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Furthermore, although white people view the right to bear arms as sacrosanct, it can always be taken from Black people when we begin to resist against racial terror and state violence. When the Black Panthers declared their intentions to protect themselves with firearms, widespread gun control targeting our communities was enacted after being advocated for by the National Rifle Association (NRA), which notoriously loathes even the most basic of gun control laws. If we do buy guns at higher rates and express our intentions to protect ourselves, the government may retaliate with increased policing, regulation, and even state-sanctioned murder.

Still, I believe that for many Black people, especially those living in predominantly white areas, firearms might prove necessary. And not just for defense, but for food sustainability, which will become more important as the climate crisis worsens. In fact, home birth, natural medicine, farming, hunting, and fishing, are all skills I believe Black people should turn to as we prepare for the seismic shift that political upheaval and environmental collapse may bring.

America is a gun country, and it’ll destroy itself before it lays down its arms. With the storm that’s already here and with the storms that have yet to come, the idea of my people laying down ours first terrifies me.

– Nylah Burton in As A Black Woman In This Country, I Feel I Need To Bear Arms

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  1. Kudos to the NY Times for running the following article. It’s too bad the comments are turned off for this one.

    I Wanted to Be a Good Mom. So I Got a Gun.

    That night, in that open window, I heard the banging of a ladder, and by the time my mother made it into the room and began loading her gun, a man was about to climb in.

    She said something along the lines of: “Bethany, come over here. I don’t want you to get his brain matter on your face.”

  2. While I’m not necessarily surprised, I don’t recall the NRA _advocating_ for gun control in black communities.

    I do recall California banning open carry after actions by the Black Panthers. I don’t remember self-defense being one of the Panthers’ planks. It seemed more like intimidation.

    The Right of self-defense is inherent in nature.

    • “The Right of self-defense is inherent in nature.”

      Damn straight.

      I have *zero* problem with her article.

      I welcome everyone law-abiding to tool up for self-defense and sustenance, should they feel it necessary.

      Once she becomes a gun owner and visits local gun ranges, she will discover her paranoia of white gun owner animosity is no where near what she believes it is…

      • Dream on. A bigot isn’t going to change their bigoted views by any number of visits to a gunstore. When i hear such ranting I know I am dealing with a badly damaged human being who is beyond reason. I do not attempt to discuss Blackston’es commentaries with a junkyard dog. I suspect you’ll learn the hard way.

        She has the right to arm herself. She does mot have the right to stir racial hatreds.


      The NRA fully supported the Mulford act in California.

      Also almost amusing reading the difference there in the story about how Regan remembered it as the Black Panthers going in to the capitol building armed and holding their guns on legislators and then the act was introduced shortly afterward and voted on. In reality they peacefully surrendered their guns and went in to protest the legislation.

      Contrast that to today when Michigan stay at home protestors DID go in to the capitol building armed to make a statement to legislators there. Now I won’t say it was whites only, because I wasn’t there. But of the several pictures I’ve seen of the protestors in the Michigan capitol building, none of the ones I saw armed were non-white.

      I just find it an interesting contrast.

      • I have read, on Lew, that there were black people openly carry guns at the Michigan protest. But the Liberal MSM won’t show the pictures. They prefer to show only white people with guns.

        That kind of racism in the white press is not new.

        • Yesterday in Delaware a 86 year old male and his 85 year old wife were murdured by a black sniper while they were visiting the grave of their son in a military cemetary. The police sought and attempted to resist the black thug who engaged the police. This resulted in his death.

          This got zero news coverage outside of Delaware. The news media will not carry stories of black on white hate crimes. I am sick of blacks and their endless racism. They should leave for a nation that wants their habits and behavior-Haiti, Cuba, South Africa or Canada.

      • The DEMs push to disavow Black gun ownership dates back to the 1840’s. Almost all of the senior leadership of the CSA were DEMOCRATs, and the “Jim Crow Laws” were put into place by DEMOCRATs. DEMOCRATs also created the KKK. Funny that nobody talks about how the NAZI party of 1930’s Germany adapted so many of the DEMOCRAT’s policies and practices. (Think of changing the “N” word to JEW in the NAZI purity laws.)

        The Black Panthers, among others goals, was to attack Whites and LEOs. None of their actions were for self defense! Why would they even kill other Blacks to achieve their goals, if they were only for “self defense” of all Blacks???

        As for lawful gun ownership by Blacks, the NRA has always supported their rights to do so. It was NRA members that marched with MLK Jr., not the Black Panther members. How many DEMOCRATs where photographed in the front of the marches with MLK Jr.???

        Wish that folks would get their facts straight before they talk. Of course, if that was to happen, the Democratic Party would lose the vast hold they have over Blacks.

      • Snopes can not tell you anything that you can’t “Fact Check” on your own, in fact, most of the time Snopes is Wrong. Just pointing that out

        • No, most of the time snopes is not “wrong.” Most of their articles are debunking stupid conspiracy theories about 5g and urban myths. When they are wrong, it is typically in the slanting.

          The good thing about the site is that they generally list their sources so anyone CAN look deeper and see if the info they are using is true. But people generally don’t.

    • When black people carry guns at the state legislature it’s intimidation.

      When white people carry guns at the state legislature it’s freedom under the 2A.

      Got it.

      • When all people carry guns everywhere its freedom.

        But true freedom would put you out of business, wouldn’t it. You fascists are so obvious.

      • When white homosexual law makers support the Mulford Act, and refuse to repeal it. It’s racist.
        Got it.

    • And I don’t remember the the National Rifle Association to notoriously loathe even the most basic of gun control laws. Head figures often said that existing gun control is good and should be enforced. Hell, they even wrote some of it to “prevent passing of something even worse”.
      I still extended my membership in hope against hope that the NRA can get its act together and start pushing for abiding by 2A as written.

      • The NRA “Compromises” too Much. I am a Long Time Member, but, GOA does NOT compromise.Neither does VCDL, Period.
        I prefer my Money for Membership going to a Group that does Not Compromise! Not with OUR Rights
        God Given, Constitutionally Protected Rights

    • One man’s self-defense is another’s intimidation.

      When people open carry ARs to protest (*checks notes*) business suspensions during a pandemic… is that any different than black panthers carrying mini-14s to a protest regarding civil rights?

  3. The point of trolling is to post something that subtly instigated an argument between others as you slip away to another forum unnoticed. Your post is the trolling equivalent of shouting “penis” in a crowd at the park and hoping to get a reaction.

    • Come for the articles, stay for the comments. I almost spit out my coffee at that last line. Thx for the morning smilez…

  4. Everyone in the country should read this article so they can see what utter fools people of the left are.

    “Still, I believe that for many Black people, ESPECIALLY those living in predominantly white areas, firearms might prove necessary.”

    Does the Party of Science have data to back up her implication that black people are in more danger living in predominantly white areas?? It’s ignorant talk like this that spreads fear, mistrust, and hate.

    Regarding the Black Panthers reference, when you have to go back DECADES in order to give proof of racism, then you have already lost the argument.

    “…which will become more important as the climate crisis worsens.” LOLOLOL

    • I would have to agree – a black person living in an average black neighborhood experiences more violent crime than a black person living in an average white neighborhood. Her conclusions make sense though, since she seems to think white, Republican men hate because she is a black woman.

      • “Her conclusions make sense though, since she seems to think white, Republican men hate because she is a black woman.”

        What proof do you have of that?

    • Statistically, any person is several times safer in all white neighborhood than in black one. But what good are facts and data when she has a mission to spread interracial hate?

  5. I believe that for many Black people, especially those living in predominantly white areas, firearms might prove necessary.

    So IF black people COULD be considered RACISTS, would this be an example? As far as the rest.. farming, hunting, fishing etc… are ALL skills that most black Americans possessed until they fell to the Democratic Party (yes, the SAME folks that brought you the KKK) free stuff promises and became urbanized… I resent the implication that black Americans living in white neighborhoods are in more danger than those living with their own (guess she never heard of Detroit, Chicago, East L.A.). I live in a comfortably middle class neighborhood with a mixed bag of people of all colors and religions and everyone gets along just fine, no one here is going to go after anyone based on the color of their skin… I don’t understand why this article has been posted here, are you guys trying to start a race war…. Which is what the Black Panthers were/are after, both Old and New

    • “I live in a comfortably middle class neighborhood with a mixed bag of people of all colors and religions and everyone gets along just fine”

      Yes, and try living in any homogeneous neighborhood / city / country and see how much racism there is. Oh, it can be subtle or out right overt, but it is far easier to breed than in your “mixed bag” neighborhood. I have lived in very mixed areas (in Chicago) and white suburbs so I have some experience with the difference.

      • I grew up in THAT homogenous community… saw my first live and in person black when I was in 6th grade… Ours was a rural/small town existence (my graduating class was 101 students) with 400 kids in our entire high school including one black male and one black female, the only racism I noted was that the white girls would not date the black guy (we call that prerogative).. My first experience with “REAL” racism was in Vietnam where a lot of blacks were self injuring to get sent to the rear which caused a bit of animosity among whites and even some blacks and which often expressed itself in black/white physical confrontation…. I appreciate your attempt to educate me with your worldly knowledge (not) but I have lived in a number of different countries and states as well as various neighborhoods of numerous racial balances up to and including both extremes and I’ve found that people of my own color can be more treacherous and less accepting than most other groups.. Racial bias will always exist no matter what color you are but if you treat a man like a man he will act like a man regardless of his skin color…

    • Provide evidence not rhetoric or biased misinformation pushed by the government that the old Black Panther Party wanted to start a race war. Provide evidence that they attacked, murdered, assaulted, or terrorized a white person or white neighborhood. There’s plenty of evidence that those actions were/are perpetrated by some white people. It’s interesting how our biases determine our level of trust of the government. I don’t trust what they said about the Black panthers or ruby ridge. But I’m willing to bet the majority of liberty loving white Americans believe all the government produced misinformation about the panthers but don’t believe any information from the government about ruby ridge.

      • Oh I don’t know, How about I lived in Orange County California when that shit was happening, I watched Huey spout his bullshit on the evening news and for the New Black Panthers I watched a little dick head blowing off about “we gotta kill us some cracker babies” Does THAT strike you peaceful self defense type talk… If eyewitness shit isn’t good enough for you then I suggest you learn how to use Google and… So where is your “evidence”

  6. This ignorant bigot doesn’t speak for gun culture. I have no delusions that I will change his mind, but the actual facts demonstrate that socioeconomic issues are the cause of the crime he is discussing. In the USA Democrat policies of the 70s instituted a system where it became extremely difficult for black people to make their way out of low income inner city areas, which fuels gang behavior. We have seen this same scenario play out with Irish immigrants in the mid to late 1800s, protestants in Ireland in the 70s and 80s and other times where the dominant race was caucasian. We also see many examples the world over of places where black people are not in the same socioeconomic situation and are not the prevalent criminal class. If someone wants to rebut that Appalachia or other places dominated by low income whites don’t have gangs let me point out that there is a huge difference between being poor in a large city and being poor in the country where hunting and fishing are options to supplement the food supply. I just couldn’t let this grade school level “darkies am bad” BS go unchallenged on a site I frequent. Not going to argue with the bigots, because they already have their minds made up.

    • Don’t kid yourself about rural crime – it happens and it happens a lot. There are some factors that make rural crime seem less noxious, mostly geographical – when you spread people out and have fewer per square mile it makes the “turf war” intensity much lower. Add in the “soda economy” (food assistance money -> soft drinks -> hard money) and the higher percentage of property crime versus assaults/murders you get what appears to be bucolic, peaceful rural and exurban areas with plenty of folks stuck at the bottom of the ladder whose criminal activity is much less visible.

      • I believe that there are rural places (based on living there for some time and my moms family being from there) in Arkansas that are just as dangerous as just about any big city. Try being a stranger in Thida or Cave City.

    • It’s not that they can’t get out or that it is difficult to get it, but rather that the incentives are set up to incentivize bad behavior. “Free” money from government, more if you have more babies without nameable daddies, housing, healthcare, education, food stamps, the threat of losing it all if you get married or have a steady man in the house all drive people to make the decisions that lead to the crime that drives the poverty and drives business and opportunity out of the area.

      It’s a disgenic system of government programs that drive down IQ and destroy families in the targeted group. It was directed at the black population as part of the communist program of dividing America by race and creating resentment and a fertile recruiting ground for socialist/communist groups like the democrat party. But it would work just as well on any ethnic group.

  7. Those dreaming, hoping or merely predicting a race war or the collapse of civilization are delusional at best and seriously deranged at worse.

    Firearms are an essential tool all law abiding citizens should consider owning and carrying. If enough of us do so we achieve that relative, somewhat imperfect “Herd Immunity” from tyranny, crime and other deleterious effects of the evil minded.

    Plus, plinking is loads of fun……

    • “Those dreaming, hoping or merely predicting a race war or the collapse of civilization are delusional at best and seriously deranged at worse.”

      *One* deranged individual with access to a deliverable nuclear weapon who detonates it at an altitude of about 250 miles over the center of the United States will collapse the electric grid for a minimum of several years.

      In two years time, it is estimated over 80 percent of Americans will be dead.

      “It’s not nice, but it’s reality.”

      Buffy St.Marie – ‘Bury my heart at Wounded Knee’

      • I seem to remember the Congressional study of an EMP attack over the eastern US, causing electrical and financial collapse, would result in 1-in-10 surviving the first year.

        • I think that number is about spot-on, although I wonder if it would even take 12 months for 90% of the population to die off.

          I imagine the rate of dying-off would depend on the region of the country. With no electricity and financial collapse, people in northern climates would have no way to heat their homes and they would not make it through the first winter. (Of course the relatively few who heat their homes with wood-burning stoves would be fine.)

          I believe it would also be significantly harder to grow your own food in those northern climates because a fairly long period of time spans the late summer/fall harvest and the first harvest of the next season (probably at least 9 months).

        • Would these models come from the same research groups predicting millions of Covid deaths, and sea level rise having inundated coastal cities about 5 years ago?

          • No those numbers come from the same “eXperts” who in the mid-1980s were predicting the “next” ice age by 2000/2005…. Guess they missed that one too….

        • It’s almost like the same bunch of scientists will ‘model’ whatever results you are looking for, you know, if the price is right.

        • “With no electricity and financial collapse, people in northern climates would have no way to heat their homes and they would not make it through the first winter.”

          Forests will be stripped of any wood whatsoever. A wood-burning stove is no guarantee you will stay warm.

          Worse, everyone and their brother will clean those states out of any game…

      • Five percent of the population is immensely resourceful. Half are willing to work really hard to survive. We’ll get through.

      • The real tragedy in that situation is that our society is 100% capable of putting itself in a situation where the worse case is a fully restored power grid within a few months.

        The problem is that no one is willing to pay for that kind of preparedness even though a “grid problem” is a known and quantifiable threat that doesn’t even require an EMP. The current grid can be taken down by a few people with the right knowledge and some rifles.

        People don’t like to think about scary things. They prefer to ignore them. And that makes things difficult.

        One of the jobs I was offered right out of college was a public policy assessment job. It’s a shitty one because it revolves around telling people hard truths and watching them ignore you. Public policy is something people fantasize is about “doing good” or some shit when, in reality, on a good day it’s about minimizing damage. Usually in lives lost.

        • Public policy is somebody trying to make themselves seem more impotant than they are.

  8. And those are the kinds of remarks that stoke the fires of racial tension…
    There are those that won’t be happy until there is an all out race war…and they should be careful what they wish for…

  9. You just have to make everything a race issue! Get over the Obummer/Holder indoctrination, and understand all our rights are under assault for ALL of us! And yes, we will fight, preferably not among ourselves, that’s what they want, dummy!

  10. She fell for the “climate crisis” hoax pushed by the Left. Her community is in thrall to the Left, and can’t break itself free. She can advocate for her community to bear arms, but most of her community is still enslaved by the grievance and division politics pushed by the Democrats, not to mention a culture of government dependency pushed by the Democrats for the last sixty years. I wish her luck in her mission, but most of her community will not heed her advice.

    • ” I wish her luck in her mission,…”
      Why? Her mission apparently is to push grievance and division politics.

  11. We seem to have a Police problem too.
    They did what some on here claim they would do, if police have no reason to be at their home they opened fire on the them while calling 911. How would they even know if they were really the police since criminals have been known to claim to be the police? With the result of a young lady’s death.
    Police went to the wrong address in the another part of the city looking for a suspect they already had in custody.

    • Apparently we have a reporting problem as well. Note that the source you linked is NBC, so I question why the story is headlined as “Black Woman Shot”, when the only thing that really matters is that a person was shot. But we have to mention those intersectionalities and add “black” and “woman” to get more clicks, I guess.

      • It isn’t just about clicks when NBC is involved. It’s about an agenda. NBC is the worst of the worst.

      • I’ll chime in too with a Fox media article.
        Posted this a few days ago on another TTAG posting, what would have happened if someone armed had answered the door or Mom had not been home? The LEO who was fired seemed to think it was OK to arm up and go there.
        Some LEO seem to think they can just do what they want to anyone black or white.
        They need to remove their qualified immunity, make them personally and financially responsible when they screw up.

      • I realize in this case he was fired and is facing charges. But in most cases they skate free of any repercussions.

  12. I dont particularly think the USA has a problem with racism. Yes there are racists, but they are everywhere. When I hear racist shoots or kills on the news, there is always protesting and upheaval, but it usually turns out that all parties involved were POS and on the wrong track. Its as if people that do stupid things always end up in and situations. Now that being said there have been one or two instances where the police did get it wrong. I am always surprised as to the low settlements in these cases in general. Of note and of importance though, each year lolice shoot more whites than blacks and that is a fact. Another important fact is that you are more likely to be shot by someone you know, as such most shooting deaths in the country, 49% are perpetrated by blacks, which constitute only 15% of the population.

    • Cruzo,

      I have been surprised on a number of occasion when I have asked black people with whom I work whether they experience racism. Almost always, the answer is ‘yes’. Sometimes they say it is rare, sometimes they say it is common. Sometimes it is overt, sometimes it is subtle. It always knocks my socks off when I hear this. Usually, the complaints about racism are not work related, (although some are), but more regarding just being in the world, everyday life.

      My only corollary is when I speak about the Hispanic community, here in Allentown (I am 50% Puerto Rican, but am the poster-boy for ‘whiteness’). That community has done a marvelous job of restoring the northern portion of 7th street. For many years it was a mess with deteriorating buildings, dangerous people, and fleeing businesses. Now, there are pretty little shops and restaurants, a couple of small grocery stores, barber shops and hair salons, multi-service shops, insurance agencies, and more. Safety at night is still a concern, but it is vibrant during the day. HOWEVER, when I advocate for shopping and dining in this area, people give me that look that says ‘No Way’.

      • In the age of micro-aggression everybody of all colors (and no color) can say they’ve encountered racism.

        Micro-aggression is aptly named……one millionth of a real true aggression.

    • What you think and what you experience in your bubble is very different from what other people experience.

      There is systemic racial discrimination, STILL, in America.

      One example? I live in an affluent suburb. My spouse has been pulled over TWICE in her brand new car for DWB. Never charged with any violation, always immediately told to have a nice day once the police read her address on her license.

      • Same thing happened to me last month. In Baltimore. I guess I was DWW.
        Take off those colored glasses you’re wearing.

      • Happened to me several times in south side of Chicago when I worked in black neighborhoods. Always questions about what am I doing there and looks inside my work van. I guess I was too white for the CPD cop’s tastes.

        I’m not going to bore you guys with stories about all the stolen tools,
        break-ins into job sites and trucks,
        freshly installed copper pipes cut out from walls of whole houses and stolen to be sold for scrap,
        gangs pushing drugs to me in broad daylight on my way to get lunch,
        running from yoots that wanted to “beat my ass” because they took exception to “da cracker”,
        getting stuck on the roof I worked on because my ladder got stolen
        coworkers beaten with a piece of 2×4 when they found burglars still inside the job site,
        human shit found in my tool bucket in the morning…

        Let’s just say that I used to fix up the black folk’s bathrooms and kitchens for some years, but I don’t work in these neighborhoods anymore.

        How many blacks experience the same stuff these days when they go to work in white neighborhood?

        Oh, “Boo-hoo, these raceees cops stopped me and then they wished me a nice day!” How come no one treats Asians that way? Blacks will not be looked at with suspicion as soon as they quit committing crimes way out of proportion to their numbers. Until then it’s no racism, just common sense.

  13. If you are black, please, embrace the 2A, embrace safety, embrace training.
    If you are Asian, please, embrace the 2A, embrace safety, embrace training.
    If you are Indian (from India), please, embrace the 2A, embrace safety, embrace training.
    If you are from South America, please, embrace the 2A, embrace safety, embrace training.
    If you are European, please, embrace the 2A, embrace safety, embrace training.
    If you are American Indian, please, embrace the 2A, embrace safety, embrace training.
    If you are from another planet, I assume God-given rights apply to you, also. But you will need thumbs.
    If you are a possum, well, we are all fond of furry little critters carrying firearms.

  14. Also from the article:

    “And in my world, guns are everywhere. Most often, they’re possessed by PEOPLE WHO HATE ME.”

    Projection: the attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects

    “And I cannot depend on politicians — ESPECIALLY WHITE, moderate ones like Joe Biden — to ensure the elimination of these weapons.”

    Racist much? You just had a black politician in charge of the country. By your definition, he failed. Yet you bring up a white guy that hasn’t even been elected yet. Why is that? It’s almost like you have something against white people.

    “The murder of Black trans women is an epidemic”

    Oh, you mean it’s worse than the murder of black cis males? You have data for that right?

    For the Left, it’s all about the Feelz. They are not grounded in reality.

    • Aha, now I know why her screed was published by the NYT.

      Black trans women have the highest victim cred of all. They’re like the Dalai Lama of intersectionality (only a half-black half-native American trans man who once was a trans woman and is now a gay Muslim activist could be more holy). Wisdom drips like natural honey from their lips, and all progressives must heed their feelz.

      It’s kind of funny how somebody can be so wrong that they end up coming full circle to the same position we’ve been in all along…only upside down and backwards.

  15. RE: “When the Black Panthers declared their intentions to protect themselves with firearms, widespread gun control targeting our communities was enacted after being advocated for by the National Rifle Association (NRA), which notoriously loathes even the most basic of gun control laws. ”

    The NRA has a long history of defending the gun rights of Black Americans so check and expose your libelous source that claims otherwise. Did you have to s t r e t c h in order to concoct a connection between the NRA and Gun Control on the behalf the Black Panthers? Before the NRA would do such a thing they would have targeted the lily white Bill Ayers et al don’t you think Nylah? The Black Panthers showed up in VA to protest alongside the NRA and other pro gun orgs. How was that possible Nylah?

    I do not know who “Nylah Burton” is or do I give a damn. If she is a registered democrat or votes democRat then she assumes ownership of the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other Race Based Atrocities. Being a democrat also disqualifies her as a reparations recipient.

    Before you can talk gun rights Nylah you need names and a-holes prior to a lame attempt to draw a connection beteewn the NRA and Racism. Racism is what waaay too many gullible Black American have rolled over and played dead for in exchange for democrat party trinket promises. When it comes to racism and the democrat party you’ve got a whole of house cleaning to do.

    You have only one question to ask democrat gun control zealots…The Roots of Gun Control are in racism and genocide. How do you democrat gun control zealots Justify Your Racist and Nazi Based Gun Control Agenda? Let’s see if you have what it takes, Nylah.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about and no sense of history or the NRA in the 70s. Being ignorant is one thing; being so fantastically confident in your knowledge, where you apparently pulled out of your own ass, is what amazing.

      Look up the Mumford act in conjunction with the NRA. And if you bother to educate yourself a bit, look up the 1968 gun control act and the NRA. With just a LITTLE research you could find out that the NRA supported plenty of gun control before the 90s and was assuredly NOT supporting the 2nd Amendment rights of blacks then.

  16. I don’t have a problem with black, brown or any other color people. I do have a problem with ignorant, hate filled people of all colors and no color just trying to spread hate, fear and divisiveness. No mercy or tolerance.

    • So… Democrats?

      You can’t argue with the statistics. The smart man, however, knows that they are a result of shit culture. Which is a result of Demokkkommie politicians creating legislation that creates a permanent unemployed underclass they can rely on as a voting block.

      • Only complaint I can see with that is that I seem to recall some GOP types doing the same. IOW, I have no disagreement about what was done, and mostly by Dems. In the ’60s it was easier for me to make it than the black kids right across the road from my house. Today, I think it is more difficult for white kids, whether it is easier for black kids or not, I could only guess. There are examples of black kids having it handed to them because they’re black, and examples of black kids who never had a chance, both.

  17. Everything she wrote is for all Americans, not only blacks. Until everyone thinks in terms of Americans, we will have division

    • “Everything she wrote is for all Americans, not only blacks. Until everyone thinks in terms of Americans, we will have division”

      Not sure you and I read the same article or maybe our understanding of the English language is just vastly different, that being said when I read things like…. “And in my world, guns are everywhere. Most often, they’re possessed by PEOPLE WHO HATE ME.”
      “And I cannot depend on politicians — ESPECIALLY WHITE, moderate ones like Joe Biden — to ensure the elimination of these weapons.”…. I get NOTHING about ALL Americans from those statements, what I DO get is a very angry, bigoted, frightened, liberal black woman who has bought in to all the stereotypes she has heard about white people her whole life (she even referenced “CLIMATE CRISIS”?) and is a potential danger to any white person in her proximity who she PERCIEVES to be a threat…

  18. Quick, let’s reframe our entire defense of the 2nd Amendment around what’s best for black people. It’s not a psyop I promise!

  19. I preach black folks need to arm up-to my wife. I preach everyone needs to embrace the 2A. And this has nada to do with 2 rednecks ambushing Arbury. The large “black” middle class will disappear along with the white one if the Kungflu continues…

  20. Racist fan fiction from a paranoid lunatic. She clearly states that she doesn’t believe in 2A but seeks to cynically exploit because of delusions of white boogeymen. If she were a white man she would be dismissed a the guy who “makes us look bad,” but because she’s a black woman let the virtue signaling commence!

  21. I don’t care what color a persons skin is, as long as they are law abiding citizens: buy whatever firearms they want.

    The justifications put forth as a Race Card is a bit disingenuous as historically: black on black crime is the prevalent threat within black communities, which is further a extenuated by those same communities not cooperating with LE to solve those cases.

  22. She arrived at the right place but her reasoning is circumspect at best. We can only hope she educates herself on the use of firearms and along the way learns some history and comes to the right conclusions. When you have “climate change” as one of your reasons to arm up you show your ignorance of reality.

    • In May we had the latest freeze I’ve ever experienced in these parts, it was a crisis for my maters!
      Climate changes. Always has. Who’d they blame the Ice Age on?

      • Who? White rich men, of course, as well as all the othwr evil of the world. Especially Trump!

    • Fun fact: There has been a long term warming trend on here on Earth, hence the term Global Warming.

      A couple of pro fossil fuel conservatives (yes conservatives) thought that sounded scary, so they came up with the term Climate Change. It isn’t very specific, and of course the climate is always changing isn’t it?

      Fast forward to today. We need Action! We must Do Something! Alert!! Alert!! This is a Crisis!! So the dems and the media start calling it Climate Crisis. No doubt school textbooks will follow suit if they haven’t already. Got to indoctrinate the young uns ya know.

  23. You want to protect all Americans regardless of their race, religion or politics?

    Mail order firearms sent right to their doors. No illegal waiting periods. No illegal background checks. And limit gun free zones to just a few spots such as jails and active trials.

    Constitutional carry nation wide. Protects all, not just minorities.

  24. Always nice to see articles like these bring out the racists on this website.

    Seriously, 2A community, you are your own worst enemy sometimes.

    • So people pointing out that the author is a massive racist working for palette swapped Storm Front are racists? Ok boomer.

  25. I grow weary of any reason anyone doing anything having to be some grand virtue signaling epiphany in need of an audience.

    What’s wrong with guns are fun, self defense or the tired old it’s your right so why not?

    No. For anything to be worth doing now there has to be some virtue signaling involved. Your shoes have to feed a village. Your shirt has to employ battered wives. Your car needs to support trans operations.

    Turning everything you do into some revolutionary cause is really not any different than identity politics. It becomes identity consumerism.

  26. The main purpose of this article seems to be persuading a left-leaning audience of the premise that there are good reasons for people to own guns, and that the US is, and will be, a gun-owning country with a robust gun culture, and that’s not going to change, because gun owners are numerous and get a vote- in fact, lots of votes.

    The article also seems to leave a door open for people who are “anti-gun” politically, but also have considered gun ownership personally, to enter that culture, and also to maybe reconsider their views instead of caricaturing all gun owners. When people know someone who is “like them” who are into a thing, they are less likely to take that person’s rights away.

  27. You have to be a very sad black person to lie about the Mulford Act, saying it’s the NRAs fault.
    2A history, if anyone read it, would tell you the Democrat Party has always been against blacks having guns period. The democrats have totally controlled California for 15 or 20 years now. The racist white democrats are happy to keep the Mulford Act on the books.

    Any black liberal who has believed you could trust the government, as long as it’s run by white liberal Democrats is just a fool.

    If you research the Mulford Act, like I did, you will find it was co written by a member of the ACLU board of directors. He was Jewish and a California state senator. His first name was Alan (Allen). You can research the rest.

    It was senator Joe Biden who wrote the Clinton administration crime bill. Sadly you to remind blacks about that too.

  28. I’m not a big fan of using nonsense supporting information to back up a correct assertion.

    Armed Black folks? Hell yeah, I’m supportive.

    However, the Panthers are not a good example here. At the time that occurred the group was a known organized crime ring responsible for running drugs, prostitution and extortion schemes and hiding the money via “schools” they ran in downtrodden neighborhoods. They were also known to have committed multiple murders in furtherance of their criminal activity. David Horowitz was part of the organization at that time and details the situation in his book The Black Book of the American Left.

    Not exactly a squeaky clean civil rights organization.

    Further, what evidence is there that being a Black person in a predominantly white neighborhood is statistically unsafe as compared to a predominantly black neighborhood? Even Tupac talked about how this was backwards and I haven’t seen evidence that he was wrong.

    • “Not exactly a squeaky clean civil rights organization…”

      Was there ever one? If there was, the government would discredit it.

  29. I once heard that someone said, “An armed society is a polite society’ or words to that effect. With that in mind I think ALL Americans should be armed and trained to use their weapons of choice. This alone would mitigate much of the violence directed at random citizens of all races, particularly women and the weaker among us. If folks up to no good knew there was an excellent chance of facing armed resistance to their mis-deeds, I believe we would see a major drop off in assaults, robberies, home break-ins and the like. A historical note about control of the general population; there is one political party associated with harassing, mis-treating and generally trying to ‘keep in check’ the black population of our country since the mid-1860’s. Hint, it is not the party of Lincoln. But they are still the majority of those trying to deprive citizens of their right to keep and bear arms. Some things never change.

  30. Everyone should be able to own firearms and carry them. Black, White, Hispanic, whatever. But in order for that to happen people need to stop supporting and voting for Democrats and their policies. Gun control has always been rooted in racism and always come from the Democrats and or their predecessors. I support everyone’s right to own and carry firearms.

  31. I applaud Ms. Burton on believing that it’s well past time that African Americans take up and Bear Arms. I am a Life Member of the NRA as well as a Instructor and a member of NAAGA. I am amused why some people get bent out of shape when they see someone who doesn’t look like them bearing arms. I know this to be a fact because when I open carry I draw a lot of unwanted attention even from those whom I know are carrying concealed. Until “we” in the gun community truly begin to embrace those who do not look like us, the Gun Control Group’s will continue to push their legislative agenda down our throats. We need more individuals like Ms. Burton to sound the alarm that she and others like her are coming regardless of what you think.

  32. Jesus, with friends like her with their “BUT MAH RAAAAAHCISM” victim mentality, who needs enemies huh? Do not approve, and have no interest in being friends with those type of people.

  33. This website is a pathetic joke and censors free speech.
    You’re a disgrace.

    My post below reposted below was first in this thread,
    and was removed by a coward censoring truth.
    If you don’t like the facts and statistics, that’s YOUR problem.


  34. If liberals wouldn’t make everything about race but teach personal responsibility instead of always making excuses and blaming everything on racism, see human nature, how life in general isn’t always fair, maybe more Obama/Sharpton puppets would act like adults. Want to see racism, be a white person in a black neighborhood, a black store,… and see how you’re treated. The Obama administration created black people who hate white people, but they don’t call it racism because there are white racists but no where near the number the corrupt politicians looking for voters claim, so they justify their hatred of all white people for the actions of a few.

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