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Dallas News |

We don’t know what Todd Canady was trying to buy at a Dallas Wally World Monday evening, but whatever it was, it’s going to end up being really expensive. “Police said that Todd Canady, 23, was in the checkout line when he fired the pistol he was carrying inside his pants.” We don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing Todd was carrying without the benefit of a holster. Not only is his ass a little worse for wear now, but the bullet sent concrete fragments flying when it hit the floor, injuring a woman and a child nearby. But Todd was bound and determined to make a bad situation even worse . . .


Although injured, the suspect allegedly ran from the store when he was confronted by an off-duty officer.

After catching up with Canady, officers determined that he had a valid concealed carry permit, but charged with evading arrest. He may also be charged with felony injury to a child.

Todd has a concealed carry license so at least he was packing legally. Of course, he probably won’t be enjoying the benefits of that for very much longer. What he will be enjoying, though, is a bright, shiny new IGOTD trophy courtesy of his friends here at TTAG. Not to mention the medical bills and maybe a tort claim from the other two injured parties. And to think a good holster would have only set him back about fifty bucks.

[h/t Tyler Kee]

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  1. Well, as ever, get ready to trot out all the usual defenses for simpletons like mikey and take the blame as a community for the idiocy of one. May I recommend comparing a drunk driver to the car-owning community as a whole?

    Ugh, I’m so tired of being on the defensive when it comes to gun rights. And it keeps happening because the gun community is overwhelmingly polite, law-abiding, respectful, and comprised of decent people, unlike our opponents. Going on the offensive and being confrontational isn’t in the gun community’s nature. And it may just be our downfall.

  2. well silver, I then will contend that it is our duty to go on the offensive!

    That is a cross that I am willing to bear every single day, just so I can keep enjoying my 2nd amendment rights.

  3. “May I recommend comparing a drunk driver to the car-owning community as a whole?” The liberal media never does that because THEY drive.

  4. There is a person I know who is anxious to get his CC permit. He is not the most stable person and is known for his temper, especially while driving. I keep telling him how difficult it is and so forth trying to discourage him. He is at the age where he is becoming forgetful and worse. So far I have him convinced that the course he must take is difficult and that seems to be enough to keep him from trying to get the permit. If he gets one, he will almost certainly be another stain on the good folks that support the 2nd amendment. I suggest we all use our judgement in encouraging others to get a CC permit. He is the only one I know that I discourage.

    • RKflorida: You never know, it might calm him down. I’ve seen quite a few people who reported that carrying changed their whole attitude. If they were someone who used to get in fights a lot, or even just arguments, they find that they’re not that guy anymore, because now there’s a greater sense of responsibility. You don’t know how that altercation is going to end, so it’s better to just not get into it. Maybe he’d be one of those.

    • these are the people that carry without a permit. i have no stats to back it up with but i’ll bet that far and away more road rage shootings are done by the people that don’t bother to get permits. if you follow the rules enough to get the permit you’re not a threat to society.

  5. Yeah me to Silver…
    It is crazy, in Norway a guy blows up a town center then shoots what was it 80 people and they are crying over gun control. The are more concerned with healing and moving on. If anything their international policy changed a bit but that was it.

    I am waiting for some nut job to blow up a theater now, because guns were to hard to get, then they will want to regulate gas and fertilizer etc. Oh and don’t forget the Radio Shack Oven timers! My lord those things will take out whole cities!

    I lived in the middle east long enough to be affected by terrorist bombs. They were pretty. They got ball bearings or nails, mixed with a pipe bomb. Any yutz could build one and let me tell you the affect it pretty devastating. I would rather face an active shooter, at least if you are armed you have a chance.

    • Just so you know, certain types of fertilizer are scrutinized by ATF, and must be signed for on a FEDERAL form. That was due to a little incident that occured back some twenty + years, or more.

      A federal building was blown up, but the odd thing was that almost all LE types were not in it at the time. BUT other non-LE types were. As a result men, women, and hapless children in the day care center were there. Yep you guessed right, now the govt. controls the sale of cow dung, that is mixed with other chemicals. Who says the Feds don’t know SH-T?

  6. WalMart puts its ammo counter far from the front door because having to walk past the other customers boosts sales.

  7. Dont forget knives- in the UK, when they banned guns, the crooks started cutting people.

    Ask any experienced weapons martial artist about which is more dangerous…one who trains USMC told me this saying:

    “the winner of the knife fight died two days later in ICU. The loser died of blood loss on the spot”.

    I think the gist was he’d take a chance on a couple holes in non-vital areas from a nitwit crook who cant shoot straight, than a con with experience with a shiv in close….

  8. To bad that dummy didn’t have it tucked down the front. He may remember his lesson, when he has to sit to pee.

  9. “Other reports indicated that the bullet grazed Canady’s leg he when dropped the Springfield .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol.”

    No holster and a round in the chamber of his semi-auto. Smart guy.

    • An ND on a gun with a grip safety. Somehow I don’t think it happened “when he dropped it.” It happened when he tried to catch it.

      So here’s a question… if he’d done what he should have and let it hit the ground, could he be charged with anything if he simply said “Oops” and picked it up and put it back in his pocket?

      • Good point. I think it first shot into his azz and then the bullet shot into the floor.

        The advice when a knife slips is just to let it hit the floor and not to try and catch it since some severe cuts have occurred that way. Guns are of course a different tool and one with the potential for a round to go off. The Glock-type triggers are not foolproof. Glocks have fired with a round in the chamber when dropped onto the floor. Yes, I know it was a Springfield. Is it the same type of trigger style?

        • Springfields have a split trigger, like a Glock, yes. I don’t know if the internals are exactly the same, but I presume they work similarly. However, the Springfields also have the benefit of the grip safety, so that reduces the chances of a drop fire from extremely unlikely, like the Glock, to nearly impossible from hip height.

          Trust me, if my XD(M) ever falls (knock on wood, it hasn’t yet), that sucker’s hitting the ground. It’s only a scratch, and chicks dig scars, after all.

          On the other hand, if my P238 drops… I dunno. It might go off if dropped with the safety off and the hammer cocked. In theory, the safety would only be off when I had a solid grip on it and was pointing it at something I wanted to destroy, so the chances of it slipping out of my hand seem pretty slim at that point. I’d probably let it fall too, and hope for the best, as I make a pretty small percentage of the hemisphere it could potentially be aimed at should it go off on impact.

        • Yeah, it’s got the same split trigger, although I can’t say for sure if the internals are the same. I assume they’re similar. But the Springfield has the benefit of a grip safety, which takes its likelihood of drop firing from very unlikely, like the Glock, to nearly impossible from hip height.

          You better believe that if my XD(M) falls, that sucker’s hitting the ground. After all, it’s only a scratch, and chicks dig scars.

          My P238, on the other hand… I dunno. If it was dropped with the safey off and the hammer c ock ed, it would probably fire. In theory, though, the safety would only be off if the gun was firmly in my hand and pointed at something I wanted to destroy, and slipping out of my hand at that point is unlikely. I’d probably still let it go, because of the hemisphere of points it could potentially be aimed at should it go off, I’m but a small fraction.

          Unrelated note: It’s pretty goddamned annoying to have to rewrite a comment because the spam filter flags the word “c-ock-ed” on a GUN SITE.

          /rant off

  10. While millions of free Americans own and use guns safely and responsibly each day, there are those that make the headlines by shooting themselves in the butt at Walmart that make it difficult for the rest of us. Don’t be a pain in the butt, learn how to use the tool safely and responsibly.


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