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Alabama Election a Win for Roy Moore, Gun Owners AND Donald Trump

While the mainstream media and others giddily touted how Donald Trump’s candidate lost in Alabama’s run-off election Tuesday, don’t be fooled. President Trump didn’t lose yesterday. He won. In fact, not only did Donald Trump win, but so too did gun owners – in a big way.

As a member of the Trump Second Amendment coalition team, I’ve met some great people and they have shared a lot of their political their insights. While we would like to implement major rollbacks of gun control, the Washington D.C. swamp has bogged down Team Trump reforms at every turn.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate President Mitch McConnell stand as the single biggest enemies of gun rights reform in Congress. While both talk a good game at election time, the truth is that neither could give a damn about gun rights or gun owners. Their priority remains protecting the fetid cesspool commonly known as the deep state.

Yes, Donald Trump endorsed and campaigned for Luther Strange in Alabama’s U.S. Senate run-off election.  Sort of.  In fact, Breitbart News described Trump’s endorsement as “tortured”.  Indeed.  Speaking last Friday in Huntsville, Trump said:

“We have to be loyal in life,” Trump said. “There is something called loyalty, and I might have made a mistake and I’ll be honest, I might have made a mistake.”

… “By the way, both good men and you know what, I told Luther … if his opponent wins, I’m going to be here campaigning like hell for him,”

As a former Senator might have said, President Trump doesn’t take a dump without a plan. Trump supported the “establishment” Republican guy in order to leverage their support for tax reform, Obamacare repeal and the border wall.  When Trump’s initiatives failed to gain support of the establishment GOP (eGOP), Trump’s subsequent “I might have made a mistake” line makes a lot more sense. After all, Trump knows how to give a glowing endorsement when he wants to. And Trump’s rally for Luther Strange, if anything, showed just how to make a “tortured” endorsement.

In fact, President Trump might as well as have spoken directly to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in that speech. “Mitch, we have to be loyal in life. There’s something called loyalty, and I gave you mine. I might have made a mistake in giving you my loyalty, because you’re betraying me at every turn.”

McConnell spent dearly – $30 million worth – trying to help “Big Luther” over the finish line. In the end, that money bought only a stinging ten-point defeat. With the crushing loss of “his” candidate, McConnell’s power will diminish further after Roy Moore wins Alabama’s special election in December.

Elsewhere, Tennessee’s Senator Bob Corker has read the writing on the wall. He just announced his own retirement.  From Jeff Bezos’ blog, the Washington Post:

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) announced Tuesday that he will not seek reelection next year, another blow to the Republican establishment on the same day the latest GOP effort to revamp the Affordable Care Act failed.

Corker and other Republican leaders in Congress have come under fire from President Trump and his supporters for not delivering in the early days of the administration.

Look for other “retirements” as well, according to Politico. Retiring incumbents would prove bad for both McConnell and his establishment Republicans. Democrats have their own set of problems aside from possible retirements. 2018’s elections will have Dems trying to defend ten of their U.S. Senate seats held in states Trump won. McConnell does not have $30M to throw at each of a dozen or more races to shore up his eGOP wing of the party.

Yesterday’s election result will increase the already growing pressure on Ryan and McConnell to stop dragging their feet on President Trump’s agenda, including gun rights reform. Ultimately, as the 2018 elections grow nearer, gun owners and others will demand action, not rhetoric.

Expect some movement on pro-gun legislation before the end of this year – specifically national reciprocity and suppressor regulation reform. Both will almost certainly pass the House before Christmas. Passage in the Senate will happen if McConnell decides he wants to throw some red meat to conservatives. He may need to in order to preserve some of his eGOP friends.

Either way, expect these and other gun rights legislation to become law ahead of the 2018 elections.

If next year’s vote follows the current trend, both Ryan and McConnell could lose their leadership posts. If that happens, buy stock in Depend undergarments. The good folks at The Trace and big daddy Bloomberg’s Everytown will need a lot of them.


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  1. “Either way, expect these and other gun rights legislation to become law ahead of the 2018 elections.”

    I’d be surprised if SHARE/HPA act passed unmolested and I’d be shocked if both that and reciprocity became law. Gun owners are extremely apathetic and it’s just not a priority for Republicans in the Senate. And as it stands we’d need a number of Democrats to vote yes. I just don’t see how a body as statist and evil as Congress will agree to push it through.

    • No Democrat will ever vote for anything Trump supports. It should be clear to everyone their agenda is to embarrass and hinder Trump even if the effort hurts the country.

      • And why does that surprise anyone? It was the Republican agenda in 2008 after the clueless Obama won. I did not care for him as President but he won. Yet the Republican agenda and disrespect was clear, look up the statements they made back then. Now 8 years later what goes around has come around with the current conman President. And therein lies the entire problem with our politics and both parties. Neither party will do what is right if the other side has the Presidency period. They care only about defeating and making the current President look bad and care not one bit about the country of the people. You want a change, then stop voting for any Dem or Rep. None of them know how to compromise, how to legislate, how to lead anymore. This Moore is just another narrow minded my way or no way demigog and as such will be another part of the problem and never a part of any solution.

        • If you seriously think that Oscumbag “WON” either of his two elections, you’re a fool! Odouchebag was PUT IN OFFICE and remained in office because the GOP was part of the scheme – that is why so many Repubs are working AGAINST Trump in everything. Obastard’s fraud is NOT a done deal, there are still ongoing legal challenges that are SLOWLY moving through the courts – slowed by the lack of action by the GOP and federal judges (including SCOTUS). NONE of them want the truth to come out as fact because it will prove their tyranny and corruption! Ted Cruz is another one that needs to be investigated, because like Ohomo, he isn’t even a legitimate US citizen!

    • Not just gun owners that are apathetic. Americans in general are.

      And why shouldn’t they be? The giant leviathan beast in D.C. is far away to a lot of them. Yet it has total control and say over their life. And if D.C. decides to cede authority over them then they have a state creature that might be in a city that is still hundreds of miles away from them. Empire is no bueno.

      There’s gonna be a divorce one way or another. I’m just hoping and praying it can be a peaceful divorce.

      • Peaceful, yeah right, and must you believe in Santa Clause and the tooth Fairy. God has told us the prophesy of the future and it does NOT go well. The US is the biggest exporter of immorality, deviancy, and violation of ALL of God’s commandments and laws. We will experience the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah, but so will the rest of the world!

  2. Yeah,

    I seem to remember everyone saying Trump would never get the Republican nomination. Or there is no path to 270 electoral votes.

    • From your lips. All I know is this body has not done not a damn thing for us since it started chipping away at everything in 1934. And the senate votes just aren’t there. Which Senate Democrats will be voting yes?

      • Don’t fall for the lie that the filibuster is insurmountable. 60, 70 days to get anything through over a full blown 100% Democrat filibuster. McConnell just doesn’t have the balls.

  3. NO: Moore barely squeaked through his last election.His opponent was a potted plant.

    For this to be a win, Moore needs to win the general election. He is a kook and could be the next Todd Akin, but his opponent is a true blue health-care-for-all living wage progressive like Bernie Sanders. I really don’t envy people who have to vote. kook vs kookier.

    I predict a low turnout election, where out-of-state consultants make millions making the electorate sick, and in the end only people with too much time on their hands go out to vote. Who actually wins in Dec is a tossup.

    But if you want to be complacent and chalk up a pre-season victory, you have good company. The NRA seems to be taking a victory lap, while the do-nothing congress has done nothing.

      • Food is a “right” too, as is housing. Neither is cheap and widely available when the government gets involved.

        Everyone in the USA has healthcare. That is a fact. You will never be denied care. That has been true for decades.

        The question is whether you should make your own choice, or have the government make it for you. The person who ultimately pays the bills makes the choice.

        Ask a Venezuelan what happens when the government starts giving away “free” housing – all you get is massive inflation and economic collapse- and people are much much poorer.

        • You object to be working for something without getting while loyal party member gets something without working? Off to “reeducation” camp with you comrade.

        • Yes, it is. I pay car insurance and never use it, everyone who does use it I am paying for. Same with health insurance you dingus.

        • Difference is that nobody gets car insurance for free smart one. But please, tell me more about how I know “nothing about communism”. That’s a good one.

        • Except 50% of you leeches already don’t pay income taxes. You going to start now?

          It’s about as retarded as me driving a Maserati and you your Prius and you paying more to insure it for the same coverage.

        • Free healthcare for all paid for by the govt means the govt gets to decide your care. Since we live in a Democracy, we all get a vote.

          Given that, I move that we pull the plug on Jim. All in favor? Opposed?

          The ayes have it!

          McCoy says: Your dead, Jim.

        • 1. That board and I have a legally binding contractual relationship.
          2. If I don’t like them, I can pick another board or just bypass them entirely.

          Funny how that kid in the U.K. literally died because option #2 wasn’t available. Great plan there broseph.

        • Car insurance in the U.S. is mandatory, except for New Hampshire.

          Health Care is also universal in America, EMTALA, if you are ill or injured, Hospitals are required to treat you, if they take Medicare, which is fundamentally all of them. The issue in the U.S. is funding healthcare. I specifically work in insurance as an actuarial data scientist, the entire point of the private insurance is to socialize risk into a cost pool, the opposite of how people talk about it, that ensures the pool produces a positive fiduciary result.

          We’ve gotten completely out of healthcare, not because we can’t make it profitable, but because we can’t define the risk pool with ever changing regulations. If the ACA had been a program that the risks could be mitigated in the short term by the subsidy, we’d have the data to define the risk pools over a 3-5 year period, but with the ever present risk of changes to qualifications, states being in/out year by year the risk pools in a geography aren’t well defined. In Kentucky, they’ve had a relatively stable system for a long time, so pools were both predictable, and reliable, but Arizona has been all over the place, so you get places where the cost curve went down, as well as others that went up.

          Part of the problem is definitely that state borders artificially limit options, but most folks who want cross border pools, also don’t want federal regulation, which go hand in hand. At this point our execs firmly believe that single payer is only solution, specifically because of the lack of will to either completely free the market, or completely regulate it.

          I can 100% say that in a quasi-regulated market, the person getting hosed is going to be the 59 YO, old enough to have lots of risks, but not old enough to do much about it, and hasn’t failed over to medicare yet, no one wants them in the pool. Insurance is a shared risk/shared cost, if you can’t get a bunch of 20 somethings in paying $100 a month but not using it, there’s no way to get a 59 YO with cancer at $100k a month covered.

          Personally, I’m for federal catastrophic coverage, that starts at something like $12k-$20k a year, then you can have private insurance for the gap, the data says that works, basically how lots of the Nordics work now. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford over the top coverage, then you could pay for private hospital coverage.

          So, everyone in America gets healthcare if they need it, not preventative, but symptom treatment, mostly after the fact, we have decent health outcomes for exorbitant cost, worse than any other developed nation. So define the problem, then define what success looks like. Everyone seems to agree that it’s too expensive, but no one is even talking about what success looks like. Don’t get me started about drug coverage, just allowing a more free market for drug pricing and negotiation across the board would shave 25% off the top of heath care costs.

        • Rick, you can take my money from my cold dead hand.

          Let me simple it up for you. Single payer ain’t happening. Not without a lot of dead bodies in the streets.

        • You will be paying for others healthcare if you ever spend any time in a hospital.
          Somebody has to pick up the tab for all that indigent care.

        • You can argue about it all you want, your are paying for socialized healthcare today. Whether the hospital gets reimbursed or writes it off, there are cost involved. Most likely you have company provided healthcare, which means they’re subsidizing you, and then the insurance company is spending your, and your employers money on providers that are providing indigent care, or grandma’s care.

          I don’t have to even try to take your money, your money is already being taken, and already being spent on it. That’s just a fact. You can not want it to be true as much as you want, but that’s just how the U.S. system works. If you think there is any appetite for kick grandma off of medicaid in the U.S. you’re high. So, the question is how to make a system functionally affordable in a finite market of services, because there are neither infinite dollars, nor infinite doctors, so where is the balance point. That is a societal and cultural decision, and the vast majority of American’s don’t seem to want some Ayn Rand’ian, Darwin’ian vision. People want their grandma covered, screw grandad, he was a dick.

        • Rick says, “Car insurance in the U.S. is mandatory, except for New Hampshire.”

          This is the most asinine comment to come out of the whole healthcare debate, and considering virtually every adult in the country owns a car, possibly the most ignorant, as well.

          The only government mandated car insurance is liability coverage; coverage that protects the life and property of others from your actions with your car. There is no product in health insurance that is comparable, because there is no threat to someone else’s life or property due to actions with your health. If you suffer a massive heart attack while taking an Elvis, nobody’s bumper gets torn off. If you fall on a wet patch of garage and break a hip, nobody gets hit in the face with an airbag. Even if you fall into a diabetic coma while behind the wheel and plow into a school bus, your CAR insurance is going to be working that claim, not your health insurance.

          In short, every possible facet of health insurance covers damages to YOU. In that regard, every piece of health insurance is like every OTHER piece of car insurance except government mandated liability. Collision is your slip and fall, comprehensive is your heart attack. Those are voluntary coverages, you literally get to choose how much coverage you want, if you want it at all.

          So, to equate car and health insurances by suggesting they are (or should be) mandated is to fundamentally ignore the significant differences between the purposes of both.

          However, I’m actually fully willing to support making health insurance like car insurance.
          — My employer is not mandated to offer me car insurance, it shouldn’t be mandated to offer me health insurance.
          — My employer doesn’t get a tax break for buying me car insurance, it shouldn’t get one for buying part of my health insurance.
          — My employer doesn’t pay me in car insurance, it shouldn’t pay me in health insurance.
          — Car insurance companies regularly fight to get my business, Flo, Mayhem, a gecko, JK Simmons, and the President from 24 should be fighting to get my business as well.
          — I’m not required to buy car insurance products I don’t want or can’t use (comprehensive, collision, uninsured, roadside, car rental, etc), I shouldn’t be required to buy health insurance products I don’t want or can’t use (drug rehab, hair plugs, smoking cessation, pregnancy, etc).

          Meanwhile, I’m not sure anyone who utters the phrase “car insurance is mandatory, health insurance should be too” really understands what they want.

          — Oil changes, tires and alignments, brakes jobs…none of those things are covered by car insurance; they are just accepted parts of owning a car. Annual checkups, eye glasses, typical pregnancies….those are ALSO just parts of being alive. If you want health insurance like car insurance, you better be ready to pony up for all those costs.

          — Car insurance pays for accidents; if you run your car into enough things, eventually the insurance company will decide you are no longer insurable. If you do something deliberately, you may not be covered. If you smoke, drink, have a terrible diet, or regularly inject yourself with poisons….are your resultant health concerns really accidents? I’ll bet your health-is-like-a-car insurance company will ask that question.

          — When you run into someone else and damage your car, you go to a couple body shops and get an estimate for the costs of repair so you can decide if you want the job done. Have you ever gone to a couple of doctors to get a estimate of what that broken leg was going to cost? Or did you just drop the car off at the body shop and say….”I don’t care, fix it”. If you want health insurance to work like car insurance, you better be willing to pay huge rates in the future when you spend their money now.

          — Speaking of their money, maybe the damage you caused isn’t worth fixing, and the insurance wants to total your car. If health insurance worked like car insurance, you can expect an adjuster to show up at the hospital and tell your next of kin that he’s going to total you and write a check to your survivors…how much are you worth?

          — And, beyond that, will the health insurance company (who has just bought your totaled carcass) be able to part you out to try to recoup some of their expenses?

          Personally, I’d be totally fine with a health insurance industry that functions exactly like every other insurance industry in this country does. I’d love to get paid in actual money instead of getting paid part of a premium for a one-size-fits-none insurance plan I had no input in choosing that was chosen by people who cannot accurately figure my paycheck for a solid financial quarter. I’d love to get a low deductible accident policy and a high deductible heath policy because (based on my lifestyle) I’m more likely to injure myself than have a heart attack. I’d love to be able to save the costs of a cancer policy because I’m not wanting to live with cancer, I’d rather just manage the pain and die. I’d love to be able exempt myself from pregnancy coverage and hair plug coverage and drug addiction coverage, because I’m never going to get pregnant or get hair plugs or get addicted to drugs….and if I do….guess who gets to pay for those decisions….me (luckily, the money I make off of being a pregnant dude will easily cover getting off my meth habit).

          But, I’m me. Maybe you want to battle cancer and survive. Maybe you want to get pregnant, or fix your baldness, or be a sponsor in Narcanon. I’m not going to suggest that you shouldn’t do those things, just because I don’t want to do those things. You should be allowed to do those things you want to do, and you should be allowed to share the risk (and costs) of doing those things with like minded people.

          I race cars, most people don’t. Every league I race in has an insurance policy that is specifically written to prevent me from collecting a dime out of that policy. I’m required to pay for a piece of that policy I know I’ll never get benefit from if I want to race in a league. I choose to pay for it because the cost is low and the reward is high (enough…for me..) I don’t demand other people, the majority of people who do not race, to fund that policy so that I can do what I enjoy. Maybe you enjoy smoking, or drinking, or professional Russian Roulette…that’s great…but don’t expect me to pay for the insurance policies you may expect to eventually benefit from. Share your costs with your smoking buddies, and I’ll share my costs with my racing buddies.

        • You’re confusing Insurance-the product, with insurance-the process. When you define the Insurance product you want to market, could be anything, you are really defining the mix of the risk/cost pool. In auto insurance, basic liability coverage is mandated to be paid by all who have a car registration. In health insurance, EVERYONE gets treatment, but only those with a plan are paying into the market that funds the treatment. It would be like crashing your car into a tree, but then the autoshop has to fix it, then writes it off or charges everyone a bit more to cover it.

          In healthcare, we the covered pay for the uncovered, but if you seen billing, we the covered have negotiated pricing that is often less than 20% of the uninsured bill rate. There are multiple reason; uninsured have no voice in negotiation as its all after the illness; the provider can write of the larger amount as a loss; and it raises the overall financial (on paper) cost, so it sets the initial price to discount higher so that when our insured discount is applied their fee is a few percent higher.

          There is also a huge gap between the actual profitability of different health practices. Larger urban hospital and health groups, and specialists, have enjoyed large benefits from the ACA. Primary care has seen the reimbursable amounts for service decline, even though the number of patients increase. They also don’t typically treat the uninsured, so they get little benefit for the write off or the pass thru. Rural hospitals were barely above water before, the ACA made their insured population higher, so the default rates went way down, as they tend to be the treatment site for the uninsured, and they didn’t really have the back office to take advantage of the tax issues, nor the cash flow to run the business that way. It takes significant cash flow to service the insurance market, especially dept CMS payments, that sometimes take 18 months to reimburse. I’m sure you’ve seen your local small dr. groups gobbled up into large organizations with near monopolies in provider/hospital services.

          There is terrible confusion about Health Care–The Political vs Health Care–The Business. In nearly all cases the political doesn’t interact with the on the ground reality of the business. Any large enough change to impact total HC costs as a %GDP are going to have massive repercussions in the business process that Insurance/Providers/DrugCo/Patients interact in.

          I’m a data scientist specifically in the insurance business, which sounds complicated, and inside of a product is, but fundamentally its pretty simple, we want to make a product that we can charge the most for, for the most people, for the least risk, as the law allows. So whether its cars, houses, or people, we want nothing to do with high risk areas. For health care, that’s the old, the poor, and the sick, and private insurance is NEVER going to want to do that, unless we’re subsidized so we make money off of it. My company dumped healthcare because the politics have made the product non-viable. But that doesn’t change that treatment for patients is MANDATORY in America, so that cost is still getting funded either through tax offsets with write-offs, or increasing the costs for the covered, that’s just the way it is in our system, and I’ve seen no proposal that will actually change that here, its all dancing around the edge.

      • It’s NEVER been about have g healthcare it’s about whose ox is gored to pay for it.

        Like immigration and illegal immigration the devil is in the language.

        • nah, it’s about putting the nurses union on the .gov payroll to shield them from competition and technology. Same as it ever was.

      • 1. Oh, I guess that contract protects you from denial of services does it? Wait…actually that required government laws to stop things like pre-existing conditions and jacking up rates once people got sick! Free market didn’t work I guess?
        2. You can still have health insurance even in nations with national healthcare, durr. You just seem selfish, you want yours and screw everyone else. Greedy little man you are!

      • Please explain how you lUberals plan to pay for socialized healthcare. The thought is great. But the money simply isn’t there, no matter how much you scream “Well Europe does it!!!!”… No. Europe doesn’t do it, in fact. We pay for European healthcare by proxy, because we pay for Europes defense. We’d have plenty of money for healthcare too, if we had no military.

      • This is a false dichotomy. It’s not a choice between government providing for all or everyone going without.

        I don’t want the government to try “giving” it to everybody (everything government gives was either taken from someone else for redistribution or taken from our future via crushing national debt). And I sure as hell don’t want the .gov to the the only available provider. (VA hospitals, anyone?)

        I do want everyone to have healthcare. Not just theoretical coverage, but access to quality care when they need it. I don’t have any faith in the ability of the previous century’s lame, hidebound thinking (i.e., socialism) to actually achieve that.

  4. This guy is a Christian zealot, again some things are more dangerous and important than just gun rights. You can’t really expect intelligence out of Alabama though. This guy and Sessions need to drive into the ocean and vanish forever.

        • You’re new here, aren’t you Jimbo? Telling me that I know nothing about communism is kinda like telling Farago that his parents know nothing about Nazis. (No offense Robert.)

        • Uh, Jim? pswerge is an immigrant from a (formerly?) communist country. (As afar as I am concerned, none of the “communist” countries were in any way truly “communist,” but instead simply just new forms of totalitarian regimes run by an elite class for its own benefit. But that’s just me. Socialist, certainly, but communism is a nonfunctional economic system that has never been instituted as Marx envisioned it, probably because his system was little more than another utopian fallacy.)

      • All Christians defy court orders?

        “The first suspension from the court came in 2003, when Moore disobeyed a federal judge’s order to take down a 5,200-pound statue of the Ten Commandments from the lobby of the state judicial building. Moore had campaigned on the promise that he would install the monument, and declared during his 2001 swearing-in that “God’s law will be publicly acknowledged in our court.””

        All Christians are this anti-gay marriage?

        “We’ve got to remember that most of what we do in court comes from some Scripture or is backed by Scripture,” Moore said after taking the oath of office.

        Again, the panel ousted him — this time, in 2016, permanently — after Moore reportedly urged state judges to defy the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage. Moore has compared homosexuality to bestiality and called it “an inherent evil against which children must be protected.”

        Shall we continue Captain Wrong-O?

        • The first was an order the court had no right to give and the second is a ruling that grants the court no authority that exists within the constitution. So, Moore was right on both counts. I’m not even religious and I think both cases are him being awesome.

        • “Following a lengthy legal back-and-forth that attracted national attention, the statue was removed in August 2003 on a federal court order. In November 2003, a judicial panel unanimously voted to oust Moore from office.”

          *BUZZER* WRONG. Keep religion out of my government old man.

        • The First Amendment protects against state sponsored churches. So how does that protection jibe with what a public judge does in expressing his private religious views by placing a massive block of stone depicting the Judeo-Christian ten commandments in a public space in a state court house? The fact is it does not–and all of the other justices on the Alabama Supreme Court were as offended by this clash of Constitutional principles of separation of church and state as the federal court judge was. Former Judge Moore’s belief that this is a “Christian” country founded on “Christian” principles is just so much hogwash.

        • As long as it has no legal impact, there is no 1st amendment conflict. A statement of principle is not binding statute.

        • Judge Moore was correct. It seems that everyone has forgotten that the Supreme Court does not make laws, it is only supposed to rule on constitutionality of laws. The legislative branch makes laws. Supreme Court opinion is not constitutional law.

      • I know, right. These guys are great.

        I took my lefty friend to an event full of lefties. She said that some of them were pissed at me for being actually different because they want to be different so bad.

      • See, that makes you the snowflake since you cried like a baby and voted Trump because you were called out for being ignorant and unintelligent.

        You need a safe space? Bwahahaha!

        • I see your estrogen treatments are kicking in lefty. Save us the trouble and cut off what’s left of your balls and donate them to the DNC. I hear DWS likes them in her soup.

      • A others have pointed out here (in the context of promoting federal CCW licenses), federal pre-emption of firearm laws is a result not to be desired. Because once that happens, what is to prevent an anti-gun administration, aided and abetted by an anti-gun congress, from banning all of your favorite toys, banning concealed carry and otherwise making all of your state protected rights moot? What we really want, and which only the Supreme Court can grant, is constitutional pre-emption of federal AND state gun laws.

        • “[W]hat is to prevent an anti-gun administration, aided and abetted by an anti-gun congress, from banning all of your favorite toys, banning concealed carry and otherwise making all of your [constitutionally] protected rights moot” right now?

          Pro gun laws aren’t opening any closed doors. Those horses are already out of the barn.

        • You think that’s going to stop the commies? There are no doors the barn has been wide open since 1934. Time to round up a posse and get our horses back. Fighting house to house state to state is a losing proposition. We need to take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

        • And what is stopping them from doing so now?

          They have done the same thing in 344, 68, 86, 94, They have to power to move the ball one way, but we can not use the same power to achieve our goals, why again?

  5. Roy Moore is a bigot and an idiot who was kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court by his colleagues, not just once but TWICE because he has no respect for the State or Federal Constitutions. He has substituted his own fundamentalist “christian” beliefs for the rule of law. He is a complete embarrassment. Some people complain that Jeff Sessions is bad–but he has nothing on this guy.

    • All true, but the Democrat looks like a true blue healthcare-is-a-right socialist like Bernie Sanders. Both of the candidates worship a higher power, the election is Big God vs Big Govt.

      tough choice. Glad I do not live in Alabama.

      • “Everybody” wants “universal health care” until they see the cost to pay for it. California had a proposed bill, which for some reason had no provision as to how much it would cost or how it would be paid for. The bill was killed by a (democratic party) committee chair, much to the chagrin of the California Nurses’ Association, when it turned out that the cost for health care alone was twice the current state budget, only part of which might have come from federal sources, and with no mechanism to raise the rest. It was a nonstarter. Bernie’s bill is, surprise surprise, no different–no mention of the trillions of dollars of cost or any method to raise the money needed to pay for it. Again, a nonstarter.

    • Anyone that makes a leftist commie cry this hard is someone I want in office. You know a man by his enemies. Judging by the Soros shills coming out of the woodwork here, Moore has the right enemies.

      • Yes, yes he should, and you as an attorney, or former (retired) attorney, should know this even if you went to law school when Cain was knee high to a grasshopper. Summarized, the Ten commandments provide as follows:
        ” I am the LORD thy God.”
        No other gods before me.
        No graven images or likenesses.
        Don’t take the LORD’s name in vain.
        Remember the sabbath day.
        Honour your father and mother.
        Do not commit murder
        Do not commit adultery
        Don’t steal
        Don’t falsely accuse people of crimes
        Don’t “covet” what the other guy has
        Other than than the prohibition against murder and thievery, what does any of the rest have to do with the law? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! A Judeo Christian moral codex is NOT the foundation of English or American common law, and certainly not a part of the statutory law, and is discriminatory against those who do not profess either of those two religions.

        • Which is irrelevant as your fee fees don’t get first amendment protections from my religion. Nobody is forcing you to obey, so your rights are fine.

    • Yet he did not prostitute himself in exchange for a senate appointment, as Mitch’s lapdog did hoping we would forget before election day. We didn’t.

  6. Alabama is going to elect a Republican no matter what. A candidate as unhinged as Moore only guarantees more Republican gridlock when his insane worldview comes in conflict with the establishment Republicans.

    So thanks Bama for throwing another monkey wrench in the Trump/Republican agenda.

    Roll Tide!

  7. Jim wrote: “some things are more dangerous and important than just gun rights”

    A man’s position on gun rights speaks volumes for his positions on freedom, liberty and responsibility.

    • I know, right? Obvious paid Soros commie troll is obvious. He actually thinks that a person who grew up in the Soviet Union “[knows] nothing about communism”. I’m pretty sure I heard some of the regulars fall out of their chairs laughing.

      • You clearly don’t, and I highly doubt you’re from the USSR anyway. I’m no communist, nor does George Soros (your fake boogeyman) pay me.

        I’m a real American, unlike you. I’m guessing you’re actually the paid troll here, since you seem to have a lot invested in your insane ramblings here.

        • Yeah… whatever you say trollo. I’m pretty sure that the people who aren’t paid trolls are well aware of who and what I am. Now go collect your paycheck.

      • Interesting ain’t it, pwserge. You’ve been commenting here since, well, as long as I can remember (I’ve been commenting here since about the first month of publication), and you’re supposed to be the tr0ll, while Jim-come-lately is what? Our savior?

  8. Amen on the whole eat it McConnell bit, and from your lips to God’s ears on the legislation being law before the mid terms.

    If you’re wrong, I’ll vote against Cornyn in every primary from here on out. Not sure about Cruz.

  9. As I have said before, anyone that do nothings McConnell and Ryan support is likely to be worthless at best and an obstructionist at worst. Their endorsement is the kiss of death as far as I am concerned.

  10. I’ll be interested to see how this all shakes out in the end. For now it’s mostly conjecture IMHO.

    I’m not exactly sure how, if Moore wins the general, he will affect the current state of affairs in DC. I just hope that he doesn’t get sucked into the echo chamber like so many others.

  11. The Truth About Guns just became The Spin About Trump.

    That is some staggeringly strained revisionism. But, hey, if I were that emotionally invested, or had staked my professional credibility on having chosen Trump, I might grasp at straws, too.

    Your boy Trump, taking precious time out of his twitter spats with millionaire, roided-up thugs to play political dilettante, just had his never-worked-a-day-in-his-life rear end handed to him by the GOP voters of Alabama.

    In his own unpresidential, “locker room” parlance: HE GOT SCHLONGED!

    Ha ha ha! Suck it, Trumpkins!

    • Kiddo, it was never about Trump the man. It was always about Trumpism the idea. Trumpism won and Trump is going to cash in some chips.

    • Most folks here, and the national media, missed a big factor for many in Alabama: Alabama voters did not hand Trump his ass, they handed Robert Bentley (prior governor who appointed Strange) his ass, and, handed Luther Strange his ass, regardless of Trump. Both candidates suck for different reasons, The tie-breaker I heard talked about most often, was Strange’s association with Bentley. Trump could not change that or delete it from history.

  12. I am looking at this from a bird’s eye view. Trump won. We got the Supreme Court guy, now this other guy in Alabama with his little pocket revolver. I am happy with those victories. Mark my words: The leftist/globalist traitors that desire to hand over our freedoms to very unreasonable and power hungry narcissists are already putting forth plans to undermine everything we have gained. If you think you are exempt from your records being kept or facing future confiscation you are wrong. Seems like we go through this every few decades. The Jews, native Americans and other groups gave up their guns too… if we lose another big election it might be hell to pay.

      • Ah, you’re back… did you finish your cheetos and Mountain Dew run? Did you clean your room like your mom told you?

        But please, tell me more about muh’ Russia.

        • You do understand Jim is a loyal Hillary supporter, can’t stand Trump victories, he’s anti American, I’ll bet he takes a knee and supports every piece of crap that’s done it. This idiot doesn’t believe this country’s was founded under Christian principles. He made a claim of racism against Moore and Sessions without any proof. The Idiot went as far as mentioning Trump as a traitor. He seems perfectly ok with Obama and Hillary.

        • 1. Not a Hillary supporter

          2. When did I say Sessions and Moore were racist? Please quote this.

          3. Stop lying kiddo.

    • Paid troll from Soros or one of the leftist orgs out there. Still lives with Mom and Dad and wants us to pay for his sex change. Also believes he is in the “majority” and can’t understand why we havent gone full communist/SJW/Libtard here in the good old USA yet. Needless to say good old Jimbo is mad since queen pant suit lost in November. Assholes like him are why we have to talk about non-issues like statues, flags, and the national anthem. He is frequently triggered and has copious amounts of sand in his vagina, hence perpetually unpleasant. He is like constant menstrual cycle…bleeding and bitching.

      The good news is that knuckle-dragging orangutans like Jim are so enraged at Trump tweets and the 24 hr media cycle that you can keep them busy playing with their own shit while real work gets done. Trump is effectively baiting them and watching them burn thier own houses down while they are inside. It is truly fun to watch how stupid these leftys are. It is also amazing how these bottom feeding troglodytes find there way here, then suddenly wash away like seaweed when the tide comes in.

  13. Ugh, can Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan just go away already? I’m so sick of them. They would trade their own mothers for a federal kickback to their district and a campaign contribution. Sickening.

  14. It is the bigoted and racist white progressive socialist, homosexuals, and atheist who created the Welfare Industrial Complex.
    They never supported heterosexual marriage. They have preferred single mothers be “married” to the government.

    And if you commit “adultery” against the government, by having sex with a boyfriend, they will put you in jail, take you benefits away, and then fine you as well. That is how this evil system has worked for decade’s.

    Also they created the father hating court system. They love government when it gets into the bedrooms of straight people, as well as every other room in the house.

    The three L’ s, Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left, will fight for sex toys in Alabama, as they did many years ago.
    But they won’t fight of guns, or for the 1st amendment. Christian bakers????
    The sermons of Christian pastor’s in Houston Texas????

    The Dallas cowboys who wanted to honor murdered police officers, were denied, the free speech to do so by the NFL.
    None of the three L’s came to their free speech defense.

    I look forward to hearing the hypocrites complain and the free speech of Senator Moore.

  15. I hope people continue to kneel before President Trump, “in protest”, of his comments.
    Ha, ha, ha, What fools. Trump is playing them like a hard rock guitar.

  16. All hail and worship at the feet of Trump, even when he loses he wins if you accept him as your lord and personal savior. About politicians talking a big game and not following through, Trump is the cream of the crop.

    • … and yet, Trump and Bannon just killed McConnel’s ability to drag his feet to 2018 and try to outlast Trump. At this point, if he doesn’t deliver, all he’ll be doing is killing his wing of the party and firing up Trump’s base to primary anyone who would put him in charge. On top of that, the DNC has ten senate seats up for grabs in Trump states. That’s not a good place to be when Trump’s base is spitting fire and the DNC doesn’t have a token to rally behind. If the commies are stupid enough to actually go through with their plans for November 4th… it will be an electoral bloodbath.

  17. John,

    One victory Trump could win without having to worry about Ryan and McConnell standing in his way is to withdraw from the UN Arms Trade Treaty. The Trump Second Amendment Coalition team really needs to be pushing him on that.

  18. As an Alabamian, I’ll be happy to refer to the former Chief Justice as Senator Moore. He’s been fighting the good fight for 20+ years and I’d trade both of my Louisiana senators for one Senator Moore. Way to go Bama!

  19. Vote these jerk waters out of office, do nothing Rhinos are getting the message one congressmen and Senator at a time, Anti – American democrats under Soros and Bloomberg will make true Americans lives hell, kiss guns goodbye, watch the Blacks riot and go Amoral, Watch the PC cops twiddle their thumbs and the we’ll get another corrupt Black president who wont be persecuted because he’s mommies favorite color, and suck up too Gays (Pun). put all their Panties in a bunch, when Anti-fa acts up declare national Law under Martial Law, classify as terrorists then hold public executions by victims of their evil!

  20. As a citizen of the Great State of Alabama, I want to address this.

    First off, this was not a referendum on President Trump or even a sign that he has lost control over his base. To be honest, the President backed the wrong horse in this race. Whichever advisor recommended that he to back Luther Strange needs to be taken out back to the woodshed. If Mitch McConnell did indeed advise the President to endorse Strange, it shows you how out of touch McConnell is with the Republican base.

    The first reason why Strange lost to Moore is that many people in this state believe that Governor Robert Bentley, the former Governor who resigned in disgrace after pleading guilty to two misdemeanors, made a corrupt bargain with Luther Strange: Strange becoming Senator in exchange for then-Attorney General Strange dropping his criminal investigation of then-Governor Bentley. Strange did publically drop his investigation of Bentley, claiming that he did not want to interfere with the State Ethics Commission’s investigation of the Governor. Afterward, Strange was named Senator. Even if we give Strange the benefit of the doubt and say that he did not drop his investigation in return for a Senate seat, accepting the senate seat after dropping his investigation did give the appearance of evil to many Alabamians, including myself. Even more so after Bentley resigned in disgrace. He went from being called “Big Luther” to “Corrupt Luther.”

    Second, Luther Strange ran a negative campaign. He had to since he could not campaign on his record – he did not accomplish anything. Negative campaigns turn people in Alabama off and backfire on the candidate running them. When my local State Senator was running for office, his opponent ran an extremely negative campaign. It backfired on him, and he didn’t win. Here in Alabama, I was bombarded by multiple pro-Strange political robo calls every day and I would get 3-4 pro Strange mailers each day. It was plain to see whom the big money swamp wanted to win.

    Third, Strange was seen as being backed by Mitch McConnell and the establishment “Swamp” in Washington, D.C. He was “their man.” McConnell is not popular here, being seen as an incompetent bungler. He can’t get an Obamacare repeal through the senate with Republicans being the majority. Harry Reid was a better majority leader than McConnell! Many Alabamians are tired of business as usual and want Washington D.C shaken up. Many of us are not in better straights than we were 10 years ago – me included – and we want real, genuine change. We will vote for the people who we believe will give us this change.

    Lastly, many people here genuinely like and identify with Roy Moore. Even if they don’t like his methods, they like the man and like that he WILL take a stand, even if he stands alone. He is a West Point graduate, Vietnam Veteran, Christian, gun owner, conservative – he is like many people in Alabama. It’s easier to support someone like you.

    In future elections, my advice to the President would be to endorse the candidate the people of the State want, not the establishment Swamp wants.

    • So standing up to communist bullies who want to overturn the democratic process via activist courts makes you a member of the Taliban? Really? What part? The part where he fought to keep a statue of the 10 comandements on display despite that removing it violates the 1st amendment prohibition on government involvement in temporal affairs? The part where he fought against a 5:4 SCotUS deviation that decided to create special rights for special people? Let me know when he starts putting liberals in a cage and setting them on fire.

      • What makes you Taliban is saying that First Amendment freedom of religion protections only apply to Christians, and to no-one else.

        Well, and also expressing the desire to bring back laws to imprison people for being homosexual.

        • I fail to see how having a statue of the 10 comandments in a government building infringes on anybody’s first amendment rights.

          As for imprisoning gays… really? You got enough straw in that strawman?

        • > I fail to see how having a statue of the 10 comandments in a government building infringes on anybody’s first amendment rights.

          Not what I’m talking about. He literally said that because the Founding Fathers were Christian, the First Amendment is all about Christianity.

          > As for imprisoning gays… really? You got enough straw in that strawman?


          “Homosexual conduct should be illegal” – Roy Moore.

  21. Democracy is a messy thing.

    All those who are getting their pretty pastel panties in a bunch over Moore’s public expression(s) of Christianity fail to realize that the alternative for the GOP primary voters was a man who has more than a mere whiff of quid-pro-quo corruption coming off of him. Can we prove that Strange dropping the investigation was the price for the appointment to Senate? Not easily.

    But Occam’s razor tells us that it is, in fact, the simplest explanation. When Occam’s razor intersects with a politician up for an election… it’s merely natural for the voters to say “Yea, um, no…” and vote for “the other guy,” regardless of whether he might be a little too public in the practice of his faith, if he’s cleaner than the guy with the corruption wafting off of him.

    Add in how PO’ed the GOP base is at Vichy Mitchy, and the public could well have voted for a FLDS polygamist instead.


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