Darrell Steinberg Sacramento Mass Shooting Vigil
Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg speaks during a candlelight vigil held at Ali Youssefi Square in Sacramento, Calif., late Monday, April 4, 2022. Multiple people were killed and injured after a shooting that occurred early Sunday. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group via AP)
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From the CCRKBA . . .

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today said revelations that one of two suspects being held in connection with the deadly mass shooting in Sacramento was released from prison less than two months ago shows the problem in California isn’t guns, it’s prison system rules that allowed the man to be on the streets.

“Smiley Allen Martin has a criminal history dating back at least nine years,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “and he was doing a ten-year stretch for domestic violence and assault, yet thanks to the current credits system by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, here he was in Sacramento at 2 a.m. in the middle of mayhem. He’s now facing new charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of a machine gun.

“Instead of Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and others calling for more gun control,” he added, “they should be demanding prison reform that keeps violent criminals behind bars instead of allowing early release. Politicians who support such policies are perpetuating a system that ultimately poses more of a real danger to society than their imagined fears about private gun ownership.”

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Martin has been in trouble with the law since 2013, when he was prosecuted for possession of a semiautomatic rifle and outlawed magazines, and then sentenced to “probation and county jail.” Less than a year later, he was arrested on robbery charges and sentenced to two years in prison. In 2016, after being paroled, he was back in trouble again, and the following year, he was arrested for the domestic violence and assault, and sent back to prison in January 2018 with the 10-year sentence. Yet he was released in February of this year, despite an objection last year by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office.

“Violent criminals shouldn’t be back on the streets essentially unsupervised,” Gottlieb said, “especially when their earlier crimes included illegal gun possession. This is why the American people don’t support more gun control, and instead are buying guns for personal protection. They are realizing that when you trade your freedom for some sense of security, you ultimately wind up with neither.”


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  1. Let’s not mince words. They don’t mind crooks. Crooks can be bought, and your would-be tyrants always need hired muscle.

    • It is not the fault of the Prison System. The Prison is not responsible for sentencing OR the eventual release of prisoners. Both are the responsibility of the Civil Authorities. Ther may well be an argument that the laws should be changed regardin both sentencing and release but that is quite another matter. The fact however is that it does not appear that either harsh sentencing OR the Death Penalty are much of a deterent.
      OK Crims are removed from the streets at a cost approaching $US50,000 per annum each but that has little, if any, effect of re-offending.
      The elephant in the room is the undoubted fact that most re-offenders, for whatever reason, actuallty PREFER LIFE INSIDE and re-offend to that effect. And it’s not just an American problem either

      • are you saying that people commit crimes because they like to go to prison? never heard that one before.

        • You are naive……in Prison, thugs are relatively safe, they get high value Continuing Education in Criminal Arts, the sex is almost as good as outside, they don’t have to worry about being arrested, it’s warm in winter & cool in summer, they get three free meals a day, they have the equivalent of a Gym membership, drugs and phones are available. It’s like Whitee living at his Country Club.

        • Open your eyes. These crooks, thieves, felons and what ever get three meals a day, free exercise yard and all the tv they want. No hard labor– etc.

      • Albert Hall, do you know of any murderer who was executed wo committed a murder again? While the convict is confined the public is safe from his predications.

  2. If he was a white man he would be doing 10 years and the ATF would have gotten involved. How’s that for racism.

  3. Headline fixated America does not care about details and fine print. Until the Headlines say, “History Confirms Gun Control Is Rooted In Racism and Genocide” democRats will continue using the acts of criminals to move their Gun Control football.

    Of course an honest headline won’t happen with newspapers in bed with Gun Control zealots so it is up to gun owners to properly define Gun Control by its history of rot. After all the vast majority of people who support Gun Control have no clue they are supporting a racist and nazi based agenda.

  4. Don’t need any more input to confirm LibTards are Stupid! How the Hell can you release Felons early and then blame the gun for their recidivism? No wonder they want unguarded open borders. people with good sense are fleeing the state faster than the idiots breed!


  6. Isn’t government officials releasing criminals into the population a villain trope of fiction. Pretty sure Batman and The A-Team had numerous plot lines with that theme.

    I guess, here in the real world, it’s just standing Democrat policy.
    Maybe all those A-Team baddies were just Democrats.

  7. This kind of Leftist propaganda is what makes them so incredible as well as incredibly stupid. These people haven’t figured out that guns don’t kill people. It’s criminals that these Leftist Californians release as well as other Leftist run states.

    • This is more a case where assuming malice instead of incompetence would be appropriate especially when you look at the patterns of events that took place in many communist takeovers during the last century. Create disorder to gin up a crisis to get powers to solve the problem while securing power to repeat the cycle until total control has been reached. If they are just incompetent they are likely to fail horrifically but best to assume they know what they are doing and plan for it accordingly.

      • or it’s just ignorance. few Ds have ever touched a gun. they know nothing about it so they are afraid and don’t like it. not everything is a grand conspiracy.

  8. It’s all about skin color,
    Don’t believe me,
    Just watch the real news & read the headlines,
    Most the time the names of the perp give it away.
    13%ers cause more than 3/4 of the viscous crimes.
    But don’t say anything about that , cause that’s RACIST, don’t ya know?but they want my & your weapons.

  9. I’m disturbed how my comment, that’s VERY tame compared to others, gets sent to moderation… but the all caps lovers, usual trolls, and spam bots get a pass.

    Aight then.

  10. Sounds about right because every good liberal knows lawless criminals are not responsible for their own behavior, that would require being an adult who’s held accountable. Give the people who commit crimes for a living a free pass and blame the gun, racism, anything, and if one gets killed attacking law enforcement make him a hero and a Saint.

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