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I’m pretty sure this is fake. Especially since the video never seems to show him firing more than 19 rounds before cutting to a different angle. And I’m pretty sure they just repeated the same video over and over again to get the right round count. Anyway, still pretty funny.

[h/t KitUp]

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  1. Besides the magazines being backwards, pause the video at 51 seconds and you will see the backside of the second magazine.

    The second magazine is empty. There should be at least a couple of reflections in the holes, but there are none.

    Now if it actually worked (modified followers? Super large spring?), it would be great for a Glock 18, but that would be about it.

    • Yeah… As a mechanical engineer, I’m going to say that stings and feed mechanisms don’t work that way. In order to have a spring that provides sufficient force to feed on the last round, you would not be able to insert the top round without a hydraulic press.

      • When I first saw this video a while back, I thought about the spring issue as well. In trying to imagine what could work IRL, I picture a pulley/counterweight attached to the follower, giving a constant upward force of the counterweight. It might be fun to try and build something like that. Or you could just get a belt fed gun.

        • Use a Pneumatic follower. That way the magazine could be shaped any way you want, like wrapped around in your turbine. May require some sort of pressure compensation to ensure the correct force is applied at the end. A belt gun would require different mechanics. This could work with any stock semi-auto.

        • Re: vioshi
          I like where your head’s at. Maybe a small tankless air compressor with enough output to keep up with the the expanding volume of the magazine. Could fit the whole thing into a backpack with a flexible guide from the pack to the gun, and have a mini-gun like system for a magazine fed gun.

      • Not to mention the heat from firing it that much in quick succession. I put two full mags (30) rounds through my glock 22 just saturday in less than a minute, I then handed the gun to my wife to shoot with the slide open and she accidentaly (at least she claimed it was an accident) touched my arm with the exposed barrel, trust me, it was hot as hell.

        I think if you could put 600 rounds through it quickly, by around 200 the lower would start melting.

        • It’s been done by James Yeager and co. with 1,000 rounds in about 15 minutes or so. The recoil spring guide rod melted and popped out the front but the gun continued functioning for the whole exhibition.

  2. Aside from the obvious fakery a crew served handgun doesn’t seem like a very pratical arrangement.

    And where did he find 600 rounds of ammo.

  3. Completely impractical. There’s no way I could fit that in my car, much less conceal it.

    I do like how it forces you to hold your GLOCK-brand GLOCK in the proper stance and grip. It’s a tool, and a training aid!

  4. Can’t wait till Diane Feinstein sees this! If she doesn’t drop from apoplexy, she’ll have to introduce a bill regulating the sale of 600 round magazines!

  5. I’ve always wondered why nobody’s come up with a motorized magazine like they have for those modern gatling guns that connects to a backpack full of ammo.

    Couldn’t gears push rounds up a magazine just as well as springs?

    • Yeah, but unlike an M134, the feed mechanism isnt geared into the weapon hence the timing would be problematic.

      • Couldn’t you just set it up to maintain constant pressure between rounds like the normal magazine does?

        • Yeah, it is technically possible, kinda like a CV motor, but visualizing the components needed to make that functional, uh that would be overly complicated, and we all know what overly complicated means for functionality/dependable operation!

        • Maybe something similar to an AK drum. The clockwork spring will spin until they hit the guide that sends them up the neck towards the bottom of the receiver. The pressure comes from the rounds underneath being forced up the ramp, not directly from the spring. And, when there are gaps between the rounds in the drum, the spring would spin to make sure the rounds headed up are under tension. The spring can be de-tensioned (is that a word?) for loading and storage, and wound before use. I think there’s a 50 round Glock drum available (not sure how the spring works in that), but no matter which method you try, 600 rounds of ANY Glock caliber is going to take up a crapload of space, and weigh about 20 pounds or so. Just a quick bit of math, just counting 600 of the 115 grain BULLETS themselves (no powder, primer, or brass. Not even considering the weight of the magazine itself), came out to about 9 3/4 pounds.

  6. Too funny!! Video just spliced and looped!! Good job tho!! Look to his left side throughout video. Brass pile never shows up!! 600 Rds would leave a hell of a pile of brass!!
    Still funny!!

  7. The least he can do is lean into it a bit. He’s so far back on his heels a strong headwind would knock him on his ass.

  8. WHOA! killa cool – gots to get me some – like, awesomeness and stuff like that.

    What he really needs to make it work is a set of “Birdman Weapons Systems HoMeBoY Nyte-Sytes “, killa good sideways sights for your Glock! Very minor gunsmithing required!

  9. Matt had probably 10 or “bumpinator” videos that demonstrated how to make el-cheapo Slidefires out of low-cost Tapco stocks. After Sandy Hook I downloaded copies of all of them in case Youtube went gun hostile. They pretty much all went “poof” a couple months ago, not sure why.

    Here is a little taste of a Ruger 10-22 going bumpinator. A later video (now missing) shows how he improved his technique where he could reliably dump mag afeter mag.

  10. He is re uploading a lot of his videos to make his channel a bit more YouTube friendly. (End bumps, better annotations with links, etc)

  11. Be the first in your neighborhood watch to have the Glock 600 round magazine! Be the envy of your local prosecutor! Comes with discount coupons for “ganasta sites” and a reloading starter kit. Gun, ammunition, and black hoodie not included.

  12. Still make liberal scum poop there pants 🙂 See Obama try to ban something that really doesn’t exist.

  13. But… but… it’s a Glock! Nothing breaks it! It can kill you just by you gazing upon its black plastic fury!

  14. A thought popped into my head the other day that it would be pretty cool if one of these state laws like the New York Safe Act accidentally left a loophole that allowed a resident to use a belt feed system.

  15. Hey, guys! Thanks for blogging this 🙂

    I’ve made 5 videos on this subject. It goes back to February when Time magazine made the claim that 600 round magazines could be purchased for $25.95…

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