What I’m Carrying Now: A SIG P290 and a Ball Roadmaster Marine GMT

sig p290 EDC pocket dump

John W. writes . . .

Here’s what I’m carrying during my limited, weekly outings to purchase precious commodities such as toilet paper and fresh fruit. The first trick was taking a picture that includes my admittedly outdated iPhone 8 Plus, that I use to take all my photos and keep my shopping list (and make the occasional call). With that figured out, there it is among my other necessities, well-preserved in its UAG case.

This Alien Gear IWB is comfortable all day long, even when climbing in and out and driving my 2-seater. It secures my SIG P290 with laser. Nearly smaller than my phone, the SIG’s extended magazine makes for a better grip and still allows it to be virtually invisible (or that just might be attributed to my girth) when carrying.

My at-home and walk-around firearms are all loaded with HPR 9mm, 147 Grain JHP to stop and safely stay where I might need to put them.

My other tool is a Havalon Piranta because…no sharpening. I “lost” my first one for a time until the good folks at the TSA found it under the lining of one of my carry-ons. Once that was permanently lost (or in the pocket of the TSA worker who found it) I ordered this one while waiting to board my flight.

Other essentials include a Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet, very essential Nooz pocket reading glasses, and a Ball Roadmaster Marine GMT watch.


[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]


  1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Carry needs a spare mag. I had to look up the time piece. And I know a little about them. Looks like a nice watch. Particularly impressed with the tritium face. At $2500 not a bad price. Depending on deeper research of course.

    1. avatar Mack The Knife says:

      Too bad he didn’t spend the big bucks on the gun instead of on an obsolete time piece.

      1. avatar Roy F. Wilt says:

        You are so correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. avatar 9x39 says:

      “…spare mag…”

      Or two, better still.

      To address the concern about the non-latest & greatest phone. Don’t worry about it. I’m still rocking my ancient Pixel 2 XL, w/ a custom kernel & security/privacy focused rom (posted that info so no one freaks over my use of a Google phone). With the back ported features of the newer 3 & 4 versions to the 2, I see no compelling reason yet to side-grade. So, I say keep your phone, because keeping up with the Jones’s is never a good policy. As long as you have what you need.

      Nice watch & piece btw. We’ll have to disagree on the blade, don’t care for any folder, aside from a butterfly. Preference is fixed over all.

  2. avatar Wood says:

    Should have just given the tsa the blade and retained the handle.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:


      why can’t you sharpen a replaceable blade?
      and who’s carry?

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        Carry’s your wife’s pump. Thought you guys had met.

        1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          i’m wearing my wife’s pumps.
          “grab your ball’s ya tit fucker.”

  3. avatar MouseGun says:

    Damn, that watch; Shah-wing!

  4. avatar possum says:

    I’d be more afraid of that watch. I might break my teeth on it

  5. avatar jwm says:

    I have the Gerber version of the piranta. It’s the bees knees for stuff like quail and dove and rabbit. Sharp as a scalpel and with quick change blades.

    1. avatar possum says:

      I didn’t know you were supposed to skin that stuff? Rabbit fur does tend to binf me up a bit.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Rabbit and squirrel fur make good gloves.

        possum fur is good for toilet paper.

        1. avatar possum says:

          And you must use a lot of it considering your full of ,,,,,,,,,😇

        2. avatar jwm says:

          That’s why I’m on the constant look out for marsupials while I’m in my f150 Ford. 😉

  6. avatar tdiinva says:

    Don’t know where you live but grocery stores, Walmart and Target deliver. I haven’t been to a brick and mortar store in 6 weeks. Bought one 48 roll pack of TP for each of three bathrooms back in February. We are good until fall. I am out at least twice everyday with Ranger Moe. (Moe EDC submitted) I probably will seldom visit any brick and mortar store ever CD again)

    1. avatar Montana Actual says:

      I think most are at least doing pick up now. Even still, I want to chose my own stuff. I don’t trust someone esle to pick the fruit I want.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        I do grocery delivery for my elderly neighbors. Not as a business, just volunteer work.

        But I still belong to DoorDash from back in the day. They’re now doing grocery deliveries for Walmart and the like because those companies can’t keep up. So, already being an employee of theirs I looked at how much that pays.

        Around here running groceries can make you a grand a week easy before any tips and that’s just five days at five to six hours a day. The delivery services are not much different than DD was for restaurant food back when I ran the job as a side gig: it’s a complete ripoff.

        Just like my friend’s wife works for InstaCart after her regular job was declared non-essential. These days she makes more in a couple weeks than most working stiffs make in a month. But the stiffs pay her because time is so valuable… yet in-store pickup is free and you get the same level of service, brought to your car.

        Convenience is something people pay a lot for, an irrational amount, and these days they’re happy to pay the extra and more.

        1. avatar Specialist38 says:

          Fear of Corona (the great unknown) is driving the service industry right now.

          I understand it, nobody knows how they will be affected if they get it.

          Will they even notice? Or be dead in a week? The new bogeyman.

        2. avatar strych9 says:

          Mostly I doubt t they’ll know they have it.

          Without my wife’s lab requiring both of us to get tested I’d never have realized I had that specific disease.

          Way too much BS about CoV-2 out there. Like the question of if you get immunity from having had the disease… so we have absolute knowledge of this? No, but we have damn good information from other diseases and immunology.

          Does the person have an immune system? They do? OK, well did the person titer positive for this disease? They did? Then yes, they’re at least partially protected (they’d almost certainly get a more mild case, if any, from reexposure) until the titer level drops significantly. Just like any other disease. Otherwise they don’t have an immune system, which means they’d titer negative for everything… and be dead.

      2. avatar tdiinva says:

        In times like these sacrifices must be made!!! 🙂

    2. avatar Specialist38 says:

      Where I live, Walmart does not deliver. And if you want pickup, that will be 3 weeks from now. Welcome to rural america.

      Good thing is, ours has ground beef and toilet paper. I’m still hoping to find hand sanitizer in one of my weekly or bi-weekly visits.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        Aloe and Everclear works too.

        Might not find aloe gel but the plants are in every garden section and with some rooting g hormone you can have almost an unlimited supply.

        Buy a still online and you can make your own forever.

        1. avatar Specialist38 says:

          Mainly I need the little bottles. They get brittle pretty quick. And/ or leak. Or maybe mine are just old. I dont remember buying them.

          I only use it when I’m out. At home I just wash my hands. And we give them to our neighbors.

          I did make a batch with denatured alcohol and aloe gel. With a drill mixer, you can even get the little bubbles.

        2. avatar strych9 says:

          Uline almost certainly has appropriate bottles.

      2. avatar tdiinva says:

        Meat is spotty but we usually get what we need and I have a lot of SPAM, the world’s most versatile food, just in case.

        1. avatar Specialist38 says:

          It’s like Bacon Sausage in a can. I usually buy it by the case. Spam and vegetable with orzo is a favored meal.

          Spam and eggs is always good. Spam sammiches…….spam hash…..

        2. avatar RGP says:

          Kilroy was here. He’d probably disagree about SPAM being edible.

      3. avatar Doc from Texas says:

        Same here, but I like the fact I can go outside when I want to. It is a 45 minute drive to get to a Walmart.

        1. avatar Specialist38 says:

          Agreed. On my 28 acres, I dont feel locked up.

          Plus plenty to do since Hurricane Michael.

      4. avatar Ron says:

        Make it out of bottom shelf vodka. That shit is basically rubbing alcohol anyway and lord knows they’ll never run out of that garbage. Satan himself could be walking the earth and that shit will still be there sitting on the floor where it belongs.

        1. avatar Specialist38 says:

          And listerine works well too. Plus the smell on your hands reminds you to not touch your face.

        2. avatar strych9 says:

          The problem with making handsan from vodka is that the concentration of the final solution needs to be above 40% ethanol to be effective, which is where most cheap vodka is at the start.

          You could just rinse your hands in vodka, but if you’re going to add anything like aloe or something to gel it you’ll need to up the alcohol concentration before mixing it or buy something much higher proof like Devil’s Springs or Pincer. There’s a few other high proof brands as well but it’s been over a decade since I worked behind a bar, I don’t recall the names offhand.

          Listerine is only 26% ethanol.

          If you want cheap, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide is known to work. Mostly the stuff you buy is 3%. If you can find any these days.

          The more I think about it the more $5 for the license and a still sounds like a decent pasttime.

        3. avatar Ron says:

          Strych, Thats actually not a bad idea at all prepper wise… you figure in any SHTF scenario products to disinfect will be in short supply, plus it wouldn’t be a bad bartering tool. Throughout all human history being able to make booze has been a necessity.

      5. avatar possum says:

        Hand sanitizer can be made from urine. Or do like I do, :

        1. avatar 9x39 says:

          Strong constitution from eating from the garbage can’s? I mean, I have a cast iron stomach, consuming habanero’s & bhut jolokia (ghost peppers) regularly, but that’s beyond me. :p

          **ribs possum**

    3. avatar Ron says:

      A 48 pack will get you through till fall? I’m lucky if that lasts me 48 days. Though I fully acknowledge I have a problem consuming copious amounts of coffee and Mexican food.

      1. avatar possum says:

        A 30 pack last me all day, sometimes, depends on how far I ride the bicycle

  7. avatar A says:

    I was so excited when I saw the Ball! I’ve been rocking a Ball Trainmaster Voyager GMT since 2008 and I love it. I have never seen another in the wild.
    Great great watch.

  8. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    I have that same holster in the ‘box of no work holsters’. It’s a nice holster, but to use it I have to move my right side carry around to the 5:00 position from my usual 3:00.

    1. avatar possum says:

      So that answers the watch question

  9. avatar Dude says:

    “admittedly outdated iPhone 8 Plus”

    Don’t buy into the must have upgrade craze. I don’t care about the latest and greatest as long as it does what I need it to do.

  10. avatar Rokurota says:

    I haven’t seen a P290 in forever. It was my first microcompact 9mm. Solid gun, if a little blocky. I really liked the DAO hammer. Do you have the RS version?

    1. avatar Lance Manion says:

      I have the First Edition model. Serial number under 20. You’re right…solid little gun (after SIG fixed the light primer strike problem).

  11. avatar Jose says:

    Why, all of a sudden, are people including their watches in these pics? I need to submit a pic of my EDC, car keys and cock ring for all to enjoy. Peace out

  12. avatar BusyBeef says:

    Had one, very accurate and easy to shoot.
    6-round mag was too short.
    8-round mag was too long.
    Needed that sweet spot 7, couldn’t find one or a +1 extension.

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