Zimmerman To Get his PF-9 Back

Since he’s been acquitted of second degree murder charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, all George Zimmerman has to do now to get his gun back is…ask for it. From nbcnews.com: “Shawn Vincent, an aide to defense attorney Mark O’Mara, told NBC News on Sunday that the Keltec 9mm handgun Zimmerman used to shoot and kill Martin on Feb. 26, 2012 will be returned, but said he did not think authorities have released the weapon yet.” As someone who’s likely to be donning a bullet-proof vest when he ventures out of the house for the foreseeable future, an easily-carried personal defense weapon will likely be a good idea. Then again, maybe this particular KelTec could be put to better use. How much would a notable (notorious?) firearm like that bring at auction? How high is up?


  1. avatar Bob says:

    Oh dear chosen deity how did they get that lock through the barrel!?

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      I hope you’re kidding – the cable lock opens at one end, so one end has the lock and one is just an 7-8mm rubber coated cable.

      1. avatar Chris says:

        It is bothersome they chose to lock it that way. I had always been shown to run it through the magwell. I guess people feel safer if something is obstructing the barrel. lol.

        1. avatar Accur81 says:

          That seems to me to be the more intelligent method, just not he way it was done here. There are also plastic chamber plugs to help protect the extractor.

        2. avatar Roscoe says:

          As to handling the gun in court, these people are hardly concerned about the firearm other than to render it inoperable.

        3. avatar Jeff says:

          it looks like it was done by someone who had never used a firearms cable lock before.

        4. avatar Travis says:

          Nice of to have the key dangling there. Handy.

        5. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

          Some of you guys OCD about the most bizarre little things.

    2. avatar AJ says:

      The barrel of the average gun lock is about the size of a 22. No problem at all.

  2. avatar Ben says:

    I thought famous weapons were named? I smell a TTAG contest…

        1. avatar CarlosT says:

          Yeah, I just winced.

    1. avatar Eric says:

      Rainbow Breaker.

      1. avatar Tony says:

        More like “Taste the Rainbow…”

    2. avatar defensor fortisimo says:


    3. avatar James1000 says:

      The Skittler.

    4. avatar c4v3man says:

      Lead Drank

      1. avatar Erik says:

        The Kill-Tec

    5. avatar Pat says:

      Skittle scatterer

      1. avatar Ardent says:

        Saint Maker: One shot from it and all your sins are instantly forgiven.

  3. avatar Andrew says:

    I think I’ll pick one up soon because it has a good track record going now.

    1. avatar Hasdrubal says:

      If you want one, get an LC9 instead. Much more likely to function properly out of the box. Very similar in feel.

      1. avatar Andrew says:

        I thought about it, but it is way more expensive. Nutnfancy seemed to like his enough to make it his edc.

        1. avatar Terry Warlock says:

          nutnfancy’s opinions are of dubious value at best and a waste of money or dangerous at the worst. why you would use his opinion as criteria for selection for edc when there is so much more thorough (and better edited) information online boggles the mind

        2. avatar In Memphis says:

          Did it take Nutn, 20 minutes to say he likes the PF9? If not the video was a fake. Just sayin.

      2. avatar Matt in FL says:

        You say that, but this one clearly operates just fine.

        1. avatar Mark N. says:

          It allegedly jammed after just one shot, the slide not returning to battery.

        2. avatar Felix says:

          Well, that was before the po-pop had it in custody for so long.

        3. avatar Terry Warlock says:

          fired once for operation is a shitty way to evaluate reliability. are you really defending a single shot methodology used by such glorious participants as the french during ww2 and the liberator 2.0?

        4. avatar Matt in FL says:

          OK, first of all, it was a JOKE for fvck’s sake. Why does everyone take everything so goddamn seriously?

          But if we’re going to be serious, how about this:

          Who the fvck are YOU (and I’m speaking to everyone, not anyone specific) to be telling ANYONE what they should or should not carry? You’re just one more asshole with an opinion. One more asshole turning up his nose and sneering at an inexpensive gun that very clearly did exactly what it was designed to do, at least once.

          And if you (Mark N.) want to provide evidence that it “allegedly jammed after just one shot, the slide not returning to battery,” I’d be happy to look at it, but until then that statement means exactly nothing.

        5. avatar Terry Warlock says:

          fired once for operation is a crappy way to evaluate reliability. are you really defending a single shot methodology used by such glorious participants as the french during ww2 and the liberator 2.0?

        6. avatar Terry Warlock says:

          fired once for operation is a terrible way to evaluate reliability. are you really defending a single shot methodology used by such glorious participants as the french during ww2 and the liberator 2.0?

        7. avatar Matt in FL says:

          Terry Warlock, if you’re posting from a mobile device, and you get the message that your comment failed to post, ignore it, at least until you refresh the page and verify. That message is wrong about 99.5% of the time.

        8. avatar Terry Warlock says:

          fired once for operation is a terrible way to evaluate reliability. are you really defending a single shot methodology used by such glorious participants as the french during ww2 an
          d the liberator 2.0?

        9. avatar e says:

          I’ve read that on a couple of occasions the gun didn’t cycle…I don’t believe that to be true. I’m fairly confident that the officer in the accompanying photo, Timothy Smith, testified to clearing the gun and removing a live round from the chamber. Seeing as how one went through the pipe, it certainly seemed to function just fine if there was another ready to go. I still wouldn’t buy a Keltec for self defense purposes, but that’s just me. I wouldn’t mind however, getting my hands on a PMR 30 for close to MSRP.

        10. avatar Blue says:

          At Mark, it jammed, but they were also in close quarter combat and anyone with proper training tries to interfere with slide operation to cause a jam and perhaps drop the mag.

      3. avatar Jason says:

        I picked up an XDS 9mm recently. So far I really like it. It doesn’t have the long annoying trigger pull that the DAO hammer guns have. And Hickock 45 raved over the XDS. He’s way cooler than Nutnfancy. 😉

        I bought it for 11 o’clock carry, because I can’t get a doublestack CZ or XD up front easily.

      4. avatar int19h says:

        PF9 : 12.7 oz
        LC9: 17.1 oz

        The only reason to pick this kind of pistol in the first place is to pocket carry, in which case those 5 oz of difference do matter a lot.

      5. avatar Mark Horning says:

        The LC9 has a magazine interlock, making it unsuitable for self defense. (not sure how easy it is to disable)

  4. avatar Brennan says:

    Hell, the weapon would make money at auction simply because its a PF9 that is known to actually function. How rare

    1. avatar spacecoaster says:

      I must be real lucky then. My PF-9 has not malfunctioned once. Using 3 different magazines, both 7 and 8 round capacity. The only maintenance has been light cleaning and oiling.

      I would be interested in buying all those malfunctioning Kel-Tecs out there, at a large discount of course, since they are so unreliable.

      1. avatar Glenn Goewert says:

        Same here with my P-3AT. I polished the ramp before I even fired it, and it has been 100% dependable for four years and roughly 500 rounds of mixed JRN & hollowpoints. The only shortcoming I’ve found is a propensity to rust with pocket carry. I have fancier guns, but nothing else light enough to carry in gym shorts in hot weather.

        1. avatar c4v3man says:

          My P3AT was unreliable with just about anything, then I sent it in to get a fluff and buff and hard matte chrome completed by one of the well known KTOG folks several years ago, and worked pretty well, took it out a couple weeks and wouldn’t even feed fmj rounds… did my own fluff and buff, and it’s back to eating anything again.

          They can be made to work well, but I’ve never had to do anything to make a glock, S&W, HK, run… I carry it sometimes as I don’t have anything else that small, and nothing else out there is as small and light yet significantly better other than maybe the LCP, although with the work I’ve put into it, I doubt even that’s an upgrade (having seen a LCP repeatedly have problems, albeit probably break in problems).

    2. avatar chivilryman2 says:

      My pf9 has worked without hiccup for close to a thousand rounds now, The only problem I have ever had with it is that it doesn’t like steel cased ammo, but as long as I feed it brass it goes bang every time

      1. My PF-9 has never malfunctioned, I’ve put probably close to 500 rounds through it and I’m the second owner.

        My only gripe with the PF-9 is the false reset on the trigger. Its right about where the real reset is on my XD9 and it screws me up whenever I try to practice double taps.

    3. avatar sagebrushracer says:

      If you like to gamble with reliability, the PF9 is rock solid compared to others.

      I got to shoot a Lorcin 380 once… Guaranteed 1 shot, with a probability of follow up shots, decreasing of course.

  5. avatar Jack says:

    All that time, all those dirty fingers, no cleaning or oiling…the horror.

  6. avatar ensitue says:

    Just as Zman was proven innocent of spurious charges
    So was Kel-Tec

  7. avatar steeve says:

    All we know is it fired once.

    1. avatar Tom says:

      Better than a French Army rifle! It wasn’t dropped!

  8. avatar Roscoe says:

    Up for auction?

    I can hear the howls of outrage already.

  9. avatar Crowbar808 says:

    I christen it “”Thughammer”
    I know you guys can do better

    1. avatar Carry Alerts says:

      “Civil Suit Bringer” ?

      1. avatar Blue says:

        Not in Florida courts due to 776.032

    2. avatar sagebrushracer says:

      Gang Banger

  10. avatar LC Judas says:

    Giving him that handgun back considering the heat he’s facing is like handing him a garden hose for a house fire. I hope he invests in something better…cuz it is no small amount of threats he’s facing if all this protesting is to be believed…

    1. avatar Roscoe says:

      What he really needs right now is $$$.

    2. avatar e says:

      Well, I do believe GZ owns an FN FiveSeven as well. I seem to recall that when he was arrested all the way back last year that he was carrying the FiveSeven and 91 rounds of ammo. If not carrying, it was in his car, or somethin’ like that. I ‘think’ he’s got some idea as to what he could be up against.

      1. avatar Blue says:

        I think you are confusing it with one of the New Black Panthers that was arrested in Ga for illegal possession of a weapon by a felon. It was one of the “dead or alive” bounty guys.


    3. avatar Jason says:

      Hopefully he’ll get a nice fat check from his clear-cut libel suit against NBC, etc. that he can use to buy a couple pistols and MSRs…and a house somewhere in the mountain time zone.

  11. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    He used S&B hollow points according to the records . . . .

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      That’s correct.

  12. avatar Rattlerjake says:

    How about Keltec presenting a new weapon to George, and ammo manuf. donating rounds, another company donating protective gear. This would be great advertisement.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      How about the People of the Gun buy him a REAL handgun (and AR with thermal).

      Any firearms mfg with a pair should be publicly be presenting Zimmerman with their best hardware. Very likely to will need it.

      What’s with the PC/BS cable lock in a courtroom. The Cops on hand unable to keep track of one POS handgun?

  13. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Don’t forget that the other side of the gun has the case number written all the way down the side of the frame in silver paint pen.

  14. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    “Ok Sherman, set the Way Back machine for the 1970’s in NYC.” “Yes Mr. Peabody…”

    Back in the 1970’s the pro-2A force to deal with in the NYC area was a gentleman named Jerry Preiser. He ran the Federation of NY Rifle and Pistol Clubs. As a part time actor he had a flair for the dramatic with a deep booming voice and the news shows loved him. I have never seen better turnouts than the meetings he put together. No one up to this very day was better at it. Thousands came to them. Anyway, he came up with the idea of “Courageous Citizen Awards”. Five Hundred dollars and a plaque to folks that survived shootouts with BGs. It was unbelievable to see a thousand or so folks screaming with approval, on their feet with thunderous applause as the citizen accepted the award. Trust me he caught plenty of flack over it, but it rolled off his back.

    So here is the pitch. Auction off the pistol. Use the money to either award Zman directly or pay for a nice high end whatever he wants to replace the gun with. But Zman has to get a nice plaque also. Without it, well, it just wouldn’t be official !

    1. avatar Roscoe says:

      More howls of outrage with the usual suspects leading the charge.

      And unlike the 70’s, these days few have the money or insulation to withstand the overwhelming heat.

      1. avatar Blue says:

        Eff the punks. Auction it off and get a high end or 2 weapons. He needs them!

    2. avatar KCK says:

      With your spelling of Plaque.
      Est-ce que tu es Francais ou Quebecois?

      1. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

        LOL only by paying the bills for McGill…

  15. avatar BStacks says:

    I am wondering when Keltec will come out with the “Hoodie Special”.

  16. avatar mina says:

    he should certainly go pick it up/claim on general principle.

    he would show himself to be in control of the frame of this situation by just shrugging his shoulders and going on with his day.

    giving any more credence to the screeching and whining is only fueling the fire and allowing them to continue to think they have the upper hand. a “real man” would show them different.

    imagine if Zimmerman were magically replaced with any of the Clint Eastwood characters from the old westerns … like Josie Wales. Now you get my drift.

    1. avatar AJ says:

      Hell yes! If this was L.A. he’d be luck if they EVER released it back to him. Even though that’s what is *supposed* to happen.

    2. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      he should go down and let the cameras see him pick up his weapon, chamber a round, and then top off to get back to 7+1 capacity and then put it in his holster just on GP.

      1. avatar mina says:


      2. avatar Blue says:

        Damn straight.

  17. avatar (Formerly) MN Matt says:

    Maybe I’m being silly, but would anyone here feel weird about carrying a piece that’s been used to kill another person? Maybe I’m overthinking it…wouldn’t be the first time. Hopefully I never have to answer my own question.

    1. avatar Felix says:

      Got any WW II C&R rifles? I imagine some of them must have stories.

      1. avatar (Formerly) MN Matt says:

        Sadly I don’t, but I see your point. I was more thinking along the lines of the gun where *I* was the one who pulled the trigger…

        1. avatar Blue says:

          Would you rather be pushing up daisies somewhere? Or wearing a diaper all day and drooling down your chin? That is rhetorical of course, but you get the point.

      2. avatar B says:

        1923 hex receiver all numbers matching Mosin Nagant. No telling how many Nazi’s that thing put down.

        1. avatar Erik says:

          or how many soviet soldiers were put down by nazis while holding it.

    2. avatar Tom says:

      Nope, proven to work when needed.

    3. avatar Justice06RR says:

      Cops and Soldiers do it all the time.

  18. avatar KCK says:

    The kid thought he was just going to teach GZ a lesson for dis’ing him or maybe thought he was being followed, which can be menacing. Reverse the two players and that part makes sense, but…
    Acting to “mess this guy up” turned out to be TM’s fatal mistake because GZ defended himself with deadly force.
    As an aside, we all know that when we are carrying, the gun may protect you, but YOU must also protect the gun. Both are accomplished by maintaining distance between you and the threat. How many of you would move to within fist distance to a threat when carrying. I certainly would not. Not being able to say for sure why GZ let that happen or he indeed was ambushed after “losing” TM in the dark.
    That said, that a mis-judgment by a teen led to his own death is a tragedy.
    now the name for the PF-9
    #1 Pro File-9
    Since the slide is like a hood.
    #2 “The hooded hoodie hitter”
    Very poor taste, but what can you do?

    Wikipedia entry Hoody/Hoodie
    Hip hop culture developed in New York City around this time, and the hoodie’s element of instant anonymity, provided by the accessible hood, appealed to those with criminal intent.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      TM made a poor choice in the victim selection process. It happens.

      1. avatar sagebrushracer says:

        This. Right. Here.

      2. avatar mina says:


  19. avatar S.CROCK says:

    normally in the mass shooting people blame the gun. with zman they chose to blame the person. i think politicians choose to blame whatever would help their political agenda.

    1. avatar mina says:

      right, because he’s a legal gun carrier who followed all the rules.

      ergo: we must put a stop to people carrying guns legally. duh!

      remember the gun control was supposed to be about getting rid of the illegal guns? well obviously the legal guns are a problem, now too!!

  20. avatar Harold says:

    Does anyone else see that the use of “Acquitted” has been used to stir up anger by misleading the public by the MSM? Acquitted, used by itself, best describes charges being dropped by the State for lack of evidence or interpreting the evidence supporting the action. George was not acquitted by the state, but found “Not Guilty” by a Jury in a court of law. One could say the proper term would be “Acquitted by a Juries verdict of not guilty.” Which is cumbersome, but if it is to be shortened why not use the term “Not guilty” that is only one space longer. Maybe I am being picky about the loose use of acquitted then again in the emotional atmosphere of this case the use of “Acquitted” fans the flames by making it sound like George got away with a crime.

    1. avatar Rev. Maurice Pompitous says:

      I agree “not guilty” means not guilty and therefore innocent because he is presumed innocent as we all are when accused except when we are not as was the case with GZ.

    2. avatar Erik says:

      I think Aquittal refers purely to being found not guilty. it’s not legally an “aquittal” if the prosecutor chooses to drop.

      1. avatar Harold says:

        Doubt if the prosecutors would drop charges during a trial unless new undisputable evidence appeared during a trial.

        I’ve continued looking at definitions and by far most of them equate acquittal with not guilty. From NOLO Acquittal: A decision by a judge or jury that a defendant in a criminal case is not guilty of a crime. An acquittal is not a finding of innocence; it is simply a conclusion that the prosecution has not proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

  21. avatar jwm says:

    If GZ is going to stay in Florida, or the states for that matter, he should wear a vest and carry not one, but two pistols. His car should have an AR or a shotgun.

    1. avatar Jason says:

      I’d pick the state with the lowest turnout at the anti-GZ rallies yesterday: probably one of the boxier shaped ones between the Colorado and Missouri Rivers.

      1. avatar Blue says:

        Idaho, Wyoming or Texas would be my considerations . . . or Alaska.

  22. avatar Aharon says:

    GZ could sell his gun at auction to raise money for his legal fees. He would probably get way more than it’s worth. He can then buy new and better gun(s), and put more money into his legal fund.

  23. avatar John Boch says:

    I’ll offer him $1k for it right now.


  24. avatar Erik says:

    Zimmerman should sign an advertising deal with Go-Daddy.com since go daddy likes controversial commercials.

    “register your domain with Go-Daddy and enter for a chance to have George Zimmerman sign your pistol”

    1. avatar Jason says:

      So when the cops shoot innocent kids, they get a free vacation administrative leave, followed by a white wash review, but if they shoot at a target that resembles Trayvon (I’m guessing a young, black thug in a hoodie), that’s where we draw the line!

    2. avatar Blue says:

      That happened a month or two ago. They are obviously re-running the story to stir the pot. Typical news punks.

  25. avatar M J J says:

    I wonder if Zimmerman wants the gun back?

    1. avatar Pat says:

      I would want the gun back (see below).
      People who have problems with the reliability of the weapon really should carry a revolver (now THATS a difference in reliability).

  26. avatar timewstr says:

    What’s the point of leaving the key hanging from the lock?

  27. avatar Pat says:

    I would want the gun back. Carrying a gun that saved your bacon, while at the same time having taken a life (a notch on the handle indicating a kill).
    After all the pain the libtards (democrats) would have put me through, I would be flexing and posing in front of a mirror ‘Taxi Driver style’ with the ‘Skittle scatterer’.
    There would be a lot of hate in my heart and growling sounds coming from my lips.
    I hope GZ makes millions and the race card dealing liberals burn in Hell.

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