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Our dear friend Shannon Watts, the doyenne of civilian disarmament, has announced that, confounding all expectations, she won’t be running for Colorado’s 2nd District congressional seat which will be vacated by Jared Polis after the current term.

Gun-control advocate Shannon Watts has decided against running to replace U.S. Rep. Jared Polis in the 2nd Congressional District, saying that she wants to stay focused on her work with her Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America organization instead.

Maybe it’s just us, but it’s refreshing to see the Denver Post accurately label her as a “gun-control advocate.” Be that as it may, Shannon — who likes to scream “MISOGYNY!” at anyone who opposes her efforts to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights — stayed true to form in making her announcement.

“I’m grateful to the support I received as I spent the summer considering a run for office in Colorado, particularly from women who are hoping a female candidate enters what is currently a race of all-male candidates,” the Boulder woman told The Denver Post. “While Colorado has a significant amount of women represented in our state legislature, we need more women in leadership roles like governor and our members of Congress.”

She added: “I’ll work hard behind the scenes to make sure that happens.”

There were widespread expectations that the deeply concerned mom and former PR flack was planning to run for Congress when she moved to Boulder from Indiana last year. And it seems a sure bet that she’d have been well-financed by her current paymaster, anti-gun money man Michael Bloomberg, who loves to throw his millions around in an effort to sway congressional races around the country.

But with three other Democrat candidates’ hats already in the ring for Polis’s seat, maybe Shannon decided the competition was just too stiff. Whatever the real reason, she says she’ll apparently remain the face of Moms Demand Action for the foreseeable future. Maybe taking a pay cut to be only one of 535 poorly thought of legislators was just too much of a step down.



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  1. Another “vote for me because I have a vagina” candidate. Why, that’s just what the world needs now, ain’t it?

    The bottom line is that Blamebag wouldn’t write her another check. If he would have, she’d be running.

    • The only time “vagina” is a job qualification I’m interested in is when the position is that of “lady of the evening.” For almost every other job, not only am I prohibited by law by making it a requirement, I don’t care.

  2. Plenty of anti-freedom candidates to go around. Virginia is about to elect three of them to stateiwde office. Again.

    • Government jobs made sure that VA will slowly become a blue state. As did people leaving Maryland cause “The taxes are too high” despite that they still vote for progressives after they move.

  3. Well, that’s a realshame, but maybe now her security guards can look forward to a pay raise for defending her at her anti-liberty rallies, since she won’t have to spend so much money on make-up.

  4. So for a second I thought you guys were being mean by intentionally running a still of her that makes her look like a bunny boiler. Then I click over to the source article and find out it’s the same as the headline pic. I guess that’s just how she looks naturally.

  5. “While Colorado has a significant amount of women represented in our state legislature, we need more women in leadership roles like governor and our members of Congress.”

    Amount? Anything that comes in individual units (people, cars, apples) should be referred to with an appropriate term, i.e. number, quantity, etc.

    But Shannon sees women voters as something you get by the pound, obviously.

    • Your quote reminds me, Shannon Watts is a sexist bigot who thinks gender is more important than qualifications.

  6. I’m not surprised. I remember this from an episode of West Wing. She’s been getting rich playing this card forever.
    “The West Wing: In This White House (#2.4)” (2000)
    Sam Seaborn: No, man, why participate in the process when you can get a job commenting on it?

  7. Dodged one?

    She’s gonna run for the Colorado US Senate seat that’s coming open for the 2020 elections. You mark my words on that one.


    • I wouldn’t bet on her doing well either way. Don’t forget that the two politicians that hammered in post Aurora Theater Shooting regulations were both summarily thrown out in emergency elections. And while I believe that law is still in place it sent a hard message to the politicians that gun control isn’t a winning platform at all. Let her run on that exclusively, she will loose hard.

      • This was exactly my take on it. Having observed how well gun control as a platform item worked for Hillary, Bernie and all the other Dems last November Shannon didn’t want to run for Congress with that as her only recommendation.

        It would have been a huge problem for her and Bloomie if she worked and paid hard for that seat on the gun control issue and got trounced.

      • Yeah, they were thrown out, and promptly replaced with new anti gun Democrats. Oh, and the gun laws are still on the books.

        CO is a lost state. Take it off the map cause it is done. Winning a special election is meaningless cause come real election time, the Democrats sweep that state.

    • Instead of us marking your words, can’t you just say “I told you so” like everyone else on the internet? I for one am not book marking this. (Winky face).

    • She’ll get hammered in the primary. The hippies will all learn about her long career shilling for Monsanto, one of the most hated names in that community. She’ll be forever labeled anti organic, pro GMO, anti weed and anti farm. She’d come out eternally tarnished to her base.

      • “She’ll get hammered in the primary. The hippies will all learn about her long career shilling for Monsanto,…”

        Leftist are strange critters.

        There is a huge battle underway to determine the ‘soul’ of the DNC after their humiliating loss to Trump and one of the major conflicts is the issue of ‘party purity’ with their future candidates.

        *If* they plan on running her as a ‘gun safety’ (gag) candidate, will they throw their anti-GMO branch under the bus?

        This is one way POTG *can* influence elections. Since quite a few of us are news junkies, when it gets closer to the election we need to flood the Left’s news pages’ comment sections *demanding* party purity in their candidates.

        It’s just too bad they will be the easiest to defeat…

  8. “maybe Shannon decided the competition was just too stiff.”
    Why, is Dirk running too?
    Seriously though, my guess is daddy bloomberg decided he didn’t like her odds on winning so kept her where she is because of name recognition. I highly doubt miss watts had much say in the matter.

  9. One can only hope that Coloradans have developed a distaste for uptight busybodies and she somehow managed to realize that. But probably not.

  10. Well this answers the question: What kind of an idiot would use a press conference, called for the purpose of declining to run for office, to pronounce more people like herself need to run for office?

  11. I’m disappointed that we were robbed of an opportunity to watch a political campaign go down in flames. If she run and lost big it might have shunted her off into irrelevancy and obscurity.

  12. Shannon will go away right after Bloomberger drops.
    No money, surely no Sharron.
    Someday she might just look for a real job and just disappear into the woodwork. Never to be seen or heard from again.

  13. Like all the other lies that come out of er mouth, I totally believe this one.

    Tomorrow will be a different day, and a different lie.

  14. Shannon and company clearly spent some money spent on polling in her district she and discovered there was no hope she could win the general election, even the primary would have been in question, since she would be playing the “I am even more anti-gun than that guy” card along with the “I have a vagina” card.

  15. Now this is just a low down dirty shame. The democrat party needs to recruit and run more anti-civil rights bigots that average voters have never heard of. How could they have passed on a proven candidate who can easily draw half a dozen cat-ladies and a desperate to get laid beta male at a rally? The Hysterical Mother would have resonated with Colorado voters on their issues. Vote for me!. I have a vagina! Such a campaign platform would have had the electorate in Colorado streaming to the polls and flushed millions more of Sugar Daddy’s dollars down the toilet.

  16. The picture of her face looking crazy and MOMS DEMAND ACTION underneath it could confuse some people, giving them the impression that it’s the cover for a potentially (with her, I use that term generously) entertaining porn movie.

  17. “…maybe Shannon decided the competition was just too stiff.”

    I can’t imagine anyone being too stiff when they see that face.

  18. always an “opening” for a gun grabbing twat like this in ARSE-stralia…
    she should apply to join the Greens…..their ‘gun policies’ make the US gun grabbers look like Gun Owners of America!

  19. I live in that district. She didn’t stand a chance in hell. Not because of her views, but because she’s not plugged into the envirolib machine.

  20. I think we need a hypocrisy law if you advocate for depriving someone of something you are bound to live by it.
    If you don’t want guns you can’t be protected by them.

  21. We POTG usually look at news conference videos of Nancy Pelosi and Shannon Watts and say to ourselves, ” now that doesn’t make a lick of sense! That broad’s gotta be batshit crazy.”

    But I’ve come to the conclusion that all the facial contortions and bizarre sounds they are making is just proof that their inner demons are struggling to GTFO and go back to Hell for a vacation.

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