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Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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Democrats held a rally on Capitol Hill yesterday to help the push for passage of ever more gun control laws. One of the speakers, Connecticut Senator ‘Da Nang’ Dick Blumenthal, likened the effort — seeking to impinge on Americans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, an enumerated civil right — to the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.

Because that’s what democracy looks like. Or something.

Chris Murphy and I are both from Connecticut. … And we are haunted every day by what we saw at Sandy Hook, as are so many of you who have seen it first hand. And I want to say thank you to the loved ones, to the families, to the survivors who are here today. We’re gonna be hearing from you. You are carrying photographs.

Newtown Action Alliance is here represented by Po Murray. Many other groups from Connecticut and elsewhere. I want to say thank you for building this movement. It is just like that civil rights movement. It is being led by people all over the country who have the courage to say enough is enough. Enough is enough. Enough is enough.

You know, we are preaching to the choir. But just like the preacher who was asked, “Why are you preaching to the choir?” he said, “I want to hear them sing!” So we are hearing you sing. This is what democracy looks like to Mitch McConnell.

You know, he prides himself on saying he’s the grim reaper. Do your job! Do your job!

And we are gonna pass HR 8. It may not be tomorrow. But with your help, we’re gonna do it. That assault weapons ban, there was a hearing this morning. We’re gonna pass an assault weapon ban! Those weapons of war…belong on the battlefield! Not in our classrooms or on our streets! …

This sunlight out here…is the best disinfectant. We need to show that corruption for what it is. Money going to your elected representatives from the gun lobby to vote their way. We are ending that corruption! We are going to pass measures that the American people want because this is what democracy looks like. Thank you for being here and we are going to do our job.

– Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal at a gun control rally on Capitol Hill yesterday thousands of new and used guns at great prices

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    • Democrats put the KKK on the Supreme Court to push gun control. Every single case Hugo Black decided on needs to be reevaluated, not just US v. Miller.

      • yep the only difference these days is that they use handouts to keep them in check rather than threat of violence… and in doing so reduce them to mere shells of who they could be… killing self respect and pride in achievements… gets them more involved in criminal activities in part due to boredom. Just another form of genocide though a slow form

    • Gun control was an integral part of Jim Crow.

      The history of gun control in North America is the history of violent White supremacism and the efforts of its proponents (mostly Democrats) to create for themselves a “safe working environment”.

      The advocates of racially invidious gun controls are the inheritors of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Byron de la Beckwith.

    • Yeah gun control was originally put into place after the civil war, by democrats, to keep negros from owning guns, they were afyof armed negros.

      • We need to treat Dick B with the respect he deserves. After all, he was a Navy SEAL door gunner on the Space Shuttle, right? At least that’s the way HE tells it.

        • I agree and I endeavor to regale that cockbreath, lyin ass, piece of whale shit, valor stealing, child molester looking, scum guzzling, ass wipe all of the PROPER respect that he deserves and I am proud to be able to say that I am just one of the hundreds of thousands of Viet Nam Veterans who were fortunate NOT to have had the misfortune of serving with this creepy fuck during any one of the many non-tours of duty that this assole did not serve in the RVN.. I hope I am not projecting TOO much disdain for this shitstain but the very knowledge of his continued existence makes me physically ill…

    • Would that be the same Civil Rights movement that the “Progressive” Dems fought AGAINST with such great effort for so long…

      • Yes it is. Till LBJ (President Johnson) decided they were going to lose, and pushed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He knew they were beaten, so he co-opted them. He even said something about “200 Years” if I remember correctly.

        If you listen to the LBJ tapes (He recorded everything in the Oval Office.) he’s the worse racist ever to sit in the office in modern times. Then they developed the myth of the “Southern Strategy”, hung it on Nixon that he was “covertly” signaling the remaining racists in the South, and Republicans were the “Racists”.

        The Democrats lost the South because they went Left, and conservative religious people especially, left them. No racism involved. They just took the graft of yore, turned it into “Welfare”, and locked people into poverty.

        In my state, if you earn over $450 a month BEFORE taxes, your public assistance drys up. You can work 20 hours a week at near minimum wage and hit that in a month. Then instead of $277 in food stamps and medical insurance, Section 8 housing, you get about $120 dollars in food stamps (I know, SNAP.) and no medical. Why would you work? You get a pittance in cash, you lose other benefit, nobody is going to hire you into a better paying job with no work history most places. So you are trapped.

        So the Democrats set up a “Plantation” without walls, work, or an overseer. Check any housing project to see how it’s turning out. Learn to dodge bullets first though.

  1. Angry Democrats upset they lost out on Civil Rights decades ago want to punish not only the armed minorities but also the abolitionists who armed them.

  2. ‘Da Nang’ Dick likened the effort to undermine the 2nd amendment to the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.

    He is pretty much correct. The Dems were on the wrong side of that too. KKK, JIm Crow laws, ETC.

  3. What that idiot forgets is that many involved in the civil rights movement armed themselves. It could be very dangerous work as three young men in Mississippi found out one night.

    • Interesting that Vladskie hasn’t been seen hereabouts for awhile. Maybe TTAG finally cracked down on the worst of the trolls. For example, beginning a couple of weeks ago the username Pg(two) – insert the number for the word “two” – is now verboten and any comment you post containing his name will be immediately deleted by the filters. Same with a couple of other former usernames.

  4. He’s right. The Second Amendment is a civil right – so everyone trying to restrict our civil rights is exactly like those who opposed Civil Rights in the 1960s and 1970s. Odd position for them to be in I would guess…Every Amendment Counts.

  5. The civil rights movement was to ensure all Americans got the rights guaranteed to them under the constitution and the bill of rights. The gun control movement is designed to take away the right of Americans to own a firearm and defend their home and freedom . It’s like saying my happiness is more important than yours, so go f**k yourself . Just another step to the eventual new slavery being brought to America.

  6. How typical. Not only wrong, but the exact opposite of right.

    You really have to work hard at being the exact opposite of right all the time.

  7. Blumenthal, you Orwellian bastard. Yeah, taking away the civil rights of 150-200 million gun owners is just like the civil rights movement of the 60’s.

    What a loathsome toad.

  8. Dumbocrats hate you. Especially poor colored folks. They haven’t changed since the 1860’s…General Sherman anyone???

  9. I hope its a freaky weird coincidence that as I opened this page and saw his face I said “Man how much Botox did this guy inject?!” and the commercial add between the article was for Botox to treat migraines….

    Dear government spybox, Trump 2020….. that is all….

  10. A country that regards the safety of its citizens as a fundamental civil right is perfectly reasonable. The problem with this is when one side seizes upon a false cause for threats to that right, battles against that false cause for decades and evolves into vast exaggerations and hyperbole of the false cause. To the point that in time the false cause argument is now against the very means of defending that fundamental civil right, human right of self defense, while ignoring the root cause of the threats to it.

    Corruption is not simply about money or the structured, purity tested ideology of a political party. There is also the corruption of Reason found with a mob. There are topics where this is seen in all political factions, including Republicanism, Tea Partyism, Libertarianism and any other you can name. There are no clean hands in this arena.

    The natural human right of self defense, the enumerated right of the Second Amendment, is a Civil Right that needs defending.

    The Human Violence we see in our Republic is a threat to that because it triggers in some people a false cause reaction and the growth of a movement based upon false cause reasoning that has metastasized into an unthinking, self perpetuating myth spouting political movement.

    While the pro-gun side should pursue their goals along the Enumerated Right, Civil Right line of reasoning, I doubt this will succeed in the long term. What would have a greater chance of succeeding would be for our side to focus and promote solutions on the Human Violence root causes. There are many techniques and methodologies for violence prevention, none being anti-gun. Our side should be lobbying for these approaches, including proposing specific legislation, publicizing studies, making the Human Violence topic the real issue as our first priority.

    Sadly the pro-gun side carries with it so many rabid conspiracy theorists and cowardly fear filled reactionaries, their politics ends up being self-defeating. They demonize the very solutions that are needed to reduce Human Violence and reduce those terrible events that feed False Cause Mob Reasoning reaction that threatens our rights.

    Which is a big part of why eventually our gun rights are more likely to erode away, slowly over a long period of time, than to continue expanding and being protected.

    • You’re over-thinking this.

      The traditional American values of morality and liberty that built this country are sufficient. Ironically, they’ve brought us to a place of such great safety and prosperity that the demagogues must manufacture their terrors, and Americans have largely fallen for the ploy.

      I don’t know about you, but I find myself choking on the last stanza of our national anthem. “Free”—less and less; “Brave”—….

  11. (“And we are haunted every day by what we saw at Sandy Hook”) And I am haunted by the fact that this Valor stealing, lying, Chester the Molester looking, scumsucking, low life, piece of garbage, shitstain will somehow find a way to fuck up my day by finding another way to insert himself into another public matter and show up on my TV or in one of my news feeds.. As a United States Marine AND a Viet Nam Veteran I am offended by the very knowledge that this cocksucker is still wasting air that could be used by an honorable American..

  12. Well, if he can ban crazy that would be good. Until then, maybe let people be armed n the crazy will get stopped sooner, with fewer kids dead.

    Meanwhile, people who aren’t crazy school shooters, or on the ground where the crazy comes out have nothing to do with this.

  13. “Those weapons of war…belong on the battlefield! Not in our classrooms or on our streets!”

    “Weapons of war…”

    The military, who is in the business of killing people and breaking their stuff, has a specific name for a simple, single-shot scoped hunting rifle. Civilians have been known to give it a name like “Grandpa’s deer rifle”.

    The military calls it a sniper rifle. Capable of killing from hundreds of yards away, that “weapon of war”, capable of picking off small children playing in a schoolyard, has no place on the streets of America…

    (Do I really need to add the ‘sarc’ tag?)

  14. EXCEPT, you bassackward dummkopf, you would be taking away a freedom NOT insuring one!!! Maybe you have been in office WAY too long if you can think that way. Too bad I don’t live in Connecticut so I could vote you out. What’s with you dorks from New England where the fight for our freedom as a country started now attempting to take it away from people. Chappaquiddick Ted once led the list and still tops the list as the worst ever.

    • Timothy Toroian,

      You don’t get it because you are a deplorable. Mr. Blumenthal’s argument is crystal clear to enlightened people in our nation: they have a “right” to live their lives free from fear of [insert anything here]. Thus their struggle is an extension of the civil rights movement.

      The fact that they must infringe on the rights of others to achieve their “right” to be free from fear is irrelevant. Remember, they are the enlightened people in our society and they are entitled to it.

      Capeesh? No? Neither do I.

  15. No surprise here. For most people, anything goes if a lot of people are really PASSIONATE about something (anything really) — no matter if it directly causes/enables theft, violent assault, rape, or murder of people who were just going about their business and trying to harm no one.

    Now we can resurrect slavery as long as a LOT of people are REALLY PASSIONATE about it. And their justification would be something like this (while screaming of course to emphasize their extreme emotion and passion), “It is so incredibly awful for enlightened people to work hard — deplorables must work in our place!!! Re-institute slavery now!!!!!!!”

  16. It just amazes me that all these democrats in office are crooked , lying, manipulating the uneducated, into trashing the constitution & bill of rights, so they can turn the country into a socialist crap hole that they can manipulate for their own purposes, & Da Nang DICK should be in jail on a stolen valor charge instead of in high office, of course the liberals don’t care about that, according to them you can be any thing you want, truth or DNA be damnd.

  17. He’s right. Democrats, Jim Crow, Selma, slavery, segregation, etc…. Democrats took away civil rights.

    Now Democrats want to take the 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights away.

  18. Sorry, Blumenthal. The Democrat Party’s era of Jim Crow has been over for going on 60 years. Gun control is a relic of that era’s people control and it should be obvious that violating people’s rights equally, doesn’t make violating people’s rights suddenly OK.

    Go home, Jim Crow, your permission is irrelevant.

  19. sure, the parallels are clear.

    Give Blacks the right of commerce in any area they like and full protection of the constitution for life.

    Take away the right of commerce to buy a gun and deny it’s owners protection of the constitution.

    Seems like the same thing to me.

    …..then again I’ve been accused of having a sub-50 IQ from time to time.

  20. This guy is a know liar from way back. Lied for years about military service, about his school activities and many other things that did not matter much. Why anyone would believe anything he says is a mystery. If he told me the sun was coming up tomorrow, I would check to make sure.

  21. I predict this Impeachment fiasco is going to totally derail the Gun Control efforts of the Democrats. There’s absolutely no reason now for Republicans to compromise with the Left.

  22. Anything said by the poster child for ‘stolen valor’ must be discounted. He and Warren with their false claims should be run out of town on a rail or tarred and feathered. Have they no shame?

    • Have they no shame? Why no, no they don’t… They are politicians which by definition expressly emphasizes a complete lack of morals and the inherent pathological ability to lie to anyone about anything at anytime and make at least one person in a crowded room believe you…

  23. (“And we are haunted every day by what we saw at Sandy Hook”)

    I’m wondering what he saw since no evidence of the crime was shown.

    • DaNang Dick faced criticism over claims he lied in a comment he made in an MSNBC interview about being in Newtown when families were being informed about losing their loved ones in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre.
      Dick asserted during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, “I was there when those families learned that their twenty beautiful children and six great educators would not be coming home that night.” Before being elected to the U.S. Senate the Rambo wanna be was the Ct. State AG, so I guess that makes him above the law and above reproach even after being caught numerous times in flat footed lies… People who were actually there reported that Dick was nowhere near the firehouse when the families were notified of their loss…

  24. “Those weapons of war…belong on the battlefield! Not in our classrooms or on our streets! …”

    But we’re gonna make sure that active duty and retired cops have full access to these weapons. For your safety.

    • As someone who has spent the last 16 years on a battlefield, and currently writing this from an undisclosed location in the Middle East; those weapons Blumenthal is referring to are not the same as the weapons I carry in battle.

      Blumenthal should lay off the hoplophobic hyperbole.

      • Actually I hope that somebody like the North Hollywood Bank Robbers pick up a weapon in Mexico. A lot has been said about the AK you saw most of the time being a converted American Import, but word is it was converted in Mexico at the robbers request.

        The HK type rifle is almost never spoken of, and rumor is it was a Mexican contract (They had a official authorized factory there then.) gun, full auto from the start. Also one time on Nightline (Long before it became a newsmagazine show) with Ted Koppel, they had a show with a black cop harassed by another department and beaten up in civilian clothes. He was LAPD, and he mentioned when gun control was brought up that handguns were turning up (From Brazil) that the BATF said were never imported, and the factory told the ATF to stop bothering them, they never imported them.

        So I hope they make them illegal, and Mexican drug cartels start selling stuff. Then maybe they’ll get to see what an RPK or other squad machine gun can do. Since Mexico is also awash in hand grenades they’ll get a school shooter whose last act is to pull the pin on one or two, and takes out half a suburban police department as their final goodbye. Then you’ll see what a real “Weapon of War” does.

        Frankly I wonder when eventually they’ll pull a SWAT Raid on some Iraq War vet who fought in Mosul or other places in the house to house fighting. Tossing in a flash bang will just give them an adrenaline rush. Hate to hear of people killed but following illegal orders, cops or soldiers, should have consequences.

        • Especially if the vet in question is black.

          You really do not think the cops are going to raid upper middle class, predominantly (at least) white neighborhoods for assault weapons?

          When they say, “We’re going to take your guns>’, the “your” refers to people in the ‘hood and the ghetto.

        • Actually those upper middle class suburbs is exactly where they will hit once they decide to confiscate them. They dont give a damn about public safety though they give lip service to it. They care about power and control…. OVER YOU! By leaving the criminals and free to go obout their business they help keep you in FEAR and more willing to give them more power over YOU

        • Actually those upper middle class suburbs is exactly where they will hit once they decide to confiscate them. They dont give a damn about public safety though they give lip service to it. They care about power and control…. OVER YOU! By leaving the criminals and free to go obout their business they help keep you in FEAR and more willing to give them more power over YOU
          They also care abouit their own power.

          Mass arrests in upper middle class, predominantly white neighborhoods would cause such public outrage.

  25. Was off work today and caught some of the congressional hearing.

    Super clown show. Not only are the Democrats sitting on this committee stupid, they’re downright petty, arrogant, and evil.

    Denang Dick stated that President Trump was going to choke on this ‘nothing-burger’ in a follow on interview.

    I wish Dick would regale us with more Vietnam stories..just to add to the fun.

  26. “Blumenthal: Gun Control is Just Like the Civil Rights Movement”

    Evidently he doesn’t remember the black panthers armed occupation(s) or the gun battle(s) that ensued…

  27. Bloomie is a lying POS who claimed Military service in Viet Nam. He has no honor so deserves no place in this government. Further he is like most other democRATs and has no concept of the citizens rights. If he wants to help == go home.

  28. There he was, sen. Blumenthal, in Vietnam…no. he actually lied about that. Wonder what else he’s lied about? Probably a lot.

  29. Maybe, but this time around, the people like “DaNang Dick” are trying to deny a large segment of the population their civil rights. Good work you clowns!

  30. Senator John F Kennedy and Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson, who was the president of the U.S. Senate, in the 1950s, they both voted against the Voting Rights Act that President Eisenhower had requested. Because Johnson did not want a republican to get the credit for signing into law the Voting Rights Act. He waited until he became president and a Democrat would sign the Voting Rights Act into law.

    that same Voting Rights Act law was submitted in congress several times before by republicans in the 1930s and the 1940s. But democrats shot it down every time.

    As Johnson said “now those n#ggers will be voting for the democrats for the next two hundred years”.
    Johnson also signed the racist gun control act of 1968 into law.

    The Democrat Party can have as many “people of color” in it, it wants to. It’s still a racist gun control party.

  31. The Demoncrats want to punish decent, honest gun owners for the actions of the criminals and crazies that are lowed to run loose in modern America. Lock up the criminals and crazies, problem solved. Re-open the Insane Asylums!

  32. If someone doesn’t like you and someone does this don’t give you are anyone else the right to take anything from this person just because he or she doesn’t like you, let along the rights of millions of others. The right to bare a person choice! If you and others don’t like guns that’s your choice, just like the people who doesn’t like you. To take or attempt to take from another without permission is a crime. Each and every person that tries to take a rights from good honest lawabidding people should be charged with theft, obstructing of justice, and have their rights to freedom taken from them, because anyone who is willing to steal from this country can’t give a damn! About America or its people.


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