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By all reports, the new Joker movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is violent. If so, that would put it in very good company among much of the product Hollywood generates. But a group of Aurora survivors and family members — lead by anti-gun activist Igor Volsky — are taking the opportunity of the film’s premier to pressure Warner Brothers into somehow advocate for less “gun violence.” Or something.

A group of people whose loved ones witnessed or were killed in 2012’s Aurora theater shooting are calling on Warner Bros. to help combat gun violence as the studio prepares to release its rated-R comic book film “Joker.”

In a letter addressed to Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff and obtained by CNN, five family members and friends of victims of the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado ask the studio to “use your massive platform and influence to join us in our fight to build safer communities with fewer guns.” (Warner Bros., like CNN, is owned by WarnerMedia.)

“Over the last several weeks, large American employers from Walmart to CVS have announced that they are going to lean into gun safety. We are calling on you to be a part of the growing chorus of corporate leaders who understand that they have a social responsibility to keep us all safe,” the letter states.

Specifically, the letter calls on the studio to end political contributions to candidates who take money from the NRA and vote against gun reform, actively lobby for gun reform and make contributions groups that support survivors and aim to reduce gun violence.

– Sandra Gonzalez in Families of Aurora theater shooting victims ask movie studio to take action ahead of ‘Joker’ release thousands of new and used guns at great prices

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  1. Does this group really think that any of the major studios donate to pro-NRA politicians?! They’re even dumber than I thought if they really believe that! And they can forget them reducing “gun violence” in their films; that’s the only kind of movie that sells these days, and they’re not about to give up their green.

  2. I’ve seen the trailers for this movie. The only thing I can think to ask is, “Why would I waste my money and two hours of my life on that crap?” Instead my sister and I are taking Mom to see Downton Abbey. Not my cup of tea (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) but Mom likes it. Let these businesses know how you feel with your wallet.

    • Yeah, it’s been a loooong time since I’ve seen a movie preview that made me want to drop $15.00 a ticket to see in the theater.

    • I am excited to see it as it looks excellent.

      That said, is it actually worth $60 (gotta take the family) for seeing it now or $15 seeing it later?

      Most of the time it’s the latter.

      • Stream it from Redbox for five bucks, but movies are always better in the theater. If there’s a popular movie I want to see, I don’t wait for the second run theaters because no one can keep their spoiler mouths shut about it. I don’t even like watching previews for something I want to see because they often give away surprise twists in the movie.

  3. Since it was everyone’s favorite Democrat Tipper Gore who started a GOVERNMENT LOBBY campaign to censor music records, I’m not surprised to see more democrats wanting censorship. But that is not censorship according to Libertarians. This is just a PRIVATE company being asked by the public to change its policy.

  4. “Over the last several weeks, large American employers from Walmart to CVS have announced that they are going to lean into gun safety.”
    This sounds like they would be promoting the safe use of firearms. I’m down with that.

    “Specifically, the letter calls on the studio to end political contributions…” Oh, it’s really about politics, just like everything else these days.

    All they know is fewer guns and republicans. It’s funny how no one on the anti gun side will look into the actual root cause of violence.

    • “Emotions do not philosophical decisions make. Nor Constitutional ones.

      Ooooooh, but it *works*.

      Proof, the 15 year-old autistic girl terrified of *cough*, “Climate change”,*cough*.

      If Hollywood and and the FPS video game ever goes solidly anti-gun, our rights will be *doomed*.

      It’s a good thing for us their naked greed for money whispers louder in their ears than being good little Fascists goose-stepping in perfect sync to what their ‘Progressive’ betters wish they were.

      And I doubt it could happen, anyways, now that Sony owns a major studio. Japanese culture has no problem with sex and violence, considering how popular gun ranges are to Japanese folks on vacation in the USA… 🙂

      • You bring up climate change and I’m going to go off on what seems like a bit of a tangent here but it circles back around to the 2A as I wind through a few of points here. Apologies for the length.

        Some people get annoyed that I constantly harp about education and advertising and whatnot but here’s why I do that and climate change is a decent example:

        Gun control is all about power and so is climate change ‘keeping’ the 2A will at best by a pyrrhic victory if we lose the war somewhere else and climate change is a place that it could happen. If nothing else you’re not buying those totally legal guns with all the money you don’t have because AOC needed it to fight climate change.

        So, here’s the rub: For the sake of argument I’m going to concede nearly every point the climate change folks make and simplify the problem/solution enormously because IRL China and India won’t play ball, I’m going assume that the whole world unites behind something like the AOC *cough* plan here. So, for the sake of argument the Earth is warming alarmingly fast, it’s due to human activity, we know this, it’s fixable but we’re rapidly approaching the point of no-return. This is because of greenhouse gasses.

        Granting all that the proposed solutions are still stupid to the point of unworkability. Why? Because their “fix” has a few major problems that make it unrealistic (and unnecessarily expensive).

        First, they want to monkey around with a large and slowly changing system that we really don’t understand, the atmosphere. That’s problematic in and of itself because… understanding. But even if it works it’s a system we would have to massively ‘oversteer’ to get the desired outcome in the right amount of time and then we’d have to correct that. Based on what we know about how the planet works this could take up to 300,000 years. More if we fuck up and we probably will because, again, we don’t really understand the system as well as we’d like to think.

        On top of that we’re not the only driver here. Volcanoes will still erupt and we know they have a large impact on cooling and warming via putting both gasses and particulates into the atmosphere. This raises the serious possibility that even if we do everything perfectly, which we won’t, another Krakatoa comes along and ruins our plans shoving us too far and into another ice age which we can’t steer out of. This becomes unavoidable because, again, it’s a slow system to change even if you get it right there’s a huge delay between your input and the desired output because physics. We can’t just adjust our “temperature trend” tomorrow because of a volcano, the course is already set for us and now we have a huge problem.

        So… continuing to assume that they’re right… what’s the answer? ‘THERE IS NONE!’ cry some my friends at the university.

        Of course there is. One that’s cheap, effective, can be changed in a few weeks if need be and has a massive effect. It’s exactly the fine tuned ‘throttle’ this situation calls for, meaning it can deal with volcanoes or lack of volcanoes as well as increased solar output and decreased solar output too… and it’s been around since ~1960. Changing the Earth’s albedo. Ice does this on ours and other planets and the climate change folks scream that the melting of glaciers and ice caps, due to the change in albedo, is accelerating global warming. Snow does it too. All lighter colors move the albedo of the planet closer to 1.

        OK, so do what was proposed back in the 1960’s. Paint or otherwise color some uninhabited parts of the Earth white (or another light color) and reflect solar energy back to space thereby cooling the planet. If we’ve gone too far, turn over a bit of dirt with machinery and if we haven’t gone far enough color some more. It actually doesn’t take much of an area to make a pretty big difference. So, now like the throttle on a bike or car, you can not only accelerate to match traffic but stay at the appropriate speed as traffic slows and speeds up. On top of that we’re not playing with the atmosphere which means we don’t have to really work on balancing aerosols and dusts. We let nature take it’s course and if it takes us a couple extra decades to clean up the atmosphere to make everyone happy it doesn’t matter.

        Simple, effective, proven by physics, known for decades, observable on our planet and others in our solar system and adjustable on the fly. Nice.

        Why don’t people talk about this as a solution? Because the people running their mouths are manipulators and the people being manipulated are not well educated. If the people were reasonably well educated this manipulation wouldn’t and couldn’t work.

        Relationship to guns and the 2A? Well it’s exactly the same playbook the antis use for guns. Take advantage of the rubes, rubes they created by fucking up the school system. Both increase and centralize government power while enriching the elite at the expense of the rest of us. Both propose unnecessary and unworkable solutions to attain this.

        It’s time to start attacking the statists where they make their camp. Stop fighting them on ground of their choosing as Sam has said, and start picking the ground ourselves. Done right we take it right to their fucking doorstep and burn that house down around their ears.

  5. Let’s make communities safer by eliminating gun free zones, passing nationwide constitutional carry instead of encroaching even more on law abiding citizens rights.

  6. I haven’t been in a movie theater since 2004, but I watch over a hundred movies a year. At home. For at least a dozen excellent reasons.

    This upcoming Joker movie looks like it will be very good indeed, and I hope the studio doesn’t alter it or recut it just to mollify the critics. That said, I have to agree that the movie probably stands a fair chance of stimulating wackos to attack theaters.

    That doesn’t mean the movie should be suppressed. It means that we have a lot of evil wackos in the world right now, and they can be triggered by just about anything. If we censor everything in a futile attempt to stop wackos, there will be no culture left for normal people to enjoy. I’ll watch this new Joker movie when it comes out on DVD, just like I do all my movies.


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