Perry High School Iowa
Tape blocks all entrances at the Perry Middle School and High School building on Friday, Jan. 5, 2024, in Perry, Iowa. (AP Photo/Bryon Houlgrave)
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The “Newtown Action Alliance,” yet another gun control shill group funded by dark money came out minutes after news of the Perry, Iowa, mass casualty incident. The turn to their well-worn playbook to screech, “if Congress just passed a ban on popular self-defense firearms and the magazines that feed them we could all live happily ever after.”

Nevermind that the killer was reportedly a transgendered misfit who stormed the school early in the morning, through the front door, before classes began.  And that he didn’t have one of those scary black guns, but rather a pump-action shotgun and a handgun.

From Breitbart:

The shooter who opened fire in Iowa’s Perry High School Thursday morning has been identified as a 17-year-old who was armed with a shotgun and a handgun.

The Associated Press reported the 17-year-old shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Assistant Director Mitch Mortved said, “The shooter made several social media posts in and around the time of the shooting,” CNN noted.

A sixth grader was killed in the attack and four other innocents were injured, NBC News indicated.

17-year-old transgendered activist Dylan Butler was named as the would-be killer, according to the UK Independent.

Iowa police are now looking into “a number of social media posts” made by the teenager who unleashed terror on an Iowa high school on Thursday, killing one victim and injuring five.

Dylan Butler, 17, was named as the gunman who opened fire inside Perry High School in Iowa on Thursday as students returned from their Christmas break.

Butler, a former student at the school, was found dead on the scene.

The teenager’s motive for the attack is now under investigation, with authorities looking into “a number of social media posts” he made around the time of the shooting, the Des Moines Register reported.

Moments before the shooting, Butler allegedly posted a final chilling video on TikTok captioned: “Now we wait”.

Iowa school shooter Dylan Butler’s final TikTok post
(Dylan Butler/TikTok)

Twitter is blocking the embeds of an X post showing the killer and his social media posts.  But here’s a screen capture.

Screen capture by Boch. Via X.

For those keeping track, a majority of school shootings take place first thing in the morning and they originate at or near the front entrance, in part because that’s often where large groups will form.

And this one fell right into that pattern.

Unfortunately, the small-town school didn’t have a school resource officer or any armed staff handy to engage the transgendered would-be mass murderer. They didn’t even have a staffer that should have identified someone walking in with something long – like a shotgun – concealed in a bag and intercepted him prior to the shooting.

It took seven minutes for the first responding officer to arrive to confront the misfit. In that time he killed a sixth grader and wounded several others. When faced with armed resistance, the school shooter folded like a cheap suit, suck starting one of his guns.

Too bad Perry, Iowa, didn’t have an armed school resource officer present that day.

Does your kid or grandkids’ school have an armed SRO or armed school staff present?  It’s just one thing aside from keeping all of the entrance doors secured that helps deter crazed lunatics from trying to set a new high score killing defenseless children in schools.

We would encourage all parents and grandparents to get seriously proactive about school safety and security.

What’s more, here’s how to do it. 

Because our children are priceless.  One of the lives you save might be that of your own son or daughter or grandchild.

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  1. Basically:

    Iowa made armed teachers and school staff legal. Unfortunately, the anti-gun insurance company told them if they were armed they would lose their coverage and forced them not to be armed by threatening them with loss of their coverage. As a result, there were no armed teachers or school staff and this mentally ill killer found out about that and exploited it.

    Now the insurance company for the Iowa schools is gonna be on the hook for millions of $$$ because they specifically, by their actions, removed a mitigating factor of the teachers and school staff being armed thus created a hazard.

    Once again, anti-gun kills and injures.

    • If the insurance company is liable that could change a lot of the process once damages are awarded and factored into risk management.

    • Utah authorized CCW permit holders to carry in public schools & related venues since when it passed concealed carry in the early 1990’s. Teachers are NOT REQUIRED to notify school districts they carry to prevent discrimination.
      30 years later no school shootings. One negligent discharge, a kindergarten teacher shot a toilet.

    • Yup, if the French had had some 20 Million “assault weapon armed” citizens or Poland say 15 Million such armed or maybe 6 Million Jews, I’ll bet there would not have been a WW2.
      Tanks with no fuel because the supply chain has been shot up, or fields burnt denying horses food, or food supply vehicles “ventilated” by thousands of armed citizens……… makes it very tough for an invading army.
      Plus the inhabitants know their homeland well. Heck even if they just had handguns, invasion troops would find it very difficult to stay.

      • or even enter. Army marching into MY country, not MY army? time to take action is NOW.

        I have often pondered how different things would be HERE if enough citizens had noted the unwelcome foreign invasion along our southern border and done the same…..

    • Problem isn’t the (evil) insurance companies but the civil courts. If an employer allows an employee to carry a gun and that employee criminally misuses it the courts will hold the employer liable for the damages. But if the employer bans carry and the employee suffers harm the courts won’t hold him liable. The insurance company ends up paying the bill and there’s no gain to be made and plenty of risk. Works this way for private companies, I’m sure it’s the same for a public school district. It’s not the private sector company, it’s the government.

    • You assume that the school had a legal duty to provide armed protection for their students even in the absence of any prior incidents that would suggest that there was a reasonable probability of students being shot/attacked. In Chicago, there are armed officers at the entries due to the huge numbers gun and drug crimes in certain neighborhoods, and the need to try to keep them out of the schools. There is no suggestion that this tiny little school had any similar circumstances that might give rise to a specific duty here. The school’s liability, if any, sounds in negligence, not strict liability as your post would suggest.

      • There might be exceptions within the teachers themselves, but I have no faith at all that there is a genuine concern for the children within the public school system in this country.

        Keeping everyone disarmed is not keeping anyone safe. If a teacher is THAT dangerous around children that they cannot be armed then why are they allowed to be around children in the first place? If they are so dangerous then they should be under a doctors supervision or behind bars. The things is that the ones that truly ARE that much of a threat get held up as a fine instructor. We have schools teaching hate, pushing psychotic drugs, and mutilating children. Nowhere is love found in these places.

  2. EHh, back when the anti-gunners were more honest they openly talked about their desired to ban EVERYTHING. Now they’ll just not mention what gun any random nut uses and let you assume it was an AR.

  3. Why is it taken seriously, usually, when somebody is hearing voices but not when somebody doesn’t know what gender they are? Just because it’s a sex thing that appeals to all the pervs and pedos in high places?

    Oh, and bronys deserve the rope. No redemption possible. Autist or not you’re swinging for the sake of civilization.

    • “Why is it taken seriously, usually, when somebody is hearing voices but not when somebody doesn’t know what gender they are?”

      Did you see the pic of the perp at the top of the post? We can figure this one out easy enough –

      There was no way that ‘dude’ was ever gonna get laid before he transitioned, doubly-so after. Talk about a shit lot in life… 🙁

  4. Was the weirdo “bullied”? I saw some dumb kids saying it did. An 11 year old kid did. Woe to those who call good evil & evil good😕

    • According to an interview of other children in the school, on our local news. He had been bullied for a long time and the administration did nothing to help stop it. Supposedly his final straw was his little sister being bullied. The 11 year old that was killed, was not a pert of the bullying. He was just an innocent helpless victim. That the administration, did nothing to protect. Just like the rest of the helpless victims wounded.

  5. I looked up “loser” in Webster’s and there he was. Why don’t they save all of us some trouble and suck that load of buckshot out of the barrel at home. Bathroom is best. Easier for the family to clean up.

  6. Hell, the anti’s would call for gun bans even if the shooter had been throwing handfuls of rice.

  7. If Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles was hearing this case, he’d acquit the shooter because he was utilizing a politically correct, President Joe Biden approved shotgun rather than one of those scary looking black rifles. Judge Wiles would be even more lenient if the shooter was a marijuana bootlegger who was shooting at his landlord’s children in retaliation for efforts to evict. Judge Wiles like all anti gun activists is to abysmally stupid to actually peruse the FBI homicide data that documents that more people are murdered with politically correct shotguns than with rifles much less “assault rifles.”. Wiles would refuse to take judicial notice of the many mass shootings that have been perpetrated primarily with shotguns including Columbine HS, the Washington Navy Yard, the Capitol Gazette and Sante Fe Texas HS shooting. If Judge Wiles, who is allegedly a hunter and gun owner, had actually taken Oregon’s Hunters Safety course, he would understand that shotguns can be potentially lethal out to a mile away

    Of course those black rifles are being discriminated against because they’re black.

    Also, Judge famously philandering, perjuring, drug addicted wife transitioned from not enforcing Federal drug laws when she was the US Attorney to representing the Oregon Marijuana Mafia.

      • The State of Oregon empowered the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program and the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission to enter into a criminal conspiracy with the Oregon Marijuana Mafia to expropriate the private property of innocent victims for the purposes of committing Federal felonies. This criminal conspiracy has been enabled by administrative rules, policies and procedures to issue address specific marijuana grow site permits and cannabinoid processing licenses without the knowledge or consent of the property owner. The judges of Oregon (especially Judge Wiles) aid and abet this criminal conspiracy by presuming that the existence of permits and licenses is proof that the landlord consented to the marijuana trafficking on their property. Judge Wiles was even stupid enough to accept an expost facto, address specific permit for an address in a neighboring County as proof that the land owner consented.

        Some Republican law makers attempted to reform the law, specifically Senator Kim Thatcher. The Oregon Marijuana Mafia responded by putting Oregon Secretary of State Shamia Fagan on a $10,000 per month retainer and delivering duffle bags of unaccountable campaign cash to Democrat legislators.

  8. Oh look, yet another mentally ill leftist type goes on a rampage… but it’s the guns fault. What would happen to gun crime stats. if all liberal/leftist identifying people had all access to firearms removed… humm……

  9. Once again useful idiots who are embedded in an agenda History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide assume they have the in your face moral high ground. Truth is the useful idiots and their sick agenda are so low they have to look up to see down.

  10. There are 2 types of anti-gunners. 1.) Tyrants at the top of the political food chain who are trying to protect themselves from the riffraff so they can keep their boot on our throats. 2.) Stupid people who cannot comprehend tyranny. Places like Newtown Action Alliance are the mouthpieces of the first group, trying to shove more people into the second group.

    Guy-gal was 17. This he-she was not legally allowed to buy or possess a handgun. Yet he-she had one. This he-she wasn’t legally able to buy a long gun. With parental consent, this he-she could possess a long gun for lawful purposes. Does this clown look like a whitetail aficionado?

    • Talk? Should have sprayed him right in the face with an ABC powder fire extinguisher at least.
      If possible, sneak up behind him and whack him in the head with it.

      The kid would have been pretty much disabled with a face full of powder working its way down into his lungs, but a shot to the head (like at that one church,) would have been ideal.

      • Black Jack, 21…2 center mass and 1 in the pumpkin. More commonly known as the Mozambique or failure drill.

  11. And the beat goes on… No longer shocked by the abject moron level stupidity of the gun control crowd… Guess they’ll want my full auto belt fed Rambo special 12 gauge, well MOLON LABE muthrfukkers…

  12. When will the BS stop.. He shouldve never been able to enter the school alive armed except with knowledge and school supplies

  13. Democrats do not care about public safety. They want to ban something and that’s what they want. It doesn’t matter that it wont fix anything or save lives. Leftist Democrats are your masters and you are their slaves. so disregard logic and just do as your told. After all, following the science really means believing what the left tells you.

  14. WTF is a matter with someone that would go to shuting 6’s graders?
    That ain’t even funny.
    I would want revenge, like who’s your Parents?

  15. Well I got moderated for the 1st time under the new regime. For innocuous nothing’s. The old TTAG earned my support. Especially Farago. New guy’s not so much. Have fun for now!

    • The magic wand has been waved many times on my comments. Funny thing though it’s never for cussing like a sailor, it’s ALWAYS after a thoughtful, well constructed, lucid comment where I put some thought into it. THOSE are the ones that got blocked and put into jail for nothing. Those are the times that pissed me off!

      • I’ve had posts just completely disappear. Not even a moderation pending.

        No bad language. But there may have been a p0litical word in there.

        P0litics seems to get W0rdpress upset. Especially if some beliefs are mentioned in a negative light.

        • We do not moderate any political comments. I am not sure what the previous policies were but the only stuff being removed is legitimate spam (that seems to be appreciated by most). I didn’t see any comments from your account in the pending queue (which catches most, but not all the spam). We can see the # of historical comments and if the # is more than a few we can tell it’s an actual active user and can approve them faster. Repost your original comment if you can, thanks.

  16. It could have been a can of gas, air soft pistol or a sling shot and the leftist fake news media would still spin it and call for a ban on modern semi-automatic rifles.

    They can suck my left one.

    • Words mean things…

      Jan6 was not an insurrection. It was a riot.

      The Covid shot were not a vaccine. They were experimental drugs forced on us all.

      George Floyd was a criminal. He was not a saint. Although I have no love for those cops either.

      AR15’s are not assault rifles.

      Weed is not legal. Weed is legal.

      All is fair in love and war. Sex and AR15’s are weapons of war. Because we ARE at war and both of these weapons are being used in it. Neither one was created with this intent but here we are. Every square inch of this country IS a battlefield. Sides are being chosen and people are being killed.

      You pick your battles but if bump stocks are not the hill to die on, what is? The NRA? The Republican Party? Musk, Trump, or perhaps the MAGA movement? Oh where to hang the hat 🎩

      Don’t answer. It might stir Dacian.

  17. None of this is going to matter after WWIII gets started. Which probably won’t be too long from now. Probably won’t be any internet or other forms of long distance comm anyway.

  18. I must vehemently take offense of the sexist term “gunman” used to describe the shooter.
    she/her/they/whateverpronouns must be referred as “Gunperson”.
    End sexism!!!!!

  19. It seems the common factor is Trans people. Do we need to ban trans and remove them? I think they should be required to have testing and get permission from the state to be one out in public

  20. These Hoplophobes have lost whatever they ever had that they call their minds. Banning semiautomatic firearms because of an “mass shooting” with a handgun and shotgun ???

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