Ah, the Battle Mug. A nearly indestructible beverage container that sports a crenelated strike bezel, full length picatinny rails, a unique serial number and looks freaking awesome. We tested Optics Planet’s Battle Mug last year, and following that display of awesomeness there is now a similar mug on my desk (serial #0039). There was only one issue with the original mug, though: the price tag. Not everyone has $200+ sitting around to drop on a hydration device. So, just as with AR-15 rifles and magazines, there’s now a polymer version available. ThinkGeek has it for $45, and while it looks the same this version probably won’t laugh off a .45 ACP round like the original does. Nor will it be as proficient at busting open coconuts. And I don’t want to even think what will happen when a pound of Tannerite is detonated under it. Still, it looks cool!


  1. I wish it didn’t have a permanently attached carry handle. I really don’t. I wish I could attach my own so it would be flipped to the way it’s attached on the poly version so I could rest my thumb on the rear sight aperture.


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