Image via Wichita Police (twitter).
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Wichita cops say a 19-year-old named Trevor Wende pulled a knife during a road rage incident. A bystander saw the hot-head draw the knife and pulled his gun. Fortunately, Mr. Wende had the good sense to drop the knife and the good Samaritan kept things from escalating until police arrived.

Yahoo News has the story . . .

A passerby stopped a road rage incident where a knife was brandished after he held a man at gunpoint until police arrived Friday night on 21st Street North near I-135, Wichita police spokesperson Chad Ditch said.

Trevor Wende, 19, of Wichita was treated at a hospital before being arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and criminal damage to property, Ditch said. The road rage incident started on 21st near Hillside while both drivers were headed west, Ditch said. He wasn’t sure what exactly sparked the road rage.

At the light at 21st and I-135, Wende reversed into the other vehicle, Ditch said. Both drivers then got into a fight before Wende brandished a knife, he said. A passerby saw Wende with a knife, stopped, pulled out his gun and held Wende at gunpoint until police arrived. Wende was checked at the hospital for injuries he got during the fight, Ditch said.

Local social media lit up with rumors of multiple people stabbed, but that turned out to be fake news.

Just a reminder…be very careful about using deadly force, or any force, in defense of a third party. Your mantle of innocence in doing so can be put in jeopardy if the person you defend turns out to be the aggressor.

It sounds as though everything turned out for the best here, and thankfully an armed good guy stepped up to save an innocent life. Kudos to the unnamed good Samaritan.

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  1. From what I read/see/hear from news outlets, DGUs don’t actually exist. And if one does, the best option is to not complicate things by intervening? A few deaths resulting from armed attacks are better than widespread legal gun ownership.

      • “The sarcasm is strong with you ‘young’ jedi”.

        Thanx. Still trying to figure out how the question mark got into the comment.

    • The vision of the anointed is to achieve utopia over the bodies of the collateral damage. They don’t care how many proles are killed just as long as it doesn’t happen to them.

      • “The vision of the anointed is to achieve utopia over the bodies of the collateral damage. They don’t care how many proles are killed just as long as it doesn’t happen to them.”

        You are a persistent ol’ meany. And mean.

    • “Thankfully an armed good guy stepped up to save an innocent life.”

      Well – I wouldn’t go that far. He intervened in a fight between two morons, is what happened, and he saved one of the morons from dying. That’s it.

  2. Criminal knife attacks every day in the U.S. …. ~1,300 victims daily of criminal knife attacks, ~80% of the victims without firearms are injured or killed by the attacker, less than ~5% of the victims with firearms and employing DGU are injured or killed by the attacker and of that less than 5% less than 2% of those are killed.

    That DGU can take different forms. Fortunately, like in this article, the attacker sometimes tends to give up or run away when the defender brandishes the firearm and that’s DGU too in this situation and no shots are fired. But also unfortunately the attacker tends to persist in their attack if you do not employ DGU like those ~80% I mentioned above.

  3. The most road-ragey thing that ever happened to me was when a young idiot threw a peach pit at me. True story.

    I would have replied in kind but I didn’t have any fruit.

  4. Whenever some twit rages at me in a roady way, I always remind myself that five minutes after we part ways (in traffic, or an offramp, or intersection…), I won’t even remember who he/she was anymore, and life will go on.

    Returning rage with rage over something that won’t even matter five minutes from now just isn’t worth it.

    • Yup. MY job is to get ME and those with ME to our destination each in the one piece we were when we left our starting point.

      SOmeone tailing me or other such nonsense is not my goal. Read the above again. Whatever I can do to increase the odds of my getting clear of the area with no harm is what I want to know and do.
      The ONLY thing I’ve got to prove is that, if left to myself, I can and WILL get to my destination in one piece, no exra openings.

  5. Now if there was an incident involving two people and a bystander pulls a gun and one of the two original individuals runs away, would give an hint on who is the bad person..

    It sounds like both individuals stayed on scene after the gun was pulled!!!

    • Could be the one who stood his rightful ground, or could be the one who, seeing a quick and certain escape, took it and lived to see another day.

      Once the physical threat is gone my gun goes back to sleep.

  6. @Southern Cross
    “Yup. Most unwoke.”

    That would mean you are reading and commenting in your sleep.

    How do you do that? (asking for a friend)

      • “very quietly and carefully. No loud noises.”

        Not goodski. I would have to stop loud burping after finishing my beer chasers.

      • “At this time for me it is 1:40pm on Friday 21st October.”

        Do you realize there are people still walking around here, who are already dead, over there?

  7. Well the guy with the gunm was a real pu$$, he should have told the guy with the knife GTF outta here before I shoot yah.
    Call the cops
    Call the cops

    • Also the article didn’t mention what brands of vehicles they were driving. Probably Fords , probably F150’s, which would account for the road rage.

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