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Violent crime continued in Detroit without interruption for the holiday season. An alleged armed robber tried his hand at it on Monday. He apparently contacted an auto salvage company, telling them he wanted them to purchase and haul away a junk car. When the tow truck arrived to pick up the hoopty, the intrepid criminal tried to ambush the driver.

Mr. Robber didn’t expect the hook’s driver to be so aware of his surroundings…or have his own gun. Given the fact that Mr. Tow Truck Driver had a concealed carry license and was carrying his gat that day, one might suspect that wasn’t his first rodeo.

So when Mr. Armed Robber ambushed the driver from behind, the driver shot him dead right there, potentially saving his own life.

Click on Detroit has the brief story of the end of a robber’s career . . .

An armed robber was shot and killed when he targeted a tow truck driver who had a concealed pistol license, Detroit police said.

The shooting happened around 9:30 a.m. Monday (Dec. 26) in the 15400 block of Young Street on Detroit’s east side.

Officials said a man with a gun tried to rob a tow truck driver, but that driver was a CPL holder and also armed.

The tow truck driver shot the robber, and the robber died from his injuries, according to authorities.

It seems like there’s no shortage of gun-toting bad guys in Detroit, despite a litany of gun control laws that prohibit such conduct.

Take this fine young gentleman you decided to announce his latest felony on social media . . .

Trevon Mathis, courtesy Michigan Department of Corrections

Also from Click on Detroit . . .

A man who was just released from prison last year is facing a new charge after he posted public pictures of a gun on his Instagram account and chatted about being drunk during a crash in Detroit, officials said.

Trevon Mathis, 23, is facing a charge of felon in possession of a firearm, according to a criminal complaint that was filed Dec. 8 and unsealed later in the month.

Mathis pleaded guilty on May 18, 2016, to assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder or by strangulation and a felony firearm violation. The charges were linked to an incident from Nov. 4, 2015, according to court records.

Good guys without guns don’t stand much of a chance against armed bad guys.  Fortunately the tow truck driver brought his own gat to the party and likely saved his own life from an accused violent criminal.

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  1. chalk another one up to the list of why you need to carry a gun especially in Democrats sewers like Detroit.

  2. Detroit as a city seems pretty cool when it comes to citizen armed self-defense…

    • Detroit as a city has given up trying to stop the crime and decided to give citizen armed self-defense a fighting chance unhindered.

  3. Cool story! However having a CCL is a “why does that matter”? Not far away in Indiana you don’t need no stinkin’ CCL. 2nd Amendment for all lawful folks!

  4. Well, he tried to rob a tow truck driver. Those guys spend a lot of time in sketchy places. They tend to be a little on the tough side. They tend to not take shit. He should have called Meals On Wheels, but I guess Mr. Mathis won’t require anymore warm meals.

    • Is it desperation to try to rob a tow truck driver? I can’t imagine them carrying much cash unless the now deceased perp wanted to steal the truck.

      • If the driver was going to buy the vehicle, he probably had a couple hondo in cash on himself. Presuming it really was the perp’s car, all he had to do was sign over the title, and the cash would be in his hand. Probably wasn’t his car, and probably was a setup. He selected a victim who isn’t a patsy. We work with several tow truck guys, and none of them are patsies, as noted by GF above.

    • “Trevon, Trevon likes his money….”

      He makes a lot, they say.

      Spends his day counting, in a garage by the motorway.

      And he shall (no longer) be Trvon…

    • Interesting that ole “Trevon” only spent a small part of his most recent convention locked up.

      It will be interesting to see how long the idiots who entrapped/convicted of the BS “bimbonapping” of Michigan Governor Wittless will be locked up (who, though talking smack, apparently did not actually do diddly squat).

    • There REALLY needs to be a monthly awards program. With suitable material/cash prize. (to the law-abiding citizen/loser gets a darwin).

  5. Waiting for the Brit halfwit to tell us that this kind of thing doesn’t happen in the civilized world.

  6. Of all the professions you could select as an armed robbery target, tow truck operator has to be one of the highest risk/lowest reward ratios out there. He’s got no cash, his vehicle sticks out like a sore thumb, and if anyone is packing heat it’s a lone guy who has to meet strangers in strange places and hook up cars.

    Did the robber have some kind of personal grudge? Had his car towed one too many times?

    • He set up an ambush to “sell his car”.
      If you just assume no one else in the world is bright enough to carry a gun, it seems like a pretty good ambush. Bad assumption, though.

    • We had a sh!theel here in town walked up behind the county sheriff and put a gun to his head in a robbery. The sheriff stayed cool and reached inside his jacket, pulled his service pistol and ended Mr. Robber right there in the parking lot. Turns out I had trouble with Mr. Robber back in junior high when he stole my watch. Long long time ago but I can still remember.

  7. It bothers me every time I read all the kiss-up details of how the putative victim turned hero has all his Mother May I Card stuff in line.
    Why not just say “the intended victim was armed and used his protective device to prevent is own demise. And the probable demise of any number of potential future victims of thi evil killer and his illegally possessed gun.
    The would be perp is just as dead as he wantd his victim to be because the intended victim was armed and did the appropriate thing. This prevented harm to the intended victim

    • Tionico:
      In Michigan you can’t carry concealed without a Concealed Pistol License (CPL). Open carry does not require a CPL, but even if carrying openly, you automatically become concealed when you climb into a vehicle.
      “Officials said a man with a gun tried to rob a tow truck driver, but that driver was a CPL holder and also armed.”
      What they’re saying here is that the driver complied with the law and can’t be charged with carrying concealed without a CPL.

  8. After the storm, no electricity, it is a cash economy. No one takes plastic because it doesn’t work. Ask me how I know.

    • But after awhile the cash is worthless too, eventually turnips become the new standard.
      Gold makes great emu but you cant eat gold.

  9. All I know is I’d be one pissed off sumsabitchin tow truck driver. All that way just to wind up shootzing somebody. I hope he got the car/ truck whatever.
    Ahhh, so that’s the gangies new little thing, tow truck drivers. Hmm interesting, used to be pizza delivery.
    If the government can sale booze how come they cant sell fentanyl? Need more and much cheaper fentanyl, buckets and buckets of the shit, Free For The First 250,000 Customers.
    Freedom works if .giv would let it.

    • Hmm. I wonder if this would work in my state which prohibits firearms in churches unless you are carrying under the auspices of a security objective and have prior express directive of church leadership?

      I can see where a court struck down the complete prohibition in New York. What about a prohibition which provides a “loophole” with church leadership permission? Can courts strike that down?

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