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“If you think back in the 70s and 80s, many of these guns were as available as they are now but we be weren’t having the mass shootings we are today,” he explained. “We need to ask what has socially brought us to this point in history and what can we do differently to change society. That’s certainly a question that needs to be continued to ask. I don’t know that taking everyone’s guns is going to cure the national massacres we had in recent history.”

“But would it save lives?” Harlow challenged.

“I’m not sure. We don’t know,” Gonzalez admitted. “It may be a social issue that need to be addressed, maybe an intense social study of what’s happened in America in the last two decades where we’re having mass shootings almost every single month. Clearly I think buying guns back should be the last resort. We need to start with a path of least resistance and see what changes can be made that would cure the problem that we’re having in this country.”

– Virginia Kruta in Democratic Rep. Admits On CNN: ‘We Don’t Know’ If Gun Buybacks Will Save Lives

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    • Or she’s in a district that is opposed to more gun control. Would be my first assumption. But maybe it’s a lucid moment. If the latter, watch for incoming fire from her fellow Dems.

      • The Democrats are oh-so-proud that “They have won the Culture War”. That America is well on it’s way to coming ’round to their way of thinking, and in the not-distant future, demographics will mean no conservative will ever be able to win the White House.

        And what of their ‘Culture’? How do we count the ways? According to them, it’s a *FELONY* to pick up a bird feather out in nature, but murdering a human unborn is just fine…

        • And EVERYONE is on some sort of psych dope. Many of the millennials have been taking psych meds from grade school (Adderall, Ritalin) so they have already had their brain chemistry mightily disrupted.

          Something like 95% of mass shooters WORLD WIDE were on or coming off of SSRI’s or SNRI’s when they planned or executed the shootings.

          These are VERY dangerous very addictive drugs and the Medical Profession seems to thing they are harmless and pass them out like candy.

    • Vicente Gonzalez is a representative from the state of Texas after all.

      If he were to publicly get on board with gun confiscation, he’d be out of a job asap.

    • ““It may be a social issue that need to be addressed…” Well, making, rather than allowing people to grow up might be a good place to start. Many people into their mid-thirties are still living in opposition to reality and the modern culture seems to be coddling them more amd more. It’s not only the public schools, it’s parents, churches, the courts, big city cops, other social venues as well.

    • She is questioning the party doctrine. She has to learn THE PARTY is benevolent and infallible. She will have to place a plastic bag over her head and repeat Democrat party slogans until the sees the light (or asphyxiates).

    • That kind of talk is what many of us have been fighting to get IN to the Democratic Party. There are people fighting from the inside, trying to spread the idea that root cause mitigation is the way out of this mess and that screeching about banning ARs only alienates people who might otherwise be able to help.

      • An armed people are incompatible with the end game of the Democratic party; socialism/communism. All of the work in the world from the inside will never counter the fact that the ultimate goal of the part absolutely requires that the everyday individual be disarmed at some point.

  1. Generational war on the American family?
    Generational war on faith?
    Progressive promotion of psychotropic meds for children?
    All-out war on anything resembling societal norms?


    • Worshiping mother earth instead of God? A progressive seminary in New York teaching students to confess their sins to plants? The education system, media, and Hollywood pushing propaganda that the only true morality is progressive politics? Telling certain genders, races, and religions that they are inherently bad, unless they confess their make believe sins and help push progressive politics?

      Not an exhaustive list, but part of the problem in the breakdown of true morality in this country.

      • Totally can’t be any of that you just don’t have enough white guilt…..or whatever trope they are on about now.

        • For a truly cringe worthy “confessional” watch this clip and spot the current DNC presidential candidate. White guilt oh yeah.

      • Confession to plants isn’t that far fetched considering the philosophy on the topic of the nature of the Soul that exists and has existed in Christian doctrine for over 1000 years. Or, for that matter the philosophy on the Nature of God and His love or the tools thought to exist for expanding your knowledge of that love.

        Not that most modern Christians know much about Christian philosophy… most modern Christians would declare most, if not all, the big thinkers in Christendom to be heretics and unbelievers.

        • I’m no biblical scholar, but I’m pretty sure most Christians don’t believe the path to Heaven involves confessing your sins to a plant.

        • Strych9,
          Ravi Zacharias is a Christian apologist/philosopher (big thinker) well worth listening too.

          If everything worth believing in must have a physical component, then i suggest you research if Jesus actually existed and was who he claimed to be.

        • Dude:

          As I said most of them are ignorant. Note, I don’t say stupid.

          Most have never paused and reflected on their faith much or at all. They simply go with what some guy tells gal tells them on Sundays or at VBS and for the most part those those guys and gals are no more insightful on matters of faith than the members of the flock are.

          Ask most Christians if Satan is pure evil and they’ll say yes. Ask them if, therefore, God having created the Devil is partly evil and they get offended.

          Suggest that perhaps the Devil isn’t pure evil because he was created by God who is pure Good and therefore some small part of Satan and everything he does contains some measure of Good and heads explode.

          People have threatened to kill me for saying that. Others have told me I’m going to burn in eternal Hellfire for such blasphemy. Literally threatened to kill me to send me to my eternal punishment… for saying what their own religion teaches and has taught for two thousand years.

          Yeah, not real informed on their own religion.

        • It would be evil to create anyone without self-determination. That would be a slave. Satan made a prideful choice because he wanted to be a god. Unlike us, he has no path to redemption. He made his decision with that knowledge. That’s my understanding anyway.

        • There is no scripture that supports or even hints at confessing to a plant! Ask yourself: Can the plant provide you with the forgiveness of sins and or the hope of heaven? Statements of this sort have to be tongue in cheek or utter foolishness!

        • Hush:

          The question isn’t what you think might or might not be in the scripture. The question is what’s actually in the scripture.

          God created the plant, so says Genesis 1:11. Therefore God did so because the plant is good. If you recognize this you are led to a deep appreciation and love of of God.

          Or is a deeper appreciation and love of God a bad thing in Christian theology these days?

          Again, listening to those people on Sundays might not be the best idea.

        • ‘Unlike us, he has no path to redemption.’

          It seems rather presumptuous of you to say this. To say this with surety one would have to claim to know God’s plan as well as God does, in essence be on par with God in the regard. Which would be the same as Satan wanted to be.

          Further, God changes his mind from time to time. Just check your Bible for numerous examples. Or ask a Jew.

        • @strych9,

          “Ask most Christians if Satan is pure evil and they’ll say yes. Ask them if, therefore, God having created the Devil is partly evil and they get offended.

          Huh? Have you read the Bible in its entirety, and not just a few selected verses in Genesis? Lucifer was created by a fully good God, but became proud and “sought to exalt himself” above his station, rebelling against God and becoming known as Satan. God isn’t responsible for Satan’s decision to rebell any more than someone’s decision to commit a crime.

        • strych9, It isn’t presumptuous to talk about one’s understanding of a subject. I tried to approach the subject as humbly as possible, which is the opposite of presumptuous. As I said in my above post, “That’s my understanding anyway.”

          “To say this with surety one would have to claim to know God’s plan as well as God does, in essence be on par with God in the regard. Which would be the same as Satan wanted to be.”
          Learning about God through the Bible is not wanting to be on par with God. As I said, I’m no Biblical scholar. I’m not even a great Christian. I gave you my understanding to answer your question about how can Satan be bad if he was created by God.

        • Jon,

          The answer to that question is there is ZERO collaborating evidence in anything other it’s own religious texts. That’s a Fact.

          There a burden of proof. One of the most basic is peer review. The Bible doesn’t pass that test due to there be being absolutely no outside documentation to prove it. That might pass your sniffer test. It doesn’t mine.

          If want to believe a story made up by its followers that’s your freedom to do. It’s MINE to use that same freedom not to.

        • ‘”Have you read the Bible in its entirety, and not just a few selected verses in Genesis? Lucifer was created by a fully good God, but became proud and “sought to exalt himself”’

          Indeed I have. Enough that my first two Bibles completely fell apart and my third looks like it survived to be discovered in the wasteland of Fallout.

          God created Lucifer/The Devil/Whatever. OK, great. At least we agree that he didn’t come into being on his own or something.

          Lucifer was “fully good”. That’s not possible. Personally I wouldn’t call it blasphemy but a lot of people would once they realized what that means.

          If Satan was fully good he couldn’t have gone bad since he’s made to be “fully good” by God Himself. This means that for him to be “fully good” and then go bad would require that either part of God is bad and this bad part of God is transferred to angels that he creates OR he’s not all knowing in which case So either God isn’t actually pure Good as Christianity holds or His plans have holes in them, which is to say that God isn’t actually divine in the Christian sense since he makes errors and this must be caused by a defect in God Himself.

          Those are both blasphemy in Christianity since they question the purity and/or the divinity of God Himself. In fact, for a long time you could get yourself burnt at the stake for saying such a thing, Catholics being so tolerant of other opinions and such.

          The only rational explanation that fits Christian doctrine is that God made Satan the way that he did with a purpose which we do not (or cannot) at this point understand.

          That purpose, since it comes from God has some ultimate purity and Good to it, otherwise it could not have come from God. Ergo, Satan was created the way God wanted or needed him to be: with a flaw that eventually leads to Satan’s downfall. God did this on purpose because He intends to use Satan’s fall for some Good purpose at some point in time that He decides and perhaps He will reveal that reason to people at some point. Him being God and people being people that’s kinda up to Him.

          Really, this is BASIC Christian philosophy. It’s just not been taught in Churches for a while. Which is why I say that many people are ignorant rather than stupid. They can’t be blamed for not knowing something they were never taught and which they probably don’t have the time to really sit down and think about because life places other demands on them.

        • Dude:

          “It isn’t presumptuous to talk about one’s understanding of a subject.”

          I wasn’t trying to take you to the woodshed or anything for using a turn of phrase. I was attempting to point out how deeply ingrained some of these things are because they’re taught over and over and over for the last century to century and a half. That doesn’t make them right. But being wrong doesn’t make them any less common or cause them to grow in a less insidious manner.

          If that came across as me attacking you I apologize, that wasn’t my intention. Sometimes I forget that in text the intended meaning is lost when you can’t see/hear the other person.

          Ultimately the whole point I was making with the OP was that while confessing to a plant may see a bit odd the plant is God’s creation and so long as you’re confessing to God through His creation or are being inspired about God by His creation then Christian doctrine has no problem with this. In effect it’s the same as kneeling and praying before a cross.

          Within the context of Christianity the plant thing only becomes a problem if you worship the plant ITSELF. Although that could get a bit strange if you follow Augustine, pardon the pun, too far into the weeds.

    • “Generational war on the American family?
      Generational war on faith?
      Progressive promotion of psychotropic meds for children?
      All-out war on anything resembling societal norms?”

      You just summed up some really good conversations on TTAG over the past couple of weeks in only four lines.

    • Yuri Bezmenov explained all of this in the 1980s. He was a KGB defector whose job for the Soviet Union was subversion. The West was the target. We are now seeing their efforts bear fruit. In his lectures and interviews, Bezmenov gives possible antidotes at the different stages. As the stages progress, the counter-measures get fewer and more difficult to successfully implement. However, one critical element that remains steadfast throughout all stages is faith.

  2. Just when I thought there was a reasonable democrat, he says this, “I recently bought a shot gun at a gun show, the lady just looked at my driver’s license and handed me the gun. Certainly something’s wrong with that.” So the lady at the gun show didn’t have a FFL or that would have been illegal. Since he’s such a proponent of background checks, why didn’t he suggest that he pay one of the licensed vendors at the show to run a check on himself? He could have taken that opportunity to educate the seller on the importance of those checks. I think he would rather just scare CNN viewers with his story.

    • He’s paltering. It’s a form of deceit.

      Let’s assume he isn’t outright lying and making up the entire incident (a huge assumption with a Democrat). He’s offering just enough details and withholding crucial details to lead you to make assumptions to fill in the gaps. Namely, he wants you to assume there’s such a mythical thing as a gun show loophole where background check laws are magically kept at bay just outside the front door.

      He won’t tell you whether the seller was an FFL and just committed a crime by not running a background check. Neither will he tell you whether the seller was just a private individual selling a shotgun as a one-off transaction from their personal collection. Such individuals are legally barred from accessing the FBI’s NICS database and running background checks, per DEMOCRAT legislative requirements.

      Once someone stoops to intentional crass confusion like that, you shouldn’t trust anything they say. They’re trying to trick you, while maintaining plausible deniability about it.

      • That makes sense. He’s just another sneaky politician. He also sort of kind of lets people know he is pro 2A because he went to a gun show and bought a gun! But don’t worry. He didn’t get one of those naughty guns that no one actually needs.

    • If true there is only one way it was legal. They are both a resident of the same state. Otherwise he just admitted to committing a federal felony.

    • His declaration is weak in that no mention is made of supporting the 2A. Confiscation is not the only issue POG face! His grade is F, he really did not make a good start! Another politician playing both sides of the fence in hopes of saving his cods.

      • True, but federal law requires every FFL to run BC on their sales, gun show or not. If the lady privately sold her shotgun, she just checked the buyer’s DL to make sure he is from the same state.

  3. When parents and school tell you there are no winners or losers, only participants. When there are no consequences or no accountability for actions. When everyone is a special snowflake and the reason for failure is not internal, but always external. This is what happens. By coddling our children and failing to raise them with good morals, a strong work ethic, and the belief in a higher purpose, calling, or power, this is what you get.

    • Exactly!! Liberals are getting into everything and teaching our children all the wrong ways to live and act. They are undermining anything good that parents teach their children. They are turning them into Marxist’s . Marxist’t are OK with violent revolution to get their way. It is no wonder a few go off prematurely.

    • Can’t disagree. There’s more to be learned in “losing” than winning. (From the Batman movies, “Why do we fall?…So we learn to get up.”)

      Advancing the idea that losing decreases self-esteem and self esteem is boosted by “participation only” probably raises a lot of Narcissists. May also bring out and instill anti-social personality (Aka sociopathic) traits as the child learns to manipulate others without consequence to “win” even though they’re only winning in their own mind.

      Add in the dangers of smart phones/tablets/social media. They can be a valuable parenting tool, but kids still need social interaction with their parents, siblings and peers, you know, real people face to face. Otherwise, they have a hard time learning that the world is a bigger place, it doesn’t revolve around them and how to “play” well with others when they get older.

      Bottom line, I think, is people shouldn’t expect older teens and young adults to be “grownups”. We’re teaching them how to remain kids for the most part and that leads to some real self-centered pricks.

      • You just hit the nail on the head about why my last marriage ended in July. I am 45. She is 28.

        I thought she was different than others her age. I thought that she cared about personal responsibility. About duty & honor. Eventually she came to despise every moral I held dear & in the end me. It took me 4 years to realize how wrong I was.

        Sad this is people my age are the ones to blame. WE did that. For the life of me I don’t understand why. That isn’t how I was raised. At least I didn’t add to the problem by having kids myself.

        • @Dwight You have my condolences, but also hope for a better future. Women are difficult creatures. After 28 years my ex decided “she never loved me” (Apparently just sex, since after announcing that, she stated “can we sill have sex?”) I got the kids, the house, and she got lots of $$$. Best money I ever spent. Now I was free to have guns, because I never did trust her around them, I guess my instincts were right. And yes, she was lot younger than me. Good luck to you.

        • Thank you. Hard lessons to be learned but that seemed to be the only way the lesson to unapologetically be myself to everyone. I did that for everyone else. I needed to do that in intimate relationships too.

          Takefully for me we never had kinds even though she wanted it. I Don’t have any civil liability as it was a polyamorous marriage. The moral oath was the same but it didn’t carry civil legal weight.

          My “other” wife & I have been married 20 years on the 25th. She has never treated me with anything but love & respect.

  4. America no longer has any social cohesion. You’d think a bunch of socialists would get that, but then again, socialism has nothing to do with anything “social” and everything to do with control. The leftists have spend the last 30 years destroying the fabric that held America together. Wether it’s religion, patriotism, well defined morality, or shared values, there used to be unofficial social structures that helped police behavior without any government regulation. The left destroyed all that and replaced it with nihilism.

  5. Well Duh,as guns are inanimate objects the cause nothing,it’s when in the hands of the possessor that like the use of any item choice is made.

  6. He’s just peppering the public record with some reasonable sounding quotes on firearms. He wants to be able to point to those later when he runs for the U.S. Senate from Texas when Cornyn retires. He’ll need to cut into the GOP’s suburban and rural support to win, which means pre-empting being hit with the gun controller label.

    He may possibly, from an intellectual standpoint, understand and agree with the reasonable point he’s made here. However, intellect and reason are mere bit players in politics. Emotions and elections are the main drivers. He votes anti-gun in lockstep with the rest of the democrat-socialists and has spewed the full litany of anti-gun rubbish in the past. He cannot be trusted.

  7. When I went to school there were firearms in truck windows in the student and teacher parking lots. Guns were mail order with no back ground check. Guns were sold at yard sales. I bought a couple when I was 13-14 and rode them home on my bike. When I wanted to go hunting and I lived in town I put on my vest and grabbed my shotgun and walked through town to the woods.

    Guess what was almost unheard of in those gun soaked days?

    • Guns in schools? My God! Dinosaurs must have roamed the Earth!

      Oh, wait, I saw that in school too during my freshman year of high school. It changed the summer of 1998. Ya know, back in the Dark Ages.

  8. It’s all a ploy to get votes. Next thing you know, it was the guns all along, let’s tax, outlaw and confiscate. We’ll get to the science later…

  9. … what has socially brought us to this point in history … where we’re having mass shootings almost every single month.

    What has happened? Facts, truth, timeless standards, and wrong-doing no longer matter. All that matters is pleasure, comfort, laziness, and passion. As long as you have intense desire for something, you have a green light to go for it, even when it requires manipulating, coercing, stealing, assaulting, or murdering for it.

    We need to start with a path of least resistance and see what changes can be made that would cure the problem that we’re having in this country.

    Not going to happen. See my statement above.

  10. What we as gun owners have been saying for years, it’s not the gun, but the lack of a soul, and a moral compass. That being said, he will be completely ignored by the people who really need to listen. Oh well, back to the LGS for more ammo and hardware… My moral compass is fine. The only ones that should fear me are the ones that attempt to do me harm.

    • How many mass shooters have a feeling of self-worth? How many have plans and goals for the future? How many have good relationships with their parents? How many are parents? How many of those that are parents have good relationships with their children? How many have people depending on them in their daily lives?

      • I would like to see a spreadsheet with a list of mass killers and the above answers. Instead, all we hear is right wing white supremacists are the biggest mass killing threat! No thoughtful answers or solutions, just more propaganda.

  11. The NRA took a lot of guff for blaming video games , but I think that may be part of the equation.

    Sylvia Seegrist shot up my local mall when I was a teen- she had a Ruger 10/22 – which was inexpensive back then. Sure- an AR-15, which weren’t that common then- would have been better, but mass shootings were still cheap and easy (if you were a lunatic) So- its not the guns- they’ve been around.

    I think mass shooter video games desensitize a certain % of the populace- the lunatics if you will-

    Check out the book On Killing- by Grossman- which covers how the military teachers soldiers to kill.

    Sure most people play these games and then live normal lives- but that’s the point- they are normal.

      • Truth.
        I’ve played violent video games my whole life and never felt the urge after a ‘Call of Duty’ binge to go wreak mayhem on the Innocent populace.
        I also listen to heavy metal music so by some opinions I should be a ticking time bomb!

        Then again, I have a strong sense of moral values, a well-adjusted social life (despite being a severe introvert) and a ‘faith-centered’ lifestyle so maybe I’m not actually ‘normal’. Lol!

        • I’m a head banger, earth dog, hell rat, rivet head too. The difference between right and wrong is pretty clear, especially the extremes of both. If you have to think about it somewhat, then hopefully you have the intelligence to make the right choice. The wrong choice is usually the irresponsible, easy way out.

  12. Not in the least bit surprising. There are always factions within all political parties. Of course there are gun loving liberals, just as there are gun hating conservatives. There are atheist conservatives and god fearing liberals. There are degrees and shades between all extremes.

    The nonsense, the absurdity, is in the rapid belief that your opposition is a uniform, homogeneous mass. That comes from the propaganda of Party Members, the talking heads and elites at the leadership levels, trying to push their side towards power. It’s all bullshit, and very damaging to our Republic.

    I utterly despise political parties. Didn’t use to, started out a Republican in ’68. Got over it, got better, grew up and watched my party leave me first, then I left it and all other dumbass ideas of Partyism.

    The reality of human violence has many roots. Simplistic statements does not cover it all. The solutions are tough because they are largely a case by case sort of thing. Which is something we were once upon a time much better at than we are today.

    We also ignore our own hard learned lessons. Such as the copy-cat, inspirational nature of a mass shooting saturating the news cycle that tweaks the next lunatic to act out in kind.

  13. Same approach to global warming, we don’t know if banning fossil fuels will solve the problem we just want to try. Wait 400 years and see what happens.
    We’ll feel better in the interim and maybe pretend it’s working. If you’re life is worse off what do we care, we’ll carve out exceptions for ourselves.

    Now see how that applies to people being armed

    • But we wouldn’t feel better. Well some of us wouldn’t. My electric bill is already $500 in the winter. If they get rid of fossil fuels and nuclear energy, electric bills will skyrocket. Remember that Texas town that went all in on renewable energy? The Al Gore crowd praised them. Now they’re going broke and residents can’t afford the increase in energy costs. They’re looking for a way out. Why isn’t this receiving press? This is what the left wants for every town in the country. People that already can’t afford to heat their home will suffer the most. If you use natural gas, expect your bill to go way up if Warren, or probably any democrat, is elected. That’s before they implement the green energy plan.

      • Downunder it is a decision I make every winter. Heat or Eat. And Eat wins because I can always wear an extra layer of clothes or sit on the lounge under a blanket.

        It is only that our winters are much milder than yours makes it doable.

        It does make me wonder how to people who are retired or unemployed make this decision? It looks like the poor and the average wage earner are the ones who will pay the higher price of climate change.

      • In SoCal, my electric bill falls to about $50 in Winter. It goes up to $300 in Summer because of the A/C.

  14. A multigenerational movement to eliminate personal responsibility as the cause of any action. All success is the result of collective action, and all failure or bad consequence is the result of not enough collective action. The Cultural Revolution is alive and well.

  15. Well, frickin’ finally. A democrat acknowledges reality as it relates to violence on CNN.
    Probably just ended their career, because the establishment democrats will eat him alive. But damn if it isn’t a step in the right direction.

  16. “back in the 70s and 80s, many of these guns were as available as they are now but we be weren’t having the mass shootings we are today”

    Back in the 70s and 80s, communists weren’t in charge of American education. Schools make school shooters.

    • Blaming schools is nearly as bad as them blaming guns.

      If school is your child’s only source of education
      If your children were never taught to ‘question everything’ and to not take things at face value
      If they were not taught to be independent thinkers, able to spot BS and call it as so
      If they were never instilled with moral values and a strong sense of right and wrong.
      If you’ve allowed the school system or your child’s peers to teach them these things (or turn them from them)

      Then you (or I) have failed as a parent and that is where the blame should land.

  17. The answer – Many years of democrat indoctrination that no person is responsible for anything. No concept of right or wrong. Promotion of situational ethics – a la Bill Clinton.

  18. Yep, guns are the cause just like the knives that take flying leaps and stick themselves in people! I would bet that the lack of paternal guidance and influence has a little something to do with it just the juvenile bull elephants who go on rampages because too many adult bulls have been poached.

  19. Wow! A Democrat you can shine a light in their ear and not see the beam coming out of the other ear. Wonders truly never cease. The very same things most of us have been asking for years. An intense social study isn’t needed as the answers are pretty damn obvious for most of the questions.

  20. what has happened in the last few decades is everything that the democraps ( communism) stand for and having to promise to give everybody a free ride, yet without telling anyone that it will cost them dearly. and to that that we are no longer a country of morals and that parents raised ( or did not) their children to be selfish and disrespectful . and to expect handouts. the me, me, me generation that wants it all without putting in the hard work. and if somebody did all of that and were successful , then they should give out handouts to the ones who did not work hard and make all of the sacrafices to get there and were just lazy because of a feeling of entitlement. schools have shithead teachers, parents are shit heads ( and pot heads) and very few if at all has ever seen the inside of a church or temple.that is why we have so many mass shootings now.


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