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John K.

You may have seen the first winning entry in our TTAG Pro Shop photo contest from reader Sara T. It was, to say the least, a popular choice. Well we’ve sifted through the rest and here are the other four winning entries. While some may not find them as inspiring as Sara’s, they’re still worthy in their own rights. And they’ll be receiving crisp new Benjamins for their efforts. Oh, and we also received one late entry that deserves special (if not honorable) mention. Stay tuned for that one . . .

Adam O.
Tom P.

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  1. i was the anonymous one, i really enjoyed the contest and am happy they picked mine as one of them, i hope they show us some of the entries that didnt win. thanks ttag for always making it interesting

  2. Congrats to the winners!

    I just got my TTAG shirt, and missed the deadline. Oh, well. I’m definitely not as sexy as Sara T. I thought that a person needed to be in the photos – I suppose I didn’t read the rules particularly well.

  3. Dang, I thought for sure one of those pictures of Leonard Embody on the corner of 3rd and Deadrick in Downtown Nashville getting arrested by the Police would have garnered at least honorable mention.

    • I just knew that was you. First the Africa trip and now this. I’m no longer jealous. I’m now seething with envy. I haven’t seethed in a long time.


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