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  1. The Syrian rebels, confused by bootlegged, poorly-translated Magpul Dynamics videos, have apparently adopted some rather unorthodox “dynamic shooting” postures for precision rifle.

  2. Never failing his fitness regimen even on watch, Andrei still didn’t quite understand that when his comrades said they were “training for the Olympics” Chechnya wasn’t going to be competing in the games.

  3. Some think that running this bolt Mosin is enough exercise but when Assad’s tanks arrive on the scene, it’s is good to have your legs in good shape too.

  4. I got all this shit off FREE Bitches….Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

  5. What the hell do you mean this isn’t part of exercising my 2nd Amendment Rights??!!
    Are you sure?? Absolutely sure??

  6. Halal’s fitness shooting combo. Get three bullets free with every purchase. Get an extra 20 rounds just for shipping and processing. No background checks. If you pay by credit card we’ll include a water bottle holder free.

  7. When thieves stole the last two flatscreens from Aleppo Rec and Fitness, the manager used the holes left behind to take matters into his own hands…

  8. “Mohammed. You haven’t really grasped the concept of hit and run, have you? It’s okay, that Merkava is going to give you some instruction in the concept.”

  9. The result of extreme military spending cutbacks: soldiers no longer have uniforms and must work out wherever they can.

  10. Bored with routine sniping and concerned about his growing waste line, Carlos Hathcock found a new and thrilling challenge: sniping while working out on an elliptical exerciser.

  11. Expanding the marketing demographic for exercise equipment to today’s mall ninja; introducing the “tactical” recoil obsorbing aerobic trainer for today’s Operator.

  12. Yes dear, that David did promise to have Becky home by midnight and yes, they’re an hour late. You just go on to bed and I’ll get in some time on the elyptical and wait up for him, er, ah, I mean them.

  13. Richard Simmons: Do you think spree killings are easy? We’ve got to get you into shape! Work those thighs. Sqeeeeze that trigger. Breathe! Breathe!

  14. After doing so in his new Grand Theft Auto V video game, Mike intended to prove that shooting from a bicycle in real life IS possible.

  15. A Chicago man takes matters into his own hands after a neighbor ignores repeated complaints of excessive noise from his adjoining apartment.

  16. After experiencing a squib, Jamal sprang into action and quickly fashioned a new barrel using the handlebars from his mothers stationary bicycle. He was pleasantly surprised several weeks later, when his bullets weren’t the only things known to have a steel core!

  17. Dog-gone-it! That’s the second time those punks have shot a hole in my house! If it happens again I’ll be ready for them.

  18. A moment after this picture was taken Mohammed fired. The muzzle blast from his 91/30 collapsed the cieling and walls, killing him immediately.

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