The Incredibly Destructive Russian Grizzly Slug

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Feast your eyes on the incredibly powerful (and super heavy) Russian Grizzly slug.

TAOFLEDERMAUS cooked up a good experiment in this video. He got some super heavy slugs with a Russian design (that need to be shot with a rifled choke) from an anonymous follower, and took to the range to give them a whirl.

This is easily some of the most damage these oddball slugs have done on any of TAOFLEDERMAUS’ videos. Check out more on his YouTube channel.


  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Being the safety nazi that I can be, that was a bit unsafe with that white pickup down range.
    And the final shot, the suv that drives by while they are inspecting the damage..
    Otherwise, that’s some impressive speed out of that heavy slug!

  2. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    A big, heavy 12-gauge slug is destructive. Who knew? I’m so glad I have these guys to tell me these things.

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