Roderick Neely. Screen capture by Boch via Fox2.
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A courageous 15-year-old shot and killed his mother’s violent ex-boyfriend last week in Eastpointe, Michigan. Cops found the man, Roderick Neely, face-down and very dead in the grass outside the home. It capped off the sixth and what should be the final call to the residence with Mr. Neely as the suspect in each case.

As is frequently the case after a defensive gun use, police took both the woman and the 15-year-old into custody. However, they released the mother pretty quickly and the teen not long after that. After investigating the case, police issued a statement describing the shooting as case of self-defense.

Fox2 has the report . . .

Police say they believe a 15-year-old boy pulled the trigger, killing his mother’s boyfriend during a fight Wednesday in Eastpointe.

Just before 10 p.m., the boy’s mother called 911 and said her boyfriend had jumped on her at her home in the 18000 block of Holland Street.

“Upon arrival there was one deceased male found in that area,” said Det. Brian Showers, with the Eastpointe Police Department. 

The victim was identified by people who knew him as Roderick Neely, a father of 10.

Police are still investigating the circumstances of the shooting, but they believe the teen used a gun registered to his mother to shoot Neely. Police suspect self-defense was involved.

“We do believe some element of self-defense was involved,” Showers said. 

Screen capture by Boch via Fox2.

Fox 2 talked to the mother of two of Neely’s children. She lamented that her kids won’t have Mr. Neely in their lives as they grow into adulthood.

Leave it to the media to find a friend or relative of the deceased to portray the him as a virtual saint despite a long history of criminal reports including criminal domestic abuse and more.

Gun control operations advocate and some states mandate that gun owners keep their firearms unloaded and stored separately from ammunition, sometimes disassembled. That’s to or ensure no one under 18 can access them to prevent “gun violence.” They refer to these as “safe storage” laws. Michigan is considering mandating exactly that.

If the gun in this instance wasn’t readily available to the woman’s 15-year-old son, this situation could have ended very differently. The woman and the boy could have been seriously injured or killed. But because the boy had access to the gun and knew how to use it, he was able to defend his mother and himself. That’s something gun gun control industry never wants to talk about.

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      • Not at all. There are plenty of Baby Daddy’s of all Races. Seems you are the one stuck on Race. Have a bit of a guilt complex there?

      • it’s binary; either he was or he wasn’t.
        not understanding how the ball cap visor is to be utilized and thinking that mask benefits himself takes binary out of the smrt question. he looks fifteen…

        • No but it was likely in the dark this former sperm donor made his multiple contributions. And this mother of two of is offspring was being beyond dumb inviting hom over AGAIN after experiencing his previous behaviour.

    • Like celebrity Nick Cannon, who had three women give birth to his offspring within the past year (they were all pregnant at the same time) and recently stated/bragged he pays out $3 million annually in child support to all his baby mamas.

      Some people just want to perpetuate the “no father in the home” cycle.

      • “Some people just want to perpetuate the “no father in the home” cycle.“

        Yes, that’s one of the republican candidate qualifications, known as the ‘Herschel Rule’.

      • Friend of mine also fathered three children in the same year, All the same Mama and same birthday. Doubled their family size all at once. All doing well. BUT Daddy is VERY keen on being there for his Bride AND all their six children and any mor that come long in the future.

        They KNOW that chldren are the heritage of the Lord, and they are about filling their quiver full of them.

  1. Dark. I’ve delt with this all my adult life. But, ten? My dad was the youngest of eleven, but. Grandpa needed labor for the farm. Not a larger check from LBJ.

    • Different time, Different situation and you know that as well as I do. Large families were more the norm even 50 years ago. Not because of having multiple children with multiple parents, but because of farming needs and Religion that frowned upon murder in the womb. I grew up with many of those families.

      • “Large families were more the norm even 50 years ago“

        Religion? Abortion? Infanticide?

        Interesting that none of you mentioned the real reason the excess birth rate declined 50 years ago.

        But Mrs. Loretta knows…

        The right wing conservative male hierarchy banned this message from most mainstream radio stations in America, so much for that “We want less government intrusion into private life” bullshit.

        “I had four kids before I was 18. If I had had the Pill, I would’ve been popping it like popcorn,” she told TIME.

        But the song still caused an uproar in conservative areas. People Magazine reported that 60 radio stations banned the song, and wrote about a preacher in West Liberty, Kentucky, who devoted a sermon to denouncing it.“

        Sadly, many on this list are either too young or too ignorant to know the true history of America.

        • Interesting you fail to acknowledge that your political party created this exact situation – inner city baby-daddy of 10, repeatedly arrested for beating his next baby-mama victim.
          You ruin everything your touch.
          Shame on you.

        • @Miner49er

          “Interesting that none of you mentioned the real reason the excess birth rate declined 50 years ago.”

          Why is it interesting? It seems to be of interest only to you as yet another troll tool use.

          Lots of songs from lots of singers got banned for various reasons by both left and right. The left tried all it could to keep music from black singers off the air. Left liberals started The American eugenics movement and used it as a pseudoscience to justify discriminatory and destructive acts against “undesirable people” in the late 1800s and eventually set up forced sterilization clinics for poor women, disabled women, and women of color. The left bought about California’s “Asexualization Acts” in the 1910s and 1920s that led to the forced sterilization of 20,000, mostly Black and Mexican people who were deemed to be mentally ill. Throughout the 20th century, nearly 70,0000 people were sterilized in over 30 states, due to laws and programs prompted by the left. From the 1930s to the 1970s, nearly one-third of the women in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, were coerced into sterilization when government officials claimed that Puerto Rico’s economy would benefit from a reduced population, because the left prompted and pushed it.

          Its interesting you don’t mention all this and more in your delusion rants to blame everything on the “right”.

  2. So the criminal has ten children two with his current girlfriend. Is one of them the guy who did the shooting? And the girlfriend laments that the scumbag won’t be around while his children grow up. So he’s been beating on her for a while and was beating on her when she called the cops and her son shot him drt and she laments not having him around. I can’t wrap my head around that kind of pathology. There should be a test for who gets to breed and who doesn’t.

    • me thinks fox talked to a different baby momma. but is the 15yo his or does his momma got multiple baby daddys?
      inquiring minds want to know

      • The pic of the dead dewd shows a male that does not appear to be to be old enough to have a fifteen year ol son. I also think the report would have mentioned it if the shooter was the son of the guy he shot. THAT would add a whole new dimension to the story. But who knows. DRT DrtBag could have got his start on his list of progeny back when he was fourteen or so.that does happen….. specially in groups like this one appears to represent.

  3. “Fox 2 talked to the mother of two of Neely’s children. She lamented that her kids won’t have Mr. Neely in their lives as they grow into adulthood.”

    Maybe your kids will have a chance now, not likely but maybe.

  4. Another POS POC from Detroilet whose life’s accomplishment was contributing to the welfare factory. Sorry, not sorry.

    • Or, as translated by TheLeft :
      ” Another tragic murder of a father of ten, who’s life was senselessly cut short before his life’s dream of a Medical Degree was realized “

    • unicorn whisperer,

      Ooh! I love that “Detroilet” moniker for Detroit. That is right up there with the “Chicongo” moniker for Chicago!

      • That’s right lovin’ man…Help solve a crime problem with underhanded bigoted labels that say the N-Word without saying the N-Word. Season a serious situation with a dash of white trash, that’ll change direction for those living a life of crime…Not.

        • Debbie W.,

          What the f*#@ are you talking about?

          Those monikers have absolutely NOTHING to do with race (or to be much more direct–skin melanin levels) and EVERYTHING to do with BEHAVIOR of the people living in those places.

          Thus, Detroilet highlights (derogatorily) the behavioral problems of the people of Detroit via implying that Detroit is a toilet–a very undesirable label. Similarly, Chicongo highlights (derogatorily) the behavioral problems of the people of Chicago via implying that they behave with equal depravity as the people of the Congo in Africa.

          Debbie W.’s totally incoherent and biased “comprehension” of my comment illustrates why the world will always be a fairly awful place.

        • Debbie sees everything as racist or race based. One track mind that can’t comprehend anything else. I doubt she’ll ever pull her head out.

        • Debbie, I think that the real disservice here is taking the supposed upper ground by being the apologist – there is NOTHING acceptable with the total lack of responsibility that is not only encouraged but rewarded… someone else paying for ten fricking kids is ridiculous, and yes – the difference is ” black and white “

        • “Season a serious situation with a dash of white trash“

          Wow Miss Debbie, that’s very perceptive of you, bravo!

          But let them have their simple fun…

          “’Cause everybody’s gotta have somebody to look down on
          Who they can feel better than at any time they please
          Someone doin’ somethin’ dirty decent folks can frown on
          If you can’t find nobody else, then help yourself to me”

        • I believe actually currently the murder rate in Bagdad is less than the murder rate in Chiraq. Haven’t been following the rate recently, so my information may not be strictly accurate.

  5. The Fox 2 report quoted in this article states:

    The victim was identified by people who knew him as Roderick Neely …”

    Fox 2 has no idea whether Mr. Neely was an attacker, a defender, nor a victim. Rather than labeling Mr. Neely a “victim”, Fox 2 should have referred to him as the “deceased” exactly as Mr. Boch did in this article.

  6. Michigan is considering mandating … [‘safe storage’ law].”

    Michigan has had a “safe storage” law on the books for years/decades.

    (Michigan’s “safe storage” law states that firearm owners are criminally culpable if any child uses their firearm to attack someone.)


    • We need to wait a few months to be certain of this. Who knows, maybe babies 11, 12, 13, 15, are already “in the oven”. The way this guy seemed to have been operating…..

  8. That’s a fine specimen of humanity right there. Rocket scientist and brain surgeon material. I’m so glad he fathered ten children. What a contribution to society!


    • Would be interesting to calculate the cumulative cost to the US taxpayer of this POS’s offspring. Say for 3 generations.

      • Now that is just depressing, but at least he has been retired from further procreational activities.

  9. a self-defense public service.

    It took a 15 year old acting to defend his mother to take a violent repeat offender criminal off the streets. This is something all the laws and all the police and all the courts and all the DA’s could not and did not do, did not prevent or stop, and none of these where there to protect her in that moment of need. Now ya know why guns for self defense are a necessity, you are the only first responder for your self or another in that time of need.

    Based upon the story now – good job young man.

  10. I see nothing in the openiong comment that suggests this perp was a bloody saint. I have to ask thought what the hell the mother of a fifteen year old boy was doing with a man with 10 kids in the first place – or is that usual in the USA as well.
    The quote the mother of two of his kids made no suggestion that the perp was a saint either -all she said, according to the opening comment was the he would not be around to see HER TWO KIDS – Just as well if you ask me. But once again you have to question THAT woman’s sense and morals as well. As they say it takes Two to Tango.
    Just saying!!

    • Albert, I’m glad to learn that liquor stores in Britain are closed on Sunday apparently. That was nearly completely coherent.

    • Some girls like to date “bad boys” for the excitement. And they often get more excitement than they expect.

    • Mr.Hall might I suggest you have a look round the Birmingham area, and I am NOT thinking if the city of that name in the State of Alabama. The way those grromer gangs have been operating with impunity these past fifteen years and more, I don’t think ANYONE knows how many “surprises” have been spawned in that area, or whoich ones came from which sperm donors. Clean up your own back lot before you commence throwing stones this side the Puddle.

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “I have to ask thought what the hell the mother of a fifteen year old boy was doing with a man with 10 kids in the first place – or is that usual in the USA as well.”

      seriously? Do you not have any life experience at all?

      Its an unfortunate part of the human condition, of human nature, of life experience, of relationships, that sometimes bad decisions are made.

      People make bad choices and wrong decisions all the time in life relationships, even in the U.K. … who knows, maybe she didn’t know he had kids other than her two. Who knows what her reasoning and logic was for her decision, but one thing is for sure no matter her reasoning and logic she was a victim here and did not deserve to be harmed or killed because of a bad decision – maybe the result of a bad decision can be that one gets harmed or killed but that’s a big difference from deserving it.

      Do domestic violence victims deserve it in the U.K.?

      • @Albert L J Hall

        I asked: Do domestic violence victims deserve it in the U.K.?

        Basically; I forgot that you are a ‘violent domestic abuser’ of sorts. You wrote once how you, a supposedly 85 year old, were out drinking with your buddy one day/night. And because some ‘relationship’ interest, past or present (it was not clear) was upset at your buddy you decided to hit ‘her’ enough to knock her out and as a result of that punch she had to spend days in the hospital. You claimed its because ‘she’ had broken a glass to use it as a weapon against your buddy, but your own narrative told otherwise. Then, despite you self admitted intoxicated state and the application of enough force to place this woman in the hospital, you claimed the police did nothing to you and not even talk to you, and that what you did was ‘proportional force’ when in reality if its enough to cause bodily harm (knock someone out is bodily harm, its called a concussion) it has become an application of ‘deadly force’ and is very far outside the range of ‘proportional force’.

        Heck, if gun carriers in the United States were permitted to use ‘proportional force’ the crime rate would be soooo low, the ‘proportional force’ standard is filled with soooo much subjective basis as justification. But we are stuck with the rules of ‘deadly force’ to pull a trigger and have but an eye blink in time to make that decision so we do pretty good considering less than 5% of law abiding gun owners carriers actually pull the trigger in an ‘imminent threat’ situation because thankfully in that eye blink of time the bad guys decide to run off/stand down before that trigger pull is made.

        However, it seems in the U.K. you guys can run around drunk and assaulting women with deadly force and place them in the hospital because you can make up a tale of a broken glass that did not exist and then call it ‘proportional force’ to make some made up justification for your actions. Here in the U.S. we call that (broadly) ‘domestic violence’ if its a relationship association and ‘criminal assault’ if not (although it can also be called criminal assault) – both of which are crimes here in the U.S. but it seems its not a crime in the U.K. because according to you the police did nothing to you and didn’t even talk to you.

        So I guess that answers the question as to why you seem baffled over what happened in this article case. You go to victim blame, and implying its only a U.S. thing because you don’t see it for what it really was, domestic violence criminal assault, because to you its acceptable.

        According to your past narrative you are a violent criminal offender under U.S. law, and under U.K. law as well but its ok ’cause its somehow permitted according to ‘you’ think. No wonder the domestic violence rates against women are so high in the U.K. compared to the female population with 1 in 3 woman being victims (33% of the female population) – its almost a national sport in the U.K. . Civilized country my butt.

        • 40 cal: As I understand it, in order to reduce prison population in Old Blighty, certain offenses no longer are subject to arrest but the culprit gets a card much like in a soccer match. For punching around one’s girlfriend in Old Blighty one gets a yellow card. Upon receive three such cards one is required to report to the local police station where one gets a serious talking to by the constable. Participating in a bar brawl also only rates a yellow card as does setting a trash container on fire. However a more serious crime (undefined in the article I was reading) rates a red card which requires the culprit to report immediately to the police station where the talking to by the constable is severe, not just serious.

          So you see, the copper probably thought the lady who was knocked unconscious was Al’s current squeeze, and perhaps the copper was out of cards at the moment and just sloughed off finding Al to give him his yellow card for belting his lady friend and putting her in the hospital.

          Handing out cards for petty crime like putting a lady friend in the hospital cuts down on crime because it isn’t a crime until someone is convicted in Old Blighty. Thus a dead body in the street is an unexplained death, not a homicide. A homicide requires an indictment and conviction, then it becomes a crime. That also accounts for Old Blighty’s lower crime rate than the U.S. Most locales, except for Los Angeles PD, count finding a dead body in the street with numerous, apparent stab wounds as a homicide, hence a crime, albeit not currently solved. It LA it is called exsanguination by unknown sharp instrument trauma. It only becomes a crime when somebody walks into the pd station and confesses to the deed. Again, has the effect of lowering the crime rate.

    • @ Albert L J Hall. What gibberish you speak. The issue here is not the good/bad decisions the woman made. This entire discussion is not about her mental abilities or lack thereof, rather it’s about the moment in time when her life and well being were in jeopardy. Discussions of her decision making skills should be reserved for another time. She wasn’t attacked because she made a bad decision, she was attacked because the bad guy was………….a bad guy.

  11. Clearly he should have shot him in the nuts, the knees and everything else he could swing.
    Spending his days in a wheelchair with a pee bag with spindly legs and arms because all the nerves were shot all to shit has a certain poetic justice to it.

    • Nah. The kid done right. Consider ll the tx dollars that won’t have to be spent beyond the cost of digging a hole in which to plant him deep enough he won’t be able to sprout roots and grow. I have this very strong conviction that where he is and what he is experiencing right about now he’d heartily WISH he could trade it for that wheelchair and pee bag.

  12. Ahhh, so that’s who has been stealing my Doeritoes, them invisible people. I’ve been blaming that on them Mezkins , knew it couldn’t be the Blacks because I cover the doeritoes up with a job application, and the cats still here so I knew it wasn’t the gooks . Thought it might be some white trash rednecks but the trap with a 30 pack of Milwaukee’s Best Lite Beer and a can of Skoal didnt work, so that ruled them out.
    Well I’ll keep my eye out for them invisible people from now on.
    Cant even trust the people with no color.
    Damn the World

  13. She lamented that her kids won’t have Mr. Neely in their lives as they grow into adulthood.

    SHE needs to wake up and rejoice that her own kids will NEVER AGAIN be subject to this dirtbag’s hellish influence. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Maybe without him they’ll have a far better chance of ctually reaching adulthood.

  14. “I choose not to live around the mongrel hoards“

    You should check your DNA, you may be surprised to find we are all mongrels.

    • possum, the WP gets triggered as often as Shannon Watts and is less than half as bright making sarcasm and irony are far beyond it’s ability to parse.

  15. Enjoy it people. What you see here is the full fruition of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.” And with the Eastpointe boundary line less than a mile from where I sit, it makes me ill.

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