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The great state of Alabama joined the Constitutional Carry Club after Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill into law on Thursday.  The measure becomes effective January 1, 2023.  Governor Ivey seemed quite proud of her legislature and rightly so.


If you’re wondering which party supports gun control, wasn’t a single Alabama Democrat in their House or Senate who co-sponsored or voted for the legislation.

FoxNews has the story:

The measure, House Bill 272, was sponsored by Republican state Rep. Shane Stringer and eliminates the need for gun owners in the state to obtain a permit from a county sheriff’s office in order to legally carry a concealed firearm in the state.

The legislation was passed last month by the Alabama House of Representatives and a variation of the bill made its way successfully through the Senate last week…

With Alabama included, there are now 22 “constitutional carry” states in America. Most recently, Iowa and Texas implemented similar measures. Last month, a Georgia Senate committee approved a bill that would allow gun owners to carry their firearms in public without a permit.

The sponsor of the bill noted some of the areas where a carry license will still be required.  From WTVM via MSN:

The sponsor of the legislation, Representation Shane Stringers says permits will still be needed in certain instances.

”You’ll still need a permit for going across state lines to other states. You’ll also need a permit in anything to do with school grounds or sporting events where you parking on school grounds or maybe even going through a car line to pick up your children or grandchildren. If you have a weapon in your car, you’ll still need a permit for that.” explains Stringers.

Moms Demand Action website had no easily discernable mention of the news, nor any calls to flood Gov. Ivey’s office with calls to oppose signing.

Meanwhile, over at Everytown, the best they could do was a story buried on the Alabama page.

Screen capture by Boch.

In their story, in their best Chicken Little voice, they cried how the sky is falling in comments attributed to a volunteer with their Alabama chapter.  Again, from Everytown:

“Today’s decision flies in the face of the law enforcement officers who have committed their lives to protecting us,” said Susan Kirkpatrick, a volunteer with the Alabama chapter of Moms Demand Action. “The Alabama House has ignored research, reason, and expertise — choosing violence over public safety and jeopardizing the wellbeing of our communities. This vote has moved us another step in the opposite direction of where we should be headed.”

Why does Susan want to take steps to recreate past tyrannies?  Why doesn’t she want to advance towards freedom and liberty?

Maybe it’s her white privilege?  After all, she’s scoffing at the idea that someone might have to actually take steps to defend their families.  It sounds sort of like the personal security equivalent of saying, “just have the maid do it” for Ms. Kirkpatrick, doesn’t it?

Anyway, welcome Alabamians!  Well, after New Year’s Day 2023.

C’mon Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio!

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  1. And just like that *snaps* GA is #2 in the SEC again. These fat-phuk RINOS in GA really love their sin taxes. Also, my favorite part about the constitutional carry wailing and gnashing of teeth is that it mostly comes from law enforcement agencies. You know, the true defenders of liberty. The thin blue cucks.

    • I had my CCW interview with LASD recently. You know, the interview that was supposed to occur within 90 days of my application per their own policy, but took eight months. I gave all the documentation originally requested (and extra), but now they require even more documentation to support all the things discussed in the interview. They even want *me* to provide *them* with proof that I already paid the application fee last summer, when their own records should tell them they quick-cashed my check within only three days of receiving it. They want *me* to contact my bank and provide scanned images of the check.

      Does LASD perform the BGC on me? Nope. The Detective informed me the next step (after providing all the additional documentation now needed) is for *me* to contact a LiveScan provider, set up an appointment, and have that supplier send the results to LASD. They didn’t even provide a list of approved companies or locations. It’s all up to me to arrange this.

      Once all this is done, the quoted wait time for a final decision is another 90 days. Oh wait…you mean like the original 90 days for the interview that was actually eight months? So you really mean another several months? And if I’m somehow approved, then I have to drive the 50 miles-on-the-crowded-LA-freeways back to the Headquarters to pay yet another fee and get my photo & fingerprints done. And then another wait for processing, which may take another 90 days. And when my “mother may I” card is ready, I must drive there again to personally pick it up.

      And to top it all off, it’s only valid for two years. When I tongue-in-cheek asked the Detective if I have to go through all of this again to renew, he said he didn’t know, because LASD has never given out permits before, so nobody has ever reached a renewal stage!!

      Two other applicants waiting for their interviews tapped out yesterday and said “screw it”, they didn’t want to bother wasting their time anymore with this nonsense.

      This is just unreal.

      • And as everyone knows, the pain of the process is the point. Those applicants dropping out are two more wins from their perspective.

        This is why I can’t take any caterwauling over voting ID seriously. To exercise an enumerated right, not only do I have to show ID, but I have to go home and wait while to authorities ponder whether I’m deserving.

        Verifying your identity moments before voting is nothing.

      • Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that there was such an obstacle course your guys. Someone should just say “Heck, I’m just going to join a gang, they’re not hassled this much”. (Of course then they’d track you down and do more damage to you) It’s not about safety. Probably never was.

        • Honest truth…one of the questions the Detective asked was “are you, or have you ever been, a member of a gang or motorcycle club”?

          I’m thinking of writing a book about this whole ordeal. Not sure yet if it should be a comedy or a tragedy, lol.

      • @Haz

        Holy mother-blanking s#!t.

        Thank you for keeping us updated on the LASD horror show you are participating in.

        If I’m counting months correctly…about the time you get issued your 1st CCW…your paperwork / hoop-jumping requirements for renewal will already be behind schedule?

        Total criminal B.S. on the part of the State of California and the Sheriff of LA.

      • Q: what kind of man begs the local constable for his permission to exercise a God give natural right?

        A: Not much of one.

        • Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
          It’s easy to cast stones. Getting caught with a loaded firearm is a felony in the Peepul’s Repubic. That means you lose your right to own firearms, ammunition and under federale rules, own parts of firearms. That means you can’t own your grandpappy’s 1911 that he carried on Iwo Jima before he was seriously wounded and medically retired from the service after spending more time in the hospital than he was on full time duty. Even if it is missing several critical parts to make it go bang if you are a convicted felon, you can’t have it.

          That said, the hoops you have to jump through to get a permit vary by county. In Kern County the sheriff is a believer in the Second Amendment. The process is much less painful. A relative of mine and his wife each got theirs. I think it is good for five years in Kern County and renewal isn’t quite automatic. And it didn’t take them eight months to get an interview either. They got everything done within a month the first time. It took that long because although my relative carried a machine gun in the swaps of the delta during our Vietnam follies, and has owned guns since he was about 12, and had a hunter safety certificate, he still had to go to class and demonstrate he knew how to run a gun and fire five rounds at a piece of paper at 7 yards. He didn’t have to hit it, just fire five rounds at it. Pretty low grade qualification in his book and mine.

      • When my wife and I went through the initial permitting process (to be able to own and buy) it took 7 odd months and that was with covid several blizzards delaying appointments and a severely backed up county clerk. Conceal carry was done in 5ish months……. so yeah good luck and hopefully NYSRPA comes through in case you need it in the next few months.

      • “And to top it all off, it’s only valid for two years.”

        You are experiencing how a Leftist Scum “respects the 2A”, as grudgingly as possible.

        Once (if) you get it, I hope you class-action lawsuit their asses, like the folks in Chicago did to get a gun range permitted.

        Then again if you do, they may put you on an “enemies list” and even more so slow-walk the renewal paperwork… 🙁

    • I just threw up in my mouth. We need to enact safe storage laws and universal background checks right now, as small baby steps towards the end goal – total outlaw of all guns, with exception to the government who will lovingly take care of you, and of course would never shoot at you with guns. History has proven this.

      Just totally horrified that guns are being de-regulated everywhere. What a mistake. Only in america do morons love “freedumbbbbbbbb” more than common sense gun control. The majority have “votes” and they need to use them to subjugate the minority into believing exactly what they believe and thinking exactly what they think. #yaydemocracy! I just can’t believe people are not forcing their friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and total strangers into doing what they want them to do while celebrating #tolerance and #democracy!

      • You know, FakeDacian, we all get the satire and the trolling of the real Dacian. But seriously, I don’t know what’s worse – Dacian’s ranting diatribes (which, surprisingly sometimes do have truthful and/or reasonable points buried in them) or your juvenile-level prose. As a high-school junior, I’d write this kind of claptrap for the school paper and figured I was oh-so-clever. Now it just seems sophomoric and dumb. I’d recommend focusing your attention elsewhere, ’cause these posts are simply annoying.

        • And what do you mean dacian’s diatribes have truthful and reasonable points???? Show me. Provide examples or FO.

      • It never ceases to amaze me how many people can’t tell Dacian the Troll from Dacian the Dumb. Easiest way to tell: Dacian the Troll is truthful and up front about what Dacian the Dumb really thinks. The honesty is refreshing.

    • Exactly Right jwm…And the leadership of the Gov. of Alabama paints a different picture of women than the one shannon watts and her sneaky busy body Gun Control ilk portray. The pompous fraulein shannon will have to get used to her agenda not being nearly as popular as she thinks it is. Now it’s onto other states like Florida that today may be swayed by the cut-the-chase Governor of Alabama.

    • From the article:

      “…If you have a weapon in your car, you’ll still need a permit for that.”

      I’m confused. So if an Alabaman will soon be able to walk in public with a concealed weapon, will he/she need to remove it each time he/she gets into a vehicle? Running errands, going to/from work, the grocery store, etc. would be problematic.

      Anyone have clarification on this?

      • Not making sense is normal in state law, it seems. In Florida, you need no permit to carry in your car, as your vehicle is considered an extension of your own home. Outside your vehicle, permit required.

        About the best one can hope for is to be aware of the legal ‘lay of the land’ in whatever state you happen to be in… 🙁

      • ”You’ll still need a permit for going across state lines to other states. You’ll also need a permit in anything to do with school grounds or sporting events where you parking on school grounds or maybe even going through a car line to pick up your children or grandchildren. If you have a weapon in your car, you’ll still need a permit for that.” explains Stringers.

        I get you still have to have a permit if you have a weapon in your car while on school property.

        • “Be interesting to see if it is needed in other neighbors with con carry.”

          If we get the SCotUS ruling we expect in a few weeks (Yay! 🙂 ), job 1 will be to get our rights respected as we travel about this country as *consistently* as possible.

          It seems to me the simplest way to get there is to have our prohibited person, (yes-no) status listed on whatever database the cops use when pulling someone over. Something along the lines of like how arrest warrants are listed on police databases.

          If we get the ruling we want, the real work will begin… 🙁

      • Not an official clarification, but my guess would be that as long as the gun is on your person, you’d be okay in a car. But if you want to carry a loaded gun in the glove box or elsewhere, you’d need a permit. I’m open to correction on that, though.

        • “Not an official clarification, but my guess would be that as long as the gun is on your person, you’d be okay in a car.”

          From what I’ve heard, that really depends on the state you are in. In Florida, for example, *zero* permit is required in your car, as state law considers the vehicle you are in to be “curtilage”, but different states do that differently.

          For Florida, “What if I don’t have a concealed weapons license or permit?

          In Florida you can have a concealed firearm in your vehicle without a permit as long as it is not readily accessible or if it is “securely encased.” Securely encased is defined by Florida Statute 790.001(17) to include a glove compartment, whether locked or not locked; snapped in a holster; in a gun case, whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case or in a closed box or container which requires a lid or cover to be opened for access. So long as it is securely encased, it is legal for you to carry the gun in your car, although not on your person. The other part of the law talks about “readily accessible for immediate use.” If it is close enough to you that it can be retrieved and used as easily and quickly as if carried on the person then it is readily accessible. That is defined by Florida Statute 790.001(16). The classic example of readily accessible is when the gun is under the seat you are sitting in.”

      • From what I could glean, you can have a weapon in the car, locked or otherwise secured, with a permit only required if you are on government property such as a school or courthouse parking lot. Not sure how the permit would make a difference, but ok. Basically, if you can pass the NICS to buy, you can carry anywhere it is not already against state or federal law to carry.
        You know they had to throw a bone to the Sherriff’s Assn. to still sell you a permit for something. Carry permit has never been much more than a tax on those who want to exercise their rights anyway. $25.00 for the NICS and a picture. Mail the permit out in 3 to 6 weeks.
        Since I do travel a little to states that still demand a permit, and accept my AL card, I will still get the permit, so nothing really changes for the majority of us out here. Just drops the charge of carrying without a permit if you get stopped for something minor, or someone notices you have a weapon in Winn-Dixie.

        • Ha! In L.A, it’s $30 just to submit the CCW application. Another $100 for the LiveScan, then another $120 for the permit itself *if* approved. And neither I nor anyone else I’ve spoken with (including LASD uniformed) yet know anyone who’s been approved.

          That’s $250 for a permit in L.A. County, aside from indirect costs such as gasoline for all the multiple drive trips you have to do. Oh, and the required training course was $650.

        • “That’s $250 for a permit in L.A. County, aside from indirect costs such as gasoline for all the multiple drive trips you have to do. Oh, and the required training course was $650.”

          900 bucks. Yikes! 🙁

          It seems to me, that might be legally attacked as a kind of a “Poll Tax” from the literal “Jim Crow” era…

      • The best I understand current Alabama law one can open carry without a permit, but if you get in a car it’s considered concealed. Even if you place it in plain sight on the dash! To legally carry concealed, on your person or in a vehicle, you must have a permit. Starting next January we will no longer need a permit to carry open or concealed. I understand that a bunch of RINO Alabama state senators took a few moments out of robbing our state and added as many objectionable elements to the bill as they could cram into it. The copy I saw allows police officers to stop someone simply because they are legally carrying a handgun, makes it legal to keep guns that have been confiscated regardless of whether or not the confiscation is deemed justified, and one or two other elements. All Alabamians should remind the RINOs who they were supposed to be working for by voting their sorry butts out of office and electing real patriots who will recognize our civil rights and our precious freedoms!

  2. The “Moms Demand” get smacked down again. These foolish women ( there are many men too ) that think it’s more noble to be a victim than to defend yourself, they are also the first one screaming about, women’s rights, defending women, women’s safety etc. Yet they have no problem taking away someone else rights. They fail to understand each individual is ultimately responsible for their own safety. Emotional illogical morons.

    • “These foolish women ( there are many men too ) that think it’s more noble to be a victim than to defend yourself,…”

      Yeah, the ole’ “A raped woman is morally-superior to the woman with a dead rapist at her feet with a wisp of smoke coming from the muzzle”.

      You would think feminists would consider that to be outrageous and a form of ‘victim blaming’ … 🙁

  3. Take note Supreme Court.
    American citizens are doing the work you haven’t to date.
    The right to keep and bear shall not be infringed.

  4. Well…Ohio and Florida, the ball is in your court for implementing legislation your constituents overwhelmingly support. That would give U.S. twenty-four States with a form of permitless carry in accordance with the Second Amendment.

    About time to run that photo of the extremely sour-looking Red-Shirted Fascist Mom again.

    • We never heard of Moms Demand Action when the milkman delivered the milk.
      I’m doing my best but I ain’t no rabbit.

      • ROFLOL – Good one Possum ! High school buddy was only redhead in his family. Dad’s Joke -Was it the Milkman, the Bread man or the mail man. Then we met his Uncle Red – LOL -> back in the day.

    • ” Is that a dude up in the corner? ”

      At some point in their lives (where, I don’t know) women cease to be beautiful and become handsome. This one was twice cheated.

  5. Now Minnesota, New Mexico, Nebraska, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.
    Colorado would be nice but it’s just a California wanna be.

  6. that comment quoted from susan reads like opposite world. it is one hundred percent wrong on each and every point.

  7. Thankfully they were able to get this done before the whole republican caucus in the legislature slid into rinoism.

  8. “Maybe it’s her white privilege?”

    I don’t know. Is it Jewish privilege that makes Chuck Schumer support gun control?

  9. A bunch of hens with nothing to do in their MDA shirts all unhappy. It’s horrible. NOT!!!!!

    They should be knitting needed items for cancer kids or something useful instead of getting involved in something they know nothing about.

  10. That pic! 🤣

    Looks like they just stepped of an elevator that all of them farted in………….after having lunch at an all you can eat chili buffet. 🤮


  12. You should never quit fighting for your rights. If at first you don’t succeed. Then try again. Until you are successful. And now they have!!!

    From 2017

    “Alabama Senate Passes Constitutional Carry”

    Don’t be like the Libertarians. I don’t like Mitch McConnel at all. But he is far superior than the female F-18 pilot, the democrats tried to sneak into office here.

    Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward video 1 hr long

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