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By Lee Williams

Joe Biden is considering nominating another staunch anti-gunner to head the ATF, according to POLITICO, even though millions of angry American gun owners helped scuttle Biden’s first choice, David Chipman, because of Chipman’s long history of anti-gun advocacy.

Several sources allegedly told the online news site that Biden will choose Steve Dettelbach, the former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

Dettelbach, a Democrat, ran unsuccessfully for Ohio Attorney General in 2018, losing to Republican Dave Yost. Dettelbach was endorsed by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Everytown for Gun Safety.

“Dettelbach is running on a platform that includes strengthening enforcement of gun safety laws in Ohio, and he supports closing the background check loophole and keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. His opponent, Dave Yost, is endorsed by the NRA,” Everytown announced in a 2018 press release. “Everytown is all-in on the midterm elections and gun violence survivors and volunteers with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America will be knocking on doors and making calls to elect Dettelbach and other gun sense candidates.”

During his campaign for AG, Dettelbach called for reinstating the failed “assault weapon” ban and for universal background checks. He opposed Yost’s plan to arm teachers and school staff who had prior military or law enforcement experience. “I think this is a politician’s plan, quite frankly, I mean it doesn’t protect people in any meaningful way, it’s more than a day late and much more than a dollar short,” Dettelbach told WOSU.

Twitter history

Unlike Chipman, who locked his Twitter account before his nomination process, Dettelbach’s Twitter account is still active. While his tweets are cautious — about what you’d expect from a candidate who’s run for statewide office — Dettelbach has clearly expressed frustration over mass murders and his lack of his ability to “do something” about “gun violence.”

On Feb. 1, 2019, Dettelbach tweeted support for a speech by U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman, who addressed crime in Cleveland. “Herdman: Focusing on firearms violence is key,” Dettelbach tweeted.

On Aug. 4, 2019, Dettelbach tweeted a link to a CNN story about a mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio who had opened fire in the city’s nightclub district killing nine people.

“May G-d help all those who are suffering and bless those who responded. But what will WE do here on earth to stop this madness? We must not accept mass murder as the new normal. I sure don’t,” Dettelbach tweeted.

On Jan. 20, 2020, Dettelbach retweeted a tweet from gun control group Sandy Hook Promise, which stated: “Sign our petition demanding action to prevent school shootings.”

On Aug. 4, 2019, Dettelbach retweeted a statement from the El Paso sheriff about a mass murder in that border city.

“Read this statement from the El Paso Sherriff. He is rightfully enraged. Who allows madmen such easy access to firearms? Who armed a madman with enough hate that he would kill people just because they were Hispanic? Those people must also be held accountable,” Dettelbach tweeted.

On April 28. 2019, Dettelbach tweeted about a shooting at a San Diego synagogue, which occurred six months after the Tree of Life synagogue shooting and killed one and injured three.

“My heart breaks for all who were terrorized by this senseless hate crime. #TreeofLife was only 6 months ago and now the #PassoverShooting !When are we going to DO something to stop this? WHEN! — 1 killed, 3 injured in synagogue shooting near San Diego,” Dettelbach tweeted.

On Sept. 6, 2018, Dettelbach tweeted, “I want to extend my deepest condolences to those who lost their loved ones in the act of violence that took place in Cincinnati today. We are grateful to our first responders for protecting the lives of so many others and mourn the lives lost today due to senseless gun violence.”

Dettelbach’s tweets also indicate strong support for all major democratic issues and candidates, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Black Lives Matter, restructuring police, and indicting President Donald Trump.


Dettelbach’s nomination should be of extreme concern for gun owners. If he is confirmed as ATF director, he could “do something” about “gun violence” that would infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms.

Dettelbach, like Biden’s first choice to run ATF, is staunchly anti-gun. We can’t allow Biden to give another anti-gun zealot the means to further erode our God-given, Second Amendment rights.

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  1. Just another dishonest blood dancer using tragedy to advance his corrupt agenda.

    I advanced an idea to protect schools from shooters years ago. In every community in America there are men like me. Retired men. Vets. Men that would gladly bring their own guns to watch over the kids at school.

    Would Sandy Hook have happened if 3-4 men like that had been there on overwatch?

    We surely could not have failed as badly as the ‘coward from Broward’ did.

    • If the demorats and republicans were serious about gun control they would put more emphasis on the criminals.. Here’s a thought if you use a gun to kill someone you will be executed. no twinkie defense, no crazy defense, no mental illness defense.. shoot a couple of these idiots and the crap will stop… The criminals need to know with no uncertain terms if they kill they will DIE;;; I offer my services as an executioner ,, But no takers.. we are a civilized society i am told.. yeah right, civilized my butt…

  2. Interesting. When people type out the name “God” by omitting a character, it typically means either (1) a profound respect for His name, such as how the devout Israelites of old would spell “Yahweh” as YHWH so as to avoid any chance of disrespecting his actual name, or (2) a disrespect for His name.

    Many Patriots will say “God, Guns, and Country”, for example. We’ll see if this Mr. Dettelbach is on one side of the line, or the other.

    • It’s cultural rather than devout. “YHWH” is a direct transliteration from Hebrew (which, like other Semitic languages, has no vowels) into English, and some follow the same tradition with the English equivalent “G-d”.

      • Regardless, the meaning should be obvious when he said, “May G-d help all those who are suffering and bless those who responded”.
        Dettelbach’s agenda is the problem and it is clear that he is not a supporter of the 2A.
        IMHO I think a person should write God and his use of the – makes me wonder.

        • Not to wonder, he’s being politically correct.
          Cant say God in politics, no no no.
          In other words he’s got no backbone

    • “…or (2) a disrespect for His name.”

      It’s profound disrespect, if not contempt.

      One of the conservative Senators should drill into that when questioning him, though.

      Ask him why he’s treating a proper name like a swear word…

      • “Ask him why he’s treating a proper name like a swear word… “

        GOD is not a proper name, it’s a noun that describes an imaginary being.

        Imaginary beings have no place in our governance, and the Constitution expressly forbid this sort of belief requirement:

        “Article VI
        Clause 3
        The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.“

        The founding fathers knew well the dangers of these delusional religions, many of them knew the history of the Christian religious terrorism practiced in the early colonies, such as the Salem witch trials.

        That’s why they specifically omitted the names of any deities from the United States Constitution, no Jehovah, Allah, Zeus, Jesus, Shiva, Thor, Loki, Freya, etc.

        • What you quoted has no support for your point.

          The strength or weakness of faith of a candidate or holder for office shall not be a consideration for that position has no relation to a ban of mentioning God or discussions of religion.

          By the way, God is imaginary to those that don’t Him. You have never sought, so you shall never find, so you shall never know.

  3. “….closing the background check loophole.”

    What the hell is “the background check loophole”??

    • “What the hell is “the background check loophole”??”
      This has to be relative to personal sales.
      The left want all gun sales to go through a FFL with extra fees etc.

      • Has anyone surveyed the Crips or Bloods to ask whether or not their various Smileys and Deandres will call in to NICS before making a sale?

        • Well the Crips think the Bloods should have to pass a background check and the Bloods think the Crips should have to pass a background check
          All criminals dont want the other guy to be armed.
          Hello Joe.

    • The “background check loophole” is a made up term. Its gun-control speak for part of their federal “universal registration” leading to their federal ‘confiscation’ wet dream scenario.

    • Obviously the little cutouts in the fortification walls that let you shoot background checks out of without getting shot yourself…

  4. If he were to get the job and be successful in getting a weapons ban for so called assault rifles I hope he would be man enough to go on the raids with ATF agents who are going to be shot collecting them and be the first one to knock on the door. No one should have to give up a firearm that they bought legally. Next it will be gas driven cars, perhaps your freezer or refrigerator, etc. If you bought something legally then you should be grandfathered if they changed the law. If they want it they should come and get it at their own risk if they don’t grandfather you and that item.

    • They should never be able to change the law. If it was legal, it should always be legal. The only law they should be able to change is a law making items illegal.

  5. Tell me when we’re going to get a director at the ATF that addresses the largest killer in the United States? We all know what that killer is but no one mentions it. It is tobacco and it kills nearly half a million people every year. I don’t hear calls for background checks for cigarette or chewing tobacco purchases, a limit on how many cigarettes can come in a pack, how rapidly you’re allowed to smoke cigarettes or dip snuff, and I don’t even think they want to register any type of tobacco.

    • Seems like Biden is afraid of my Senator, I’m from WV, the 1 thing besides the filibuster Manchin has stayed strong on is Gun Ownership. Most of my state owns guns as a lot of it is rural or mountains, we need it for protection & the majority of us feel if you want our guns try and take them we have a Lot of VETERANS in WV and other states and they did not fight for our Freedom just to have one of the most important taken away.
      THANK YOU to all our Veterans and First Responders who have and continue to put their lives and families on the line just to do their job Protecting us.

  6. This time it’s different the left has learned. The care nothing about our constitution and will run right over it this time. Look at the border, told to put “remain in Mexico back’ they slow roll and ignore our rights.

  7. So, another loser that can’t get any traction in the real world so he will be employed by another loser that can’t get anything done.

  8. Steven Dettelbach is the kind of guy who appeals to emotion and uses lots of trigger words and phrases and terms to purposely appeal to emotion or deceive or obfuscate.

  9. Democrats; Kill 1,000,000 babies a year with abortions.
    Democrats; “Nothing was being done from stopping this child from being shot!”

  10. I hope Dettelbach is sufficiently receptive to know hispanic means Spanish speaker, not an ethnic group. “Hispanic” is an American, not English, word derived from the Spanish word hispanohablantes, which means “Spanish speaker.” It encompasses Spain, Puerto Rico, The Philippines and much of Latin America along with many other nations and groups. It’s the second most used language on earth but it’s neither a race nor an ethnic group.

    Dettelbach and the referenced sheriff likely meant to use the term Latino which also is an American word originating around 1945 and derived from Latinoamericano or Latin-American. It carries a powerful 60-year old connotation of citizenship much like Asian-American or Anglo-American.

  11. Thank you Truth About Guns for sharing this information . If these liberals really were serious about making society safer they need to stop letting hardened criminals go free . Yea they have been doing that quietly but you will not hear about that on mainstream news . Tells you where they are and it’s not for the American people . …

  12. I’m so sick of hearing about gunm violets I’m about ready to take my six shooter and beat them in the head with it.
    Dum basses, it ain’t the gunms doing the violets, its humans.
    By the way,, if you do violets you dont come out smelling like a rose.

  13. If you cannot type the word ” God ” because you are afraid of offending others, you should not be in government.

    Grow a pair. Take a stand. Man up or sod off.

    This is why local elections matter. None of these ass clowns should be allowed anywhere near positions of power.

    No pronoun brigade retards either.

  14. GUN CONTROL AND A DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION? UMMM YEAH…My great grandfather was Jack Miller of US v Miller and I found proof from old family documents that he was murdered days before his Supreme Court case to keep him silent. David T. Hardy, former senior NRA attorney is helping me write the True Story of US v Miller…so, yes, this pisses me off reading this because I personally know just how far they will go to take away our 2nd Amendment rights…

  15. “May G-d help all those who are suffering and bless those who responded. But what will WE do here on earth to stop this madness? We must not accept mass murder as the new normal. I sure don’t,” Dettelbach tweeted.

    Without exception everyone who talks “Gun Violence” rather that “Human Violence” has already, and for a very long time, accepted mass shootings as a normal thing they are unwilling to do anything meaningful about.

  16. We should quit using their language and terms. There are no victims of gun violence. There are just victims of violence period.

    Whether they are assaulted on the street, at their job or their homes. Whether by a street thug, or someone carrying out the orders of Stalin or Hitler. Whether by fist, rock, blunt object, knife, car, rocket, tank, or gun. It matters not who or how. They are all victims of violence and their rights were violated and it matters because we as a country value people as unique created beings, even in cases where they don’t value themselves. It’s in our founding documents.

    The anti-gunners think victims of violence with a gun are of modest value. And those who are victims of violence with anything but a gun aren’t even worth two squirts of mules$#!?

    Yet we liberty lovers think all life is of value, victims of crime or not. That is why we defend inherent rights and believe people are free to choose the weapons of their choice to defend that life. We believe in being as preemptive as possible against criminal attack while liberals dance on the graves of the dead in celebration of advancing totalitarianism.

  17. We don’t need more Regulations for gun control, what we need are people in the ATF and Government to correct and update the background check system and then enforce and allow our police to enforce the LAWS already on the Books. If you all remember the biggest push for gun control came right after George Floyd and the BLM. The government allowed them to ravage the Cities and Countryside to the point people needed weapons to protect not just their loved ones but their lives & property just as our 2nd Amendment gives us the right to do. The Democrats don’t like that because if (when) they come against us we can defend ourselves.


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