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Joe V. writes . . .

Here is my pocket dump minus wallet, hand sanitizer, work, and personal phones. I usually wear a suit jacket or sports coat due to work. I’ve adopted this for daily dress, which helps with concealment.

I carry a Walther PPS M2 with three seven-round magazines. I really like this pistol. I recently sold a Ruger LC9S which I liked, but the grip was too narrow. The ergonomics and trigger on the PPS M2 are almost as good as my PPQ M2. It puts bullets where I want them to go.

I am running Hornady Critical Defense ammunition. In the colder months, I like to carry the PPQ, but it’s hot in South Texas right now. Say what you want about single stacks, but if I need more than 22 rounds, you can tell my wife I probably had it coming. She’ll likely nod slowly and say that I probably did.

The Kydex holster is from On-Your-Six Designs in San Antonio. They molded the holster off the actual pistol. Great retention. They give you belt clips for various belt widths, free of charge with 30-minute to 2-hour turnaround time on walk ins. They made me some nice OWB holsters for the PPQ M2 Navy and an XD-40, both with TLR-7 lights. They also made IWBs for my LC9S and my Thunder .380. Reasonable prices.

I carry a well-worn Infinity Blades OTF knife and a small, Nebo flashlight. The knife has served me well. The flashlight lights up every time with bright, dim and strobe settings. There is enough crap on my keychain that I am regularly mistaken for the maintenance guy when people hear me walking by.


This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. Don’t have any experience with what you’re carrying, but if you’re working undercover loose the Safariland handcuff key on that keyring you mentioned. Any dope dealer that’s been in business for a day wants to see your key ring. Handcuff key=bullet in the head

    • and if you dip your beams to alert them to their headlights being off they’ll swing around and kill you for their initiation!
      maybe i should leave that get out of jail free card at home.

      • Urban myth. That’s was gang bangers, not dealers anyway. Not carrying a handcuff key while working UC is LE 101. And they are hard to pick. If the arresting officer did his job and searched the suspect. All I know is after 23 1/2 years and thousands of arrests no one ever picked the locks on a pair of my handcuffs. tsbhoa, enlighten us. How many men have you handcuffed?

        • Cuffs are hard to pick? Uh, no. They’re a challenge if you’re wearing them behind you back, but the lock itself is literal child’s play. In that case it’s all about the angle. But it’s still eminently doable if you’ve you’ve done it before.

          Shimming cuffs is far easier if you’re the one in them and can be done with a variety of objects that are easily concealed or picked up later.

        • When I was U.C and looked like a biker, I made an earring out of a handcuff key.
          It never got spotted.
          I also used it when training recruits on searching and handcuffing. It was pretty a effective learning tool.

        • Yes cuffs are hard as agencies require cops cuff you in the back, with very rare and unusual exceptions to the rule. They’ll use two pair of cuffs if you’re too big or not “flexible” enough but they’ll cuff you in the back. They’re also suppose to double lock the cuffs, .have fun. Females with very thin wrist, and a cop being too nice are a different story, they’ll just take the cuff out like a glove even if it’s in the back.

        • “urban myth.”
          that whooshing sound? yeah.
          i can bobby pin any ‘cuffs you got in seconds. meter reader. had incentive.
          tougher if i’m wearin’ ’em.
          how many peoiple have i cuffed? please don’t leave cans of corn hanging like that. i might stoop to the your wife/ momma shit that you spew. i’ll sink to some pretty impressive depths of depravity, but not that.
          why don’t you regale us with a comment on the caption contest?

        • you claim to be former leo- none of your dealers were in gangs? the distinction is patently absurd.
          how many cuff key mureders did you solve?

        • “They’re also suppose to double lock the cuffs, .have fun.”

          You don’t actually know how cuffs are built, do you?

        • @strych9

          …and that is why I carried hinged cuffs. Hands behind back, keyholes facing up, fingers down, palms out…not so impossible to pick or shim if you have tentacles instead of fingers.

      • In fact, I don’t recall a documented case of an prisoner picking the lock on a pair of handcuffs. Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs not withstanding. Of course those cuffs had a foot long chain. Could have happened I guess.

      • No point in picking cuffs when you can shim them far more easily if you happen to be the one wearing them… and most people won’t recognize/find a shim like that.

        • A bit of thin, flat metal can be tucked into a belt quite easily.

          Once that’s accomplished in the back of a squad car, your adventure is just beginning… 😉

        • Depends on the car…

          One of my favorite internet videos is the 16 year old girl who gets tossed in the back of a cruiser with no cage. Within two minutes she slips her cuffs to the front and steals the car.

          Surprisingly good driver too. Gives the cops a run for their money. When they finally PIT their own cruiser… oooooo boy are pissed.

        • Most cop cars now have cameras inside and any decent, alert cop will see you messing around. You guys need to try harder when it comes to fiction vs reality.

        • “…alert cop will see you messing around.”

          Yeah, well too bad cops aren’t really that well trained or, honestly, that smart on average.

          I mean, the dude did manage to get his car stolen by a 16 year old… and it’s not like she’s the only one. That happened in like 1998 and made World’s Wildest Police Chases but just go search videos for “girls steals cop car” and you’ll find it happens embarrassingly often.

          The simple fact is that cops have time, statistics and an even less smart/well trained set of adversaries in most cases. It’s not that cops are all that and a side of fries. Most are overweight and would starve if a sandwhich baggy put up a fight over lunch.

        • The amount of incidents that I have personally seen where a suspect either unknowingly slipped their cuffs (only to be found upon arrival at booking) or, in one case, slipped cuffs and stole the vehicle leads me to believe that you may be overestimating how alert everyone is to watching the suspect in the back seat.

          And cameras in the car are immaterial if the officer is either outside the car at the scene or driving. I’ve never seen anyone watch a live feed unless they were the passenger in the prisoner transport van, as opposed to trying to drive.

        • My troll is back!

          “Most cop cars now have cameras inside and any decent, alert cop will see you messing around.”

          Ah, no, they won’t. As the two cops who transported Hank Earl Carr found out the hard way. Take note of the first picture, he’s in handcuffs, about to be transported. The two cops doing the transport didn’t survive :

          Really, dumbass, ‘no grain in the silo’? That’s all you got, ‘peee geee? What a jerk-off you are! 🙂

        • Geoff, he was cuffed in front and there was no cage. One of the LEO was carrying in a shoulder holster making it easier for him to be disarmed. Bad day all around. That was from memory so I could have details wrong.

      • “….As the two cops who transported Hank Earl Carr found out the hard way…..”

        I just noticed that TBB article is wrong on 1 account. It says it ended in Hernando county. The little store where Carr holed up was at 75/54 here in Wesley Chapel (Pasco). The part of 54 that runs through here is named the “Trooper James (Brad) Crooks Highway”

        I remember that mess like it was yesterday.

  2. Unfortunately I have experience with that model. And it wasn’t good. And I found out the hard way Walther Customer service is terrible

  3. You can tell by the kydex form at the trigger guard that holstering that gun give a satisfying “click”. So if it’s hot, no jacket? How do you conceal the gun and OWB double mag pouch? We get hot days in SoCal and so I opt for a no-tuck button down patterned dress shirt instead of a T-shirt especially if I add a 2nd spare mag.

        • I’d say that having blown all your money on one too many guns Tori Richards is out of your price range. 🙁

        • I think I just found a new place for adding to my tropical shirt collection!
          Thnx tdiinva!

      • And more subtle offerings from 5-11 Tactical and others. Some of their stuff is quite good and holds up to repeated washings.

    • The business gives me an excuse to wear a light suit jacket or blazer during the week. When it gets really hot here on weekends, I lose the jacket at untuck the shirt. I go for longer cut button-downs with patterns that help obscure the magazine pouches and holster. If I opt for casual shorts or pants, I like lots of pockets.

  4. I remember when we used to call law enforcement officers “the Fuzz” , those were good times. Not many people had a gunm, chains, ballbats, knives and bullshit, but not many gunms. Iz to tell funny GF story? Okay. Is turf fight, friend has two motorcycle helmets, he and I, also garbage cans and broken picket fence whackstabbers. Hah hah enemy tried to hit me , ha , he hit motorcycle helmet. What fun, friend had Buick Wildcat, can’t remember yesr 68? We run away fast, what fun. No Fuzz to calling

  5. Walther PPS M2 is a fantastic EDC, however I carry my PPQ all year long here in AZ. Heat as nothing to do with it, it comes down to a good holster.

    • I carry my PPQ in an OWB holster. It conceals well under my jacket, but not as well under my untucked shirt. If I were still a thinner man, I might be able to pull off an IWB, even with the TLR-7. While not grossly out of shape, thinner me is long gone. And he took my single, childless status, fast cars, black hair and short-range eyesight with him.

  6. I’ve got two of the PPS M2 LE models that came with 3 magazines. They are a great buy at around $300. I shoot mine better that a G17.

  7. I also felt the grip on the LC9 was too narrow, but that was just one of the things I didn’t like about it.

    • Biff, I picked up my PPS M2 for about $300.00 on CDNN Sports.

      Larry, I tried a wrap-around, adhesive grip. It didn’t help. I tried a soft rubber grip from Hogue, but it twisted when I shot it. I shot it well, but I decided to let it go with three factory, seven-round mags with pinky extensions and the kydex holster for a very low price. It partially funded the PPS M2 purchase, but not by much. New owner is happy with it. He needed it.

      Thanks for your comments.


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