Eric Holder fast and furious
In this June 12, 2012 file photo, Attorney General Eric Holder testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. In email exchanges with subordinates in February and March 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder and the department's second-highest official expressed growing concern that something might have gone wrong in a federal gun-smuggling probe called Operation Fast and Furious. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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From the CCRKBA:

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today said Mexico deserves answers about a bloody Obama-Biden administration gun running scandal called “Operation Fast and Furious,” adding that after ten years, the American public also has a right to know the truth.

“Fast and Furious was a scandal of monumental proportions,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb recalled. “The Obama/Biden administration at first feigned ignorance, then withheld thousands of subpoenaed documents from the House Oversight Committee, claiming executive privilege until a federal court ordered them to be turned over to investigators. One ATF agent told the Committee that Fast & Furious was ‘the perfect storm of idiocy.’

“We can certainly sympathize with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,” he continued. “Under Barack Obama, Joe Biden and former Attorney General Eric Holder, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) allowed more than 2,000 firearms to get into criminal hands in Mexico. Many people have been killed, including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

“Mexico and every U.S. citizen deserves not only an apology but Holder and several other former Obama/Biden administration officials should have been criminally prosecuted,” he stated. “Bad actors should be punished, not law abiding American gun owners, as Joe Biden has proposed with his gun control agenda if elected president.

“Incredibly,” Gottlieb added, “the Obama-Biden administration used this fiasco as an excuse to implement new requirements for firearms dealers in the Southwest, as if they were to blame for what happened.”

Holder became the first serving U.S. Attorney General to be held in criminal and civil contempt of Congress.

“Any apology should come from those responsible,” Gottlieb observed. “That would be Obama, Biden, Holder and the ATF and Justice Department officials who cooked up this outrageous scheme.

“It’s been almost ten years since Fast & Furious was exposed,” Gottlieb said. “That’s long enough to wait for answers. We can’t allow this scandal to be swept under a rug any longer. Unfortunately, if Joe Biden becomes the next president, with his selective memory, he’ll deliberately forget this travesty and the behavior it spawned.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  1. I’m more concerned about Obama’s sicking of the FBI on an incoming administration under false pretenses. That’s something that makes Watergate looks like a mild fart.

    • Makes it look like one? Of the five senses, that one’s not the primary one that’s offended when someone tosses an air biscuit. You know, my brother-in-law is notorious for…

      (stops, considers where this is going, backs off and tries to think how to steer this back toward something related to guns, can’t think of anything other than yelling “Backfire!”, quietly leaves stage left)

      • I can solve a lot of the problem of corruption in .gov. Disband and fire the ATF and all of the leadership of the FBI.

        • Disband the fbi. The original purpose of it was exactly what just happened. It does not need to exist.

      • Haz,

        Yes, I think I recall some prior mention of your brother-in-law’s specific talents…

      • You sir, have clearly never been around a bunch of bored and flatulent drunks with a penchant for pyromania.

  2. I heard one supreme court justice say today no man not even the president is above the law. How about an expresident judge.

  3. I think Obama, Biden and Eric Holder owe Mexico and the American people an apology. Willing to kill thousands so you can take a countries guns away from them is reprehensible and evil. Communists know you must disarm the people before you take over because ounce they figure out what you are going to do to them they will revolt and it’s a lot easier to kill unarmed citizens than armed citizens. They claimed they’d take us over without firing a shot in the early sixties, fifties, the communist party, I mean democrat party was almost there.

    • I think Obama, Biden and Eric Holder owe Mexico and the American people a round of seppuku.

  4. Not to mention We The People and the dead border employees, then there is jail time.

  5. Who said Slow Joe would deliberately forget it? He can’t honesty remember breakfast this morning.

    • Text eggs to Biden1920….1920 was a good year…..those short skirts….the Roaring 20’s…I was roaring to go…go to breakfast….nice little cafe….Cafe standards I wrote that bill….Bill, married to Hillary she called me…

      Wandering around in his own head. If he makes it to a debate that will be fun to watch.

  6. It is critical to protect the ATF in this thing. No stain or punishment for Wide Receiver or Fast & Furious can be permitted to degrade the character or taint the careers of ATF hierarchy, upper management, middle level bureaucrats or regional agents in charge.

    As luck will have it the constant bickering between liberals and conservatives is the perfect distraction. Counting upon this fundamental dysfunction, the ATF can look forward to many more years of creating bloody disasters, getting innocents killed, getting other law enforcement killed, even getting their own people killed. Now and then spicing things up with the odd case of abusing gun collectors here and there for fun and merit promotion points.

    Ever since the 1971 shooting of Ken Ballew, this has been the ATF WAY.

    Because making suckers of liberals and conservatives just works for them! And it’s fun too!

    So suck it suckers!!!!

  7. Meh…Mexico should send us a trillion or so. And take back 15000000. I doubt anything will happen to idict Saint Barry😕

    • Well, Mexico too, after the citizens here.

      On a side note, Dyspeptic, I need to get in touch with you on a business level about some work I’m looking to have done in a few months. I can set up a temp email to initialize contact, but would prefer to post it when I know you’re looking for it to avoid fishing & trolling.

  8. Barry and Holder should be prosecuted. Biden cannot remember and should be sent to a Alzheimer’s ward.

  9. This will happen the day Obama stops liking women
    . . .wait that isn’t right?

  10. But hey- if white people defend themselves against criminals who jog in Timbalands and with a hammer…

    We’ll sell them out. Only overweight, Jewish, Ayn Rand brainwashed open carriers for us. Bonus points if they Murder their husband or allow their 11 yo daughter to open carry an AR15 condition 1 into a government building. Double bonus for trying to argue that democrats are the real racists.

    Oh and let’s trash the NRA and support a gun culture that consists of fat women with unnatural hair colors posing with shotguns with Magpul furniture and detachable magazines.

    Let’s call anyone who likes a super walnut stock or thinks AIWB is dangerous a FUDD. Let’s go to protests open carrying because I need to go see the hair dresser because my prepper cave was just useless crap from China. Let’s support TrumpPence2020 because he build 0 miles of wall, gave Israel everything they wanted, and forced Botswana to legalize gay anal sex. Let’s trash Christianity because we are too cool and smart for that.

    Honestly, at this point: the ethos of TTAG is basically the same as LaVey satanism at this point.

  11. I’m not sure what makes anyone think that either of them will answer to any of this. Biden has takin a trip off the reservation and Obama is so far above it all. The left is more likely to make up something to to say that it’s all Trumps’ fault. They are untouchable.

  12. Call me Burt Gummer if you wish but they wanted piles of dead Mexicans next to piles of American guns they trafficked for some gun control propaganda in the US.

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