Ask Foghorn: What is Short Stroking?

A reader writes: Could someone like CUJO please define for me the phrase “short stroking?” Does it have anything to do with shotguns? Unlike the Urban Definition version of this phrase, “short stroking” a firearm is a serious malfunction with a number of causes. Luckily, I’ve had some recent firsthand experience diagnosing and fixing this […]

Ask Foghorn: Competition Iron Sights

A reader writes: A commenter on Foghorn’s $500 1000 yd rifle linked to a rifleman’s journal post, which in turn linked to a couple sight manufacturers. I’ve seen giant, weird-looking sights on competition rifles before, but don’t konw how they work. They’re unmagnified, no? Anyway, “Dear Foghorn, tell me  bout these neat sights!” In my […]

Ask Foghorn: Trigger Terminology

A reader writes: “trigger’s a bit gritty and prone to stacking” Educate me, please. What is stacking? One of the major problems with talking about guns is that you’re often trying to convey a feeling with words. Having a common lexicon (standard set of words with known definitions) helps, but only if you’re “in the […]

Ask Foghorn: What Makes a Good Trigger?

Our fearless leader received an email from one of our readers. “It seems people are always complaining about this trigger or that, or talking up the smooth-as-butter qualities of some high-end revolver they’ve just acquired. I claim almost no idea of what to look for in a trigger, and what idea I can claim comes mostly from reading […]