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  1. I know there’s a war on and everybody has to sacrifice. But I gotta sleep in the magazine? really? Who do I see to contact my union rep?

    Gotta spare pack of smokes?

  2. “New evidence suggests that there have always been gays in the military. Researchers point to this image of two young lovers, hiding their true selves with pin up girls, but you can’t hide the secret connection revealed by their loving gaze.
    It is also believed that gay men smuggled sexual lubricant in bottles of Hoppes #9 gun cleaner in order to hide their sexual orientation.”

  3. What u doing down here ted? Well, hell, i was looking at these sexy pictures, and i developed a skin missle, felt no one would notice in this room. That is quite the flesh rocket ted!

  4. “Yeah, she’s a swell lookin’ dame and she said she’d wait for you, but that’s not what I meant by needing to be rodded if you nailed her on the last R&R.”

  5. After dodging the Kriegsmarine’s U-boats for months on end and ensuring Americans won’t be speaking German anytime soon this boat wasn’t allowed to dock in New York. State officials stated its magazine capacity was too large per state law.

  6. The undertones tones of latent homosexuality present in this photo ie.,two sailors alone in a confined space, large (bulbous) bombs suggesting the head of a “phallus'” in addition to the ‘work-a-day’ dungarees, chambray shirt and boondockers boots give entirely new meaning to the phrase “I’m in the Navy and I’m gay but that don’t mean I ‘swish and sway'”.

    Th,Th,Tj, That’s ALL Folks!

    • These guys are male models in a posed propaganda photo. They’re dressed as generic soldiers, not sailers. Not a single patch or rank mark on their uniforms.

      The columns appear to be concrete which rules out a shipboard magazine or ship at all.

      If I had to guess where this photo was taken I would figure one of the coastel batteries near LA or San Fran. LA had 14 inch guns and San Fran had 16 inch guns.

  7. I learned the secret from her… Brush some Hoppes on your warts and cover your foot with your helmet. In just one hour they are all gone!

  8. “Things down here don’t react to well to bullets.” (read with a Scotch/Irish accent that’s supposed to sound Russian.

  9. Needing a break from trying to figure out why the big yellow bullets on the rack behind them will not fit in their service rifle, these two grunts take a break by discussing women.

    Semper Fi
    88-92 (0351) Infantry


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