Tyler Hamlin. Courtesy of Chicago PD.
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Meet Tyler Hamlin. He graduated from the University of Illinois (my alma mater) with a Gender Studies degree. Where has that degree taken him? Well, the homeless (first clue) and unemployed (clue #2) Tyler Hamlin, 31, was confronted by a CCW homeowner while burglarizing the guy’s garage in Chicago a while back.

That’s right.  A homeowner with a concealed carry firearm used it to defend himself and his residence from the sticky-fingered University of Illinois gender-studies burglar. Proving once again that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad person with evil (and gender studies) in their heart.

Despite his “on probation” status at the time, Tyler lucked out. He got another soft-on-crime judge who gave him “more” probation after police cuffed him up after a tense standoff in a garage in Chicago.

In a miracle of sorts, Chicago cops were less than a minute away when the 911 call about a homeowner holding a burglary suspect at gunpoint came into dispatch.

Despite unsatisfactorily completing his last probation, Judge Sharon Kanter gave him more probation. Because, you know, probation really works.

CWB Chicago deserves a medal for covering real crime in Chicago.  Here’s the dope:

CHICAGO — Tyler Hamlin was charged with burglary last February after a concealed carry holder interrupted the break-in and held him at gunpoint until Chicago police arrived. This week, a judge sentenced Hamlin to probation.

He was already on probation for a criminal damage by fire case, which started as an aggravated arson charge, when the Wrigleyville gun owner detained him around 8:30 p.m. on February 6, 2023.

The CCL holder had received an alert from his security system that someone was on his front porch in the 3500 block of North Fremont. Prosecutors said he inspected the property and found Hamlin inside his garage. The homeowner warned Hamlin that he had a gun and ordered him to show his hands while his wife called 911.

“[The police] were here in about 45 seconds, and he couldn’t get out of the garage. I was standing in the door,” the homeowner told CBS2 last year.

Hamlin, 31, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and gender and women’s studies from UIC, according to his defense attorney. Despite those credentials, he was homeless and unemployed at the time of the burglary.

He pleaded guilty to burglary this week in exchange for the sentence from Judge Sharon Kanter. His probation in the criminal damage to fire case was terminated unsatisfactorily, according to court records.

And Chicago wonders why it’s become a cesspool of violence and crime.

It could be worse. Chicago could be California where gun control has effectively disarmed all of the good guys and left the bad guys and gender studies experts to run roughshod on the productive folks in society.

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  1. Homeless, or making a boatload as an administrator in an educational institution.

    There’s really not much in between.

    • Governor appointments to non-civil service managerial positions to diversify and update the work culture (kulture?). Not quite a boatload like education related sinecures but 80-120k so enough to show the peons their place. They have trouble with the entry level exams to the point where it is no longer a test for the Professional Career Opportunities exam (think low supervisor level office worker positions) and more of a survey you fill out and return with your “education” and “experience” being what determines the score…….. The resumes have been interesting to the point where even our lefties are rejecting most of the applicants.

    • Tried a reply but too many naughty words so for the clean version we have an increasing push to put such degrees at professional supervisory to managerial positions in a ways that bypass the merit and fitness requirements defined by civil service law.

  2. The next situation could show the courts and police are not always necessary for dealing with crime.

  3. A degree in gender studies marks you as some kind of kweer, type to be determined by anyone who gives a fart. I care about the type about as much as I care about a duck’s gender. Other ducks care, no one else does. No normal man, no normal woman, has the time or the inclination to care about any of that crap.

    • Any course with the word “studies” is not going to help your chances of employment.

      Add to the list Biology, Psychology, History, Media, and Literature.

      Real courses are hard. That’s so the degree has meaning.

      • Pretty much everyone in the US (maybe different in your country) who’s been hired as a university administrator in the past five years has a “studies” degree.

        A high percentage of K-12 education admins are the same way.

        The lady who ran our “Covid policy” had zero qualifications to do it other than a Master’s in Intersectional Studies from Harvard. All the university ever talked about was that degree and how proud they were that she was on board.

        She’s making twice what a PhD does and she gets to tell everyone in all the biology departments what the “facts” are about a disease.

        This notion that the Right has come up with that “studies” degrees get you a job at Starbuck’s is simply incorrect. A BS in pure Chemistry gets you that job. If you’re lucky, like my cousin, you can later upgrade to working for a landscaping company where you can remark on soil chemistry and be told to STFU and shovel faster.

        • I dunno there Poison One, seems to me high end employers are looking for at least a masters in a related field. The company I worked for of about 3000 employees, consisted of about 75% PHDs, most of the rest had masters, and then bachelors. They were paid very well for those creds and the company was employee owned. The jobs are out there, you have to choose your degree carefully, look for, and work for them. You sure as hell won’t get them without a degree unless you’re very lucky like I was.

      • my BS in biology and minors in classical studies and chemistry from Duke got me into medical school. Biology was a real degree there and I was proud I pulled out a 3.6 gpa. Agree with the sentiment though. seeing how hard the B’s were in the sciences versus the easy A’s in my required liberal arts classes was eye opening.

  4. The libertarians liberals and the Left support probation for criminals who keep breaking probation. They want to keep the jails as empty as possible.

  5. He jus be tryin’ to pay off his student loan. And, just which Help Wanted ad would one with a Gender Studies degree be the intended respondent???? Gender studies…..taking 4 years to still be confused on your gender…..Libturdism in action.

    • “He jus be tryin’ to pay off his student loan.”

      Nah, he just wanted some easy pot money.

      It seems that ‘Jo-Jo’ the recreational pharmaceutical dealer only takes cash…

    • Jeoy Obiden has/is already forgiven the $75k the moron borrow for it’s useless “has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and gender and women’s studies” degree.

  6. “…California where gun control has effectively disarmed all of the good guys…”

    Um, SB2 was declared unconstitutional, injuncted, and is not being enforced. Methinks you might need to stay on top of current events when proofreading articles before posting.

    • “Um, SB2 was declared unconstitutional, injuncted, and is not being enforced.”

      Does that mean they are actually issuing permits now?

      • If you ask a surly teenager to go to the garage and perform a chore, and he s-l-o-w-l-y gets up off the couch and shuffles at a snail’s pace, he’s technically doing what you’ve instructed (in his mind), but will take forever to complete it.

        This is why our LASD is being sued. Fees for first time application have just been increased from $120 to $216. And renewal fees now total $258. Yes, that’s right…you now have to pay *more* than first-timers to get back in line and renew. Sheriff Luna is pulling out all the tricks to try to dissuade people from applying.

        So now, to renew in L.A. County:

        $129 -STANDARD PERMIT
        $ 52 -DOJ FEE
        $ 77 -SHERIFF FEE
        $125 -FBI LIVESCAN BGC FEE

        And that doesn’t include the wait period, which is currently 12-18 months for people (such as myself) who have already been through the process.

        • @Haz

          I remember you keeping TTAG readers up on your personal timeline when you were getting your initial CWP a couple of years ago.

          $733 every two years to exercise a Right is BS.

          A number of the people who I regularly shoot with are former California detainees…um, residents. They are happy to be living up here where CWP’s are $50 every four years.

          Sincerely hope you can eventually escape to a Free State.

    • SB2 isn’t the only unconstitutional infringement in California. It has been a horror show for decades. Even if SB2 is thrown out completely (and it hasn’t been, yet) they will still be a place “where gun control has effectively disarmed all of the good guys.”

  7. How many genders are there?……2
    How long did it take to discern the difference?……….2 seconds
    Now you are ready for an advanced degree.

  8. I can’t for the life of me figure out what people who sign up for degrees like this think they are going to do for a living once they are done. Does a “gender studies” degree get you a job as a social worker or what? An HR position in a company? What do you qualify for with this? I’ve been around for a while but just don’t get this one.

      • Once in a great while that works out for people. Oddly enough usually when no degree is required. Look no further than the plethora of nonsensical reality shows where people make a living hunting ghosts, aliens and sasquatch or the less nonsensical renovation and crafting shows.

        It’s about as unlikely as making it to the NFL but it can work out. Trouble is everybody is special and entitled and of course it’ll work out for them. Mom said so!

    • There is a recurring meme on Facebook. Picture of two guys, one is a Philosophy Major who can’t find a philosophy job. The other guy is an electrician who is disconnecting the first guy’s power. Funny every time.

    • The funny thing is he/it likely was there as a way to meet (disgusting useless moronic ugly demtard) chicks.

  9. Welcome to Gender Studies 101:

    The lesson for today is … Human males are born with a penis, females are born with a vagina, and a weird abnormality of a person being born with sex organs of both biological genders does not mean they are one gender or the other or both. There are only two biological human genders, male and female and one gender can not biologically change to become the other. No, trans people are not the gender they claim to be with their opposite biological gender pronouns. There is no other biological human gender between biological male and female no matter how much someone says their pronouns are not that of a biological gender they were born as. If you biologically male or female and identify as your correct biological gender you were born as, you are not ‘cis-gendered’ and contrary to the trans community you have not committed a crime of ‘violence’ by not affirming a trans persons imaginary gender and its OK to refuse to be their emotional support animal by not using their desired imaginary-gender-affirming pronouns and it is not your fault they made the choices they did so do not feel guilty for it either.

    Class dismissed. You can pick up your Gender Studies degree on the way out.

    • Epstein,

      Oh, we have MajorLiar and dacian the demented (who ALLEGE to be ‘educated’) on here on the regular to PROVE that, beyond a reasonable doubt. One might be profitably directed to the wisdom of Mr. Orwell: “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” I’m sure both of the named morons fancy themselves ‘intellectuals’. And they certainly believe/espouse some monumentally stupid ideas.

      • dacian must have a “studies” degree. It explains why he is still living in mom’s basement.

      • to The Lamp that went out in his head

        The biggest laugh you gave us all was when you claimed to have 4 law degrees and had written numerous books, none of which you could remember the titles too. bb

  10. I like the comment in the article, “Despite those credentials, he was homeless and unemployed at the time of the burglary.” I would have to say that it was BECAUSE of those credentials that his misfortune ensued.

    So, when will the homeowner be arraigned on some kind of weapons charge? In Illinois, and particularly Chicago, he must be guilty of some gun crime?

    • U of I? Wasn’t that Tom Cruise’ 2nd choice college before he ran a house of ill repute?!?😀

  11. “gun owner detained him around 8:30 p.m. on February 6, 2023”

    So what where is this guy now, a year later?

  12. The cops beat a path to the home owner because he had a gunm and the cops thought they could nail him on that.
    They Need more law abiding turned into criminals.

  13. The story says he graduated from UIC (University of Illinois – Chicago), which is kind of known as a diploma mill. No one who went to Urbana-Champaign would describe UIC as the “University of Illinois”, that I can tell you.

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