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  1. A women’s belt is an often overlooked but very important part of her ensemble. Miss Vicky is demonstrating a very powerful look for spring.

  2. “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun. Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl.” -B. Obama

  3. No means no. A full auto spray of lead may beat a Pepperblaster, but you have to special order a Coach handbag that size.

  4. I saw your facebook comment about lets take away 2sd amend. rights. Truly this is going to hurt you more than me. lov ya

  5. More soft porn from TTAG. It’s funny how so many accuse Robert of using my posts to generate traffic but none of you adolescent-like followers question these sexist images.

    • Just because something is sexy doesn’t make it sexist. In the emerging world of gender equality it is sexist and patronizing to assume that it wasn’t a person’s choice and desire to portray themselves erotically.

      Also, there is a huge trend in so called “enlightened” people having to go to therapy now because a paralyzing fear of sexism or objectification prevents them embracing important facets of their own sexuality. Often times they don’t fully realize they are suffering for decades. This results in much frustration which leads people to internet trolling in order to compensate for their repressed feelings.

      • MikeB###### may or may not like girls. He may or may not have issues when it comes to the opposite gender.

        But it sure shows how much he dislikes them being armed with a full-auto machine gun. However, I do think he’d still have issues about this if it was a guy instead.

    • RF doesn’t use you to generate traffic, he’s just using you to show everyone how “FLAMES DELETED” you really are and that TROLLS do exist. I’m starting to love the FLAME DELETE, because I can at least think about how I really feel without getting banned for life.

    • Hey Mikey!!! Since, according to info available on the web, you are an expat living in Italy, what the hell difference does it make about our gun laws here in the US???? You aren’t living here so why even worry about it!!!!
      I am sure that the Italian police are doing a fine job of protecting your little butt so go have some spaghettini and leave the adults alone to carry on a conversation!!!!
      Like the old saying goes: if you don’t like it don’t look at it!!!! DUH!!!!!

  6. Children…This is the new classroom disciplinarian that has come to monitor your every bad attitude that may come up.

  7. Now Dear!!! Explain the lipstick stain again! Be very clear and concise!!! Ok??? Now go ahead, take your time, No Pressure!!!!

  8. -I believe her grip is wrong. Most photos of WW1 gunners show the index finger of both hands above the grip to avoid hand bashing by the Vickers cocking handle.


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