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Function over form. Well…I suppose there are limits. I ain’t gonna wear this tactical chest purse for men.


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  1. I’ve never worn a fanny pack. Unless you count that dingus on the rear of an Alice rig. And that was sort of a requirement.

    • “I’ve never worn a fanny pack.”

      If what you wearing out-n-about has limited pocket space, they can be damn effective tools for your EDC. I managed to find at the local Goodwill a really nice quality leather one I’ve been upgrading over the past 2 years with old early OWB cellphone case clips (nice spring steel clips wrapped in leather) and belt clasps. It’s strong enough now to easily support a full-sized handgun if I chose, but I won’t.

      I would prefer to just wear quality, durable jeans daily, with the Ruger LCR in my front right pocket, being able to carry keys, wallet, pocket knife, and fair-sized smartphone just isn’t happening, so the pack lets me offload a few items comfortably.

      Trying to snatch it off of me with the way its configured now will result in nothing but frustration for the disadvantage thug attempting forced reparations, and might get their ass shot if I feel threatened enough (may I never be in that position 🙁 )…

    • jwm, a fanny/butt pack is a useful carry option. Not as popular among the general public as they once were, but they don’t attract too much attention in Florida. Galco made the best one, and still make a version of it. Trouble is, they’re black leather or synthetic. Black screams gun to everybody. I have one that is decades old. It stays ready to go out the door with a Glock 19X, spare mag, Spyderco, Surefire, Leatherman, spare batteries, Bic lighter, etc. It’s a light grey blue. Before 9-11, when my kids were kids, I called it my Disney rig. It carried a P-7M8 back then. It still has room for wallet, PX and keys. I especially like it when I’m going offshore. I just stow it and forget it unless we’re checked by FWC or the Coast Guard. I found one of the Galcos on eBay a couple of years ago. Blue. I bought it and gave it to my son. He carried it on vacation in the Keys last summer with a stainless CZ-75 and the usual accoutrements. He said he got a couple of comments from locals. He said he just smiled back.

      • Your analysis regarding the Galco product (functionality/colors) is spot on. Finding older serviceable ones is like looking for hen’s teeth but well worth it.

  2. Danl Boone kilt a bear on a tree and he had a purse.
    Fanny pack sounds gay.
    PossiblesButtPouch does not.
    So the next time you see someone with a ‘fanny pack’, just think its really a PossiblesButtPouch, a manly Danl Boone thing, with a hatchet

  3. A cool old(well older than me )black dude at my local gym always has a fanny pack on while sorta working out. I really doubt there’s a gat in it🙄

  4. Currently, I use one to carry a 2.75″ 8 shot .357 magnum Ruger Redhawk and reload into the gym ….

    The fanny pack also carries my wallet, phone, and keys. Ok, it’s a purse, but I can’t carry while wearing gym clothes.

    No one has ever asked me about it. No one even gives it a second glance. I’ve been doing it for years, carrying anything from a Glock 31 to a Beretta PX4 in .40 cal to various .357 and .44 magnum revolvers.

    • When I used to go to the gym, I wore scrub pants with cargo pockets. Carried a Ruger LCP 2 in a pocket holster on the right side.

      Now, I never go to the gym. Nearly lost my right leg from a case of MRSA I am certain came from daily visits to the hotel gym when I was on-site with a client. So, I built a gym at home.

      Right leg? It is still discolored, pock-marked, and just plain ugly. But it works. Thank God!!

  5. That chest purse comes in RED! (Talk about not drawing attention to oneself.) If it came in grey, it’d match my grey man outfit.

    • Nope, red is totally appropriate – all it needs is a Moms Demand Action logo printed on it. Screw Amazon and Bezos whom he’s decided to contribute to.

  6. What’s the practical difference between a “fanny pack” and a belt with pouches?

    Friends on a hunt laughed when I had my ammunition in a pouched bandolier with my rounds on clips. Guess who was asking for my empty bandoliers and clips? The clips held extra ammo so it wouldn’t rattle in pockets like loose rounds. And the bandolier gave 7 extra pockets.

  7. My buddy Gizmo wears a felt cowboy hat wherever he goes. Always. No matter where. Instead of a hat band he had a custom bandolier fitted to his hat. The bandolier is elastic and has pouches all around that hold 9mm rounds. He says it not only makes a statement but keeps his hat from blowing off in high winds.

  8. DEATH BY GRIZZLY BEAR: An Absolutely Crazy Story Teaches Americans the Value of 2nd Amendment.

    Couple camping killed by a grizzly bear tried to fend off with Bear Spray, but government officials dispatched to the scene killed the bear with FIREARMS.

    • for above video > WARNING: Graphic content—’Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on the crime spike across American cities amid progressive policies.

      • for the above video, this is the stabbing of the stupid liberal activist…what was he thinking, he and his girlfriend should have ran to have at least some chance (even though the attacker probably would have caught her or maybe him and stabbed at least some), instead this idiot goes into ‘compliance’ mode with telling the attacker with the knife who has already threatened to kill him to “chill out” >

        They have caught the murderer since >

        this is a good example though of what the progressives are doing to you America. It may not be where you live right now but its going to be eventually. The country is full of this kind of democrat progressive crazy, their product is the crazy and the violently mentally ill are roaming the streets in just about every city in the country now and not just in blue cities alone although the greatest concentration of them is still in blue cities. They have fanned out from the crazy progressive held areas into the whole country and its growing every day.

        Stay armed, keep situational awareness active, be prepared to pull that trigger and hit hard and fast.

        • From the link .40 cal Booger posted relative to the Carson stabbing:
          “I do know this young man comes from a good family, and I can’t imagine him not being remorseful for something like this if the facts are what they say they are [and he did this],” the attorney added. “He is a great kid but clearly may have some mental health issues.”

          “may have some mental health issues”…………………Really!
          “He is a great kid”……………………Oh Yeah!

        • Only thing noteworthy of this encounter was the fatality of one that drew attention. We have seen stabbings fitting this pattern just within a block or two of my workplace in Albany monthly and at least weekly just in a city of under 100k. Other areas got it worse depending on location of various support systems to enable the mobility of crazy.

  9. Way back in the long ago I found a nice blue-gray belt pack/fanny pack. Good quality leather with a good leather strap/belt. No label or tag as it came from a mission/goodwill type secondhand store. Did have to replace the chap plastic buckle with a solid steel one. And re-rivet the belt to the pack in the years since. Usually use it as my possibles bag for hunting with the flintlock. I have used it for carrying items when pockets or holsters/belt pouches are inappropriate. So, go ahead and make fun. I’ll still have what I need with me while someone has to run for their car, hotel room, or home for things they should have with them.

  10. I’m an old guy 66. I look like a tourist all thr time. My 9mm and 2, mags fit nicely in my Fanny pack. I velcoed a holster at a 45 degree angle. A little dry fire to perfect draw and I got a great setup for under 50 ,bucks. Try it, it works great

  11. They seem to be popular with backpackers, runners, climbers.
    All of these have concealed pocket for CCW.
    All high dollar brands for packs etc.

    Hill People Gear

    Mystery Ranch



    An actual waist bag (fanny pack)

    I’ve got one from the 80’s.
    Velcro mounted holster on semirigid back panel.
    Elastic mag pouch inside of lid.
    Two zippers (YKK) with a 501 lanyard on corner of lid.
    Give it a yank and it peels open.

    Think Alaska Chest Holster that’s concealed for a Browning HiPower & 2 mags & Streamlight Macrostream & ID & money clip.

    Doesn’t interfere with a backpack.

    Try opening your mind just a tiny bit.

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