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“Banning menthol—the last allowable flavor—in cigarettes and banning all flavors in cigars will help save lives, particularly among those disproportionately affected by these deadly products.” Sound familiar? The Biden administration’s announcement that they’re using their regulatory power to outlaw menthol-flavored tobacco products should ring some bells with gun owners.

Banning high capacity magazines—which no one needs—will help save lives, particularly among those disproportionately affected by these deadly products.

The ATF’s FDA’s statement on the proposed rule banning menthol continued . . .

“With these actions, the FDA will help significantly reduce youth initiation, increase the chances of smoking cessation among current smokers, and address health disparities experienced by communities of color, low-income populations, and LGBTQ+ individuals, all of whom are far more likely to use these tobacco products,” said Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, M.D.

See? They’re doing this for their own good. Because these ignorant, benighted po’ folks and minorities can’t possibly decide for themselves whether or not to smoke or how to take care of themselves. They need the benevolent, more sophisticated guiding hand of their betters in the federal regulatory bureaucracy to ensure they can’t continue to hurt themselves any more.

Newport menthol cigarettes

Never mind that the science doesn’t support the administration’s case for outlawing menthol flavored tobacco. None of that really matters. Uncle Joe knows what you need and will decide what you can have.

As Biden inveighed last year . . .

There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets, that can be fired from that weapon. Nobody needs that, nobody needs that.

Remember this folksy knee-slapper from just a few weeks ago?

I was down in southern Delaware — they do a lot of hunting and fishing down there — and I was walking up one of the creek beds. And a guy standing said, “You want to take my gun?” I said, “I don’t want to take your gun.” He said, “Well, you’re telling me I can’t have more than X number of bullets in a — in a — in my gun.” And I said, “What — do you think the deer you’re hunting wear Kevlar vests? What the hell you need 20 bullets for? You must be a hell of a terrible shot.”

Old Uncle Joe, who’s a-movin’ kinda slow, loves to tell people what’s good for them. Last year — and again this month — it was the kinds of guns they can use and how many rounds of ammo they can hold. Now it’s the flavor of the tobacco in their cigarettes and their cigars.

Menthol cigarettes lucky strike

Just don’t expect the administration’s latest diktat to be any more effective than Bill Clinton’s “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazine bans were back in the day. The government doesn’t have a good record where prohibition is concerned.

From . . .

Where they’ve been implemented, like in the European Union and Canada, menthol cigarette bans have been a disappointment to their supporters. Most menthol smokers switch to regular cigarettes, buy illicit menthol, or use devices to adulterate legal cigarettes to give them a minty taste. But the U.S. is uniquely vulnerable to the dangers of prohibition. Its menthol market is larger by comparison, at around a third of cigarette sales, and there are significant racial disparities in use patterns.

Wait…racial disparities?

[A]round 85 percent of African American smokers use menthols compared to around 30 percent of white smokers, the Biden administration believes prohibition would “promote health equity” and reduce health disparities.

So with the menthol ban, Biden et al. are targeting a product that is far more popular among black Americans, who would be disproportionately affected. Can you say, “disparate impact?”

black african american man smoking cigarette

But what about the politics of all this? Is pissing off a constituency that dependably votes for Democrats in large numbers a good idea six months before an election? The Clinton administration apparently thought passing the 1994 AWB just before midterm elections that year would be a vote-getter. They thought wrong.

It seems that for a certain kind of politician, though, there’s never a bad time to tell people how they should live. How much soda they should drink. When they can text. Whether they can tan. How to wear their pants. So using the massive federal regulatory apparatus to redefine guns, limit their capacity or, now, change the flavor of their cigarettes is really no big deal.

Besides, blacks have reliably voted for Democrats for generations. Surely a little thing like this won’t change that. Will it?

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  1. Do they realize how dumb they sound?

    Banning all flavors in [alcohol] will help save lives, particularly among those disproportionately affected by these deadly products. Save the poor. Save the LGBTQIA+∞ people. Save the children. Save the POC.

    • Time to hoard menthol cigarettes, which one is the best selling I wonder. Moonshine and Menthol, has a nice ring to it.

    • But pot is good for us, of course. /s
      I favor government getting 100% out of the business of dictating what can/cannot be ingested by adults, but this desire to ban specific ‘flavors’ is positively insane.

  2. The drug legalization crowd wants to mimic the tobacco industry. They promote the idea of taxing marijuana just like tobacco. And in their words “provide a new Revenue source for government”.

    And then those same people will also make an argument to restrict tobacco, as much as possible, using the government. Claiming “Health” reasons for the restrictions. Which ends up creating a “black market” of tobacco. Just like a black market for marijuana.
    And people wonder why I say the things that I say, about potheads???

    And yet they still say, “just legalize just all drugs, and all the crime will go away”.

    • Coffin nails ain’t a “right”. So there. Pretty much the only folk’s smokin’ Cool’s are my brown brothers n sisters. Raciss I tells ya! And get the jab. And wear a face diaper. And arm the Taliban(oops).

    • Legalization is not the ticket. Decriminalization is the ticket. We need LESS regulation and oversight, not MORE. Decriminalize possession of non-papered machine guns, SBRs / SBSs / & suppressors, not LEGALIZE, tax and regulate to hell.

      • Agreed. If addicts could obtain clean drugs from dispensary they wouldn’t fund the cartels and Central America wouldn’t be a total hell hole and junkies wouldn’t stab elderly for drug money. If people want to die in a diaper drowning in opioids isn’t that their own choice? The government didn’t seem to mind the Sacklers killing millions with oxy- contin lies “hardly addictive “ – I think I took about 3 and started craving those despite zero interest in Dilaudid / Fentanyl/ morphine.

  3. I quite smoking many years ago and ended paying off a car that I still own and drive. I won’t promote smoking but I will not condemn those that still use them. You choose what to do with your life.

    Correlating firearm magazines to smoking is just nonsense.

    If you think no one needs a 30 round magazine then no one needs marijuana. Trying to ban magazines, guns, or anything firearm related the same way cigarettes have been treated is craziness. Particularly when there is such an effort to legalize weed.

    We have a rule of law and it’s called The US Constitution. That document does NOT have a bill of needs. It DOES have a Bill of Rights.

    • I’ve never smoked beyond trying it under peer pressure. The taste was so bad I was spitting it out of my mouth for the next 20 minutes. I wondered why people want to smoke if the taste was so bad.

      I grew up in the era of tobacco advertising in print, TV, cinemas, and sporting events. The last of which was banned downunder by the mid-80s.

      I have better things to spend money on.

      Eating Indomin noodles for lunch for several years allowed me to eliminate a $10000 credit card debt.

  4. What voting bloc hasn’t this brain dead dementia addled resident in sleep not pissed off yet? I can’t wait to see the tears flowing Nov 4th.

  5. I think there was a saying that went something like when the enemy starts making a mistake, let them.

    I’m sure Biden will just tell them that if they smoke menthol they ain’t black or something to that effect.

    • Sun Tsu- “The Art of War.”” Never stop an enemy when they are making a mistake.”
      I could be wrong on the direct quote. Been 40 odd years since I last read the book.

      • Sometimes attributed to Napoleon.
        “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s in the middle of making a mistake.”

        • “Sometimes attributed to Napoleon.”

          Hundreds of years later. The little twerp likely heard it from someone who read Sun Tsu…

  6. I’ve never used tobacco, (Worked in it though.) So, correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t the people addicted to nicotine? Not menthol? Or any other flavor? If so, what’s the point?

    • “Or any other flavor? If so, what’s the point?”

      The smoke of menthol cigarettes in your lungs is a ‘cooling’ sensation, similar to some muscle rub creams.

      The cooling sensation masks some of the ‘harsh’ sensations cigarette smoke does to the lungs…

      • back in the 40s and 50s, my father smoked Chesterfields. When he got a cough or a sore throat, he would put a tiny bit of Mentholatom on the side of the cigarette that was going to smoke. I don’t think banning these cigarettes will ever help, since others can do the same.

  7. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
    ― C. S. Lewis

    “Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down.”
    – Frederick Douglass

  8. Quote——————
    Never mind that the science does’t support the administration’s case for outlawing menthol flavored tobacco. None of that really matters. Uncle Joe knows what you need and will decide what you can have.————-quote

    Once again the Far Right reject the Scientific studies.

    The agency is taking urgent action to reduce tobacco addiction and curb deaths. There is strong evidence that a menthol ban will help people quit. Studies show that menthol increases the appeal of tobacco and facilitates progression to regular smoking, particularly among youth and young adults. Menthol masks unpleasant flavors and harshness of tobacco products, making them easier to start using. Tobacco products with menthol can also be more addictive and harder to quit by enhancing the effects of nicotine. One studyExternal Link Disclaimer suggests that banning menthol cigarettes in the U.S. would lead an additional 923,000 smokers to quit, including 230,000 African Americans in the first 13 to 17 months after a ban goes into effect. An earlier studyExternal Link Disclaimer projected that about 633,000 deaths would be averted, including about 237,000 deaths averted for African Americans.

    Quote—————Where they’ve been implemented, like in the European Union and Canada, menthol cigarette bans have been a disappointment to their supporters. Most menthol smokers switch to regular cigarettes, buy illicit menthol, or use devices to adulterate legal cigarettes to give them a minty taste.———–quote

    Right wing propaganda with no science or studies to back up these wild claims.

    quote—————As Biden inveighed last year . . .

    There’s no reason someone needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds, 100 bullets, that can be fired from that weapon. Nobody needs that, nobody needs that.———–quote

    Biden was correct.

    Here in Ohio we had a madman in Cincinnati gun down people with a 100 round drum magazine. He had more deadly firepower than the police did. One cop got lucky with his pistol and another failed to stop the maniac with even a shotgun as he was wearing a bullet proof vest. And contrary to Right Wing fantasy not one citizen had the firepower or desire or training to stop the maniac with their own weapons. Its a little impractical to walk into a bar with an AR15 with a couple of 100 round drums and tell everyone you have them only for protection. That would go over like a lead balloon (pun intended)

    Of course the Far Right nut cases will claim they need military weapons to overthrow the government and establish a one party Trump for life dictatorship rather than result to using the voting booth to chance government policies they may not agree with.

    And of course the Far Right is only to willing to believe a racist demagogue like Trump when he claims he lost because the election was stolen and every study done proved him a damn liar.

    • Okie dokie, let’s check your math, something that your 4th grade teacher neglects doing… (blah blah blah) will get 923,000 people to quit, including 230,000 african americans , etc , etc. Comes out to a little under one fourth, right? So we need to take this action to correct the disparities inflicted on blacks, poofook, and the sexually fluid, whom are MUCH MORE likely to become addicted ? Which one of you is full of shit, you or the acting commissioner of the FDA? Ooooh, ooooh,ooooh Mr.Kotter – Horshack picks ” C “, BOTH .

    • dacian all you do is champion foreign countries. Why the hell do you live in the USA?
      You never say a good word about it, is there anything in the United States you like?

        • He’s considered to be the equivalent of Olestra, and is banned in the EU, Canada, China, and the Pacific Rim. He also has the same side effects.

        • The government regulates harder, spies on citizens harder, and limits freedom harder is the daddy the dacian wants running his life for him.

        • And the Jan 6th beer hall putsch that tried to overthrow a legitimately elected government you supported.

        • If you’re going to talk about something I said that isn’t on this page, then quote me or be specific. I actually never gave an opinion one way or the other regarding the protesters. I did mention that some of the protesters were ushered into the Capitol. I discussed the murder of Ashli Babbitt. I also called you out for saying that the Capitol police had automatic weapons, and they should have used them on the [unarmed] protesters. Murder is wrong dacian.

        • Dud you are one of the slickest bold face liars on this forum. You damn well did make known on numerous posts in no uncertain terms you supported the overthrow of the government and thought the rioters were great patriots and you supported Trump and his 1923 beer hall style putsch to make himself dictator and establish a 1 party jack booted government by white people and for white people only.

          And by the way the threats were all caught on video and tape so go ahead and try and lie your way out of this one also.

          And Ashly Babbitt was not murdered when she was breaking into the capitol while fellow rioters were screaming they were going to kill even Republicans like Mike Pence as well as numerous others. Your supporting Babbitt is another veiled slick support of Babbitt and the rest of the rioters. You cannot lie your way out of it as you just said it in no uncertain terms.

          Once again claiming Babbitt was murdered is a bold face lie and is supporting the rioters

        • “Your supporting Babbitt is another veiled slick support of Babbitt and the rest of the rioters. You cannot lie your way out of it as you just said it in no uncertain terms.”

          I very clearly said she was murdered, and that murder is wrong, but you hear what you want. I see you couldn’t quote me or state what I said about the protesters. You’re listening to the voices in your head instead of reality.

    • I’m legitimately confused. The only mass shooting in Cincinnati I am aware of was the one from 2018, which I was downtown for, and the assailant used a pistol. Are you confusing it with Dayton, Ohio? You might need to check your facts, because I really doubt you live in Ohio.

    • He used to bum cigarettes when he was in the Illinois Government, so like many who bum a smoke, he smoked freebies.

      • “…so like many who bum a smoke, he smoked freebies.”

        He did the same in the White House, there were rumors some staffers were keeping his habit supplied on the ‘down low’.

        He made sure no cameras were around when he did smoke…

  9. As if the minority vote wasn’t fleeing the Dem plantation fast enough. Oh, who am I kidding, revisionist idiots already believe the Klan was a Republican entity and Lincoln was a Democrat so I’m sure in 20 years time this will be a policy everyone believes Reps instituted. How they did it during a time when the Dems were on control will be up for some debate but it’ll be blamed on Reps.

  10. With the amount of information shoved into people’s faces over the harm caused by smoking, and the addictiveness of nicotine, do the idiots in DC really think those smoking menthol cigarettes, or flavored cigars are just going to quit? Or, do those same idiots honestly believe people are so helpless that they can’t make their own choices in life?
    Is the irony lost on those pushing for tobacco to be outlawed or somehow forced out of use but then claim we should allow free use of marijuana or decriminalize or legalize other drugs?
    While a few of those proposing such foolishness are well intended, the majority are after nothing but more regulatory control and governmental control over every aspect of daily life.
    Control over what and how much you can eat or drink. Control over what you can drive and how far if at all you can travel. Where you can live. And soon who you can sleep with or live with.
    “But, it’s for your own good!!”. “Do it for the children” And, the ever popular, :”It’s the Republican’s fault!!” or ” It’s Trump’s fault!!”. And don’t forget the old stand by, “If it saves 1 life, it’s worth it!!”

  11. The sneaky busy bodies blow smoke hoping no one notices a bit more of your freedom is really what they are after. It’s either cigs, light bulbs, guns, etc. It’s in the DNA of democRats to run the plantation they way they want, their fix is cracking a whip so you slaves better stfu about those icicle sticks and get back to picking cotton.

    • Oh, DW…….cotton picking, cotton plantations are so, so, so 1800s yesteryear. Libturds started getting woke in the 1960s that there is vastly more wealth, power, control in Government than there ever was in cotton. Today’s plantation is the Government Plantation. And, they can tax the Productive Citizens (Income Taxes are the penalty for being Productive) to pay for the sow belly and collard greens, shanty shacks, and OBlunder/Xiden phones for Dwellers/Illegals…..and the Libturds still get all the black vote. And, not only are 95% of blacks back on the plantation, but now whites can be enrolled as Government Plantation Dwellers. Now that is PROGRESSIVE!!!!!

  12. The government should be limited to a 500-page book of regulations, one regulation to a page in 12-point type. Those would be the only regulations allowed for all subjects, services, bureaus, and departments. If they want to add a new reg, then they would have to remove an old one. Any regulation that cannot be understood by fourth graders would be automatically removed. Anyone constructing an obtuse or ambiguous reg would be lobotomized.

  13. I have a modest proposal: Make all cigarettes taste like shit — literally, I mean manure-flavored cigarettes, in your choice of dogshit, cat shit, cow manure, or horse manure.
    If people to continue to smoke, then it’s on them, the addicts, not the manufacturers of the nicotine-delivery device they’re addicted to. At least there would be fewer new people taking up smoking if they knew it was going to — literally — taste like shit.

    But some people would still take up smoking. Some would even take smoking shit-flavored cigarettes as a badge of honor; they’d say, “See, I’m a real man, a tough guy, because I can smoke dogshit-flavored cigarettes without even a grimace! This one is Rottweiler-flavored dogshit.”

    Just kidding, LOL. Sorry for the lame attempt at humor.

    • Even China realized 20 years ago the health costs of smoking far outweighed the revenue gained by taxing the product.

      The problem with Prohibition in the USA was it denied the Federal Government lots of tax revenues and funneled money into organized crime.

      I will admit I am a nonsmoker who finds the smell detestable, so please stay downwind of me if you really need to smoke.

      • They want that kind of organized crime again?, ban cigarettes then hide and watch.
        Besides it’s government, money or lives, money wins.

  14. FYI, Dan Zimmerman, it doesn’t help our cause at all to compare standard-capacity magazines with a product that kills 500,000 Americans every year (cigarettes).
    Let’s hope the lamestream media doesn’t get wind of this article, because the anti-gun lobby would love to compare guns (a product that saves lives) with cigarettes (a product that kills 500,000 Americans every year).

    Cigarettes (not guns) are the one and only product where, if used as intended, will kill the user. Cigarettes, if used as intended — will kill the person who bought them, and the longer they use the product, the more likely it is they will be rewarded by an agonizing death.

    Guns, on the other hands, save lives — as many as 700,000 and 2.5 million lives every year in America, if you count every DGU as a life saved. They also prevent rape, kidnapping, child abduction, carjacking, etc.

    • Tobacco doesn’t kill ANYONE. You know what killed those 500k? Five hundred thousand dipshits who never understood “breathe smoke bad no no”. Fuck those people.

  15. Pretty soon they’ll only have 10 cigarettes to a pack. No one needs high capacity packs that hold 20.

    It could have saved Eric Garner’s life guys.

    Also, lets not forget if you don’t vote for Joe and the Democrats you’re not black anyways so all those formerly black people who vote for someone else will magically turn into racist white people or house negros or uncle toms or oreos or something like that. I mean, why would black people want to vote for a party that Joe’s told them will put them back into chains?

  16. The need for control, in extreme cases, stem from deeper psychological issues such as obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety disorders or personality disorders. Control freaks are often perfectionists who never achieve perfection in themselves.

    For those who want a nanny Government that tells you what is best for you, stop being cheap and hire your own Nanny and pay for them. The rest of us can make our own decisions. Looking at you Communists, Socialists, and assorted other deranged individuals.

    • Storm trooper your post was hilarious. Now your trying to play psychologist when your sum knowledge of these subjects came from You Tube.

  17. I read this afternoon that the Biden administration is going to ban incandescent light bulbs-for the Earth, you know-and make everyone purchase LED bulbs. I do not smoke, but man, it makes me want to burn incandescent bulbs in the house, light up a smoke, and drive an eight-cylinder car. Just to piss ’em off

  18. I am not black but if I was and read this I’d be insulted at this infantilization, “you poor child like helpless dark people need have menthols taken away from you because us old white men know much better what’s good for you”. “ Just wait until we find some more laws to help you.”

  19. Lucky me. I have quite a large quantity of the compound they use to add the menthol to tobacco. As soon as it is banned, I’ll step up production, converting “legal” tobacco to menthol. I’ll use the proceeds to purchase even more ghost guns.

  20. On the one side of it hell yes lots and lots of people need weapons of war, weapons of deer hunting, weapons of home invader whacking, weapons of punching holes in paper at way the fuck out there distances, weapons of making a lovely clang or ding sound on a metal plate, weapons of teaching them dang blasted ducks and geese not to fly over and poop in my yard …

    But I never met a living person had any true need of tobacco.

    Been to a number of wakes and funerals for such folks that claimed they needed that shit, but that’s about all really.

  21. As I nderstand it MENTHOL cigarettes have been banned in most of the world for years and certainly in Europe as a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.
    I suppose I could do the research on the web as to exactly what that Public Health Issue is but then so can you.
    It’s NOT about the flavour that’s for sure. On a personal note years before they were banned in my neck of the woods I tried them a couple of times and had serious reactive ASTHMA attacks. It tried them more than once because I just wanted to make sure that it was not just smoking tobacco . Wa hat I do09 not understand is the fact thga AQmericans take each and every public health initiative and turn it into a POLITICAL debate usually with refernces to ‘COMMIES’ and ‘DEMOCRATS’ thus directlt conflating two diametrically opposed political viewpoints because the very last thing COMMUNISM is is DEMOCRATIC. But then again most Americans have no bloody idea as to what COMMUNISM is anyway.
    But back to the original point about limiting magazine capacity. I can see some point in that. once again as a ‘public health’ measure of sorts. I have spent most of my adult life around firearms being a Smallarms Instructor and Armourer in the UK Forces and would call myself a expert in most types of weaponry at least at to the use they are put too.
    Since discharge I have never had cause to either own or use any kind of weaponry except for a brief period when I joined a local .22 Indoor Range Club seen the and a couplr e of years when I did a bit of 12 gauge clay and rough shooting. Other than that I’ve never even seen a firearm in the possession of anyone but the Security and Police Forces.
    It maybe worth pointing out that even when the possession a of firearms was pretty much unlimitied in the UK prior to WW1 the Police Force remained unarmed. Less than ONE PERCENT of ordinary citizens found it nessessay to own firearms in any case with the exception of Shotguns in the countryside.
    By the way I joined the local ARMY CADET FORCE at the age of 13 [in 1952] and by the age of 16 I was qualified to UK ARMY MARKSMAN STANDARD of the LEE-ENFIELD .303 and the BREN LIGHT MACHINE GUN. and passed as COMPENTENT with the 9mm Sub-Machine Gun [the STEN Mk3 I believe] and the Webley and Scot Service Revolver -for all the good that piece of junk was .

    • Too ignorant to understand that ‘Democrat’ is just the title the party hides behind? The modern American version of the democratic party more closely resembles old school fascism in action. Communism has pretty much been replaced by fascism world wide. Billionaires saw to that. The left in this country have gone so far to the left that now they’ve popped up to the far right. They have more in common with the nazi’s and the klan than communism.

      • The only ignoramus happens to be you Jethro.

        Democrats gave us Social Security (to be precise it was actually presented to the Democrats by the American Communist Party) and now Soc. Sec. is as American as Apple pie.

        Medicare, Medicaid, aid to education, job retraining, school lunch programs and oh yes our entire Nations present Freeway system was done by the Democrats and was fought tooth nail and claw by the gangster criminal Republicans who actually said and I quote “We will not support the building of the freeways because its too expensive and no one would use them anyway”. As you can see Jethro the Republicans are as dumb as you, dumb as rocks.

        I could go on an on about voting rights for women and minorities, police reform, anti-pollution laws, expanded health care etc, etc, etc, and all introduced by the Democrats.

        • So you’re claiming fascism has been good to America? Remember, the dems founded the kkk and it was a dem that rounded up American citizens at bayonet point and put them in camps based solely on their race.

          Your lack of education is showing, herr dacian.

        • “We will not support the building of the freeways because its too expensive and no one would use them anyway”.

          Putting something in quotation shows a direct quote. Who are you specifically quoting? A radio persor actual politicians?

        • “…and now Soc. Sec. is as American as Apple pie.”

          That’s only because people are not motivated to plan for their future. They drink the socialist koolaid and believe that they can blow through their income, and then be happy on food stamps and Section 8 housing for 10-20 years after they retire.

    • A Hall —
      “As I nderstand [sic] it MENTHOL cigarettes have been banned in most of the world for years and certainly in Europe as a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.”

      Then so is tobacco of all forms. Why not ban cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff? Where does the all-powerful and all-knowing European Union stand on that?

      “Wa hat [sic] I do09 [sic] not understand is the fact thga [sic] AQmericans [sic] take each and every public health initiative and turn it into a POLITICAL debate usually with refernces [sic] to ‘COMMIES’ and ‘DEMOCRATS’ thus directlt [sic] conflating two diametrically opposed political viewpoints … ”

      Because you live in a country that forces socialized medicine on its people. Here in the US, most people feel that the government has no business in the private dealings between the patient and his doctor. Too often, though, the Democrats (or Commies if you prefer; the terms today are interchangeable) want to force health care initiatives on the people through government edicts. We’ve been through that several times in the US, the most recent abomination being the Unaffordable Care Act, and each time it becomes more and more obvious that government screws it up any time that they interfere with the private market.

      “But back to the original point about limiting magazine capacity. I can see some point in that. once again as a ‘public health’ measure of sorts.”

      I can hardly wait to read your rationalization of that. Might I refer you to researcher John Lott, an expert 2nd Amendment scholar who has studied the issue and compiled statistics to back his conclusions? You know how to Google.

      • to Alien, because you sure as hell do not live on this planet.

        Over 150,000 Americans die each year because they either cannot afford health care or life saving drugs. They often die like dogs in the street while Republicans step over their dead bodies and laugh all the way to the bank with bags full of blood money from Lobbyists who pay them off to protect the crooked drug and insurance companies.

        The U.S. is the only Industrialized Nation on the planet that allows the needless deaths of its own citizens because of blind greed and the resulting lack of affordable health care.

        • Citations please. You should be able to show a video of those evil repubs stepping over the bodies if it’s as common as you claim.

          And remind me. Who has the house, the senate and the oval office? Oh yeah, the dems. If people are still dying in the streets its on their watch.

        • dacian –And you think that government-run health care would be better?

          I’m sure you do. And you’re wrong.

          Government-run health care means government *controlled* health care. It means government *rationed* health care. It means *sub-standard* care.

          It means government intrudes on decisions between physicians and patients. It means government determines the costs of procedures paid to providers regardless of differences in regions or patient populations. It means millions of dollars lost in inefficient, wasteful bureaucratic regulation.

          Americans on the whole do not want government-run health care. The reactions to the deceit and manipulation involved in getting Obamacare passed proves that they don’t.

        • quote————-And remind me. Who has the house, the senate and the oval office? Oh yeah, the dems. If people are still dying in the streets its on their watch.————-quote

          Because Jethro you Moron the Republicans block every attempt to help the American people. Today it was announced they will fight Biden tooth, nail and claw to prevent Biden from reducing student loan debt. You can bet the banks were paying their prostitutes the Republicans big bucks to prevent this.

        • alien

          You are mouthing the same old lies from prostitute Republicans who work for the drug and insurance companies and take home wheel barrows full of cash to fk the American people out of affordable health care.

          Most Americans today wait often weeks and months to see specialists so your Capitalvanian Utopia is actually killing people.

          And a national health care program would not be an intrusion at all. The only thing it would do is prevent doctors and hospitals from ripping people off as well as preventing Insurance companies from getting out of paying the medical bills they promised to pay when people bought insurance. Those that could not afford insurance would get government help in paying their bills.

          In Germany and France they have layers of options from not signing up for the system at all to being totally on the system. And you can mix in insurance for extra options like a private room if you want to.

          Ok genius now I am going to give you just one example that proves you wrong 100 percent. An American woman working in France had a medical emergency. She was rushed to the French Hospital and singed just 1 piece of paper and saw a nurse, then a doctor immediately. She spent 1 night in the hospital. She expected an American style rip off bill of at least $3,000. Her bill from the French Medical System was $32.00 you read that right just $32.00. Now tell me we in Capitalvania do not need a National Health Care Plan.

        • Those evil republicans, the minority in the .gov, are stopping those noble dems from helping the American people? Which is more likely to be true, herr dacian? The dems are corrupt and their billionaires are lining their pockets or the dems are inept and couldn’t get the job done?

    • Is the DPRK a Democracy or a Communist country? Is the People’s Republic of China a Republic or a Communist State?

      Magazine capacities are not public health issues. Disease and sanitation are public health issues. Misuse of fireams by criminals are a criminal issue, not public health.

      To pretend criminal misuse of a firearm is a public health issue because of magazine capacity is disingenuous.

    • “Garlic crabs are next.”

      Do you roll them, or smoke them in a pipe? 🙂

  22. @alien
    “It means *sub-standard* care.”

    Au contraire, mes amis.

    It is settled science that society is better when everyone has little, rather than some have more. the struggle for more is the root of all unfairness, injustice and discontent. Ancient scripture tells us that the pursuit of more is the root of all evil. Life is uneven for humans, and governments are established to level things out. If everyone settled for less and less, governments would not need to provide more and more (think of the reduction in taxes that could be achieved).

    • Sam — your statement sounds … well, familiar. Now where have I heard that before? Hmm …

      *snaps fingers* Ah, yes, of course!

      “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

      • “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

        More like, “To each, at the pleasure of a ruling elite.”

  23. Well just to show Biden he doesn’t control me, I took a 30 round Magpul P Mag for .300 blk, ground it up and smoked it.


  24. Class….does anyone know why bureaucrats keep doing these control betterments for your own good? Anyone? Anyone? Because not one has been shot in their lifetimes for infringing others’ freedoms, rights, liberties. No personal responsibility, no accountability, no personal consequences, no confrontations other than keyboard commandos pounding their keyboards, no one has said “HELL, NO!!!!” and enforced it.

    They continue to do this shit because we all acquiesce, say “OK, GO AHEAD, you know better than I do what I need.” Thank you, Mommy.

    These jackasses are like bears. Once a bear is fed, they keep expecting more, and more, and more, becoming more aggressive to get “their more,” until one day they eat the source of “their more”……you. Hence, the reality…….a fed bear is a dead bear. And, so it is with these jackals….er, bears. They use the very freedoms which make America unique to take those freedoms away. Without personal consequences, personal accountability, personal repercussions, once they taste the freedom to destroy freedom, they will keep coming back to destroy more freedom, coming back to destroy more freedom, coming back to destroy more freedom…..until they destroy all the freedoms and consume the source of the freedoms…….or they are shot. History…..learn from it, be doomed to re-live it……..or die from it. There always is a bear…..a Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao, or Castro, or Chavez, or a young Communist jackasses, a Socialist/Elitist/One Worlder, a politician to consume your freedom. And, that, Boys and Girls, in a nut shell, is the WHY behind America’s Second Amendment’s “…..the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Our beloved national simpleton ole Forrest Gump’s meme says it all. “In 1776, the British demanded we surrender our firearms. We shot them.” Freedom is not free. Freedom is not passed to successive generations in the blood line. Freedom. Defend it or lose it. That is all. Class dismissed.

    • Why the dems ban menthol ciggies they will lose their black base. Making dems even weaker on voting day.
      keep up the great work Dems! Meanwhile back at the ranch…. looks like I’ll need to stock up on my Newports. Maybe the black market will be dealing in menthol cigs now?

  25. The geriatric dumb**s can’t even walk up a flight of stairs and gets lost at the white house and I’m supposed to believe he was “Walking up a creekbed”!

    Let’s start by taking away the Select Fire weapins and “High Capacity” mags from the Secret Service and see how he feels about that!

  26. Why do I get the feeling that the dems are soon to ban Boones Farm, MD 20-20 and Red Rooster wine, along with all the likker soon?


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