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Is that a gun or are you happy to see me?  That might come as a question for S.E. Moore as he sends in his “Date Night Carry” ensemble.  Via Everyday Carry, of course.

He’s got a SIG P938, a six-shot, single-stack 9mm pistol carried in an Ultimate Holsters Inside the Waistband tuckable rig.  Points for tuckable concealment.  If you’re not looking for those clips, you would never know there’s a gun there.

Maybe that’s why Mr. Moore doesn’t carry a reload.

He does carry some Rugged & Dapper lip balm.  Okay, I bit.  I followed the link.  It’s a fair bit more than a tube of Chap Stick.  But hey, the name’s worth it!  Rugged and Dapper.  Who doesn’t want to be rugged and dapper?

He writes:

Date night with the wife. Have to keep it light. No printing on this summer evening with the P938 & Holster. Everything else goes into the Maxpedition micro organizer.

Speaking of rugged, SE’s got himself a Gerber Dime miniature multi-tool, along with a Streamlight stylus and a Microtech Ultratech auto knife.   The perfect tool for cutting off tags from Victoria’s Secret treats.  Because nothing says “I love you” like some sweet and sexy lingerie.  He’s even got a light for all those dark spaces.  Under the covers, of course.  Scratch that.  He’s married.  He’s seen it all before.

In my mind, the jury’s out on the Maxpedition pocket organizer.   I’ve got one but it stays in the car as a grab and go when I need a small pad, pen and some extra business cards.  But I could see it holding miscellaneous stuff in a neat and tidy fashion.




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  1. My date night carry is a paper sack duct tape , nose plugs, ear muffs and a Meat Cleaver

    • I snorted coffee right out my nose.

      Reminds me of that meme. “Duct tape. Turning no, no, no, into mmmmmfff, mmmmfff since the late ‘80’s.

    • You remind me of a friend of mine.

      Any time some girl he had no interest in took an interest in him he’d eventually ask her “Hey, you wanna go someplace where your cell phone doesn’t work and no one can hear you scream?” just to run them off.

      I always told him one day he’d get some girl who was seriously turned on by that and then he’d be in trouble.

      I suspect you’ll fare better, clever and whatnot at the ready.

  2. Well, looks like a 7 course meal planned. Lol. At least he doesn’t have glow in the dark condoms just in case she can’t find him when he blows out the candles.

    • that’s a plus1 so, seven. found a spare in my jacket i had forgotten about. need to keep track of these things. had that pocket tailored in for a p380 in the 80’s, if i put the 938 in there i can’t zip it up. something has changed as the sig is thinner than the zymak davis pos.
      nice sig.

  3. What’s this “date night” you speak of? Seems like I vaguely remember something about that 13 years ago, before the wife and kids.

  4. Do you carry on a first date?
    If you like her and she turns out to be an anti gun liberal you may have blown your chances if she finds out you are carrying.
    I always had a loaded gun in the nightstand, When I brought home a girl I was concerned, should I tell her not to touch my gun or just hope she is satisfied with my inside the pants gun.

    • Why lie on the first date? I figured on hitting tough and awkward questions early – saves time. Worked for me, ymmv

  5. Sig 938, I love mine!
    There are factory 6 and extended 7 round magazines for $48.
    You can also use Kimber Micro 9 eight round magazines ($25) in the Sig 938.
    They work perfectly and only extend another half inch.

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