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Our Beaver State pal Joe Grine sent this pic into TTAG central command. We don’t know where he’s been, but wherever it is, we want to hang out with Joe.

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  1. I’ve heard others say that ATF should be a convenience store chain, not a government agency. The pictured store could be a model for such a chain after adding tobacconist services. Can’t wait for it to go nationwide!

    • A place which sells alcohol, tobacco and firearms should probably take a hint from a photo I saw of a Texas liquor store which had lettering on the front door which read “10% off everything, every day for concealed carry license holders”.

  2. Cigars.

    I stopped at a gas station in Maryland once, on 68 I believe, that had alcohol, tobacco, and… ammo. Sooooo close lol.

    • I’ve always thought that the name “Steak & Tits” would be great for a strip club.

  3. ATF convenience store/gas station/car service/rest stop/cafe and lounge/strip club now open!!! We also offer seasonal gifts like nativity scenes, fireworks, and live Easter bunnies! Come in now!!!

  4. Thats kens it is full of firearms. I bought an ar there. it is a favorite store of mine.

  5. Heck, up until about 10 years ago the uber-liberal college town of Davis, Ca had one of these. Gas,guns,ammo, fishing tackle and bait. It’s really too bad that the tide of political correctness from the bay area is finally overwhelming the Sac valley agricultural regions.

  6. A sign stating that the on site store managers are Eric Holder and Barack Obama, and Michelle is in the kitchen cooking.

  7. That appears to be the ultimate manly retail establishment — a store guaranteed to give Chuck Schumer and friends a major conniption.

    Question: What’s the bear on the roof doing with (or to) that fish?

  8. dammit. i got here to late. all the good answers are taken. reminds me of a country store in ky during my youth. us kids would stop in there with our rimfires and single barrel shotguns. the old guy behind the counter, the owner, new we didn’t have a lot of money. he would open a box of shells and sell you as many as you could afford. rimfires were a penny each and shotgun shells as much as 7 cents each.

  9. “LIVE RUDE GIRLS” (That is actually a sign on a gas station in my town. And the ladies who work there are a great group – extreme levels of sarcasm and humorous comments.)

  10. The place is called Ken’s Sporting Goods, 136854 Highway 97 N Crescent, OR 97733‎. Nice selection of new and used guns. Prices were all over the map, however. One particular pricing oddity was a post-WWII Ishapore No. 3, Mark III in nice shape that they were asking almost a $1000 for. They had it labelled as a British manufacture but the store attendant admitted to me that he knew that it was Indian. WTF?

  11. Do many people go there to get liquored up before shooting up the town? I think I see 50 cal holes between each word in the sign.(sarcasm)
    I’ll bet a progressive would need 3 seconds or less to produce a 10 foot list of how such an establishment endangered “the children” and exports “violence” to the 4 corners of the globe.

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