John Cornyn
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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While John Cornyn’s home state is on the brink of enacting constitutional carry and doing away with government hurdles to keeping and bearing arms in Texas, the Senator is hard at work in Washington, meeting with members of the Senate’s gun control caucus, trying to reach an agreement on outlawing private gun sales.

What else is on the table in those discussions? What other rights is Senator Cornyn willing to negotiate away with longtime anti-gunners? How many more infringements is he willing to tolerate in order to get a little fleeting positive press for himself from the Washington Post and the New York Times?

Because if he thinks that cooperating with the likes of Connecticut’s Chris Murphy will result in a better deal for America’s gun owners, we have some lovely beachfront property in Amarillo we’d like to talk to him about.

On guns, Murphy and Cornyn have met in person a handful of times, and their aides are exchanging various legislative proposals. Murphy says the talks center on expanding the number of background checks that are conducted and ensuring checks mandated by law actually occur. Cornyn has discussed reining in unlicensed firearms dealers, such as the seller who allowed a mentally ill man in Texas to purchase a gun that was later used to in a 2019 mass shooting, and ensuring enforcement of current laws.

Murphy said that although the negotiations have been the most substantive ones he’s had on the issue since he came to the Senate, the fact that his group has been talking for six weeks without a conclusion has been “frustrating, but maybe not unexpected.”

At some point, he added, “there’s got to be an end to the road.”

“There’s a lot of things being talked about in the background” while other topics grab headlines, Cornyn said. “There’s . . . actually some encouraging conversations going.

— Seung Min Kim and Mike DeBonis in Biden’s big agenda is imperiled as his priorities stall in Congress and a debt fight looms

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    • I don’t know why Cornyn would even bother negotiating anything with democrats at all. Has Manchin secretly signaled to democrats that he is willing to pass gun control? So better to work with them, than to be ignored by them and get outvoted? Senate should just filibuster that crap and put an end to it. Manchin has already agreed he will not do away with the filibuster. Should we put him to the test?

      Regardless, on the topic of guns, Cornyn should answer to his constituents on what the hell he hopes to accomplish. That’s my two cents on that.


      Cornyn has discussed reining in unlicensed firearms dealers, such as the seller who allowed a mentally ill man in Texas to purchase a gun that was later used to in a 2019 mass shooting, and ensuring enforcement of current laws.

      Unlicensed firearms dealer??? You mean a regular joe selling one of his guns? I mean, is any gun owner who sells one of their collection a “unlicensed firearms dealer?” No. So this kind of labeling is ridiculous.

      I’d also like to mention, private sales were intentional. It was never a “gun show loophole.” Licensed firearm dealers were for interstate firearms transfer. Not “inside” state firearms transfer. So there is no loophole. At all. Ever. The topic of regulating private sales is not to address any loophole, it is new law entirely.

      • Exactly. It’s not a loophole; it’s an intentional preservation of individual freedom. But the ability to do anything at all without begging government permission first is a loophole as far as the regressive authoritarians who call themselves progressives are concerned.

        • The really important element of the posting is the shift in language: “private seller” to “unlicensed firearms dealer”?

          The intent is to force all private sales under FFL regulation, where the smallest of mistakes can be cause to revoke your privilege as an FFL.

    • foolish people deserve stupid government. When Amerika fails, the ignorant will die, in mass

      • the ignorant will die, in mass

        And based on ALL of the stupid shit I’ve read today written by YOU, I’m guessing you will be at the front of THAT line… What a rediculous idiot you sound like… Which “name changing” no balls Troll are you?

  1. Just another closet RINO with a reading/comprehension disability… Someone get that man a Websters and earmark pages defining “SHALL” “NOT” “BE” “INFRINGED” and toss in a new copy of the Constitution just for grins…

    • MADDMAXX……….You noticed that every time you see McConnel in front of a mic, Cornyn is right there ? Hopefully we can primary that damned traitor soon.

      • Unfortunately, McConnel is good now til 2027, don’t know when Cornyn is up, hope Tx has some kind of answer for him… Got our own problems in FL with Rubio and a State House full of RINOs, fukin parasites are everywhere…

        • Unfortunately Cornyn was just re-elected. He’s turned out to be a backstabbing treasonous RINO and to be honest I simply cannot stand the sight of this sorry worthless bastard. His opponent was far worse than he is so he got re-elected.

          Murphy is a pathetic stolen valor liar that should not even be able to get a security clearance. Only a state of liberal fools like CT would keep this turd in office.

          Like Feinstein, Harris, Holder, Swallwell, Pelosi, et al, I hope Murphy and Cornyn both go straight to Hell and burn for all eternity.

        • you will be treated as insignificant and irrelevant till you can prove otherwise. A coward with a 2nd amendment is useless. Amerika is full of cowards. What will be written of our generation? not much

        • you will be treated as insignificant and irrelevant.

          Because YOU ARE insignificant and irrelevant…

    • Cornyn is a “pretend” conservative. The only time he’s conservative is when he play-acts when he runs for office. His loyalties and wealth are dependent on the DC Political class. The MAGA movement is not going to support him this time around. It’s high time the Texas Republican Party figures this hard fact out.

    • The left in America consistently recruits candidates to present themselves as conservative Republicans, get elected and stay hidden until their number is called. Betrayocrats.

  2. “Biden’s big agenda is imperiled as his priorities stall in Congress and a debt fight looms”


    It’s almost like they don’t have the ‘mandate’ for ‘big change’ that they seem to think they have.

    Their disappointment must be terrible. I hope they use this opportunity to work on their coping skills… 😉

  3. Another Republican who went to DC and got infected by the swamp virus. It is a plague that all Democrats politicians carry and too much contact can spread it to anyone who doesn’t have strong core values.

    • Rusty – Always Carry – Chains,

      Disclaimer: I am most certainly NOT defending politicians who seemingly and/or obviously act against our interests.

      With hundreds/thousands of people in our nation worth well over $100 million, I have speculated many times that at least one of those obscenely wealthy people must have the best “influencer” (cough, cough, assassin, cough) that money can buy on his/her payroll to “lobby” key politicians.

      Think about it for a moment. A few million dollars easily pays for a world-class “influencer” to deliver a “proposition” to a politician. That proposition is a briefcase with a couple million dollars in cash to “play ball”–along with with an envelope of a nasty substance which will find its way into that politician’s food if he/she refuses to “play ball”. No matter how egalitarian and righteous a politician may be, who would roll the dice and hope that the “influencer” was bluffing about the nasty substance?

  4. Reading the linked article, maybe the point is to drag things out until something more important must be dealt with, and the background check legislation dies as a trade.

    The “death by negotiation” ploy might only serve to push the Senate to abolish the filibuster so they don’t need any GOP votes, for anything.

    • “Reading the linked article, maybe the point is to drag things out until something more important must be dealt with, and the background check legislation dies as a trade.”

      This would be my hope as well. Certainly Cornyn can’t believe he’s making points with the general TX public by seeking to add regulations to an already onerous and unConstitutional situation. Of course, it could be that after years in office he’s pondering retirement and in which case it wouldn’t make any difference, especially if he’d choose to live in DC afterward rather than return “home”. (Exactly what our retarded, er, retired Senator Tom Harkin did to Iowa.)

      Still, best bet is for Texans to contact Cornyn’s local and DC offices and remind him of his oath of office, also for his loyalty to those for whom he allegedly serves. And the rest of us need to contact our own Senators and Reps to be certain they would cancel any votes in favor of the phony Universal Checks scheme. Call, don’t write or email. Speak to one of the staffers and be clear, in no-uncertain, but non-threatening terms.

      • Hell, I’m not a Texan and I sent him an email and included a link to this item.

  5. “…. there’s got to be an end to the road.” There is, at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Do us a favor, all of you Rino’s and your Demwit pals take the next big step !!

  6. I’m afraid with all the stuff that comes out of those mountains, what’s it called, yes lava, and oh yes it’s called a volcano , isnt it? Yes with all the lava, isnt Lava a soap? With all the soap spewing out of that mountain I’m afraid the Congo will become to heavy and capsize.

      • most of them are communist. There is only one cure for communism, but IT takes guts to rid a society of it. Amerika has been emasculated (cowards). The evil will win jobama’s dark winter

        • “The evil will win jobama’s dark winter…”? Sounds like you’ve given up and joined the ranks of the emasculated.

  7. Murphy has photos of Cornyn from a trip they made with Jeffry Epstein to his island getaway.

    • Governor,

      The really sad part is that those photos could easily exist even if Cornyn never visited Epstein’s island. As I mentioned above, a few million dollars finances an “influencer” to “persuade” politicians to do the bidding of millionaires/billionaires. Why should those obscenely wealthy people pay several million dollars for an “influencer” (e.g. assassin) to present a “proposal” to a politician when that same obscenely wealthy person can pay a top-notch digital artist $100k to fabricate perfect photos of a politician with an underage girl?

      Note: such fabricated photos only have to be “perfect” in the sense that the Press and voters are unable to see that they are not real. Saying it another way, those photos only have to be “real” long enough for voters to take the position that the targeted politician is a child molester. If some authoritative entity manages to eventually prove that the photos are not real (good luck with that by the way), it would be too late and the complicit Press would be all too happy to bury those new facts.

      • The technological ability to alter digital videos and photos has been around for a while now. And you don’t have to be a billionaire to afford the technology, you could be a 13 year old computer geek. I don’t think the general population has figured this out yet, but we are living in an age where you literally can’t believe you eyes and ears. Everything should be scrutinized with suspicion.

        That said, Cornyn and Murphy did take an Epstein trip together, but it was only Murphy that took pictures, so he isn’t in any of the photos. And anyway, he’s a Democrat so it doesn’t matter if he’s a pedophile.

        • Governor,

          The software to simply alter digital photos has been around for well over 25 years. What has probably not been around for 25 years is software and/or human talent to alter digital photos in such a way that is very difficult even for authoritative entities to detect that someone altered a digital photo.

          The implication is the same, however: we are at the point where we pretty much cannot trust digital photos. And it is only a matter of time before we will be unable to trust audio recordings.

    • Audio already can be manipulated. In fact it’s being used in commercials. There was a Dodge commercial with the kids from Talladega Nights driving their cars. So if you see Joe Biden speaking coherently or Donald Trump saying he eats Mexican testicles for breakfast or some such nonsense don’t believe it.

    • but as idiots, they re-elected him? sissies will comply… there are no real men left anymore

  8. There needs to be a mandatory retirement age for Senators and Congresscritters.
    I realize that John Cornyn is only 69, which makes him a youngster compared to Mitch McConnell (age 79), Nancy Pelosi (age 81), and Diane Feinstein (age 87), but all of these senile old Senators are what we called in the Army “retired on active duty”, collecting a big, fat paycheck for working only about 85 days per year (if you can call cashing checks from lobbyists “working”). Part of the reason they never retire is that being a Senator or Congresscritter is a cushy job so easy that they can keep doing it well into their 90s, plus it pays so well and they get treated like royalty, but I think it’s mostly their lust for power that keeps them from retiring.

    • I was discussing the age limits myself as of yesterday, Term limits too.
      I believe 68 should be the age cutoff with 8 year term limits.

  9. Y’all keep electing these dementia old farts who become rinos
    Term Limits

    • This. At this point in their life it’s about retirement investments.

      Rhinos are worse than progressives.

    • how about stopping the gov’t. abuse? secede from the evil empire, claim your freedom again?

  10. “Y’all keep electing these dementia old farts who become rinos
    Term Limits”

    What, precisely, will a second “term limit” accomplish?

    • A chance to vote someone that no longer represents their constituents out of office. Duh. The more term limits the better. Politicians are like diapers and should be changed regularly.

      • “A chance to vote someone that no longer represents their constituents out of office. ”

        That is the unfounded hope and dream of most people enamored with the idea that term limits will result in replacing an unacceptable representative (or other office holder) with one more to the liking of the person clamoring for term limits.

        First, we already have one set of term limits. The result is clear. How will a second set of term limits change anything? The same people who voted to re-elect/re-appoint an office holder will simply produce another office holder similar to the one replaced.

        A second term limit will rarely change the outcome in districts that continually re-elect the type person term limits are hoped to replace. Sometimes, there may be a functional change due to the original term limits, but there is a reason incumbents are re-elected ninety-plus percent of the time. There is no evidence a second term limit would result in “better” outcomes; just replace one face with another, not one policy agenda with another.

        • I agree, but you seem to have an agenda of your own and put words in other peoples comments that were never there.

          I don’t think you want to know or care for my personal opinion. Basically that all politicians are trash and government sucks, so term limits? meh… But you asked what it would do, and that’s the basics. I never said it would change the obvious that we already know. And the OP never said “second set of term limits” they simply said term limits. Which could have meant term limits need to be addressed for the flaws that obviously both you and I understand. I mean, by your definition, why vote at all? It’s just changing one face to another and one policy agenda with another 😉

          See… voting is stupid, government sucks, and our votes mean about as much as “a second set of term limits”

          Wanna bet the intention was “reform term limits”? Either way, the word second never showed up until you put it there. Maybe we just do away with term limits all together, since you seem to be advocating they don’t work? No? Ok.

          Glad we could clear that up.

      • My state has term limits, but the pols, like a good Pony Express rider, have learned how to switch horses in mid stride, thus extending their gov’t careers an additional “term” without missing a beat. Unless you write the law carefully, the Merry-Go-Round never shuts off, and you’re back to square one.

        • Term limits will do nothing. The Swamp Process in perfected. As Hawkeye noted, they just change critters and never miss a stride. Politics have descended into the abyss to the point that the likes of Anti-America The Squad critters are nothing out of the ordinary. Ole Socialist Bernie is too tame. The bottom line issue is that no politician actually FEARS We The Little Peeps. They have zero fear or accountability for their tyrannical, self serving antics. They skim, scam, squander, and buy votes, wealth, control, and power with We The Little Peeps’ money, and steal our rights, freedom, and liberties with impunity. Once the product of their tyranny becomes apparent, they have long since retired as rich Elitists…..bucks passed, cans kicked on down the road, and America is the worse for their tyranny. America is being destroyed from within. Politicians are accomplishing what armies feared to attempt. TAmerica has been over run from within. The enemy has for decades sits in the Command Post.
          he next class of tyrants then start the process over enacting more legislation to “correct” the tyranny of their predecessors, which legislation never cures anything, only making matters worse for the next class to campaign on the pretense of correcting. It’s the old never ending political circle jerk. A healthy…..or better yet unhealthy…..dose of accountability…….maybe heads on pikes lining the DC Reflecting Pool… the only way to make politicians fear We The Little Peeps. But, then, they have swelled the ranks of the Government Plantation Free Shit Useful Idiot Dwellers to the point that the Dwellers would have to join the lines of pike heads to really do any good. Maybe pike stocks is gonna’ be the next hot investment..

    • Getting them out of office, obviously. And what do you mean by “second” term limit? There are no term limits for Senators and Congresscritters. They can and do serve until they’re well into their 90s, because it’s an easy, cushy job with enormous paychecks and all the perks of royalty, and what’s even more lucrative than their salaries are the bribes they get from lobbyists. Just look at Mitch McConnell (age 79), Nancy Pelosi (age 81), and Diane Feinstein (age 87). They’re never going to retire, because the bribes keep them wealthy, and their lust for power makes them want to stay on their throne — er, seat — forever.

      • “Getting them out of office, obviously. And what do you mean by “second” term limit?”

        Election cycles are “term limits”. Elected politicians do not serve until they are 90 because the job is easy. Those politicians serve until they are 90 because their voting constituency keeps re-electing them. It isn’t the long-serving politicians who are the problem, but the voters who keep returning those politicians to office. Without a change of voter majorities, a second “term limit” based on age or number of years of service accomplishes nothing.

        The worst backfire of term limits was/is the twenty second amendment to the Constitution. The intent was to prevent FDR from being re-elected forever. In actuality, it also limited the possibility of a wildly popular Republican president from being re-elected forever.

        • FDR was a horrible progressive who should of never been elected in the first place and started the practice of “packing” the Supreme Court if he did not get his way. We went from being essentially a libertarian society to more of a progressive big Governemernt knows best for you society under him. The sad part is people like you and Chris think this is acceptable.

    • Behold the purple texass rino voter

      Take out the trash cause the longer it sets the more it stinks

      • “Behold the purple texass rino voter ”

        I don’t live in Texas. Left there decades ago. The issue of adding a separate term limit for elected officials is not restricted to Texas.

        So answer the question: What, specifically, will a second term limit provision accomplish?

  11. Because rhinos.

    In other news… In London where gun control is a thing, their precious BLM leader was shot in the head at a house party, guess what, full of “her people”. Who TF else would these assholes party with? Immaturity, and racism at its finest.

    Take every single gun control law and shove it up your ass. Criminals gonna do criminal shit.

    • That’s gotta be propaganda, how could the UK’s gunm laws fail? I say she fell down and a dixie cup put the hole in her head. London will probably make it illegal to own scissors now.
      Common sense.

      • I dunno, but I think I triggered our resident VOX troll that got ahold of our comments on the recently shared out of context VOX article. Seems to dislike me pretty much.

        My fan base is pretty odd, but they keep me fed.

    • Really Montana?

      All of your blustery conservative rhetoric and you use frick’in google?

      Here is something else you can look up “hypocrite”.

      Every search earns evil google money so they will be pleased.

      • “evil” lol.

        Conservative rhetoric? No, I think you mean centric. Centric rhetoric.

        Also, you might as well not give a dollar to any major company ever again. Wanna bet you support some “evil” shit too? On a daily, if not minute by minute basis? So yea… google makes some things simpler. Who’s the hypocrite again? Oh yea, you, and your fake ass screen name cuz you can’t even have the balls to become a regular commentator out of some subliminal psychological defect so inferior you refuse to even be “wrong” anonymously online. lol. Fuck outta here, troll. I guess since I shared a google search that linked to a fox article, they cancel each other out, right? I mean, for the greater good of “conservativism” and all…

        Fucken with the wrong one, jr.

        • I’ve spent 30 days on the northern border in Montana. Montana is a lot better at writing gun laws and border state laws than Texas. Too damn cold for me but the summertime in Sweetgrass and Whitlash was very pleasant.

        • Summertime is why we stay, lol. It’s a profitable state if your market is tourism.

          But seriously, it’s the best place I have ever lived. Growing, so that could change anytime… but what place isn’t growing now days (aside from detroit – lol). Soon humans will inhabit every square inch of this world.

  12. Glad to see this article as Cornyn has always been a slick rino and I no longer vote for him. Hopefully enough Texans become aware and we primary him out of a job.

    • he was exposed the last time he ran. The stupid voted for the fraud again. stuck on stupid?

  13. Cornyn stays in office because those that run against him are always worse. Always extreme leftists whom are absolutely nuts. Our whole national political system has gone to shit even with Trump and Ted Cruz in office. Sad.

  14. New Polling Shows Overwhelming Support for Universal… | Brady

    Mar 10, 2021 · Washington, D.C., March 10, 2021 – New polling released today by Morning Consult and Politico again confirms that the American people want to strengthen the background check system. The survey, conducted between March 6 and March 8, 2021, finds that 84 percent of voters, including over three-quarters of Republicans and 82 percent of Independents, support a law requiring a background check

    And do not forget what Mitch McConnell said after the dual mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, he said “We are ready to pass a gun bill if Pres. Trump will give us his support” that is how close banning assault rifles and high cap magazines came during the Trump Presidency and now the Dem’s are in power so there is no Trump to stop such a bill from being passed.

    • New Polling Shows Poles are Wildly Off and Consistently Biased

      The Media and Pollsters Are the Biggest Losers of 2020 …

      “It seems that when the polls are wildly off, they are wildly off in one direction. Time and again we’ve seen them vastly underestimate the numbers voting on the right as opposed to the left. As Washington Post columnist Walter Olson wrote, these polling errors can’t simply be swept under the rug.”


      Polling Firm Rasmussen Warns About “National Poll Suppression”

      “Polling firm Rasmussen claims that “national poll suppression” is taking place in order to hide President Trump gaining on Joe Biden. “OK folks, no joke, this is now a national poll suppression story,” tweeted the company.”

      You dacian are a propagandist.

      • When someone thinks they are unique and cool for using a historical screen name, only to get educated regularly by someone who actually understands history and also has a historical screen name that better describes and represents the person who thought they were unique and cool in the first place.

        Thracian is a true hero. Keep up the great work.

        Oh shit, I meant to change my SN to Getae… 😉

  15. If you’re wondering, THIS is why & how Texas is turning blue, can you say R I N O TRAITOR…?
    But in all actually the G O P has lost its way anyway. Not a lot of balls in the G O P anyway.

  16. As the Federal Government continues to devolve into the Big brother Tyranny of Orwell’s 1984. It becomes ever more important to focus on what occurs in the state legislatures. Solidifying Rights and Liberties at the state level is becoming the last best tactic short of Revolution in Our Nation. D.C. is and has always been a cesspool of influence pedaling and bought and paid for politicians. Once politicians move their residences inside the beltway and away from their constituents ability to contact them on a regular basis. They know what they do is outside of most people’s busy lives and short attention span. One positive coming out of the Chinese virus was/is the idea of remote voting for members of the HOR and Senate. I’ve always felt with the use of technology there is no reason for politicians to spend as much time in D.C. as they now do. They can address their respective chambers by video and vote electronically. At most they should be allowed no more than 2 weeks per yearly quarter to do business in D.C. with the remainder of the time spent in their home state/district addressing the concerns of their constituents face to face. In this way their ability to hide behind the OZ like Curtain is minimized and forces them to be more accessible to the public as many in state legislatures are. Their ability to hide has only reinforced their likelihood to backslide on their supposed promises and Ideals. The fault lies at the feet of “We the People” for allowing this kind of behavior to exist as well as the job of cleaning up the mess it has created. By the system in place or through whatever means necessary. Complacent Cowardice to insure the continued course albeit under the Boot of Tyranny or Courageous Sacrifice for something Greater than Oneself and a Future of Freedom and Liberty for your descendants. Which world would You want for them? Which world will You leave them?

  17. Does his constituents agree within his district? I doubt it. People need to call him 24/7 and tell him to cease on this gun control nonsense.

    • why can’t “We the People” fire someone who works FOR US? Breech of contract? Violation of the oath of office? fraud? Who is the boss and who is the public SERVANT here? Amerika is evil, corrupt and rigged. why did we secede from England again? re-fresh my memory…..

  18. “Compromising” with gun grabbers is like Chamberlain compromising with Hitler at Munich!

  19. “Does his constituents agree within his district?”

    Single-issue voters rarely swing elections. What do you do with an elected official who votes 99.999996% of the time votes precisely as you want, but waffles on laws concerning firearms?

  20. The only way it can work is to register every firearm in this country. Good luck with that. I don’t sell guns to anyone I don’t know very well and won’t buy from anyone I don’t know very well. They can pass this law and it’s not going to stop me or my friends from continuing to purchase amongst ourselves. Molon Labe!

  21. @TheBSonTTAG
    “The sad part is people like you and Chris think this is acceptable.”

    Upon what, do you make this claim?

    *Woodrow Wilson (and later his wife as shadow president) was the first “progressive” president, making FDR possible.

    • Woodrow Wilson the first progressive?

      Well you know that’s bullshit. And what gave FDR the presidency was the mismanagement of Republican presidents Coolidge and Hoover that led directly to the depression.

      “A Progressive reformer, Roosevelt earned a reputation as a “trust buster” through his regulatory reforms and antitrust prosecutions. His presidency saw the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act, which established the Food and Drug Administration to regulate food safety, and the Hepburn Act, which increased the regulatory power of the Interstate Commerce Commission. Roosevelt took care, however, to show that he did not disagree with trusts and capitalism in principle, but was only against monopolistic practices. His “Square Deal” included regulation of railroad rates and pure foods and drugs; he saw it as a fair deal for both the average citizen and the businessmen. Sympathetic to both business and labor, Roosevelt avoided labor strife, most notably negotiating a settlement to the great Coal Strike of 1902. He vigorously promoted the conservation movement, emphasizing efficient use of natural resources. He dramatically expanded the system of national parks and national forests. After 1906, he moved to the left, attacking big business, proposing a welfare state, and supporting labor unions.“

      Amazing, no wonder most on this list were completely snookered by the NYC ConMan Donald Trump

      • Yea Yea miner… we know, it’s always the other parties fault. Dems and republicans, you guys are hilarious.

        • Montana did I mention..

          I like to cut, cut, cut and paste..

          Cut and paste.

          Cut and paste!

          I am devoid of any original thinking.

    • Woodrow Wilson

      Contender for worst POTUS ever, competition= Obama, Biden, Carter, Johnson…

      • “Woodrow Wilson
        Contender for worst POTUS ever,…”

        Is that fair? His wife was the actual president after Wilson became bed-ridden. Shouldn’t she get half credit for being the worst ever?

        • Shouldn’t she get half credit for being the worst ever?

          Only if her signature appears on the bottom line… Sorry, Woody laid out the progressive agenda, she was just finishing what he started and who knows it could have been worse if he had been 100% to the end… But, I guess we could give her a 25% complicity…

      • none of the presidents you listed had over 660 000 citizens killed, destroyed the republic that the founders gave US and enslaved everyone else to the Den of Corruption. Lincoln did, and you morons love him ? dumb asses

  22. There is plenty of historic precedent fully recognized by mainstream media. May want to save copies offline because these will be purged as soon as they realize what they’ve done.

    But yes, Mr and Mrs Hometown, USA, political leaders have been selling their own people into slavery for centuries. And if I hear one more of you say “Well, it can’t happen here” you get slapped because “here” is where the slaves were bought and exploited. Yes, that’s true also. It is also true many of our current crop of political leadership care far, far more about lining their own pockets than whether little Suzy or Johnny gets abducted and sold into slavery for the cartels or criminals elsewhere in the world. In fact, if you complain too much, you’re next.

    We must – MUST – insist on freedom from tyranny and the means to enforce that freedom. We must honor the sacrifices of those who fought to achieve and protect it and must maintain it for our own children.

    • Amerikans don’t care about their offspring. Still send their kids to be brainwashed by socialist. Have the communist gov’t. fill out a credit card in their name…they are in debt before they take their first breath. Give “rights” to illegals and take them from you? you all are so sad & pathetic. “Amerika will never be a socialist country” (?) Donald J. Trump

  23. Agree. Voting doesn’t matter, until you have a majority. But it only “really” matters if you have a sustainable super majority of voters. As it stands, voting is the only way to signal to like-minded that they are not alone, and that support may be building.

    • stealing an election seems to work pretty good too, Sam. Amerika needs a purge (of communist)

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