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Although it happened sporadically prior, under the Obama administration an entire top-down policy directive called Operation Choke Point was designed to deny banking, payment processing, insurance, and other services to the firearm industry. Texas passed a law preventing this sort of discrimination, and now the FIND Act seeks to do similar at the Federal level.

From NSSF . . .

NEWTOWN, Conn. — NSSF®, the firearm industry trade association, welcomed the introduction of H.R. 6970, the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act, into Congress by U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman (R-Mich.). The bill has 55 original co-sponsors. This vital legislation will end the ability of corporate entities from profiting from taxpayer-funded federal contracts while discriminating against a Constitutionally-protected industry at the same time.

“This legislation is critical to ensuring ‘woke’ corporations don’t use their financial might, funded by taxpayers, to deny essential services to the firearm industry,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “Corporations, in particular financial institutions, have been dictating public policies from boardrooms that throttle firearm businesses, which are Constitutionally-protected. This bill will no longer allow those corporations to benefit from taxpayer dollars while at the same time using those funds to deny Americans their Second Amendment rights. We thank Congressman Bergman for his leadership to ensure fairness in business, reasserting Congress’s role in ensuring the federal government isn’t picking winners and losers in the marketplace based on politics and protecting the ability of a lawful industry to compete for services without artificial and agenda-driven barriers.”

Congressman Bergman’s FIND Act doesn’t tell companies with whom they must do business. However, just as companies can chose who they wish to do business with, so can the government when it spends taxpayer money. This bill ensures corporations cannot benefit from contracts and subcontracts funded by taxpayers only to use their financial strength to unfairly discriminate against the firearm industry. For far too long, corporations have engaged in “boardroom gun control” to force firearm businesses to adopt measures that would restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Corporations are free to hold these anti-Second Amendment policies if they choose but would forfeit access to compete for federal contracts.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed a similar law in Texas in 2021 and similar legislation is being considered in other state capitols. Congressman Bergman’s legislation would bring those same fair business protections to the federal government to ensure corporate entities are not forcing policies that deny American civil liberties through the benefit of taxpayer-funded federal contracts.

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  1. Add vaccine status, medical history/privacy, and political affiliation/speech to this and you have yourself a winner.

    • Here in L.A. County, we just saw our mask mandate lifted…for the jabbed only in most circumstances.

      We are still required to mask at work if we cannot provide proof of jab. I’m a pureblood and have no such papers, so I told my HR the presence of a mask on my face (while jabbed co-workers go free without masks) will be telling everyone who looks at me the status of my medical history. Violation of HIPAA, and all that. So I won’t wear a mask anymore.

      HR told me yesterday they will not force me. The manager is just as weary of all the CA-mandated COVID nonsense as everyone else.

        • i shudder at the thought of a genetically modified o’possum.
          they already seem like living zombies…

      • good.
        lincoln log land mostly lifted.
        i work outside, mostly alone. 6000+ employees blanketing the top half of the state. they expected us to mask outdoors, ha. now only unvaxed indoors are required. the protected sophisticates identify by a little sticker on their field i.d.’s.
        had to wear a modded bra cup to the liquor store; fashion plate and all…

    • When we see legislation we don’t like at the federal level, us democrats like to talk about state’s rights. And so I’m going to mention that now. We need to allow this to remain a state rights issue, unlike abortion rights, which should be forced on all cultures, everywhere, in every state. This however, should not. And it’s very important, this legislation not pass on a federal level, as advocated by cud chewing rural mullets everywhere spouting “freedumbbbbbbb!” This is not one of those freedoms we want. Some states are populated by people that hate gun owners, and want to punish them anyway we can, and we would like to preserve that.

      Creamy lovin,


      • dacian, the Fake. I am sure you are not the real dacian but you are echoing the opinions of the real dacian the Dunderhead.

        The fact is that banks whether they are state licensed or Federal, are engaged in interstate commerce. Ipso facto they are subject to Federal regulation and law as per the Constitution.

  2. price of gasoline makes it costly to burn down houses, nice be would check stimulus Another
    Let’s Go Brandon

  3. Oh look! Another republican’t is filing another bill that has no chance of getting out of committee or of being signed by brandon. What will they do when they have the majority and the White House again, NOTHING. Just like every other time. Give these losers a slow clap.

  4. When the people have had enough they will cease being quiet about what they have been doing all along and then openly and loudly ignore and defy stupid mandates. Then they will start an all-out campaign to remove the people who put these restrictions, laws and mandates in place.

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