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Turnbull Manufacturing Company is known for their vintage firearm restoration work and their period-correct color case hardening and bluing work. But they also manufacture complete firearms. New for 2016, Turnbull has released the Commander Heritage Model 1911 . . .


The Commander model comes standard with Beavertail grip safety, steel parts, blue finished slide, double diamond walnut grips, Commander-style hammer and standard barrel 4.25” barrel.

Upgrades include a bull barrel and custom engraving. These pistols are hand-fitted and feature Turnbull’s signature color case hardening on the frame, and time period correct blue finish on the slide.  The accent pieces are finished with a Nitre bluing process.  These firearms are truly magnificent, and unfortunately the light at SHOW Show makes it difficult to take photos of them that do them justice.  Another view of the same pistol can be found here.




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  1. If I wouldn’t spend anything all the year long related to guns, I could probably buy one of these.

    But would I? I highly doubt it. I have one 1911 I rarely shoot already, and it doesn’t look like it belongs in a museum.

  2. I find “call for pricing” about the most irritating thing that can be put in a description. For me, it elicits an instant and invariable NFW.

    • “I find “call for pricing” about the most irritating thing that can be put in a description.”

      I find that infuriating in aircraft listings. I stupidly called on a Citabria once.

      Once. He immediately launched into sales-pitch mode. How it was loved. How it was only flown by a little old lady on Sundays and never over-stressed. (I’m kidding on the last part, but not by much) The price? About 20 percent over market, but IT WAS EASILY WORTH IT… because it had been loved.

      I bet he had been burned the same way and was determined to get his money back.

      Call for price? Stay the Hell away from that one…

    • I agree on the “call for pricing.” I hate it. I don’t have a problem paying for quality work, but I do have a problem overpaying. Call for pricing virtually guarantees I’m going to be getting some line attempting to justify a ridiculous price, followed by disdain if I don’t want to pay it.

      Don’t want to pay 7 grand for a 1911?! You must not be a *real* 1911 aficionado.

  3. I have 3 Turnbull 1911’s, including one of their first efforts at making a Commander. The finish is spectacular. Accuracy was great. BUT I have to say, as much as I hate to say it, if you’re going to spend this amount of money, buy a Wilson and then send it to Turnbull to be re-finished.

  4. And they didn’t bugger up the slide by treating it like a billboard. Still, probably way out of my price range. I could buy a decent 1911 and with minimal equipment, color case harden the frame myself.

  5. I once thought it would be cool to do a 1911 with a case hardened frame and a blue slide–and then Turnbull offered one. Too bad I can’t afford one. It would go well with my black powder handguns and 1873s.

  6. The two slight disappointments are the screws aren’t timed and the wood needs some additional sanding.

    The blueing on the screws, safety and slide release is “nitre blueing.” Very nicely done on the metal work/

    • I am finally learning something. The first thing I thought when I went to the enlarged photo was “DG is not going to like those screws”.

  7. What happened to their BBQ series? I can’t find it on their website anymore. They had this same model as part of that series, and an engraved version as well.


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