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Not sure this is an appropriate response to ignorance, but okay.


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      • can’t find a clip but there’s an old our gang bit where the kids are objecting to fatty arbuckles limburger and he counters, “aww, your coocoo- tastes like ice cream.”
        of course i did find “moe, larry, the cheese! no, limboiga!”

    • “how can soap smell so good and taste so bad?”

      I think your mom and my mom hung out together in the 1960s…

    • I got the soap treatment once. I deserved it. My mom made me take one bite off of a bar of soap and chew it for 30 seconds before being released to rinse. No amount of water will take the taste of soap out of your teeth. It takes time…and the upcoming night will not include a good night’s worth of sleep from it.

      Lesson learned. I never smarted off to my mother again.

    • “You can eat soap until you fart bubble bath.”

      Old Eddie Murphy movie ‘Trading Places’.

      Eddie asks the butler what a button was on the bathtub, he tells him it’s a Jacuzzi.

  1. I got the soap treatment from my mom as a little kid when I said “you got big boobs” to my cousin. They WERE big. Ralphie was a Dumbazz…

  2. Ralphie wouldn’t say that. He’d say; “F#$%! All I want is an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle! Oops!”

    And Randy crying under the sink, “Daddy’s gonna kill Ralphie, waa waa!”

  3. I suspect Ralphie grew up to be a gun guy. I read another Jean Shepherd story where Ralphie is reminiscing about a particularly badass spinning top he bought, and specifically likens the toy’s satisfying heft and weight in the hand to a Colt .38 snubnose.

  4. Hey now… gun control works. It just depends on what your intentions.

    If your intent is to protect your fellow citizens then gun control is one of the worst things you can do.

    If your intent is to make it easier to stamp out resistance to your authoritarian machinations then gun control is great.

  5. I do not see the connection however I do not believe soap is a good cleaning agent for modern firegunms. I see extensive disassembly, drying, cleaning, and oiling of gunm parts as just a little to much work and perhaps a tidbit of frustration for me to claim I have a well cleaned gunm.
    Oh wait we was talking about kids and soap. Ehhh, that works both ways, the kid just might say fck you and eat the whole thing then shit and puke for two days.

    • “…eat the whole thing…”

      Funny, when I read this I immediately thought of one of my nieces. And then a cousin. Both of them would have done just that, and may well have at some point. Good call, possum.

      • Reminds me of my niece getting into trouble at about 8. She screamed at her mom ” Go ahead beat me till I die!”
        Everyone had to leave the room hands over their faces. At 30 she’s still a firecracker.

    • Ok, the odds of this happening – that a fired bullet casing ejected from a handgun (with the gun held in firing position as shown in the video) randomly hitting the primer of a bullet in a box below the gun causing that bullet to fire in the box … all as shown in the video – odds are 1 in 1,237,631.683275.

      • Always wondered whether someone setting a tube fed gun down a little harshly might cause this to happen. Like say a lever action 30.06.

        • Not sure if just setting it down would do it, but a hard knock might and the recoil of firing *definitely* can. That’s why there aren’t tube-fed 30-06s or any other round that commonly uses a pointy bullet.

        • That’s why boolits designed for use in tube fed magazines all have round nosed boolits so that won’t happen. Also with .22s, the primer is in the rim — thus called rimfire cartridges and the boolit doesn’t contact the primer in .22 boolits. Notice a fired .22 case. the firing mechanism indent is in the rim.

    • I carry a .40 too about half of the year, especially during the cold months. My PPQ’s prints if I’m just wearing just a T-Shirt, so then I downsize to a P365.
      Much as I like the P365, the PPQ is a better gun. Walther hit it out of the ball park with their trigger.

  6. Hello Bemused Berserker,
    Thanks for your reply. I carry a Kahr CW40 all year long in a front pocket.
    No problem with printing through a T-shirt, but it is a small pistol. Thanks
    for the info on the PPQ in .40 cal. I will have to check out one of those.


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