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  1. The only scope mounting ring option they had was ‘Extra-Super’. I’m having a small problem with cheek weld. See pic.

  2. And here’s Jane Fonda in her Frederick’s of Hollywood ensemble modeling her North Vietnamese-made derringer. It’s just the thing for shooting down A-4E Skyhawks.

  3. The evil be-otch sure was a fine looking gal circa 1968. Oh well-no worse than the past and present secretary of state…

  4. I’ll forgive Barbarella when the Hawkmen forgive Ming.the Merciless.

    (Is this disrespectful to our Veterans? If it is, I take it back.)

  5. Never forget what Hanoi Jane did to the brave POW’s she visited in North Vietnam! They each snuck her a note to take back with her and she turned around and, in front of them, gave all the notes to the NVA camp commander. Each POW was severely beaten after she left resulting in the death of one of the men. I was told this by one of the US Air Force prisoners years after his release. Why is even a picture of this TRAITOR on this site? Any attempt of humor cannot cover the rancid decaying odor that emanates from such a vile waste of flesh.

  6. Although lacking the deadly “shoulder thing that goes up” the menacing weapon here being brandished by this homicidal, or perhaps suicidal alien, clearly has a “forward vertical grip”, making this an “Assault Rectal Probe” in violation of star code. Mothers everywhere are encouraged to hug their children, and remind them that, “in space, no one can hear you scream!”

  7. What an Insult to Vietnam veterans showing this picture of Hanoi Jane, She was with an NVA Division moving down the Ho Chi Mien Trail in broad daylight, they were given a free pass because this, treasonous Bitch was along with them doing a photo shoot, the trail was being watched by some MACSOG boys who asked permission to take her and buddies out, permission denied, so then she gets passed a note to contact people in the US. she hands note over to the Prison keepers that resulted in severe punishment for the captives, I hope to live long enough to piss on her Grave, Semper FI, Semper Paratus


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