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An armed former prison inmate led a “peaceful protest” in Lansing, Michigan in recent days for “civil rights.” In reality, the “Free People of Lansing” obstructed traffic and brandished firearms against motorists while police looked on from nearby. Inaction by the local police should surely raise questions aplenty for both local residents and people nationwide.

Paul Birdsong led the Black Lives Matter protest, one of his daily outings since the George Floyd killing, with a GLOCK on his hip and a bullhorn in front of his pie hole. The Lansing City Pulse recently profiled Birdsong:

Paul Birdsong didn’t plan to attend last Sunday’s protest in response to the police murder of George Floyd.

A week later, Birdsong, 34, has emerged as a vital and unyielding voice in Lansing, leading hundreds in peaceful daily protests at the state Capitol and facing off with Mayor Andy Schor on the mayor’s doorstep. He draws proudly upon the principles of Malcolm X in the town where he grew up and got his first taste of racist brutality more than 90 years ago…

Like Malcolm X, Birdsong pulled himself out of a rough life on the streets of Lansing and in prison. When he was younger, he joined the Bloods, a primarily black street gang founded in Los Angeles. He was the self-admitted “runt” of his gang.

“I was a little, skinny kid, but they all followed behind me. By the time I got locked up, I ran where I was at. I wasn’t all super huge,” he explained. “I don’t know why, man, but since I was a kid, people have gravitated towards me and followed me.”

Birdsong described his younger self as mean, violent and hating everything around him. To make it worse, his dad instilled a “fight-fight-fight” attitude in him. Eventually, he racked up four different inmate ID numbers.

Four different trips to prison and he’s open carrying a GLOCK, unchallenged by police.

Watch the video excerpt from a Facebook Live broadcast from June 17th.

Why aren’t the police dispersing this group obstructing traffic? Why are police allowing members of the “Free People of Lansing” to not only obstruct traffic, but to menace others by pointing their guns at motorists who simply wish to drive through?

Clearly the police in Lansing have orders not to engage.

How long will incidents like this continue across America before real bloodshed occurs? Or are we simply witnessing the end of law and order in America’s cities?

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      • Agree peaceful protest do Not point guns at anyone. Carry your gun yes no problem but you point it then you are asking for trouble, the wrong person which would be fair if you point they just might shoot you and you would definitely deserve it, how dum are you, you never point a gun, you just might get what you deserve.

        • The problem here is multi faceted. This thug is a convicted felon which makes him ineligible to own or even carry ANY firearm. When he pointed his weapon at the cyclist, that is brandishing a firearm. That is a four year felony in Michigan. There is also the fact that he now assaulted the person with his threatening behavior. Since he was acting in a threatening manner and endangering the life of a person, if somebody had killed his sorryazz, it would have been justifiable.

          Unfortunately, the city of East Lansing has a profusely bleeding heart demomaggot and has ordered the police to “stand down”. Another pathetic action to tie the police department hands and unnecessarily put innocent people in danger while the mayor and city council simultaneously kiss the a$$e$ of lowlife, opportunistic scumbags.

      • And while the cops let this thug terrorize good people, if a law abiding armed citizen shot this punk in self defense you can bet he would be arrested.

      • I would not have hesitated to take out both of those armed morons. What they are doing is a felony using a firearm to prevent an individual from his right of free travel, it is no different than armed robbery!

        • That is pretty much definition of brandishing, isn’t it?

          I can say with 100% certainty that brandishing is against the law in MI and will get you locked up and you will lose your right to own firearms.

          Self defense laws are pretty clear. If some ahole points a firearm at you, you have the right to defend your life. Even today. Confident of that here in MI.

          So why isn’t that armed felon sitting in Jackson (penitentiary here in MI)? Cops saw what happened to the cops in Atlanta. They don’t want their faces to be the next mugshots splashed all over the news.

          • That is pretty much definition of brandishing, isn’t it?

            It’s more like threatening…. If I pull my EDC piece out and hold it to my side that’s brandishing, if I stick it in your face that’s threatening to be quickly followed by shooting because I’m not going to the trouble of pulling it out in the first place unless I intend to use it….

      • A motorist in Michigan shot and killed a guy who was doing the same thing less than a week ago. The shooter had a concealed carry permit issued by the state of Michigan, the guy that caught the bullets did not and was a convicted felon. If you feel like killing somebody drive up to Michigan drive down this street for this guy’s waving a gun and shoot him. You’ll get away with it.

        • It’s not about “getting away with it”, it’s about doing what is right. These armed morons are in the act of a felony crime, no different than armed robbery. Pointing a weapon at anyone is a sign of a threat and you are within your rights to neutralize the threat (both of them)!

      • impatiently waiting. Glad this isnt happening near me as I know Id end up in trouble while these thugs are assaulting and terrorizing good people.

    • Remove legal liability from citizens for defending themselves and this will stop over night. People have both hands tied behind their back right now.

      • The far-left wants to abolish police but also want to have police protection. And the sad part is they are being allowed to have it both ways.

        • No they don’t want police protection. They want BLM and Antifa to be the police-mob rule. That’s the Marxist twist in all of this.

        • Makes one wonder what the millions of armed/unemployed cops and soldiers will do then….

    • They are going ot get what they ask for if any of these pond scum point a gun at me! I will shoot them! Im tired of seeing our country burn over NOTHING! There is about 0.001% Racism in this country! There was way less before Obama entered office and thanks to him theres more today! As he blames it all on Trump! MY AS*!!! These people are being funded and flat out paid to do what their doing and they should ALL be arrested for it! It’s time we all saw the JUSTICE we all were PROMISED!!! and not just in the streets but in DC as well! LET THE HANGINGS BEGIN!!!%

    • @Mousegun: It looks like they’ve already got it, but they just don’t get it ! Lawlessness will not improve their “fine” city.

  1. Well, here we go. It’s like a game of Jenga at this point. Everyone waiting to see which city will make the next news cycle due to LE taking a knee and allowing weirdos to take over.

  2. Pointing your gun at someone that isn’t a threat may result in them responding to you as if you are the threat.

    They engage the wrong group and that might be the end of them.

    • That’s what I thought. Pointing that rifle at him was reason enough for the guy on the motorcycle to sh00t him. What a dumb @ss. Keep that up and he will run into the wrong person.

      • Drawing to the drop when they’ve got you covered from multiple directions is not going to turn out well. However, I agree with the poster who suggested that sooner or later patriotic citizens are going to say enough is enough. If law enforcement is not allowed and even directed to get this under control I can only foresee further bloodshed.

        Had I driven up on this I would have turned around and found another route as soon as I saw it. Nothing good will come of arguing with these people even when they are not armed. They are winning the soap box, thanks to the leftist politicians and liberal media. We still have the ballot box. I pray to God it does not come to the bullet box.

        • Agreed. Apparently the ‘jury box’ is moot at this point, as it’s been proven to be mostly ineffective for our liberties.

          But, like you, we still have the ballot box and are looking forward to seeing November’s results.

  3. If you’re a regular reader of TTAG and live in this metro region and not trying to file a complaint or raising holy hell in the local media about why police aren’t arresting these people….then you are a coward.

    Don’t want to be a lone person raising the issue? OK, then get your local gun club to come together as a group and file the complaint.

    At the bare minimum get your club members to bombard police and news with fvckbook/twatter demanding answer to police inaction.

    • Have someone edit together the brandishing video with all the black democrat politicians saying “Nobody is above the law” that Tucker plays all the time.

    • doesky2:

      I’m accepting your challenge. I am a resident of Michigan and have just fired off a protest to Governor Gretchen Whitmer demanding that she do something about Mr. Paul Birdsong, since the cops have failed to act.

      • May I suggest an email to the Chief of Police with as many news reporters emails that you can find on CC.

        Enclose a snap of the guy pointing the gun at the motorcycle rider and one simple question.

        Isn’t this illegal brandishing of firearm?

        If there is a pic of someone carrying a Glock with a felony record and why isn’t that a crime?

        • Always a burner account. And may I suggest Protonmail (or similar) instead of anything directly related to Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. Use TOR to establish a burner email account.

        • Haz is on point, as usual. I’d go a step further, a TOR friendly secure vpn for the burner. Preferably not one tied directly to data miners. Do your due diligence where vpn’s are the topic, don’t risk yourself signing up blindly. Many are not what they seem at a cursory glance.

        • @9×39,

          I know we can really get deep in the weeds here, but also pay attention to your device’s MAC address. To truly be incognito, buy a new device (may I recommend Tracfone)? A silver lining to this entire stupid mask requirement is that a person may now stroll into Walmart with his/her face fully covered & obscured, pay cash for a Tracfone + extra top-up cards, and walk out. Then go to a public wifi hotspot such as your local Starbucks or McDonalds (also with mask + hat + shades on) and activate the phone.

          Viola! You know have a dedicated device with a MAC address not linked to your normal primary device(s). Be sure to have that sucker completely powered off and in a Faraday bag (or battery physically removed, if applicable) whenever you’re home or near a wifi/IP address you’ve used with your primary devices.

          A bit of work, but if you really want to ghost yourself, there are ways to do it.

        • Haz-
          You forgot to mention to remove the SIM card. This is what’s needed to properly connect to the network and identify the device for remote operation. If that is removed, contact information is also unavailable.

        • Hey, I am naive, but the way I understand it is that Michigan does allow felons to carry, but it is still against federal law. I’m an ex felon myself and have been defenseless for 32 years.

          • Although it is true that a felon in Michigan can (possibly with conditions) get their rights to own a gun restored It is HIGHLY unlikely that they would ever be allowed concealed carry (open carry requires no license in Mi).

            If you were convicted of a felony involving one or more of the following elements:

            The use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against a person or property
            The unlawful manufacture, possession, or distribution of a controlled substance
            The unlawful possession or distribution of a firearm
            The unlawful use of an explosive
            Arson, a burglary, or breaking and entering into an occupied dwelling
            You cannot possess, use, transport, sell, or purchase a firearm or ammunition in Michigan until 5 years after you have done all of the following:

            You paid all of your fines
            You served your imprisonment terms
            You successfully completed your parole and probation
            A Michigan circuit court has restored your second amendment rights under section 4 of 1927 PA 372, MCL 28.424

            If you were convicted of any other kind of felony (or any crime punishable by 4 years or more in prison), you cannot possess, use, transport, sell, or purchase a firearm or ammunition in Michigan until 3 years after you have met all of the conditions below:

            You paid all of your criminal fines
            You served your prison term
            You successfully completed all of your parole or probation requirements

        • @ I Haz

          Appreciated, and it’s good advice for anyone who takes their privacy seriously. If you had the capability on this site you might have taken note that my MAC assigned seemingly isn’t my real one, can & does change at the drop of a hat. Like now.

          I’d be remiss if I didn’t voice concern about the provider embedded spyware in those burner’s, even of the so-called dumb phone variety these days (hint: most aren’t really dumb anymore). Much less of their ability to monitor everything that isn’t a minimum of multi-layer encrypted within their network. Two things about that; check who was involved in the coding of RSA (HTTPS protocols), then think back to the Alphabet’s little rooms found in the telecom exchanges, and you’ll acquire my lateral drift. You should be wondering why there’s no real independent sec audit’s of, and you’d be right to be in consternation over it.

          Faraday cages are nice, but really not necessary on a fully hardwired system, unless expecting a EMP event. Even then if your connected with wire you’re still vulnerable dependent on the strength, brick wall filtered, or not. Backups in a cage on the other hand, quite useful. Thanks for the reminder to double check against the latest & greatest known threat models btw. Remember kiddies, it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you. And they are, so sayeth that writ of their own hand. ;p

        • @ No Talk

          That doesn’t keep the towers from tracking your phone tho, unless you disable the cell radio, and I do. You can still connect to emergency services, and hence, the network itself without a SIM. Removing the SIM may prevent your provider from knowing, assuming that they don’t own the tower’s your phone is being pinged from. If they do own those tower’s, they know. And it should go without saying at this point, but so does whomever operates those towers, if your provider does not. 😉

      • I am a resident of Michigan and have just fired off a protest to Governor Gretchen Whitmer

        Might as well have fired that protest off to your neighbors kids pet cats favorite toy… Pretty much the same result will occur…

  4. They the left, Keep making the point that the left is for anarchy and the break down of law and order.

    Between the dems proving they can’t manage to run a civil society and folks like miner 49er doubling down on the stupid we should have no problem getting Trump a second term.

    Or a third……

    • Yhe problem us all news is supporting the left.

      This will get worse.

      Police feel they can do no right, so it is protect the mortgage.

    • All the while the Republicans do their best imitation of a whipped puppy and then expect us to vote for them.

    • If you’re on the Left, then you’re one of the cool kids. You’ll be accepted and even celebrated. If you’re not on the left, then at best you’re a racist, at worst you’ll be canceled and lose your job. This is a powerful incentive in the age of social media.

  5. You are on your own, the Governement can not make this more clear. The Police exist only to enforce the rules the Government sees fit on the masses. Police are not there to protect you even the courts have reaffirmed this.

    The disconnect with reality is something else with most of you.

    • I’ve been saying that for years, and the last few months have really driven the point home. Police are not our friends! If your organization will enforce illegal edicts against honest citizens while actively protecting scumbags and assholes who break the law, then your organization is illegitimate. At that point it’s based purely on force, and therefore is just another street gang. The largest, wealthiest, most powerful, and best armed street gang in the country

      • I like the cops. But too many of them are “just following orders”. And they need to refuse the unconstitutional orders they are getting from the city and state governments.
        You get a ticket for going to church??? But it seems ok to protest. Or even to riot. And you won’t get arrested.

  6. Why in he*l arent these cockroaches being capped when they start pointing guns at people!? You need ammo? I’ll send ya some!!!!

  7. This is precisely why gun owners should not give up their guns. The pols and police don’t really give a damn if a felon has one. Talk about privilege.

    • you’re the first and only one to mention the “felon brandishing a weapon…”. I know that to be a federal offense and then some in this world of law and order. Maybe that law doesn’t prescribe here. Muck Fichigan.

  8. Point a gun in some innocent biker’s face like that and threaten his life and the cops do nothing. Are they going to ignore it too if he came back and sniped the thug’s ass from out of range of his AR? Keep this shit up and that’s what is going to start happening to these A-holes.

      • “White privilege”? What the F#@k is that even supposed to mean? Is that something like having a race card to play? From my personal experience the only people labeling other people as racist are proving themselves to be the ones holding racist hate for others. Your game, Your rules and I don’t care to play.

        • White privilege means you get to take the blame for every problem the black community has. If you are white —you are to blame. Not much of a privilege in my mind !

          • Fine I’ll accept blame for being white right after they accept responsibility for their fore bearers stealing good jobs from poor white workers with families. And while I’m being equally unreasonable as they are with my list of grievances, They also need to apologize for their ancestors being too stupid or cowardly to not be captured alive by the BLACK slave traders in Africa. I mean, Hell, the blacks started the slave trade. It wasn’t white boys running though the bush capturing slaves for market. It’s all their fault in the first place. Right? /s

  9. Sounds like a frightened man who speaks more to appease scumbag looters and arsonists than for those who protest peacefully in the Spirit of MLK.
    Rest assured mr. birdsong is not carrying a Glock so he can citizen’s arrest the looters and arsonists that he probably knows and can identify. He’s there to kiss their behinds…or else his possessions may be stolen and his house may go up in smoke.

  10. These low IQ wannabe terrorists actually think they have a right to block people on a public right-of-way. As if that isn’t bad enough, they will enforce it by pointing a rifle at someone just trying to use the public right-of-way. The reason these idiots think they have a right to do this is because the media will approve, the mayor will approve, and the police will stand around like a bunch of useless cucks. What could possibly go wrong?

    I’m old enough to remember the left wing media absolutely losing their minds over law abiding open carriers peacefully protesting. Where are those hypocrites now?

  11. “Birdsong described his younger self as mean, violent and hating everything around him. To make it worse, his dad instilled a “fight-fight-fight” attitude in him. Eventually, he racked up four different inmate ID numbers.”

    But it’s whitey’s fault you were/are a loser, right?

  12. The leo can not win, they are damn if they do & damn if they do not.
    You should be looking at the Mayor & Governor, the voters should make the point.

    • Of course, but they supported and protected their mischievous colleagues through the blue wall of silence, lies, and public sector union power until the situation deteriorated to this. The cops mostly brought this on themselves and unfortunately the rest of us. Probably not all of them, but evidence of ones that tried to police their own is very scarce.

    • The cops always have some excuses, it doesn’t matter who is the governor and mayor, when you witness a violent crime while on duty, or the threat of committing a violent crime, you don’t have discretion on whether you should intervene or not. Assisting people at Trump rallies and protests, pointing guns at motorists…doesn’t matter who elected who, do your job or give up your badge! They only care about their $$$ and pensions, chose the wrong line of duty obviously.

      • Agreed. And more importantly, is there any doubt that a self defense shooting of these assholes would have prompted a police response? No, they were indirectly but actively PROTECTING these “protestors”. Which makes those individual pigs just as bad in my book

  13. Here is what I saw:

    1) Rifle guy is carrying a rifle in both hands (pointed at the ground), steps out in middle of road, and blocks motorcycle guy. That looks like the crime of “false imprisonment” to me.

    2) Motorcycle guy expresses his intent to continue on his way — via voice and slightly revving engine.

    3) Rifle guy then points his rifle at motorcycle guy, claiming that motorcycle guy indicated intent to cause great bodily harm when motorcycle guy revved his engine.

    As far as I am concerned, motorcycle guy was within his rights to express his desire to continue on his way from false imprisonment and rifle guy committed aggravated assault.

    Furthermore, I believe that the crowd is guilty of conspiracy to deprive people of their rights — in this case their right to travel on public roads.

    The failure of police and the local prosecutor to act is yet another example of government malfeasance and breach of the public trust — both of which should be serious crimes in my opinion.

    • The local mayor / DA / police chief, city council, etc. should be recalled / impeached / removed. No one wants to do that because the Left has everyone terrified with their cancel culture. It works better than firearms in the modern age. If you go against it, then you go against BLM, which “means” you don’t care about black people, which means you’re a racist! People are literally losing their jobs for expressing the “wrong” opinion. The Left always says they want a conversation, which is a lie. They only want you to shut up unless you agree with them. If you don’t shut up, they’ll cancel you. It’s truly diabolical what the Left is doing these days.

      • The Left always says they want a conversation …

        Where their idea of a “conversation” means they get to insult, berate, badger, belittle, and bully you into compliance and everything that you say is always wrong by default.

        So, yes, the Left is lying when they say that they want a conversation.

    • Brandishing and terroristic threats are ok if you’re a BLM member. White guy on a bike minding his own is a criminal.
      If he was a black person would they have acted the same? I think not.

      • I dunno, they went after that black woman driver in Louisville below. Mobs can turn on just about anyone.

      • In Atlanta they’ve shut down the road past the Wendy’s AND the Interstate on-ramp to WHITE people (yeah no white people can drive past the burned down Wendy’s) nothing racist about that….

        • Well…. technically, according to cell phone video released later, it appears a white woman started the fire. Perhaps they were just protecting their neighborhood….

          I’m pretty sure that would be the take of the Lame Stream News Media.

          • Whatever they are doing they’ve barricaded the highway and armed members of the “New” Black Panthers are standing guard over a burned out Wendys… FYI: that “white” woman was Mr. Brooks alleged girlfriend and she did not act alone in torching the place….

  14. So what happens if they point a gun at someone and get popped for doing so what are the cops watching from a safe distance going to do next?

    They gonna spring into action and arrest the shooter for defending themselves?

    It matters because if the law only applies sometimes and not others then we don’t have the right of self defense any longer. And that’s not just a 2A thing but a human right.
    History is full of scary stories of countries that started the same way. And when people figured out the rules were changed it was too late.
    What s keeping a lid on a response is the law is still in effect. For the law abiding. People have plenty to lose and know the “system ‘ will take it all away while others get the pass.
    Tip it too far and it’s going to come out of the woodwork on them.

    • Yes, it is very likely the cops would arrest that person, possibly shoot even if that person complies, as 20 retarded, overly excited cops, will all be yelling diffferent orders at the same time. Cops are definitely not with us, and I have serious doubts on the national guard and armed forces as well. Too many retards looking for action who would gladly beat up and oppress Americans while antifa and BLM are torching their police stations and cruisers.

      • you’re probably right. No consequences for that one. They have taught the cops that you’ll be fired, charged and jailed in a few days if you do something they NOW say is wrong.

        See Atlanta DA Howard……

  15. Once again, we see the desperate need for a clear and compelling law:

    1) Mobs blocking sidewalks and streets are guilty of false imprisonment.

    2) A single visibly-armed person who steps in front of a pedestrian, cyclist, or vehicle to block their forward progress is an imminent threat of grievous bodily harm or death.

    3) A mob of “unarmed” people who step in front to block or who surround a pedestrian, cyclist, or auto are an imminent threat of grievous bodily harm or death.

  16. Earlier this month a “white supremist” was arrested for pointing an AR-15 at protestors. Now the protesters point guns at innocent people and the cops watch from a safe distance. This is surreal. If this trend continues there will be innocent blood on the streets. Looting and rioting was allowed to continue and soon murder will occur.

    • Its systemic racism. Blacks can do as they please , but if you are white you are a criminal

  17. Makes a very good case for the personal ownership of a vehicle mounted Mk 47, if you were to ask me.

  18. And this why for the last 3 weeks along with my HK USP .45 EDC i have added my 8″ BCM 300blk with 6 loaded mags and an extra 200 rds behind the seat in my truck. If your gonna threaten me with a rifle or handgun in traffic as I go about my law abiding, god fearing, tax paying day going to work or home be prepared I will back up smiling as TOLD TO BY SOME WANNA BE BAD ASS (regardless of ethnicity)
    about 30 yards park said truck and I’m gonna bust yer ass and anyone who is with you.
    We don’t take that shit lightly in Dixie.

    • No we do not. There are a whole bunch of people geared up where I live, and our little local city has had a few protests… but none of this shit. Because they know what is gonna happen. Protests are fine of course. But mind your manners.

  19. And yet they still have a facebook page. Gun reviewers get banned monthly but these jerks are pointing ar-15s at unarmed motorists and get to keep their page.

  20. Boch is an asshole who’s writing reeks of inadequate psychotropic medication.

    However, he has stumbled upon an important video.

    There should be a massive and brutal police response when protesters not only stop all traffic but threaten citizens by pointing AR-15’s at them and announcing that it is the citizen who is the threat, and merely attempting to move forward will get them shot.

    Everyone surrounding that guy on the bike should have been taken out by a police sniper or arrested if possible.

    A “Free People”, on Lansing or any other place, have already lost their own cause, left it behind when they threaten and condone threatening innocent passersby.

  21. Wake up whites. The race war is imminent. If you have white kids- think real hard about what kind of world your kids grow up in. Whites are already discriminated against for college and job hiring. They are tearing down our statues to erase our history.

    #whitelivesmatter #carryeveryday.

    • Keep in mind that the race war is just a distraction designed to cause division that will help the Left gain/maintain power. It’s okay to be white as long as you’re down with the cause (actually it makes you virtuous), and they won’t hesitate for a second to cancel/ruin a black person that expresses the “wrong” opinion.

    • Even Louis Farrakhan himself said that a race war would be suicide for the black male..He said the white marksmanship would Overwhelming..

    • It would seem that way lately. However the levers of power and sheer numbers negate their efforts. Or as has been said their enemies have really not yet begun to fight. The “law” is protecting the protesting noisy class more than they know.

  22. Where are the Police? Wrong question. Where are we, the 2nd Amendment community? Last time I checked pointing a lethal weapon at someone counts as an imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm.

    Too many gun owners have bought the faux Libertarian argument that the 2nd Amendment is all about the people versus the government. That is BS. The purpose of the 2nd is to ensure that the people can respond to threats foreign and domestic either as a supplement to the government or when the government cannot or will not deal with threats to the Nation’s defense and civil order.

    It in a situation like this an armed citizen should be required to intervene if the authorities refuse. At the very least they should call on those in authority to act against the threat. If we sit passively so will the police. If the police get the idea that if they don’t, we will then they do their duty

    • tdiinva,

      I agree with your sentiment and frustration.

      We must remember the real world that we live in. Prosecutors and police have indicated through their repeated and consistent inaction that “protesters” can “legally” block streets as well as step in front of and/or surround people traveling on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, and motor vehicle. Therefore prosecutors and police do not equate any of those behaviors with an imminent threat of grievous bodily harm nor death.

      The above horrific de facto standard means that victims cannot legally use deadly force at this time to facilitate their survival and escape — at least not in the eyes of police and prosecutors. And this means that anyone who uses deadly force to escape will face the nightmarish experience of prosecution. Even if they go to trial and receive a “not guilty” verdict, it will have cost them dearly in time, money, and stress.

      That is the impetus behind my earlier comment: we need new laws which declare that single armed “protesters” who move in front of people or mobs who move in front or surround people are an imminent threat of grievous bodily harm or death.

      • Especially in today’s environment they couldn’t get a conviction with an all black jury. A public defender could win this case. The law is clear. Pointing a firearm at someone is assault with a deadly weapon triggering your right to stop the threat with deadly force.

        People can put the authorities between a rock and a hard place simply by threatening to take matters into their own hands. The weak kneed public official will restore order if they are threaten by war in the streets. You are beginning to see even the most leftwing Mayors moving in this direction as crime in general spirals out of control.

        • “Too many gun owners have bought the faux Libertarian argument that the 2nd Amendment is all about the people versus the government.”

          Wow! You are learning. When most people say “government” they usually mean the federal government. But that was never the 2A’s intent. The closest level of government to you, is the level that will turn tyrannical and try to step on your neck. It’s the city and county government that is the tyrant. They just have to order the cops to “stand down”. And let the mob do their dirty work. Because the mob is a weapon and it’s well armed.

          The rioting mob should be shot. Its was done in the past to stop a mob of criminals from murdering and destroying property. They are not protesters. They are rioters.

    • Armed citizens have taken no oath to serve or protect and at least in free states, all citizens(of proper age) could be carrying firearms for their own self preservation. The concept that those carrying guns are somehow the protectors for everyone in society is nonsense.

      • False, the intent of 2nd Amendment is that people are ultimately responsible for maintaing order and a civil society. We may delegate it in normal times to the military and sworn officers but for whatever reason those we have delegated to do this cannot or will not live up to their obligations it is up to the people to do it.

        • I agree with you. But the country needs to be re-educated on the responsibilities of an armed populace. And I’m not sure where that education will come from?

        • It won’t come from 90% of the education system or the media. It will have to come from parents.

  23. Just wait until they start blocking access to grocery and drug stores, or hospitals. And the cops, demoralized as they are, will stand back and watch. This is where this is going. If you can, GTFO of those s*holes. Just one wrong move, one misinterpreted gesture, and things will get hot in a second.

    GTFO while you still can.

  24. When someone points a firearm at you there can be several assumptions made; the person intends to shoot and kill you, you need to decide how badly you want to avoid being killed, what are you willing to do in order to stay alive and prevail, do you have the training/mindset to accomplish those objectives?

  25. This is ridiculous. Kill them. Kill them now. Same for any Leo that responds to it.

    • Yeah, while you sit keyboard commandoing hundreds of miles away. You got a car, you say it needs to be done – why don’t you go do it yourself?

      • I will, at home. It’s called advice. Also, I have traveled to stand up for my 2A rights, multiple times. Nice try though. How’s that NRA membership treating you?

  26. I’m enjoying the spectacle of communists, fellow travelers and criminals humiliating a bunch of soyboys into compliance. Our enemies are showing us the path. Now we have to walk it.

    • Well they already tore down the oppressive statues and stole from the oppressive capitalists, so I’m pretty sure racism is now a distant memory. I’m sure generational criminals will now become productive and peaceful members of society since they no longer have to think about those evil statues and all of those goods for profit. Well done guys, take a bow.

    • Okay, I read the article. These people are such a joke. From the article:

      “We need to defund the police in Lansing.”

      “You’re all going to die tonight,” said one man in a red pickup truck before driving away.

      The authorities have been notified of the threat and promised to keep an eye on it, though Birdsong is skeptical about their commitment.

      “They told us they were going to have police watching over us tonight. But they left two decoy cars,” claimed Birdsong. “I went up and looked in them. They were empty!”

      The jokes write themselves.

      • “Decoy” police cars. Don’t think for a second that those dashcams are not on. Case in point, the lady in Philadelphia charged with arson in the torching of two police cars. It was drone overwatch footage that started the trail leading to her. Methinks some pudgy guy with a rifle and another well-known felon in possession of a hand gun will soon be lodged in new accommodations.

        Stupid is as stupid does.

  27. Some “cops” disgust me just as much as the “peaceful protesters.” But you can count on them to harass motorists and act like tax collectors with a badge and gun. To summarize, from coast to coast, cops didn’t move when folks got assaulted (Trump rallies and protests over the past years), they didnt move when antifa blocked the traffic in downtown Portland and threatened an elderly man with an expandable baton (caught on tape a couple years ago), they don’t defend “their” precincts and cruisers (paid for by the citizen), they allow autonomous zones downtown controlled by anti American domestic terrorists, and they are apparently not going to move either when the same kind of turds point firearms at people. I might come to agree that maybe we should defund the police.

    • It really comes down to the local government leadership. Police are employees, and do as they’re told. One bold cop isn’t going to take on a mob without backup. Democrat leadership told them to stand down.

      • I’m sure they’ve been told to ‘stand down’ quite selectively.

        That’s why that chubby thug above is pointing a rifle at a white man, impeding the white man’s progress, and not getting arrested or shot.

        But if a white guy responds with armed force, I’ll bet the local cops will be on his ass with a murder charge in seconds.

    • If the cops will just stand out of the way, a few good men could solve the problem. Most of the good men I know would have no qualms about vaporizing the head of one of these congoids or their white allies and I’m sure there are plenty of other like minded individuals all over this country. Good, brave men have familys and lives though and most don’t want to spend the rest of there lives in prison. So you cops out there, if you want some payback against these a##holes just let it be known that you will stay out of it if the common folk start taking these bastards out.

    • The Grid,

      I honestly came to the same conclusion.

      Let’s be brutally honest: most (if not all) law enforcement agencies are incredibly ineffective. I don’t say that as an insult to or indictment of law enforcement personnel. It is a simple fact. Whether police lack the will, training, resources, community support, or backing of politicians is neither here nor there.

      Add the fact that We the People are quite capable of “taking out the trash” and I am now firmly in the “defund the police” camp. It will save the taxpayers a lot of money. And to be totally fair and honest, those hundreds of thousands of people working in law enforcement can move to productive careers in other aspects of our economy and feel really good about their work and contribution to society.

      • False, we are seeing just how effective the police actually are because if the will not or are ordered not to then the thugs take over. If the police were ineffective then there would be no Ferguson Effect.

      • It’s the training, or lack of, and the direction from leadership.

        Most departments have yearly reports showing all the great training their officers take part in. What the report doesn’t show you is only one officer out of 75 attended the particular training. And most likely this officer never did any real work at the beginning of their career and is now someone of rank who hides under the comfort of the brass. Police training is very lacking, especially when the state mandates training but fails to fulfill the supplemental monetary additions to your budget when they have it written in the law.

        Now we get to the lack of leadership. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss….because he was groomed by the old boss. Toe the line. They are puppets who do what they are told by the mayor and the other elected officials. Go against this and you’re out of a job. They want everything to appear as if life is gravy and everything that happens was an anomaly not cause by the police. If the police don’t have any major incidents, it’s very easy for them to demonstrate they are the right person for the job.

        • The real training needed is in the inner city schools. Train the masses not to fight police, instead fight in court. Train the masses that a whole family with a mother and a father will result in better behaved children. Train them to get a job with a paycheck instead of selling crack .

  28. In a number of jurisdictions, pointing a firearm at someone is considered using deadly force whether the trigger is pulled or not.

    And the guy recording actually has the chutzpah to say the motorcyclist revving his engine is the one making the threat?!? Sheesh!

  29. Sooooo, a bunch of white guys show up at Michigan’s capitol building with firearms and all of country loses its shit, but an ex-com, pointing firearms at traffic is GTG. Well, Fuck me to tears.

  30. A case can be made for not acting immediately to avoid a situation the police can’t control. They have his name, they know he’s a felon, and they should arrest him as soon as the danger level drops.

    • Wrong the man pointing a gun at innocent motorists should have been sniped . One shot stop all motor function, motorist can go about his business. Problem solved !

  31. Anarchy reigns! Where and when is this all going to end?! What ever happened to law enforcement?!!. I think it’s time for vigilantism! If the cops don’t protect us, who will!

  32. What is a convicted felon doing even owning and carrying a firearm let alone threatening people with it. That in itself is another felony. Try and stop me by stupidly pointing a gun at me while I’m in my 4500 pound truck and I guarantee you lose every time.

  33. I’m pretty much on my own in my Illinois town too. Coward cop’s abound. Have fun Michigan. Quite a party HERE…

  34. Federal Law, 18USC (United States Code) Section 922, it is a federal felony for a past felon to possess a firearm. If the local cops wont (ordered not to) make the arrest, then the local ATF should be contacted, along with the media. That may get some action.

    • If you want some amusement some time, ask FFL’s what sort of response they get from the ATF when the FFL finds out that there is a felon in possession of a gun transferred through the FFL (from a mistaken NICS check or other screw-up).

      The ATF tells the FFL “Well, you’d better go get that gun back.”

  35. It would be one thing if the cops just said “We are done. Handle it yourselves.” However as we saw in Charlottesville the cops will stand by and watch while black mobs and antifa attack with rocks,bricks and even home made flame throwers. However as soon as you try to defend yourself they will show up. The rule of law is dead in most of the country. Antifa and black attackers were let off with a slap on the wrist, the people who actually had a permit for a gathering are all still in jail, guilty of “hate crimes”. Hell, the one fatality that day (an obese girl had a heart attack watching a guy fleeing a mob attack drive through a crowd) would not have happened if the mob had not attacked his car.

    Sadly most of the country believes the made up narrative that nazis and “white supremacist” attacked the town and the noble freedom fighters antifa and blm saved the day.

    • Well said. At this point, law enforcement in general has shown itself to be clearly on the side of the “protestors” by indirectly but actively protecting them at our expense

  36. What’s worse? The fact that a certain race can point a gun at another certain race and get away with it or that LEOs will just sit back and watch it happen.

    Perfect storm.

    • Twice in my life I have had multiple firearms pointed in my face. Problem is you can’t win the fight when 6 cops have you in their sights.

    • First they have to not be pointed a gun at you., loaded, with their finger on the trigger.

  37. Pointing a gun intentionally at someone is a crime for sure. I don’t know the name of the exact charge but I do know it is a punishable crime. I’m a 2nd amenedment purist and believe ALL should be able to own and bear arms, but there needs to be some accountability for using it in a manner of creating a threat instead of defending oneself from one.

    • You are wrong— in this case . The man with a gun was black , no crime here . He has immunity. To say otherwise is RACIST.

  38. The law says they can protest. The law says they can be armed. The law says they can make a militia to secure a free state.

    The police do not follow the law. They arrest people for following the law. They put people in cages for exercising their human right to keep and bear arms.

    This country does not follow the law. They do as they please. Whoever is stronger wins. Sometimes the police have to stand down as to not lose their power in battle.

    Violence happens when you instigate or agitate. That’s why you don’t see many Asians getting into violent confrontations, they mind their business. White and black Americans like to start shit and fight each other. I remember the racial gangs like the Bloods and the various biker gangs.

  39. Well the B.A.T.F.E. ought to know where he is by now. Felon in possession of a Firearm is punishable by a fine and prison time. Let’s see how fast they rush down there to cuff him.

    • Why does a KKK Democrat like yourself read pro 2nd Amendment sites? Aren’t you more comfortable at some gun control site?

    • The man pointing a gun was black , therefore in today’s world he did nothing wrong. On the other hand that white devil on the bike should have his license revoked after he serves 10 years for threatening the black man with a gun.

  40. Not East Lansing. It’s east central Lansing, specifically the corner of Foster St and East Michigan Avenue. All I had to do was search Google for an Enterprise next to a Blimpie, and select Street View for matching pictures.

  41. “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

    Works for me, in our brave new world. Consider: Prisons and jails have been emptied of outlaws to make room for moms who take their kids to the park and old barbers who reopen their shops. So if I carry illegally and get caught, I can’t be jailed, right? Like, not any more, it would seem.

    Seems to work for Mr. Birdsong, too.

  42. Those losers are going to die doing dumb sh!t like that. Pointing guns at people is a quick way to catch a slug to the brainbox

  43. Problem: You wish to put a wildly unconstitutional, militant, iron fisted police state into place – a police state largely comprised only of mercenaries loyal to YOU and/or your cause, but not to the U.S. Constitution – but you know the vast majority of the common people would roundly reject this, violently.

    Solution: You purposely allow widespread lawlessness, rioting, organized crime, and violence in general to get so bad that the same people who would have originally protested a hard core militant police state now DEMAND it, to try to wrest back some semblance of control. Rioting, looting, the obvious rise of vicious, ruthless local control by organized crime, and FEAR, all used as a weapon to attain a goal.

    The formerly free people will beg for the very police state they would have violently resisted before the fall.

    The more you know.

  44. So, I’m 99% sure that the rider is on FZ6, but it might be an FZ8. Could be an R6 that’s heavily modded but based on the pipes, rear fender and rear seat area I doubt it. WTAF would you mod an R6 to look like a FZ6 when you could just get the FZ6 cheaper? This looks like a stock FZ6 to me, in good condition too.

    The “protestors” claim he was a threat because he revved his engine at them… I call bullshit. Ignore the idiocy of trying to run through protestors on a bike, and ignore the low curb weight of the bike (~456 IIRC). That would be a suicide mission, but ignore it.

    I have that bikebin my stable and based on the way he revved that motor I highly suspect that he came to a stop in neutral and then brought the RPMs up to shift to first because the clutch on that bike doesn’t like to shift to first while stopped and at idle after about 10K miles, and I’d say there’s very good odds for that since the FZ6 wasn’t produced after ’09. It’s also possible he stopped in second, planning on rolling the stop sign, and then had to give it some revs to get it into neutral when his path was blocked. Generally “up” shifts are never a problem with that clutch/transmission, it’s the “down” shifts in low gears.

    Either way, if he revved that bike AT you, you’d fucking well know it. Rev bombs with those pipes over~7000rpm are fucking obnoxious and with no load the bike will redline almost immediately at 14K RPM which is ungodly loud for a 600.

    These people are stupid or, more likely, looking for an excuse to intimidate the rider.

    I wouldn’t have stopped. I’d have dodged around them, gripped it and ripped it.

    • “I wouldn’t have stopped. I’d have dodged around them, gripped it and ripped it.”

      I would have let them start their little parade then tore through in 2nd gear.

      • On an FZ I’d be worried about catching the end of a handle bar on one of these idiots. It doesn’t have a wide faring at all. Are you running one of those cool looking 80’s farings on your Katana? (The 650G is the Katana… right?)

  45. >be the democrat party
    >try to enact gun control
    >wont stop doing things that make people realize the absolute need to own lots of guns

  46. It’s time. Since the police are not protecting the citizens from this violence then the citizens must protect themselves. Yes, it’s time.

  47. “Why aren’t the police dispersing this group obstructing traffic? Why are police allowing members of the “Free People of Lansing” to not only obstruct traffic, but to menace others by pointing their guns at motorists who simply wish to drive through?

    Clearly the police in Lansing have orders not to engage.”

    I don’t think it’s necessarily clear. Why would a police officer decide to take it upon himself to engage? He not only risks his life but his livelihood and freedom if he has to defend himself.

    • You mean engage in illegal activity, such as obstruction of traffic and brandishing? I dunno, maybe cuz it’s the job he signed up for, and he should have known that shit could get sketchy? They risk their life every day, why is this any different? Instead of allowing tyranny to run rampant, they have a perfect opportunity to enforce laws and now they are refusing to? Just goes to show that maybe the soft “law abiding” targets are easier. They can’t generate revenue by stopping terrorism apparently…

      I’m not trying to bash police, but it’s not exactly easy to defend them anymore. They either get smart and start telling anyone who says not to engage these people to fuck off and arrest them for actual tyranny related charges, according to the constitution they swore an oath to.

      At least in recent days some agencies have started to admit they dun fucked up… and are “planning” to act. But we will see how far that goes. The top brass in these agencies are basically politicians, so they either grow a backbone or continue to “negotiate” and allow these groups to oppress anyone, anywhere. It’s also been proven they don’t want dialogue, as the very people they thought were on their side (who really just used them for a vote count) have started walking out on their debates and demand sessions. They just want to rant and everyone to listen. When asked about planning they just spout off a bunch of high school style shit in anger. So they need to start being treated that way, fuck their feelings. America has gone soft. Time to pull some weeds. Tough love. You can’t have your race related protests. Zero tolerance on both sides of the spectrum needs to be address. Just come out and say “all race related issues need to be put to fucking bed because they are a myth in our society and it’s diverse nature”. /rant

      • DUI is also a crime, one that politicians and advocacy groups have been pushing for decades. Yet when the police tried to enforce it in Atlanta and the suspect resisted, assaulted them, stole a weapon and fired it at them, the police were fired and arrested for felony murder for defending themselves. This despite acting exactly as they were trained to do by the very city that has decided to lynch them in exchange for some idea of systematic racism. It’s like reparations has come back into vogue except it’s a blood debt to be paid by whichever cop shoots someone who happens to be the ‘wrong’ color.

        Cops signed up knowing the risks that a criminal might try to kill them because they’re doing the job. They didn’t sign up knowing that the prosecutor would try to execute them for doing their job. This is partially a regional thing- Chicago cops learned to ‘stay fetal’ a few years ago. But after what the mayor and prosecutor pulled in Atlanta, cops all over are learning.

        On this site people always caution that you are your own first responder. That’s true but a lot more true now. People in cities that are used to being able to call the police and have them take care of problems might have to learn what it’s like to be out in the country where you have to settle things and then have the police come clean it up.

          • Yeah? You just remember that as the bad guy runs for cover and a more secure position to shoot at at you from. If he/she is still armed, they are still a threat, no matter what way they may be facing at that particular moment. STOP THE THREAT.

  48. If anyone tries to stop me while driving and points a gun at my vehicle, I hope they are a Christian, b/c they are going to be meeting Jesus!

  49. And this is suppose to make me feel sympathy for blacks? Actively shouldering a weapon and pointing it is not open carry.

  50. Also, this is a good time to remember that a vehicle is a much better weapon than a gun if you and your opponent happen to be on the street.

    • Looks like a job for my “reinforced” H2… Much better than some little rice rocket…

  51. The question isn’t is someone who had gone to prison in the past carrying a firearm, the question should be is has their right to possess and carry a firearm ever been stripped and, if so, has it been restored? If not, where are they cops? If so, and open carry is legal, ok. If not, where are the cops.

    There is a difference between carrying openly and pointing one as it shows in the picture. Kentucky has open carry laws, I’m good with that. But that does not mean you can point/aim one at someone is not legal unless you have been threatened with “deadly” force. We should also keep in mind that the simple possession of the firearm should not be a reason to be hassled by the police. But, when pointed at someone as shown in the picture, that’s a damn good reason for the police to act.

    In big cities, some police have been warned not to over act or take actions pre-emptively (think Seattle). Law abiding gun owners should be supportive of the LEOs.

  52. Two things:
    1. “He draws proudly upon the principles of Malcolm X in the town where he grew up and got his first taste of racist brutality more than 90 years ago…”

    What…? Is he a 34-years-old, or 90?


  53. Something that has seemingly escaped the notice and attention of these people is the following, which by the way, should not, under any circumstances escape one’s notice. The act of pointing weapons at strangers can have disastrous consequences for the pointer.

  54. #1. Have video on!
    #2. Shoot anyone pointing a gun at you!

  55. A former prison inmate in possession of a gun is a felony in Michigan. Also pointing a gun at someone without justification is assault with a deadly weapon, also a felony. No police to do anything because the Democrats in charge are allowing it.

    • If he is a member of Black Lies Matter (hands up don’t shoot) he gets a pass from the liberal press and politicians.

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