Kenosha police brick riot
Screencap via Youtube.
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On Sunday, police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot a sexual assault suspect who reportedly resisted arrest.  Within hours, hundreds of rioters assembled within the city and began a spree of burning and destruction. They committed all manner of felony-stupid violence including looting businesses, attacking the police and starting fires in the small midwestern city.

kenosha shooting riot looting burning
Police try to secure businesses after protesters set fire to an office in the background late Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Kenosha, Wis. Protests have erupted following the police shooting of Jacob Blake a day earlier. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

It all began with the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake. He had reportedly refused to submit to arrest. Officers likely knew of his past felony weapons convictions, including one in 2015 in which he threatened people at a bar with a gun. He resisted arrest in that incident as well.

This time he ignored police commands once more, acting as though he was just going to get back in his car and drive away. Or grab a pistol and shoot his way out of an arrest. Because that always goes so well for suspects.

Either way, it didn’t go well for Blake. You be the judge whether he was reaching into the car for a gun or to drive away.

Within minutes of the shooting, a hostile crowd formed. The scene became chaotic and quickly escalated.

Making matters worse, some people live-streaming the the action called for violence rang the dinner bell for Chicago-area Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters to make their way north.


Before the sun had set, the “mostly peaceful” protesters had the backing of Wisconsin’s Governor Tony Evers. He condemned the police without even waiting for the evidence to be examined or an investigation to take place.

While trying to secure the scene around the shooting, the situation grew increasingly tense. And as police tried to extract themselves, the crowd threw more than expletives at them. The mob hurled rocks, bottles and bricks at the cops. They even knocked one out cold.


The mob cheered and applauded at the downed officer. Eventually, the police brought in an armored vehicle and the mob didn’t back down one bit.

Amazingly, the mob continued to grow increasingly brazen.  One special operator armed with a rifle confronted an armored Sheriff’s Department vehicle.

Screencap by Boch. Via Twitter.

At about 1:40 in that video, shots rang out.

Later, hundreds of “mostly peaceful” masked pillagers set upon destroying as much of Kenosha as they could. They trashed the library, the courthouse and other government buildings.

In the end, many businesses were seriously damaged or destroyed including this car dealership located not far from the county courthouse.

Note that the church sign in front of the car lot didn’t dissuade rioters from torching the place.

Screencap via Twitter

The looting and burning escalated enough that the Governor finally called in the National Guard, though the violence continued last night.

From the Associated Press:

Police first fired tear gas Monday about 30 minutes after the 8 p.m. curfew took effect to disperse protesters who chanted, “No justice, no peace” as they confronted a line of officers who wore protective gear and stood shoulder-to-shoulder in front of the courthouse entrance. But hundreds of people stuck around, screaming at police and lighting fires, including to a garbage truck near the courthouse.

Tensions had flared anew earlier Monday after a news conference with Kenosha Mayor John Antarmian, originally to be held in a park, was moved inside the city’s public safety building. Hundreds of protesters rushed to the building and a door was snapped off its hinges before police in riot gear pepper-sprayed the crowd, which included a photographer from The Associated Press.

This mayhem shows that nowhere in America is immune from this kind of chaos and destruction. At least in areas where Democrats run the show locally.

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      • I thought Evers pronoun was dumbf***.

        Dumbf***s trying really hard to run the city right into the ground resulting in abandon city – Detroit 2.0.

      • And his prefix is Democrat. Any news reports discussing local or regional politicians should always use the proper prefix, otherwise when something stupid is said or done we are lead to assume Democrat or forced to look it up for confirmation.

    • Check out the video of thousands of rioters rolling up on a dozen cops in front of the courthouse.
      Don’t know why they didn’t take out the midget hipster with the rifle.

    • Unfortunately drama azzhats that act all upset over the police smoking the wrong skin-color are so full of demoCrap they reek with stupidity. The brainwashed self serving azzhats attempt to justify their looting, etc. by calling it, “Reparations.”

      The only political party that clearly owes those who deserve Reparations is without question the democRat Party. But where on earth are the demands for the democRat Party to be held accountable and pay up? NOWHERE…hardly. That’s because clowns who by all accounts do not have the balls to corner the democRat Party about Reparations and Gun Control had rather waste time bashing the NRA and Tweets than educate brainwashed azzhats about who owes who what. Their silence is deafening..

      It is not the Party of Lincoln that is liable for Reparations but thanks to slackers who would rather make mountains out of molehills during a crucial election the Race Card is around the necks of everyone who are not racists. How’s that working for Votes, Gun Rights, Freedom, Prosperity, etc?

      It’s time for more than a few to expose the fact that Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide and Gun Control needs to go just as bad if not more than the incompetent, inexcusable use of excessive force. The democRat Party needs to be singled out and held accountable for its laundry list of despicable race based atrocities.

      Frankly a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • IF Antifa and BLM want to bring weapons to these ‘mostly peaceful Demonstrations, more power to them.

        We have more bullets than they have paid Ghetto Garbage.

        Personally if my home and family and business were in danger, I would not hesitate.

    • Armed Militia Protecting Businesses Confronting BLM Rioter

      “Bitch you not for protesting if you don’t give a fuck. this shit, the fuckin value of property has nothing to do with the value of life. if you value this shit, why don’t you value people? you not with us, Fuck You”

      • “Bitch you not for protesting if you don’t give a fuck.”

        Translation – If you don’t bow to our demands, *now*, you are the enemy and a legitimate target of our retribution…

  1. I have very strong thoughts about what should happen to people who defy the police during an arrest attempt, but on to the riots…

    Way back then (about 1956/7) we had a large flood in our city of residence at the time. The flooding was widespread, and getting to the stranded was difficult enough that some people had to ride out the water for several days in their homes. What I most remember about that flood is the signs that appeared, almost immediately: “Warning ! Looters will be shot on sight.” I don’t remember any episodes of looting.

    • I would say locals should defend their businesses, homes, town, maybe form a civilian defense group (hey, a militia!) But even an AR or two vs an angry mob, no backup and absolute anarchy, it’s a tough decision. If you are in your business and the windows start breaking do you start shooting? Wait until they come in? Until the fires start? Until they start beating you? If you do defend business you risk prosecution if you succeed and loss, injury, or death if you don’t.

      The looters and rioters are able to exploit the situation because no one wants to risk stopping them. If either government, militias, or business owners did start shooting rioters, inevitably we would get all the stories of someone who was shot but wasn’t really a threat or doing anything, I dunno this is just a messy situation, but there needs to be a hard clamp down and resistance or it keeps going.

      Meanwhile, large corporations and politicians and donors are funding the riot instigators. Maybe we need to go after them. I wonder how much $$$ BLM raked in for guilt/blood money…

      • TheUnspoken,

        “If you are in your business and the windows start breaking do you start shooting? Wait until they come in? Until the fires start? Until they start beating you?”

        I run through these scenarios almost daily, but for my home, not a business. I keep coming to: ‘When I feel my family’s safety is imminently, immediately, threatened. Video as much as possible to support my decision, hope we survive.

        • Wisconsin is a Castle Doctrine State. A rock. No but someone approaches with an incinderary device you are legally permitted to shoot him. Once they enter the building it is a free fire zone.

        • In making a decision to employ deadly force, the triad of deadly force must be SIMULTANEOUSLY present….AOJ…Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy. Ability is the aggressor has the Ability to apply death or great bodily injury as the victim is in reasonable fear of. A weapon…gun, knife, club, rock, bottle; disparity of force (man v woman, adult v child strength; force of numbers; known trained skills.) Opportunity is aggressor within proximity to administer deadly force with the Ability element… range with gun, within 21 ft per Tueller Defense Rule with edged weapon, club…….not at 100 yds with a club. Jeopardy is aggressor acting as to administer with intent the Ability, Opportunity elements……verbal threats, furtive move (reaching for a gun in waist band,….). Per Massad Ayoob, renowned expert witness in deadly forc in his numerous subject books, advises this triad is the bullet proof defense in all fifty states. Know your jurisdiction laws re. duty to retreat……not necessary if retreat cannot be in done in complete safety. Note, one does not have to wait until actually struck, injured to employ deadly force. This is not legal advice…not an attorney. Personal info gatherings from which to make deadly force decisions prior to need. Do your own research, decisions. Don’t wait until faced with threat to consider under what circumstances your will employ deadly force. Aso, critical to know how much to act/do/say post deadly force event. The AOJ appears to have been simultaneously present in St. Louis McCloskeys situation.

        • I would like to point out, as a business owner, that when these “democrats” talk about how looting is ok because “the business has insurance”. Well, unless you pay extra for the civil disturbance ryder you don’t have insurance to cover your losses. I live in a small town of 6K so if the rioting comes to my town then it is EVERYWHERE. I feel so very sorry for the owners of small businesses that have been looted and burned. From a personal stand point I have put 35 years into my business and will not stand by and watch it burn. The only thing holding most of us back (myself included) is the amount that we stand to loose if we pull the trigger…but there will come a time when that barrier is removed and then bullets will be flying, mark my words. If I’m saying that now there are another million that feel the same way…shit is about to get real!

        • “talk about how looting is ok because the business has insurance”

          Theft and destruction of property is NOT okay. Democrats justify it with their twisted sense of morality. Speaking of insurance, businesses could very well fall behind on their insurance premiums, like when the government orders (some) businesses to close and people to stay home. (useful) Idiots.

        • Most insurance policies do not cover “peaceful demonstration” damage…..aka riot damage…..acts of war. The business owner is ut the whole amount.

        • My attitude is different. No video whatsoever, 00 buck only, and “I don’t know what happened, but it wasn’t me.” Trying to avoid witnesses.

          And looting *IS* OK, because I pay for my own ammo.

      • Any firearm should be good for defending against these mobs. They are not a hardened, trained, or even particularly motivated force. They are a group of bullies with some troublemakers and criminals mixed in. Watch videos of the Austin shooting. They crowd sees an opportunity to harass the driver who stopped his car. They come rushing to surround him and.go running back across the intersection. As the shots ring out, everyone reverses course and runs away. If someone were in a life threatening situation, the first shot would take care of 90+% of the mob. That shot should be aimed at a threat (gun, molotov, etc). Furthet shots should be directed at any threats that don’t get the hint the first time.

  2. What is really remarkable, these things only happen in cities with “People of color”. Exactly why I do not live where there is a black population. One less thing to worry about. Prove me wrong!

        • And you would be wrong. Most of those malcontents have no political affiliation. But they do have an average IQ of 85 and a high time preference that leads to rash behaviors.

          I can drive through entire counties that have been Democrat since Andrew Jackson and be safer than in any malcontent neighborhood.

        • I hate to break it to you Chris, but BLM is very political. It isn’t republicans out doing the rioting. The areas having major riots are run by democrats. That does not have to mean that every democrat run area is having major riots.

    • Portland. Seattle. America’s whitest cities which have been in perpetual riot seemingly since 2016.

      There are plenty of white faux revolutionaries soaking these flames (literally and figuratively). ANTIFA is an almost entirely white organization. And there are plenty of black people opposed to it…the corporate media sees fit to silence their voices and cast them as Uncle Tom race traders.

      • Unfortunately, true. It’s not an issue of melanin content. It’s an issue of culture. We can easily point to “thugz” and say that certain neighborhoods consisting mainly of blacks are the problem, but the vast majority (90%+) of people I’ve personally witnessed at protests or wearing BLM shirts have been white. Young, white, collegiate, and brainwashed into thinking that destroying the world around them will somehow result in a better world.

        This is no longer centered around skin color. This is now fully about socioeconomic politics. We’re dividing into the Marxists and the Patriots, and we’re only in Act I. Act II will begin on Nov 4.

        • True. The town where I work is a mixed race community of blacks, whites, latinos, and muslims. I have not seen one sign or T shirt or anything advocating BLM. On the other hand, in the predominantly white town closest to my home there are BLM signs posted alongside political signs, even one billboard and last weekend they had a educational event in the town square so all the white folks can understand BLM and get a grip on their white guilt.

  3. well its come done to anytime a black gets shot

    “Lets riot and loot!”

    its an excuse now and not for “justice” if it ever was more than screeching at the sky by blacks and brain washed white commies that back them

    going to get 10 times worse for Trump wins and I hope he does!

    • Whether he was going for his gun or trying to drive off, I tend to think that the suspect resisting arrest was counting on the current riot climate would protect him from getting shot. Bad assumption.

  4. The instigators at the local and national levels need to be charged with these riots. You have feral mobs sweeping in from other places, smashing and burning, and leaving (or you hope they leave), with nothing but destruction in their wake. I could think of locking down the city or closing roads in and out but that is penalizing the locals, but the locals need to come together and fight the invasions.

    We basically have the vikings, barbarians, and mongol horde roaming American looking to pillage, but with the “kings” of the left invite them to come rather than resisting them, fighting them.

    This is not justice. This won’t help Jacob Blake (who will get his millions), valid shoot or not, he will get his chance at justice, and this destruction won’t help other black or poor people, businesses, etc when the horde moves on.

    • When the victims and residents start shooting the looters you’ll see it taper off. The real die hards will try it while armed and theyll meet a fate too.
      As long as cops are spectators there isn’t a price to be paid. Simple motivation with mitigated risk and lots of reward.

      People are taken back by this and rules haven’t been established, if ever there will be.

      • If there are no rules for the rioters, and the cops aren’t around because they’ve been told to stand down (or they quit), it’s open season.

      • The police will swoop in to arrest any one who dared hurt the precious rioters.

        The police need to be disbanded for this to be solved.

        • Sadly, I believe your first point to be correct.

          When that happens Police support will truly crater and our entire society will be at real risk of coming apart.

    • Downunder the story is the victim broke up a fight between two women and was shot when checking on 3 children in the car.

      (Like leaving children in locked cars is a great idea /sarc)

  5. You’re missing the video where Blake has a knife in his hand and the cops are “saying put down the knife”. Witnesses are claiming he was saying “I’m gonna get my gun.”

    • If his gun, traceable to him by fingerprints and DNA, is found in his car then the cops have a leg up on the situation. If not then he’s another martyr for the BLM cause unfortunately.

      • So the fact he could have run over them is just what no value? Why does he have to have a gun? Hell shoot me before you run me over please

        • You missed the point and outraged yourself. The presence of the gun carries more weight. No gun and they claim he’s not only innocent but unarmed and the cops are liars, etc.

          Believe it or not I agree with you on the car.

        • I saw nobody in danger of being run over. Everyone was to the sides if the car. He would have to drive away and then come back if he wanted to run someone over. At the point that he would be reversing course, the car would become a threat.

      • He is a BLM martyr whether or not he had a gun. BLM is not really protesting black deaths. They are trying to overthrow the government.

    • This. Reports are coming in that witnesses describe a very different scene that the typical “white cops shot an innocent black father in the back” mantra being used to whip up the rioters. We must wait until a proper investigation is conducted and the facts come out.

      I have a relative who lives in WI, and he said the corridor between Chicago and Milwaukee is full of unsavory areas/people due to spillover from Chicagoans who thought they were moving to greener pastures, but brought their culture with them anyhow.

      • My 1st cousin’s son lives in that awful neighborhood. Say a prayer for his safety. Jacob was a thug and a criminal. So was St. George. The BLM scum are on the move south to Chiraq and nearby. Getting tired of this BS…take care Haz.

    • Do you have a link for that video because I’m not finding it. I’m only able to find the original cell phone video.

  6. The car is a deadly weapon all it took was him in the vehicle to run over the cops this stuff has got to stop… I mean anyone who’s too stupid to see how dangerous that was needs a reality check

    • Yes, the car is a deadly weapon.

      You mean like the Uber driver in Austin who breached the traffic signal and entered the crosswalk against pedestrians‘ right of way?

      The one who was honking his horn as he drove into the middle of the pedestrians exercising the crosswalk?

      Yes, as he sat there with his foot on the accelerated, he was wielding a deadly weapon that bystanders were authorized to repel with force.

      Well, glad we agreed on that now.

      • can we agree that antifa, blm and their supporters are fucking liars with an agenda?

        then we can talk about the status of that uber driver.

        • miner supports the fascist in antifa and the blm. He will never have an honest discussion about them.

          Have any charges been filed against the uber driver?

      • Yeah none of that happened and you know it.
        Or do you? Still can’t see the truth can you? Or will you tell us again that someone mislead you?

    • That car wasn’t an immediate threat. He wasn’t in a position to operate the car, and nobody was in front or behind it. What was in the car might have been, but I can’t see anything from the angle/distance in the video.

  7. The NEW standard will be police don’t arrest, confront, detain or disrespect black people. Or else.
    At some point they won’t even need a reason to get down with it, it’ll just be something an organized mob will start doing.

    Coming to small towns all over the US.

    • GS650G,

      Coming to small towns all over the US.

      I live in a county with a population of about 360,000 which has a major Liberal/Progressive stronghold city of 120,000 residents. I personally live in a semi-rural area about seven miles beyond the outskirts of that city. I have been broaching this topic and trying to get my neighbors ready to coordinate BEFORE something like this actually shows up. And … nothing. Everyone dismisses the possibility because we live beyond the city in such a quiet, peaceful, semi-rural setting. Ugh.

  8. All the facts have not come out yet, but facts don’t matter it seems. Guy had warrants, video is out of guy wrestling with officers on other side of car, cops had guns drawn, guy continues to his car refusing to comply.

    Skin color does not matter. Cops would have shot me as well and it would have been just as justified.

  9. If a black person is shot in your town and you have a business, best get down there with guns and ammo as fast as you can to protect it or you won’t have a business for long. Nothing new here, except they are ringing the alarm clock for a lot of people who might otherwise support their cause, if black lives really did matter to black lives matter.

    This is all not spontaneous

  10. At this point it’ll just be cheaper to let those a certain demographic continue to assault, rob, murder and peddle drugs to that certain demographic and not waste resources trying to stop them from harming each other.

    • What do you think has been going on for decades? Organized crime in non-black demographics had to both consolidate and get highly sophisticated to make it past the crackdowns. In black “communities” though, resistance to law and order is so high, and so many politicians had violent drug gang members released with a slap on the wrist, that police on the ground prefer to just let them shoot it out and OD all over the place as long as they keep it contained to their own “community”. The problem is now it’s spilling over, because all that premature death had no effect on a demographic that is heavily subsidized through welfare, has an average of 4.4 kids per woman, and starts reproducing around age 14. Welfare is marketed as the cure for gang violence and drug abuse among blacks, but in reality it is the direct cause.

  11. Where’s them 2A bois?
    To rephrase, I constantly hear the narrative that 2A is meant to protect from Gov tyranny, but when tyranny presents itself, the goalposts get moved.
    Roiting? That has to be stopped.
    Murder? Should also be stopped.
    The Gov likes to pretend that they have a monopoly on violence, but how long before these idiot cops end up engaged by a rifleman?
    It’s coming, and they’ll have brought it on themselves.

    My only concern is whether the bootlickers will try to aid cops, maybe get some face time with the MRAP tires as these cowards try to flee a riot they’ve instigated. Here’s to hoping!

    • “The Gov likes to pretend that they have a monopoly on violence, but how long before these idiot cops end up engaged by a rifleman?”

      Dude, that’s exactly it. People can scream and yell and construct all the legal justifications they want about split second judgment and “might have been a gun in the car” or “cars are deadly weapons” but none of that will stop the rioting. The only thing that will keep the rioting from happening is police not doing things like this — right or wrong. And eventually someone on the rioter side is going to open up, for real, on the police and it’s going to be a bloodbath. To be honest, I’m pretty shocked it hasn’t happened already.

      • Dude, I’m so sad to have to agree with you.
        Really, it doesn’t even have to be a hit, just an ND could touch the whole thing off.

      • Wrong. The rioting does not require “injustice” real or imagined. The rioting, looting and arson is going to occur on the basis of any trigger, also real or imagined. The intent of BLM and Antifa is social chaos, not justice for the black community. The white youth comprising most of Antifa could not care less about the black community – they are just enjoying the opportunity to create chaos with no perceived repercussions. Why else would they be burning black businesses and harming black citizens? BLM is even worse – here you have black-on-black injury. If you were to abolish all police departments tomorrow and magically replace President Trump with Biden, cities would still be in flames, as the kingpins behind the riots manipulated the crowds to take on another issue.

  12. Jesus Christ, can we just train the cops not to take it to 11 already? You don’t want riots and looting? Stop unloading on an unarmed guys walking away. Tase him, pepper spray him, tackle him, hit him with a f’ing baton in the head until he drools like a mongoloid, but dumping 7 rounds into his back. Don’t do that, ffs!

    Just because it might be legally justifiable doesn’t make it a good idea in the grand scheme of things.

    Every time this sort of thing happens, cities burn. Want the cities to stop burning? Stop doing it. Because the people rioting aren’t going to stop until the police do, and it’s a hell of a lot easier to get the police to behave than it is the general public.

    • I have no love for the cops, but if you, as a private citizen with a concealed weapon, got in a physical altercation with someone, and they retreated to their car and started to retrieve something, what would you do??

      The problem is unhinged, entitled d00chebags who have no respect for anyone else. The problem starts with broken families, shitty schools, and a grotesque and debased culture.

      The problem started in the 1960s, and it has metastasized into a cancer that is eating us alive.

      • Jimmy Beam:

        I hear you, man, I think I just view it differently.

        “I have no love for the cops, but if you, as a private citizen with a concealed weapon, got in a physical altercation with someone, and they retreated to their car and started to retrieve something, what would you do??”

        I’d create distance, move to cover, and wait to see what it is that they are trying to get. This is what I have been trained to do, and the law does not allow me to use deadly for in such a situation. And I don’t say that lightly, I’ve been practicing law for 20 years, carrying legally for longer, and I’m very, very familiar with what is and isn’t legal. I can assure you that, even if stand your ground jurisdictions, 99 times out of 100, the shooting in that video would result in a successful criminal prosecution of the shooter if he is not a police officer. And very likely, unless a weapon is actually found AND was seen by the police officers before they started shooting, they are criminally liable. Will they be charged? Hard to say, as that’s a political question, but if I were prosecuting those sorts of cases, I’d be inclined to charge them.

        “The problem is unhinged, entitled d00chebags who have no respect for anyone else. The problem starts with broken families, shitty schools, and a grotesque and debased culture.

        The problem started in the 1960s, and it has metastasized into a cancer that is eating us alive.”

        Yes, but none of that matters. If you don’t want rioting, you can’t shoot unarmed people, particularly African-Americans, in the back, on video. We can talk about causes and who is to blame for society being the way we believe it to be, but it is an inarguable proposition that if you don’t want riots, you can’t shoot people this way. And if that’s the proposition, then which solution is immediate? Don’t let police do this, train them not to do it, and prosecute them, hard, when they do it. The other alternative is to fix society. Which is easier? Fixing the cops. They’re smaller in number, easier to train, and most likely don’t want to break the law or kill people without good reason. This is pure pragmatism. We can complain about the underlying causes as much as we want, talk about who is to blame, point the finger at rioting “animals” blah blah blah but fixing the problem is what matters. And, here, the rioting and chaos is what needs to be fixed, and quickly. Saying “screw him, he’s an animal, he had it coming for not complying” won’t stop the riots.

        • Excellent summation of the problem, thank you.

          You know, there are forces in this world who would rather keep everyone lost in their emotional reactions, rather than a rational response to issues and situations.

        • My comment below this “John has said it all” is misplaced in the timeline, but equally applicable to the comment where he mentions practicing law.

          I’d add to his statement, most police are decent people, I’d say 90%+ IMHE.
          Truly decent people usually just need clear definitions of right and wrong, and they will do right.
          It is my perception that these sort of actions have not been clearly enough defined as WRONG, and some simple clarification would reduce the prevalence.

          I’m also in favor of throwing the book at them, but not in favor of ruining good people’s lives because their superiors were not capable of occupying a defensible moral position.

        • Thing is, such shootings are very rare, considering there are thousands and thousands of police encounters with this “community,” and as a whole this “community” is far more likely to run, resist, or otherwise exacerbate the situation. Just like a ride accident at a carnival or amusement park, these shootings are such huge news precisely because they are so rare. That’s with the mainstream media scouring for an opportunity to pounce, incite, and play it up as much as possible. Yes, these sort of shootings seem to happen three or four times a year, maybe even a dozen. In most cases (Breonna Taylor being a marked exception), it begins with law-breaking and ends with resistance. Compare that to the thousands of shootings within the “community” that don’t involve the police at all, which is barely covered in comparison. Because these intra-“community” shootings are NOT rare, at all. In fact, they are commonplace.
          Considering the high level of criminal activity, the aggressive and rebellious nature, and the volume of encounters between the police and this “community,” it’s a wonder there aren’t far more such incidents. Often the police are completely in the wrong. Far more often, they use remarkable restraint.

    • John has said it all.
      You want the roits to stop? Train the police to stay calm, or different hire officers who can.
      The number of times I’ve seen police show up and escalate a fairly benign situation straight up to potential deadly force is truly disheartening.

      My source? Former bouncer, former Section 8 security in the straight up hood hood. I had police contact 2-4 times per day, for at least 5 years, in the worst neighborhoods you could imagine. Maybe worse, look up “TimberSkan Orlando”, we worked this whole area, usually areas where the police didn’t respond to calls for service, or at least not willingly.

      Yes there are problems in these communities, and yes the police ARE necessary, but I often found myself trying to calm down cops who were ratcheting up the altercation, and they’d sometimes turn on me!
      Hommie ain’t goin’ down like that. Nuff sed ….

      It’s worth noting, the War on Drugs has taken a SERIOUS toll on these communities, and they feel (rightly or wrongly) besieged. I lean towards rightly, there are many minor offenders who don’t deserve the treatment they get, treatment that effects the rest of their life.
      What does an alpha male who’s excluded from the normal economy do? Often, they turn to crime.

      JMHO, based my rightful ownership of said T-shirt.

      • Yeah, except they’re not excluded any more than anyone else, or if they are it’s only because they refuse to participate. Myth.

        • That’s an outright stupid comment from someone who’s never worked in management and seen his new hire (awesome employee BTW) 86’d when the background check came back showing he had a felony 30 years ago and then company policy demands that he be released from the position.

          You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • jwtaylor says:
        August 25, 2020 at 11:21

        “He was tased. Then he got up and ran to the truck. He had a knife in his hand the whole time.
        What else you got?”

        Well, for starters, a nicer beard than you.
        Just in case, I brought some OC, and solid Jujitsu.

      • Jwtaylor:

        All the witness reports I’ve read indicate he was unarmed. The police and government statements have not stated nor suggested otherwise.

        Similarly, those same witness statements suggest an attempt to tase, with a miss, rather than a failed hit, was made.

        If you have confirmed reports to the contrary from the Kenosha Police, please link them.

        Quite frankly, this appears to be poor training and actions by the on-site police. Resort to deadly force on an unarmed man is why they are rioting. If we don’t want riots, we have to stop police shootings that are facially flawed. Saying “he deserved it” doesn’t fix the problem of the riot.

        • “One of them had him in a headlock and was punching him in his ribs, the other had him in a headlock on the other side of him and was pulling his arm,” White told CNN.

          “After they punched him in his rib, the female officer Tased him and Jacob kind of leaned on the car and they proceeded to wrestle him toward the back of the car and he went to the other side of the car. When they were on the other side of the car on the ground, I had to pick up my camera and start recording.”

        • “Quite frankly, this appears to be poor training and actions by the on-site police.”

          You thinking the police didn’t talk nice to the man forcefully resisting arrest? The world has changed. People now think the law doesn’t apply to them. People believe they have an inherent to evade arrest because they….because. Whether a person resisting arrest intends to shoot, stab or kill the police is irrevelant. Once a person resists, the results are on them. Don’t want to get shot, don’t show your ass.

          We are talking here only about police response to resisting arrest, nothing else. Black, white, rainbow, resist the police attempting to arrest you, and you* risk the full gamut of results. If you believe lawlessness is a reasonable style of life, you accept, without recourse, whatever happens to you.

          *universal “you”

        • There’s better than confirmed reports, there’s the photos and video of him fighting the cops and with a knife in his hand listed above.

    • “Jesus Christ, can we just train the cops not to take it to 11 already? You don’t want riots and looting? Stop unloading on an unarmed guys walking away. Tase him, pepper spray him, tackle him, hit him with a f’ing baton in the head until he drools like a mongoloid, but dumping 7 rounds into his back.”

      The criminal had a knife in his hand when the police shot him. The police tried a taser; it did not stop him. Here is the knife:

      Here is what happened with the criminal:

      Caused a disturbance at a gas station with knife…

      Domestic dispute…

      Open warrants…

      Struggled with officers…

      Drew knife…

      Taser deployed and ineffective…

      Does not comply with officers directions…

      Goes toward vehicle to possibly flee or access a firearm or hold a child hostage or…. who cares… JUSTIFIED SHOOTING

      • Mister Fleas:

        “The criminal had a knife in his hand when the police shot him. The police tried a taser; it did not stop him. Here is the knife:”

        Yeah, I can see the picture you linked; I’m not sure that’s a knife or even that the artifact appears in the original video. isn’t where I go for news. Here’s my question: if he had a knife, why hasn’t the government stated that he did? Neither the police nor Gov. Evers have stated that he had a knife. One would think, if he did, that would be the first comment from the government: a man armed with a knife was shot by police. This has been my experience in dealing with a number of 1983 cases over my career as an attorney. The LAST thing the police do in an officer involved shooting is not mention that the guy they shot was armed. Sure, could this be an unusual case where the government is not disclosing the presence of a knife? Yep, but I’d be surprised. If the shooting was justified by a weapon, the police want the public to know it so they don’t riot….

        • That’s not the professional process at all. Only recently, and even then as an exception, have police released any video or statement during an ongoing investigation. There simply hasn’t been enough time for them to do so in this case.
          If you are a criminal attorney, you should know better.

    • “You don’t want riots and looting? Stop unloading on an unarmed guys walking away. Tase him, pepper spray him, tackle him, hit him with a f’ing baton in the head until he drools like a mongoloid, but dumping 7 rounds into his back.”

      Rodney King would like a word with you.
      Anything is a good pretense for these looters and rioters.

    • If he came at me with a knife and saw me draw, then said I’m getting my gun from the car I wouldn’t wait for it to be equalized.

      You do what you think best

  13. this is arch-typical of the media formed judicial system the demoncraps was to push, the communist backed revolutionary movement by the group in CONGRESS has the media and the entire democrat/communist leadership behind is time to institute shoot to kill looters and rioters.REGUARDLESS OF COLOR…

  14. They should have just beat his ass down before he got in the car. Instead they followed him around until they had no choice but to shoot him. If they would just have gave him the beating he deserved while they still had a chance maybe this could have been avoided.

    • Because a (perceived) senseless police beating of a suspect caught on video hasn’t led to rioting before?

      Yours is a phony solution.

      • Ok maybe beat down is pretty harsh and I used the wrong terminology. Instead of chasing him around the car they should have aggressively tackled him, aggressively subdue him, aggressively cuff him, shove him in the back of the police car and take his ass to jail. Then beat his ass down with phone books while no one is looking. Problem solved.

        • The first part was good, second part just needs to happen to you, and you’ll reform your opinions about it being acceptable.

        • Maybe, maybe not, depends on what I did to deserve it. If I had threatened cops then I would expect to be tuned up a bit. If I went to jail for a suspended license then I wouldn’t expect or accept an educational beat down.

        • “If I went to jail for a suspended license then I wouldn’t expect or accept an educational beat down.”

          If you resist arrest, you get what you get. Which is what is at issue, here, not being dragged from your car and beaten for simply presenting an outdated document. Don’t conflate.

        • Doesn’t matter if you resist or not, you’ll probably get ‘tuned up’ once they have you outside of witnesses anyway.

          The local place here is around behind the water treatment plant, folks know not to question what happens back there.

          Or, state trooper Tony can take you to the barracks and handcuff you to the eyebolts on the wall and you stand on the brown spot. Because that’s where the cameras can’t see you take a beating.

          Oh I’m sorry, that’s ‘resisting arrest‘…

        • I’ve been arrested a few times and I never got a procedural tune up. I know how to follow orders though.

  15. If those who are Designated to Can’t or Won’t it is the Obligation and Responsibility of the Citizenry to. That is something that has been lost on people in the last 60 years. Society has Ceded the responsibility of protecting themselves to a Government who Can not and in many case Will not invoke that responsibility. Because of that We are left with the Chaos playing out all over the Nation. You may Call me an Old Fuddy Duddy but I was raised in a time when the Men of the community would never tolerates such actions. They took the responsibility of protecting the community seriously. law Enforcement was something that was called as part of the after action phase. To write up the report and clean up the mess if there still was one. Generally No one saw anything or did anything. It just seemed to get done. The community simply returned to it’s normal everyday existence and life went on. Those committing the problem either learned to be better citizens, moved on or nobody knows. Some will scream vigilante justice and how wrong that is in a modern society Yet there were fewer problems and repeat offender were almost unheard of. So at the end of the day. Where would you rather live? In the middle of all the Chaos that is happening or a community that takes care of it’s citizens, protects them and deals with those who would do it harm. Because what’s going on now sure as Hell ain’t getting it done. I have No Sympathy for those who allow chaos to destroy their towns,cities or communities because the Fear the repercussions of protecting them. From a time when people understood what Evil was and what had to be done to stop it. “Courage is not the absence of Fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than Fear.” F.D.R. If this were a foreign force attacking Our Nation would you have the Courage to Stand and Fight? Then why would you allow it to happen just because it is being attacked by people causing the same Anarchy and Chaos. Either way Our Nation and way of life are under attack and at risk of being destroyed possible forever. Be Honest Would You? Will You?

    • Thank you. Before men turned into walking vaginas, these problems were taken care of at the local level. A few stern words, maybe a kick or a punch or two, and problems were nipped in the bud. Now that our entire civilization has become feminized, and “rights” are more important that responsibilities, the whole is degenerating into chaos.

    • I agree with you in regards to the “men of community and responsibility”. However, today we are in a world in which the opposite of “nobody saw anything” is true…nowadays it seems there’s a camera at every intersection or store aisle, everybody has a phone in their hand, and everything you do is being recorded for possible use against you in court. I myself am going to buy a GoPro tonight along with a chest mount so I can have my own “bodycam” as part of my EDC. My LEO friends have told me it’s the smartest thing to do, unfortunately, as District Attorneys seem to back off of aggressive charges only if video exonerates you. In fact, I once reported a shooting on my street and provided eye witness testimony and a description of the shooter to the 911 operator. When deputies later showed up at my house, their only question to me was “do you have video?” When I said no, the interview ended and they left.

      We’re living in an Aldous Huxley world in which young (under 35) people won’t step up, or step in, to help, but instead gather around victims and crime scenes and whip out their phones so they can play Amateur Journalist by uploading to their social media. All it would take is for one group of bad actors to meet their match with one group of dedicated Patriots who stop them…and for the local LE/D.A. to actually support them. Once the thugz realize that “gee, my life might actually end if I torch this building or beat this person”, 95% of them will stop and reconsider the advantage of yelling and protesting instead of looting, burning, and shooting.

      Just my 2 cents.

      Cue the usual troll(s).

      • Yeah, I’mma have to agreed with you on the personal bodycam. Experience dictates prudence there. That experience, was the LE in my own incident tried their absolute damnedest to avoid giving up the body cam vid(s) that exonerate me. Dragged their feet for months, saying it couldn’t be found when discovery was filed.

        Could’ve all been avoided if I’d been running vid myself. Still awaiting preliminary conference bullshit, late next month. Probably going to try and offer a “deal”, of which I am going to spit in their face over. No way in hell am I going to accept anything other than complete admission in writing that I was well within the law, and my rights.

        • Hail, since you didn’t accept being terminated and are still skulking about the office and eating pencils, I’m going to instead promote you to Advisor.

          So from now on, I would be interested in hearing your actual opinion on matters, instead of drooling hero worship.

    • It’s more palatable to kill foreign invaders than to kill fellow Americans. I would only kill one of my American brothers as a last resort. Sure they’re criminals, but it’s not up to me to decide whether they live or die because even criminal American citizens still have rights. That being said, if your being attacked, threatened or if it’s your home or store being robbed, looted or set on fire then go ahead and exercise your rights and protect yourself and your property by all means necessary.

      • Enemies foreign or domestic…

        If someone attempts to kill me or torch my house to the ground, in that moment it doesn’t matter what nation the person claims as his/her own. All allegiances to parties, countries, and ideologies dissolve and disappear, leaving only the basic human need to survive. In the moment, if no other choice is available to me, that person who is actively attempting to take my life or home needs to be stopped.

        • Agreed, that’s basically what I said in my last sentence. Use of deadly force as a last resort to protect life and property against criminals. The fact that they’re American is not relevant at that point. Blast away.

      • True, to a point. I’ve often thought of this in the context of espionage. I’d have no real problem with exchanging a foreign operative caught in what he saw as his duty, or even releasing him in exchange for proven intel on “bigger fish”. An American servicemember convicted of spying on the US should never be given any alternative to execution for treason.

        Same for invasion: I’d certainly shoot enemy soldiers (likely conscripts, or maybe volunteers seeking college money), but with no real hatred or anger. If, on the other hand, a so-called “neighbor” made the conscious choice to violate the sacred sanctuary of my wife and children, a relatively quick, painless, and honorable gunshot would be an act of restraint – and then only for my family’s sake.

        Back to the article, something like the Riot Act would be a very useful tool.

  16. And with a spineless dolt for a governor, kenosha is screwed…
    Let’s hope this “plague” doesn’t spread elsewhere in the state, although, if milwaukee and madison burnt to the ground, I wouldn’t shed any tears…
    Having said that, for ALL Wisconsinites, time to kit up, keeps your head(s) on a swivel, and protect what is yours, the “times”, they are a changin’…….

    • You got that right.

      I’m switching out my CCW starting today. Larger, more mags. I have a feeling we are going to see an influx of Chitcago activists arriving shortly. Gov. is useless as he’s been since being put into office.

      They closed down all access to Kenosha last night off of 94. I’m gonna be they’ll do it again for at least a few days. Glad I have no reason to go anywhere near that area.

      • If it’s the same group plan of what my region saw back in April keep an eye out for younger dirtbag looking kids/early 20’s that have backpacks (fireworks typically) and odd piles of building supplies being dropped off near shopping and govt centers. Also remember that EVERYTHING is being recorded to attempt to harass people who dare to resist later. Other than that laser pointers were by far the most annoying thing deployed against the police besides the odd cinder block (obviously arson was a bit more than annoying). I think your area’s rioters are more a kneejerk response as opposed to the planned event we had so you are probably starting to see the more organized and supplied crazies filter in now and probably last night as well.

  17. There will be more of this in yet un-named towns and cities. The mobs are already primed for it and simply waiting for a triggering incident to give them an excuse to riot, loot, and burn. Those of us who will be the targets of their fury need to be prepared to exercise some serious pre-emptive defense when, not if, they show up in our neighborhoods.

    • These Burn/Loot/Mayhem and AntFart “peaceful demonstrations” are early probings, testing, de-sensitization, coordination with Marxist local politicians, practice, training maneuvers for post-election. There will be mass rioting, destruction, injuries….and deaths….regardless of the election results. Trump wins, then, to destabilize government. If Biden, then, to implement Marxists agendas. Burn/Loot/Mayhem coming to a street in front of your house shorty. These escapades will make Kristallnacht, Night of the Long Knives, etc appear as children’s recess. Brown shirts today are wearing black….BLM…..attire.

    • Ya actually.

      One that jumps to mind right away is that poor bugger that got shot by the female cop (In Texas?) going into HIS apartment thinking it was hers. He was innocent.

      • Porridge beat me to it.

        We need to stop thinking it’s centered around skin color. If it ever was, it sure ain’t any more. It’s now about ideology and who wants to run the country. Marxists vs. Patriots.

        • Do not ever question the magnificent ‘I Haz A Question.’ He, a while, straight (?) man has declared that racism has ceased to exist. As it was, is and ever shall be!

          All Hail.

  18. It appears that the requirements for a riot of this nature is that the city must have a minimum population with less than 2/3s white and the rest so called minority.

    The kernel or focus will be minority but the driving energy comes from the college student aged white children to supply the anger and rage and the ‘Mob’ for everyone to see and begin to feel that the powers of law and order are unable to stand up to.

    It also takes a predominant party rule within the city government of Left/Democrats and strong union representative within the bureaucracy.

    I’m waiting to see what the lower limit of population is. Kenosha is about 100k for the city proper and that may be about the lowest. Below that people know each other and will not abide certain actions. Those that would be the kernel are in shorter supply and the rest must work for a living as welfare is too limited as to how many qualify.

    This gives us hope that those who are afraid for their safety will see that Democrats are the focus of the problem and need to be routed from power.

    • Albany is under 100k and had a fun time with needing bearcats and rubber bullets to prevent govt buildings getting burned down and still had a lot of vandalism, looting, and even a bit of arson for variety. That had a week of buildup and I would guess was a bit of a test run for later to see what was needed/worked/could be improved on. Fulton county news had some great livestreams of some of the wilder bits of the protests/riots.

  19. Thank you for a thought out reply.
    I am absolutely in favor of law and order, when it’s applied evenly and fairly.

    Let me put it this way.
    As a bouncer, I NEVER would have thought of wielding a gun in a crowded nightclub.
    One night we had a deputy come in doing just that, and I talked to the owner about having him trespassed.
    Instead of dealing with it in a rational manner, the sheriffs declined to come inside anymore, even when they were sorely needed. AKA, petty BS attitude.

    I kept that in mind throughout the rest of my “career” in that field, and it crystallized during one call-out in the hood, when someone was shot over a minor issue that the police escalated. He survived.
    In certain neighborhoods, I became familiar with certain officers, and would ask dispatch specifically who was working section X-Y-Z that night.
    If someone I knew as a loose cannon was working, I’d request someone else, or I’d let them know that there was a situation, and that I was going to try to deal with it myself. MYSELF!

    That’s not good, but I couldn’t see myself being the cause of death for some of these people I knew, people I knew to have issues, but not issues that deserved to be treated the way the cops did.
    How would you like to call the police over a minor issue, then have to look the mourning family in the face the next night?
    This black and white (psychological splitting) viewpoint of “criminals” is patently unhealthy, for everyone involved.

  20. All this for a guy with warrant out on him for rape or sexual assault.

    I am on the other side of the State where almost everyone had at least a shotgun.

  21. Has anyone noticed that ALL of the BLM martyrs are thugs, all of whom were killed while either resisting arrest or assaulting a police officer?

    Can we change the title to Black Thugs Matter or Black Criminals Matter?

    • People tried to bring change when white Americans were murdered by police, but the Blue Lives Matter crew refused to play along and called those people sovereign citizens. It was a non starter back when Bush was president.

      Black lives matter became a thing under Obama because Americans thought it would get the youth to do what their parents were not doing. All it did back then was get some kids to march and shout some gangster rap type lines. Well, a few black (former) military men did kill some cops to live up to their oaths on their suicide mission against the government.

      However, somehow Trump has really sparked the determination in the same youth that Obama could not. When Obama used to say things that could spark what we got now everyone would slap him upside his head and tell him never to say that again. When Trump says inflammatory things people cheer, thereby civil unrest kicks off to the extreme. I don’t know if Trump understands what he is doing is actually pushing the youth to rebel with violence against the government all the way up to bringing out the long guns and shooting cops.

      I think Obama is real jealous right now.

  22. Void says:
    August 25, 2020 at 11:48

    “Add in some meth and we have a solid Florida Man origin story.”

    Nah, I’m too thick. No one would believe it.

      • @Void

        We call that “Being on the PCDP ”
        Damn how homegirl drop’t fiddy pounds?
        “She’s on the Polk County Diet Plan bruh!”

        FWIW, Polk County has an excellent Sheriff named Grady Judd.

  23. I don’t live on Wesconsin, so I don’t know if rioting and looting is illegal there.
    If there is currently no law against it, they should pass riot control laws.
    Mebbe the “Law and Order “ president can send Federal prison guards.

  24. Car vs gun every day carry;
    Which is more effective?
    Let’s go to the new and improved meat target and compare results.
    You be the judge.

    • “Yeah.
      When I get in my car to drive away, I crawl in head first and leave my feet on the ground.”

      Drunk, or sober?

    • Last time I crawled head first into a car with my feet dangling out the car was parked and I was crawling in to a woman. There would have been violence had some one interrupted me.

    • The narrative, the way I see it, is that 3 cops couldn’t control one skinny dude, and had to resort to gunplay.

      Now, had I been on scene, when he opened that door all the cop had to do is hip-check the door and slam his hands, then take him over backwards. Easy peasy thuggy squeezy.
      Watch it again, just hip-check the door as he reaches in.
      You ever get your hand slammed in a car door? Forget about a knife or a gun, you’d be lucky to retrieve a booger.

      Been there, done that, but you gotta have balls and a level head.
      Chickenshidts are not balls, neither are bullets.

      • Or to say it another way, you notice in that screenshot how the cops are 2 steps behind him?
        Why did they both go the same direction? There ARE 2 ways around every car you know!
        If they’d split up, he’d have been surrounded, and never got the door open.

        This is the kind of situational awareness that one must be able to keep hold of during emergencies.
        When your hypothalamus takes over, and you lose your head, you lose the game.
        It’s fair to point out that Mr. Blake was a troubled individual, but only if you also concede that this cop was a loser.
        He played the game, couldn’t keep his head, and he lost. Loser.

      • I would have been fine with the cops tackling him if they actually believe their BS about him going for a gun in his SUV. You can’t pretend like two grown as men can’t tackle one non aggressive male from behind. Heck, they could have hit him so hard from behind they could have knocked him out. They could have also punched him in the jaw from behind if they actually believed the man was going to pull out a machine gun with a 1,000 round clip magazine and shoot up the entire neighborhood in front of his kids.

        If the man is going to pull out an AK why is only 2 out of 3 cops trying to stop him? Why are the male cops waiting for him to get into the vehicle? If they feared for the children, why didn’t they shoot him before the three kids and a bunch of women were in the line of fire?

        Let’s not forget there was study done of a police department that shows cops don’t shoot based on race, but they do love to shoot people when they had options not to. They tend to escalate to deadly force on anyone they can. It’s as if their goal as an officer is to shoot Americans or what they call “civilians.”

        I remember hearing “comply or die” as the Millennial’s slogan for law enforcement.

        • Of COURSE the COPS believe the BS “going for a gun” story.
          You tell a lie enough times, you’ll start to believe it yourself!

        • Been there, done that, 5 nights a week, unless we were working 10s or 12s. It was never on Monday morning, more like Fri night, Sat night, sometimes Sun, and ALWAYS around the 1st of the month when checks came in and there was loose money.

          Jacking the illegals on Fri night when they came home rip roaring drunk was a lucrative business, since those guys were less likely to call the law. As if the law even responded…

  25. Guns and ammo are the answer to all of these problems!

  26. Far as I am aware, Blake did not have a weapon on him when he was shot and there was no weapons in his vehicle. His kids were in the vehicle when the officer fired 7 times into the back of Blake as he held onto his clothes. There was at least three cops there that allowed him to enter the SUV. Last I heard, Blake is now paralyzed from being shot in the back numerous times for attempting to get into his SUV.

    The church did not burn down. That picture was taken to be used as propaganda. The car dealership is right next door to the church, thus the sign is right in the framed shot. The church was totally fine the last time I saw it.

    There was numerous light skinned people out there with long guns. Most of them are not on the side of the government. Some of them are there to protest the government and hold them in check for the protesters, others are there to protect private property. The police appeared to have lost majority support to the point the average guy is bringing out their ARs to do the job the police refuse to do and to stand up to the government that gives itself the privilege of a lower standard than the rest of us.

    The youth are not having it anymore. They are not like their parents. They are fed up with the same old nonsense from the corrupt governments. The government is going to have to realize they can’t get away with the same things they did with generation X and Boomer.

    Here is a video of Kenosha PD that is being posted as an example of the contrast in treatment, which lead to the civil unrest after the shooting of Blake.

    Kenosha has a history. It’s strange how people like to bring up the past of the victims to excuse the violence that befall them later on and they choose to ignore the shooter’s.

    Does anyone remember Michael Bell? He was a 21 year old white male, he was executed in front of his family when a Kenosha officer ordered an officer to shoot Micheal in the head after another officer claimed Micheal was attempting to take his gun from him. The officers involved were given a reward for their service and had their murder covered up.

    • “Far as I am aware, Blake did not have a weapon on him when he was shot and there was no weapons in his vehicle.”

      You were there with him or something? We don’t know shit yet, you may be right, but as far as I know, you have no evidence to support that claim.

      “The youth are not having it anymore. They are not like their parents.”

      Isn’t that like…always?

      “Here is a video of Kenosha PD that is being posted as an example of the contrast in treatment, which lead to the civil unrest after the shooting of Blake.”

      Care to elaborate?

      • I watched the video again from the source. It appears he had a small knife in his left hand when he got up and walked to the SUV. The officer’s saw it and told him to drop it before he got to the driver door. The cop grabbed Blake’s “wife beater” and started shooting.

        It’s a very odd situation because the cops were going hands on when they had him on the ground. The female cop tried to utilize her taser, then she just stood there while the male cops pulled their guns and followed the man after he got up. The two male cops did not shoot him before he got to the driver door though they could have argued they had to shoot because of the children in the SUV. Instead the officers didn’t shoot until he sat in his SUV.

        I would say it can be considered a justified shooting though the man was not trying to kill anyone. Seems more like a suicide by cop. The three cops were dummies and the female cop bailed on her partners. They should be banned from ever being cops.

        The government can argue that it wasn’t justified considering all the circumstances and the lack of violence from the suspect. They could say three officers have 6 chances to tase a man wearing a thin cotton top but refused to exhaust that option.

        • I honestly don’t have an opinion. I hate the rush to judgement everyone has. The available video is of such poor quality that all involved could use it to their advantage.

    • Lol, they’re not having it anymore. These “youth” have faced zero opposition and only pull they’re larping in liberal areas. They wouldn’t last one night in my area, or most of real America.

      • They did confront the SWAT team. It sounds like they fired some shots off after being gassed by them.

        Those attempting to loot have been shot at by 2nd Amendment folk. They are safe from the police the more violent they get. However, gun owners have come to realize the cops don’t care about them because all that matters to the police is going home safe.

      • There appears to have been numerous shootings in Kenosha. Two were shot: one shot in the arm, the other shot in the head.

        It sounded like a gangster took a pot shot at a militia man. Then the militia man opened up with his AR. The crowd got angry and started chasing someone, more guns were pulled and more shooting happened. It looked like a white male was shot in the head and dropped his gun. Even more shootings happened afterward. Police showed up to take the body and grab the gun. More shootings happened in various directions. I think I heard over the scanner that a cop was down. The feds and SWAT are running around trying to deal with all the shootings. At one point it sounded like the police opened up from the gun ports of a SWAT vehicle.

        The cops and feds are staying close to or inside their armored vehicles. They don’t venture too far away from each other.

        It’s way more dangerous than Minneapolis was. When shootings happened there it was mostly the people firing off rounds into the air to scare the government away, which worked in pushing the cops and military out. Only a few looters were shot dead by business owners, who were then charged for murder for protecting his property.

      • Well, it appears the Antifa and BLM crew tried to assassinate a militia guy. He went off on his own to stop some Antifa from breaking car windows and burning them. As he arrived on scene they tried to hit him and one guy chased him. They fired on the militia boy with a handgun. The militia boy turned around and blasted the Antifa in the head with an AR-15. Then all kinds of shooting and lynch mob attacks broke out as the militia boy ran for his life trying to link up with the militia.

        It’s not larping when everyone starts shooting, 2 Antifa are killed and a so called “paramedic” looks to have lost his arm after trying to execute the militia boy with a Glock while he is on the ground.

        Shit got real very quick last night. Of course the police showed up after people were dead and numerous rounds were fired. You’re on your own, that young guy was literally.

        • Damn, that is rough. So militia guy may be in the right for defending himself, and getting involved in general, but I wonder if today he wishes he would have sat this one out. We all have to choose our moment, he chose his. No matter what happens, life as he knew it is over. And some people are dead, and whatever was loaded in that AR did a number on dude’s arm. That’s what the real shit looks like, as some of you on this site well know.
          Not judging militia guy, he may well have had his reasons, but this is another testament to the virtues of choosing which hill to die on. Mine is not in Wisconsin.

  27. “nowhere in America is immune from this kind of chaos and destruction.”

    Nonsense. Kenosha isn’t a big city, but it already had a crime rate higher than 83% of all Wisconsin towns and cities. I wonder why.

    • Gangsters inside and outside of government.

      Mexico and Brazil uses the military and local law enforcement to deal with their crime. Doesn’t work down there because the governments are corrupt. Doesn’t matter how many gunships you send to open up on the ghettos, crime won’t go down if the government is corrupt to such a degree.

      Why would any citizen follow the rules when the government doesn’t? You have to lead by example because grown ass people won’t be controlled with an iron fist when they have access to guns.

      • That’s how a lot of people have come to feel.
        The game is rigged, and the rules change when it’s necessary for “The House” to keep winning.
        You can see the disgust in Mr. Blake’s posture in this vid (but not a knife) and he was taking his ball and going home.
        Of course, playing is mandatory, you can’t lose if you don’t play, so playing is mandatory. Loser.

        Chief Censor says:
        “You have to lead by example because grown ass people won’t be controlled with an iron fist when they have access to guns.”

        Me: Um… what if you take the guns away?
        2A bois: But I’m not black. Blake… I mean BLACK people are different.
        Everyone who can see past skin color: There is no hope if we allow ourselves to be divided 🙁

  28. Well I am glad I live way out of town and on a big fenced lot and is posted and have an alarm system if the alarm goes of anybody in yard better be running to get the hell away if not they are going to have holes in them because I am old and disabled and are not going to allow them to destroy everything it has taking my life to get or hurt my wife or myself

  29. Amazingly As we’ve seen countless times in the past three months, the mob continued to grow increasingly brazen.



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