Donald Trump speech at United Nations
U.S. President Donald Trump addresses the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
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After resisting the far-left wing of her party for months, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced yesterday that the House will initiate a “formal impeachment inquiry” against President Donald Trump. Whatever the motivation or justification for the House’s move — or its political effects — the announcement amounts to a declaration of all-out war by Dems against Tweeter in Chief.

The White House released the following statement in response to Pelosi’s move:

White House statement on impeachment

In just about every instance imaginable, less “legislative progress” on the part of the federal government is an unalloyed feature for the country, not a bug.

One of those legislative efforts that had been making — depending on you who you read and listen to — progress in recent weeks is the push to enact further restrictions on Americans’ gun rights after recent high profile shootings.

The latest word from those who allegedly know was that the White House was figuring out how to get behind not only a Manchin-Toomey background check bill, but also legislation that would incent more states to enact their own red flag confiscation laws. But with the latest broadside fired by Congressional Democrats, any cooperation that may have been going on is likely over.

Trump pecked out this tweet yesterday after Pelosi’s announcement . . .

If Trump was looking for an excuse not to inflame a good portion of his base of support who own firearms and care about Second Amendment rights, Trump was handed that excuse yesterday on a silver platter.

As Politico points out . . .

It had been five days since Chris Murphy had heard from the Trump administration on negotiations over expanding background checks on gun sales. On the sixth day, the Connecticut Democrat endorsed an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

The move sealed what many of Murphy’s colleagues had long suspected: That gun negotiations have fallen apart and may be impossible to resurrect now that the vast majority of House Democrats and a growing minority of Democratic senators are now calling for the president’s impeachment. The prospect of cutting a deal with the president that was at odds with the NRA was always a long-shot, but now it seems downright implausible for Trump to negotiate on guns with Democrats seeking to oust him from office.

Lawmakers like to talk about walking and chewing gum at the same time, but Murphy acknowledges that the march toward impeachment “may temporarily be the end of the road for a lot of legislative initiatives,” including his.

May? Why would Trump stick his neck out to work with Senate Democrats on bills that are guaranteed to piss off a lot of MAGA hat-wearing die-hards when the people on the other side of the negotiating table are openly working to remove him from office?

[I]t was evident Democrats weren’t going to bide their time on impeachment just because Trump hadn’t officially closed the door on guns. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) had also been discussing a firearms package with Republicans that would expand red flag laws, but he too came out for impeachment proceedings on Tuesday.

Blumenthal was less bearish than Murphy, but he’s also less intimately involved with Trump, who has repeatedly assailed Blumenthal on Twitter over the past three years.

“Whatever our stance on impeachment or the whistleblower complaint, we should be moving forward,” Blumenthal said.

What color is the sky in Da Nang Dick’s world?

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  1. say what you want about Trump but he’s got more balls than any Republican president in recent memory. Even the Gipper backed off on some things.

    Impeachment is not going to happen. Let them burn dollars and sense (SIC) on it.

    • If this goes down like Watergate Trump will do something that Nixon didn’t. Clinton tried but lost because he in fact WAS guilty of perjury.

      He’s going to MAKE the opposition prove their case in court.
      He’s not going to resign, no matter what, not even if he has to pay his own legal fees.

      Trump will spend jail time over his decisions if need be.

      All of that will prove to the American voter what ends either party will go to to defeat the other side.

      Good. We need that.

      Nixon thought he was doing the best thing for the party. History proved that not to be the case.

      • All he needs to do is say those two words that underscore our American Jurisprudence:

        “Prove it.”

        • “Does the Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry Doom Gun Control Bills?” Most likely, at least those that seek to ban certain firearms, magazines, or impose other onerous regulations on prospective buyers and those who already own firearms. Pelosi’s latest move does nothing to further the impeachment of Trump but it does further tie up the committees in the US House and will make it difficult for them to find the time to deal with much else. Since there is nothing new in the latest “Impeachment Inquiry” other than trying to keep the Leftists amped up, it merely buys the dems some time and provides an opportunity to try to do some much-needed fundraising. There’s been no vote taken on anything in the House and there likely won’t be…

      • Could this be a misdirection move? Look at the impeachment circus while we shove gun control laws down the public’s throat. That most almost always works, watch the left hand while the right hand does the dirty work. Our elected Republican representatives ,busy raising money, always fall for it, I say beware! and be watchful.

    • GS650G, The only problem with your logic is, those are just more tax dollars and more wasting of the American people’s time. When the fuck are the Democrats actually going to get anything done and start earning their keep? They’ve milked their “Trump Derangement Syndrome” too long and I for one am getting sick and tired of coddling their little spoiled child emotions. It’s way past time that they actually legislating and doing what their candy-asses were elected to do! Congressmen should be paid piecemeal, the more actual work they accomplish, the more money they make. Work all year with one two week vacation in the summer like the rest of us and they get paid what they’re promised, Fuck off and malinger like they have been doing for the last 3+ years and they Don’t get paid. After all, what would you get paid if you continuously fucked around 75% of the time you were being paid to work? I think you know the answer to that question…

  2. I never would have thought the dems would be this stupid. You always want to believe that though the rank and file were filled with kool aid drinkers and the mentally ill some one at the top had a real plan to put themselves in power. Now it appears that the inmates run the asylum.

    The left has truly self destructed.

    • I knew they were a completly lost cause when they pulled the Kavanaugh crap. It was such a disgustingly, vile attempt to slander someone they were in fear of being in a place of power.
      It solidified my understanding of what they were all about and where they were headed.

      Since then, they have jumped right off the cliff of sanity over and over again.

      • The Kavanaugh hearing was when I decided to vote for Trump next time around. Not because I like the guy (I like some things he does), but because the professional left of this country pulled back the mask and showed themselves to be far more evil than I had ever even imagined.

        • “the professional left of this country pulled back the mask”

          This will be Trump’s greatest legacy.

        • @Eric… that, and exposing just how baked in the collusion between media and the left has become. And to be fair, it’s not like I was skipping along before Trump thinking that all these things were just hunky-dory. I’ve been a conservative (a real one, not a conservative who conserves conservatism over there at the Bulwark) for my whole life, and I’m not an idiot. But there’s something about Trump that has just made the roaches stand up in the light to dance their crazy out instead of scurrying off into the dark like they used to.

    • jwm,

      It hit me like a ton of bricks a few days ago: virtually everyone (at least 90% and I think closer to 96%) of the population only cares about pleasure, comfort, laziness, and passion. Facts, reality, and logic are wholly irrelevant.

      In this case Democrats have completely given themselves over to their passions. Here are some of those passions:
      (1) political power
      (2) uniform group-think
      (3) self-hatred
      (4) victimhood
      (5) helplessness

      and, of course

      (6) Trump hatred (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

      Perhaps most importantly, why shouldn’t Democrats give themselves completely over to their passions? They never seem to pay any significant price for it.

      At this point I am trying to figure how to capitalize on this situation.

      • They’ve never paid the price before because they’ve never engaged a man like Trump before. The dems are actively engaged in trying to overthrow the legal .gov of this country. And Trump is just out there enough to call the military in on them if they get close to success.

        Keep a large supply of your favorite beverage and popcorn handy.

      • “Perhaps most importantly, why shouldn’t Democrats (and all political Leftists) give themselves completely over to their passions? They never seem to pay any significant price for it.”

        As for proof, see the 15 year-old autistic girl whimpering about ‘Climate Change’ and the *thunderous* applause she gets for little act.

        “At this point I am trying to figure how to capitalize on this situation.”

        *TOMORROW*, schedule the next election day as a vacation day. Between now and then, talk to people who think like you do. Offer to give them a ride to the polls. Maybe even buy ’em a lunch and beers after voting. Get 2, 3, 4 or more folks like that, you will have made a difference…

    • Why do you think they are stupid? If you can taint biden, you get to push a novelty candidate (first woman president!!!!) and pander to the indentitarians and such without pooping in the cheerios of the ~30% of the base backing biden. He just got tianted by trying to impeach Trump like you asked.. so now you ahve to back the party or the orange monster will consume us all!!!!!!! wargharble.

      Everyone assumes this is about eliminating Trump when it is entirely plausible it’s about internal infighting and manipulating the rank and file.

    • They’ve been using the crazies to advance their agenda, even egging the crazies on. But they really might be losing control.

      Regardless of who is in the driver’s seat, the more time the House Dems spend shooting themselves in their collective foot, the less time they will have to spend on passing disastrous legislation.

  3. Truly amazing part of all this is when this blows up in their face, the dems will blame Trump for the fallout. They remind me of Elmer Fudd in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, they take the cigar let him light it and then act shocked when it turns out to be a stick of dynamite painted brown.

    • I envision Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown to kick.

      Hook, line, and sinker Nancy!

      I wonder if any Demwits will ever suffer an attack of introversion, and wonder if they are being played like a fiddle?

      I can just see President Trump giggling himself to sleep at night, after having another fun-filled day watching Pelosi spank herself and her party of fail.


  4. jwm, you didn’t think them dems could be this stupid? Since the Johnson administration what behaviour have they displayed that would cause you to think that?

    • I’ve always figured that a few evil bastards at the top were taking advantage of the damaged minions to further their evil agenda.

      Now it appears that the top is just as damaged as the rank and file.

      • I think the top (Pelosi) in this case has been taken over by the rank and file (Squad – AOC, Omar, Tlaib, etc.). Anyone notice how we haven’t heard for months from the usual screamers like Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, Chuckie Schumer, etc.? They’ve been pushed to Page 3 and their younger media darlings have been given all the airtime. Well, now they have what they’ve been yelling for, so let’s see how well that egg lands on their faces.

      • Jwm:Based on how this has played out so far I think that you were right but now the group of people at the bottom has gotten large enough to reach critical mass and the people at the top have lost control of the monster.

        Brit Hume seems to think that Pelosi made an announcement that changes nothing, basically repeating what Nadler said a couple weeks ago. She didnt commit to a vote or anything. As such it’s a move to placate the hard Left while protecting vulnerable democrats from having to actually put their name to a vote.

        My immediate reaction to that was to wonder with folks like “the squad” would let themselves be outflanked like that, which I rather doubted. Not because they’re so smart and savvy but because they’re “gimmie gimmies” that, with a tweet, can launch a fair number of foot soldiers.

        There’s an inherent danger in telling people what they want to bear when you have no ability or desire to deliver. When they want big-ly it’s a problem, as the GOP found out about the ACA.

    • I’m beginning to wonder if the Democrats have been infiltrated by another group even crazier than they are. Scientology managed to infiltrate a number of government agencies in the 1970s to destroy documents about them. Now they’ve taken that approach to a new level?

  5. Here’s what I get from this.
    Democrats are pissed that nothing they have done has resulted in anything.
    Russian collusion? Nope. Trying to take down Kavanaugh? Nope.
    So this is last ditch.
    I don’t personally like Trump all that much but he was the lesser of 2 evils at the time of the election years ago.
    Now it’s gonna get nasty on both sides. Well, nastier than it’s been.

  6. The Senate won’t convict Trump. The Democrat-created “Impeachment Boogeyman” is just another Leftist charade. “Gun Control” bills weren’t going to pass anyway. Since the Republican controlled Senate has to put Trump on trial and can summon anyone they want to testify, an Impeachment trial might become a dirt mine Mother Lode on Democrat corruption and scheming…which might not be a bad thing in the long run…

    • Really good point! Hunter Biden called and asked what his expertise in natural gas is and what his pipeline expertise is and given that how is he worth 50,000 per month to anyone.

    • The impeachment thing was always a gamble.

      The goal was to keep that pot simmering but never let it boil so that it was a issue to motivate the base to get out and vote. The problem seems to be that leadership underestimated other member’s desire to see the pot boil.

      • The R’s impeached Clinton in the House.

        How did that politically impact W.J. Clinton after?

        It made him *stronger*, and a hero to the Leftists.

        Prediction – They will ignore history, and act all confused when it bitch-slaps them in the face *hard*…

        *snicker* 😉

    • BTW – to convict the President of an Impeachment crime and remove him from Office requires a 2/3 supermajority vote in the Senate (67 votes). That has a snail’s chance on a salt block of happening. And if it did, then VP Pence becomes President. A lose-lose for the Dimocrats (sp intentional). I wonder if Schumer and Pelosi have a daily morning conference about “What can we do today to convince everyone else how utterly stupid we are?”.

  7. Dems never really wanted to work with Trump on anything to begin with. All they want is a rallying cry for their ignorant followers. If they passed bipartisan firearm legislation, then who are they going to blame for the next big shooting? The shooter? Yeah right. USMCA legislation is ready to go and supported by democrats. What’s the hold up? They don’t want to give Trump a win. It isn’t about the American people. It never was. It’s about power.

    There was a big rebound in favor of Trump and republicans after the Russia farce. They can’t keep this farce going for over a year. That could mean another rebound in favor of Trump ahead of the 2020 election. It’s funny that no one in congress has even seen the call transcript or the complaint. They wanted to get out ahead with narrative creation before the facts came to light. How can anyone vote for these jokers?

  8. A successful Impeachment will not happen. It should happen, it needs to happen, but the votes simply are not there in the Senate. It is possible the House will bring the indictment, but conviction in a Senate trial is a pipe dream.

    No, America’s con-artist, supreme narcissist, utterly incompetent, dictator loving, golf cheating, woman hating, wannabe authoritarian ruler sack of excrement euphemistically referred to as “The President” likely has four more years coming his way. The Republic will survive it, but not without damage and continuing disgrace that will take years to recover from.

    Will it derail attention from anti-gun stupidity in Congress?

    Don’t know, but I hope so.

    • “America’s con-artist, supreme narcissist, utterly incompetent, dictator loving, golf cheating, woman hating, wannabe authoritarian ruler sack of excrement euphemistically referred to as “The President” likely has four more years coming his way.” Which one of those is an impeachable offense? Oh yeah, none. TDS on full display here. Don’t tell anyone but word on the street in China is that not only does he not hate women, he actually likes them a little too much!

      • You can’t argue with the commie TDS retards. You can just hope they all take up the new “climate change” plastic bag challenge.

        • Soon it will be paper bag challenge over here with the pending plastic bag ban and the results will likely be even uglier.

        • Fun fact, the primary reason for why California has a “human shit in the streets” problem is because they banned the free plastic bags that homeless people used to use as portable toilets. Now, they just take a dump on the sidewalk. Great job commies, you traded a minor problem with easily recyclable plastic waste for a major problem of Typhus and Cholera.

    • “…con-artist, supreme narcissist, utterly incompetent, dictator loving, golf cheating, woman hating, wannabe authoritarian ruler…”

      And this is different from other presidents how?

    • “. It should happen, it needs to happen, but the votes simply are not there in the Senate. ”

      Just because you don’t like him, his antics, policies or tweets doesn’t mean it needs to happen.

      There are real rules in place concerning impeachment. He hasn’t violated them as far as we know. The last 3 presidents might have, certainly Clinton did, but telling 62 million people they don’t get to keep who they voted for is a really big deal.

    • “A successful Impeachment will not happen. It should happen, it needs to happen, but the votes simply are not there in the Senate. ”

      Yet another person that doesn’t have a single clue how our legal system works in this regard.

      Here, read this before saying anything else stupid.

    • But withholding $250 million in arm shipments to the Ukraine, until he had a personal phone call and asked for a favor from Ukraine, it’s an abuse of power.

      Hey, you got a nice looking country here Ukraine, be a shame if something happened to it. So anyway, I got ask a favor. Can you investigate my political opponent in the upcoming election, you know what I mean?

      Trump used $250 million in taxpayer funded defense appropriations to the Ukraine to pressure the Ukraine to conduct a public investigation of already debunked charges against the Bidens, all for political gain.

  9. The Marxist left is insane over Trumps presidency,he is living rent free in their empty heads,anythings possible.

  10. Unbelievably stupid move on the Dems part. Trump has done wonders economically, and the Dems has shown everyone that the only thing that they stand for is they are the anti-Trump party. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump wins about 45 states in the next election. Using the political tactics their using is like going into a gunfight and they’ve forgotten to load their guns with any bullets.

    • The Dimms show up to a gunfight and place their guns on the ground and wait for them to begin fighting each other.

    • They’re sloppy and careless because they’re used to having 90% of the media on their side to push the narrative. With fair reporting, it would be a different “story.” Take this latest example. The media is reporting the Biden corruption story as a conspiracy theory despite there being actual video evidence of Biden admitting it. They are reporting the Trump corruption story as fact before the transcripts or complaint were even released.

  11. Yesterday it was reported Trump called Pelosi and discussed what to do about gun control. So the subject is still very much alive.

  12. “What color is the sky in Da Nang Dick’s world?”

    WGAFF what color the sky is in a Leftard dick heads world.

  13. The conversation with the Ukrainian President is now unclassified. You can see it at Daily Caller. I just read it. There’s even more ammo in there for Trump. Hilarious! President Zelenskyy even said he wanted to “restore the honesty.”

  14. THIS IS GREAT! The Dems are in full TDS meltdown. Impeach the President for what exactly? Have you noticed they talk about impeachment but forget the details?. As always, Facts matter. I want to know why Booker, Gillibrant, Warren and the others are not being investigated for violating 18 USC 241. They are conspiring to violate your second amendment rights as well as violating their oath of office to uphold the constitution. . Nothing is being done. MAGA 2020.

    • Wally1,

      As always, Facts matter.

      No, facts most certainly do not matter to 96% of the population. And the proof is in your next two sentences!

      … Booker, Gillibrant, Warren and the others are not being investigated for violating 18 USC 241. They are conspiring to violate your second amendment rights … Nothing is being done.

      No one is prosecuting Booker, Gillibrand, and Warren because facts — such as black-and-white violation of laws — do not matter.

      Pleasure, comfort, laziness, and passion are all that matters to 96% of the population, including the ruling class (e.g. politicians, bureaucrats, and prosecutors). In this case the ruling class has an immense passion for power. Of course prosecuting themselves for usurping power is against their own passionate quest for power so it will never happen.

  15. Told you with trump gun control would go back burner. He would take the heat for this to happen. Better have his back or your guns are history.

    • Everybody is upset with Trump over guns and I don’t agree with his new anti stances, but we have to remember it could have been Hillary. We at least have something with which to work.

  16. President Trump uses Twitter on the democrats like I use a red dot laser with my cat. (The cat demands I use it at least once day.) Trump uses his red dot and runs the democrats right into the wall. BAM!

  17. Thing is the impeachment is business as usual with a new name. There are partisan committees already “investigating” and accusing. They will just continue.
    My prediction is that this circus will continue until the election. The house will vote, then the socialist will demand a snap vote by the senate. If that doesn’t happen the socialist will drag the issue into 2021 in the hope the President won’t be elected or the Senate gets a leftist majority

  18. Keep in mind…. what is going on now is not an impeachment. That requires an actual vote. This is just an Inquiry started by the Speaker, which they are calling and Impeachment inquiry. It gives the media a chance to chant “Trump is being impeached” when they have not reviewed a single fact.

  19. The Senate is under no obligation to have a trial.

    I doubt anything on the Democrat agenda gets done. No gun legislation and maybe no budget.

    Democrats can’t help themselves. We are watching a slow political suicide of the Democrat Party. They split before 2024.

  20. Can you be reelected after being impeached? That would be funny as hell to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

    • Yes, yes you can. An impeachment is not a conviction. Even if removed (cold day in hell), Trump could run again and win again.

  21. Wonder if he ever tore the label off a mattress? That would be enough to trigger the democrats into the corner that they have painted themselves. After Trump gets voted in by a landslide this time, will they understand? Bet they don’t? And what in their rabid ass mine do they think us Trumpers will treat their president if they ever get another into the office any better than they have treated Trump hopefully we will never know!

  22. I thought Trump was going to throw us under the bus again and he did. House Speaker Pelosi said yesterday before she announced the impeachment inquiry that Trump was close to submitting several gun control proposals to the House for consideration. Trump already said he did not care what us as pro-2A communty thought about his gun control proposals he was going to do it anyway. It does not matter how much we support Trump for his somewhat pro-2A stance he does not care and does what ever other politician does. And it is not a real impeachment until the House passes a resolution of impeachment, which it has not.

  23. Trump SHOULD be impeached for his bump stock ban EO and ordering Barr to play lobbyist instead of do his job.

  24. Well the transcript just came out from that Ukraine call and it looks just like two world leaders making small talk and congratulating each other on winning their elections…. So yet another nothing burger that will blow up in the dems’ face and then disappear from the media by this time tomorrow.

  25. I’ve been saying this ever since the day the story broke, and I’m sticking with it: It’s a set-up.

    The “unidentified” whistle-blower is a straw-man following instructions. His job is to plant the story, throw out some red meat to the media and the Dems and get them worked up into full attack mode. This does a couple of things, beyond just making the Dems and media look like idiots–

    It defuses all the talk of impeachment, once and for all. Once the story proves to be empty, the Dems will have so much egg on their face they will never try it again.

    It makes the media look like complete idiots for not digging into the story before jumping all over it, and it does it with finesse. A fake story for the fake media– what could be finer?

    It brings the Hunter Biden sludge up to the front page. All that crap was covered a long time ago, but it’s gone dormant. Sooner or later, the last bona fide journalist is going to find out what the Hunter Biden crap is all about, and old Jokin’ Joe gets smeared with seven layers of his own shit. Knocks him out of the prez race and Trump crushes Minnie HaHa Warren for four more years.

    So, there is no “whistle-blower”, there is no crime. What we do have is the most beautifully engineered political frame-up I’ve seen in a long time.

    Stay tuned.

  26. You know, President Trump does two things I don’t like. Use twitter and get into arguments with people that don’t matter. Moving forward if he does nothing else BUT those two things he has my full support.

    • Yes it will. It will destroy the left and guarantees Trump four more years to continue loading the courts. And the left is complicit in their own destruction. Comedy gold that.

  27. The democrats are lying to everyone yet again, nothing has changed from last week or last month. In order for the House to start official impeachment proceedings they must have a vote on it and it must pass. That obviously never happen, so it is all a show and the media is playing right along.

  28. Nancy needs to remove herself from all offices and leave this country and sign herself into a nuthouse better yet a short piece of rope and a tall tree is best.

  29. So, does this mean that we are not getting The Hearing Protection Act and National Reciprocity?

    (sarcasm implied)

    • Does Posse Comitatus ring a bell. Trump cannot call up the military against citizens of this country. Even those lowlifes to try to pass themselves off as Democrats.

  30. “Why would Trump stick his neck out to work with Senate Democrats…”

    Because Donald Trump is an empty vessel who has before fallen on his own sword with coaxing from the democrats.

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