t shit themselves, they’re sure gonna smell like they did. I’ll try to post a picture. Effluent tank (yeah, but it’s got some nasty chunks in it still – and we eat a lot of red meat) is 1250 gallons. They get past that – and if I can settle down from laughin’ – the shooting starts. Come on up and visit uncle Mort!

  8. I rest my case. Clint likes a shotgun. Within its limitations. He goes to a shithole and carries two serious pistols (he didn’t say but we all know they were 1911s in .45 ACP, possibly N frame S&Ws in .44 Spl) and (wait for it!) A rifle. Thank you! Tell your friends. I’ll be here all week.

    • “I rest my case. Clint likes a shotgun.”

      So do I.

      Only problem is, buckshot is Unobtanium. I have me 1 box of 00 buck. 5 shells.

      The question I have is this – Can I ‘convert’ some birdshot loads to buckshot, if I get the right powder? I can cast my own shot, if necessary…

      • Geoff PR,

        How about slugs? I’ll bet you can find slugs for sale. At least where I live, shotgun slugs seem to be plentiful, in both the cheap variety and the exotic variety (such as Hornady SST slugs).

        If all you have is birdshot, I suppose there are some outside-the-box options. Off the top of my head, I figure that you could remove the top of the shell, pour out the shot and warm it, then combine the warm shot with melted wax and pour the concoction back into the shell, making sure to leave a little room at the top for an all-wax seal (just like you seal canning jars with wax instead of metal lids). That isn’t as good as a slug of course. Seems to me like it would hit a lot harder than birdshot alone.

      • You missed the point. “Clint likes a shotgun. Within its limitations.” Then continue reading the rest of the comment. Let me make it easy. If you read Clint Smith it’s clear he thinks the rifle superior. Five rounds of buckshot!? I don’t even own a “defensive” shotgun anymore and I have around 300 rds of buckshot and 100 rifled slugs. Got any rifle ammo you’d trade?

        • Gadsden Flag,

          While I agree that a rifle is superior, some people do not have rifles and only have shotguns. For people in that category, they want to optimize the defensive capability of their shotgun. Obviously #00 buckshot and slugs are the optimum shells for self-defense with a shotgun.

          Someone could also argue that a shotgun with an 18-inch barrel and cylinder (open) choke — and loaded with buckshot (of pretty much any shot size) — is a superior platform for driving away an attacking mob where it could easily not be possible to lay down aimed fire. Hence the “riot gun” moniker for shotguns.

          In that attacking mob scenario, scoring any hits at all anywhere on the bodies of the attackers would likely stop their attack/advance immediately. Thus, spraying as many chunks of lead as possible into the attacking mob as quickly as possible certainly is advantageous. And a shotgun with a minimum barrel length, cylinder choke, and buckshot (especially smaller buckshot sizes like #1) would produce the maximum spread and projectile delivery in the shortest amount of time.

          In the end, whether or not a rifle or shotgun would be superior for self-defense against an attacking mob probably boils down to how committed the attacking mob is. If they are not very motivated/devoted to their cause, then a shotgun would probably prove superior for driving them away. If the attacking mob are zealots intent on murdering people, then a rifle would probably prove superior as those buckshot pellets are not likely to physically incapacitate (quickly enough) the violent mob.

      • There’s .00 out there if you look, and get on a notify me list. I have cases of it, and slugs, and still pick it up every now and then. Last week I had delivered five boxes of Federal LE Flite-Control .00 2/34. looking for the 8 pellets, I have mostly 9 pellets.
        I use them in a Remmy 870, a Mossberg Retro Persuader by the bed, and a Shockwave w/ green laser in the truck that’s pretty awesome. If it ever came to that, I have a Mossy 835 turkey gun with the 3 1/2″ mags #3, #4 and #5s, too. Not a plinker.
        Hence, cases of .00.

        • “There’s .00 out there if you look,…”

          Are modern shotguns just not capable of using grapeshot?

  9. I’m as ready as I’ve ever been. Just bought a van. Now I can move big chit. Got the wife on board with shooting. I wish I was on better shape but thems the breaks! And our close friends are moving to nearby Indiana. There block went to hell. Pretty nice in Dyer. Huge Spanglish influx here…

  10. Nationwide violence? Doubtful. Pockets of violence where the local population will accept it? Very likely.
    I’m not concerned at all about what happens when Trump wins. I suspect much of the agitation will subside once the agitators shift to a more workable tactic. Plus, the simple mandate that the President will have to use force against the rioters will be overpowering.
    I’m more concerned about what happens if he loses and the results smell fishy. I am concerned because this is a situation I had not considered, and I’m not yet sure what I would do.

    • “I’m not concerned at all about what happens when Trump wins.”

      Not surprising, as you live *way* out in the sticks. The rioters, er, ‘protesters’ would have to navigate dirt roads and a neighbor or two before they get to be an issue for you.

      With mail-in, no one will know for *days* and opportunities for ballot-stuffing will be ripe. Neither side will be willing to accept the outcome if it’s close…

      • “With mail-in, no one will know for *days* and opportunities for ballot-stuffing will be ripe. Neither side will be willing to accept the outcome if it’s close…”

        “Mail-in” balloting cannot affect the presidential race because it is the EC who elects. Mail-in popular vote might affect a Elector selection in some jurisdictions, but states can quickly settle on Electors, and have them vote on time. The down-ballots could be a real horror show.

        • There’s also big loopholes with mail-in voting that state actors like China can exploit and ruin the election.

          If turnout is near or more than a record high, suspect tampering. It’s possible turnout could reach 110% in some locations.

          It could wind up that the two most important voters in the 2020 election will be China and Russia.

          It’s also possible that China would kill two birds with one stone and invade Taiwan while we struggle to fight out how to fix an election they purposefully messed up. We wouldn’t have results in time for January.

          • “It’s also possible that China would kill two birds with one stone and invade Taiwan.”

            The Taiwanese should understand they are next. Hong Kong had real economic value to China. The conventional wisdom was China would not kill the Golden Goose (only intentional idiots believe China makes decisions based on Western logic).

            Taiwan offers no real economic value to China. And truth is, the US cannot prevent an invasion. Taiwan is a never-ending embarrassment to China, displaying a core weakness in Communist rule, and China’s international reputation as being in charge of the Pacific Rim; a great “loss of face”, a concept Westerners cannot comprehend.

        • re: “killing the golden goose,” China has long since proven that you can make goods and money hand over fist without sparing the tiniest degree of freedom for those who toil. They’re just welcoming Hong Kong back into the flock, is all.

        • Taiwan has been anticipating an attack from mainland China for a very long time. They have an active military and will undoubtedly be a very tough nut for China to crack. Getting troops on the beach will be hard enough but, once there, they’d be facing well armed first-world troops fighting to defend their homes and families.

          • China can annihilate the island from a comfortable distance. There is no economic value to China, so leaving the island a smoking ruin risks nothing along that line. An invaded island requires occupation afterward. Rubble can tend to itself.

      • I travel a lot for work, all over Texas and northern Mexico. But yeah, I mean, my driveway is a dirt road a full mile long and requires a high clearance vehicle. And if you take a wrong turn you end up at people’s homes who are just nowhere near as compansionate as me.
        Really though, other people’s actions don’t concern me much compared to my own.

        • “Really though, other people’s actions don’t concern me much compared to my own.”

          Wise. Especially since there’s only one person’s actions that you can control or, really, have much say in at all.

    • I’d like to believe this but I don’t and I haven’t for some time.

      This is past rational. A guy offed himself in Minneapolis today and people went nuts about the cops.

    • “Pockets of violence where the local population will accept it? Very likely.”

      Translation: democrat run cities.

      • Hoping Albany doesn’t get that silly as all the surrounding towns are not looking to have any of that. Then again we have NYC refugees so who knows what nonsense will get stirred up

  11. Add CCW Safe to the list of good self defense legal services providers. They have deep enough pockets to finance a million dollar defense. (Had he paid for it, George Zimmerman’s defense would have cost more than a million.) Their one obvious weakness is that they won’t help you if the shooting was defense against domestic violence. You need to find another provider if the threat is, for example, a vengeful ex.

    • I agree with your analysis of Ccw Safe.
      I went with them because they were the only company that will defend you against a red flag accusation.
      There is no defense of got used in a red flag accusation the others will not pay for defense at the red flag hearing

  12. A vehicle that does not need a road is a plus. Lesson learned long ago during one of our frequent hurricane evacs from the coast.

    Being stuck on the interstate for 10+ hours is a harsh teacher but a good one. Have water/food and a well maintained go bag as well. Much medical, toilet paper, tools for breaking/cutting things that get in your way, extra ammo, truck gun, commo, spare clothing ect

    Just because you might live in a urban area doesn’t mean 4WD is useless. On the contrary given recent events of 2020, very useful IMO.

  13. ANTIFA believes that the time is now for its long awaited Marxist revolution. The people throwing fireworks and seeking to burn down police stations and courthouses are NOT BLM. That is ANTIFA, which is executing its plan to overthrow the social order, eliminate police, courts, jails and government.

    BLM members are too busy looting and burning stores and businesses to be picking fights with cops and militia members.

  14. Pretty sure most guys on this site should just invest in a couple of pairs of brown pants and call it a day.

    • “Pretty sure most guys on this site should just invest in a couple of pairs of brown pants and call it a day.”

      Meh. I prefer brown shirts; pants and shoes optional.

    • @cgray. “Antifa” is a loosely made-up cover intended to focus attention away from who they actually are. Despite their claims, Antifa is actually fascist. They just wear black clothes and masks instead of snappy brown shirts and ties. (We see the same kind of shuck-and-jive BS from “Progressives” who don’t want people to know that the roots of their ideology is actually Italian fascist in origin.) Just so you’ll know, the Nazi’s National Socialism is a direct offshoot from Italian Fascism. A difference is the Nazi’s used anti-Jew identity politics derived from American progressive Margaret Sanger’s race-purity influenced eugenics while Italian Fascism did not.

  15. If y9ou do not already own guns and ammo, it is already–or very nearly–too late. Ammo is not to be found in all the common calibers for pistols, for .223/5.56 or .308. That gun ain’t no good unless it goes bang.

        • Yes but a lot of places only ship to certain FFL’s. Especially with how scarce parts are becoming. Hard to find a random reloader doing paperwork for all the new online shippers.

        • No argument that random reloader was an even more random find and astonishing that he is doing business (that he is here not his past and current success) here in NY.

  16. A couple of 12 gauge rounds loaded with rock salt will break up a party. Best part the evidence eventually melts. Follow up with 00 if that doesn’t work.

  17. If Trump wins and they are rioting on November 4th, they won’t be rioting on November 5th…unless they want to be on the receiving end of the Insurrection Act.

  18. Practice long range handgun shooting at 25 yards or more. That means forget about your pocket pistols and subcompacts. If you are unfortunate enough to be in a place where unrest occurs you will want to be able to hold the threat off at longer ranges. You will need higher capacity and a longer sight radius. A rifle is to be preferred but you can’t always have one available. Also stock up on slugs for a smooth bore shotgun barrel — no ballistic signature. Just saying.

  19. so Shaun King tweets that he will blackmail and dox other officers putting them at risk of violence towards themselves and their families on twitter, and nothing happens? He just keeps tweeting… wow. Social media is a fucking problem. Someone already tweeted the location of a couple officers homes, and that is acceptable to twitter?

    • According to @Jack there’s nothing to see here. Move along pleb.

      “ToS? The ToS are what I say they are” – Jack “I Might Be A Total Douchebag” Dorsey.

  20. Look forward to some fireworks if Trump wins the election. This unrest just appears to be a windup. I laid in stocks of self defense ammo for all of the guns some years ago and am glad I have it now. I knew that I would never need it and my wife said I was wasting money. Now it appears to be money well spent.

  21. Wishing I had invested in more pistol caliber mags (9mm & .45ACP) for the PCC. Plenty of ammo, but just me to reload my own mags. If things get too heavy I may be limited to running .308 (2 dozen 20 rd mags loaded & ready to go). I need to get conversations going with a few more of my neighbors.(don’t know where they stand & that could be a problem later)

    • How close are your neighbors? Just remember if you are defending your fort from inside then you have nowhere to retreat to. They will eventually figure out where the shots are coming from, especially from a .308.

      I think it might be time to invest in some ultrasonic weapons… they wouldn’t get close with long range ones and it’s… silent? lol.

  22. “Thanks to a lack of aggressive law enforcement,” – As if overly aggressive law enforcement weren’t the cause of the rioting.

  23. If you are going to go the body armor route, make sure you are in very good shape, or rely on some kind of motor-T for longer distances.
    If you trip and fall, dont try to stop yourself with your arm, likely break.
    Watch your flanks.

  24. I’ve climbed every mountain and I’ve sailed the seven sees, I’ve conquered major armies, brought nations to its knees, took everything thing I’ve needed, but yet she possesses me, she’s wicked, she’s wicked, gawdamn bitch is wicked,,,. Burn the witch. (Carmel Hairyass).Thanx to Bill Clitt on I got tooled up in 94

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