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  1. Michael Bloomberg built a time machine and traveled to the future. He brought this picture back from a world where open carry was legalized.

  2. I forget… are we the displaced indigenous population or the genocidal expansionists?

    • My peers and I played that often, in between cops & robbers and re-inacting World War II European theater. Kids would probably be jailed or at least pulled from their parents care for playing such games today.

  3. If only they had let some girls play, we wouldn’t have to put up with Shannon Watts and her Momtroopers Against Guns now.

    • The girls were playing: they played lawyers, explorers, scientists, athletes and laborers.

      Nah, they always chose to play house.


  4. Gang: ” We know you are in the house, Buckwheat! Come on out with your hands up!”

    Buckwheat: “O’tay!”

  5. The boys were having too much fun to notice the strange man from Everytown counting each pop of a cap pistol and marking it on his clipboard.

  6. (Voice of Reporter) “State Investigators are saying that several police officers have been injured by friendly fire when a no-knock raid of a local man suspected of being late on his auto registration renewal went bad. Initial reports indicate that two separate teams were attempting to surround the house and rounded the same corner coming from opposite directions and mistook each other for the homeowner and opened fire. A contributing factor appears to be the lack of safeties on the .9 mm Glock revolvers the SWAT team was carrying at the time. The next door neighbor’s dog was killed in the crossfire. A spokesman for the police department declined comment.”

  7. Many years before the Internet was invented, young Larry, Dirk and Ralph would meet every afternoon in the schoolyard to face off against Leghorn, Zimmerman and the Farago kid.

  8. “But…but…I want to be the robber that everybody riots for!”

    “Wait your turn, or we’ll make you be George Zimmerman!”

  9. Troop 19 of East Cooterville just before being informed their charter was pulled by BSA national leadership

  10. Photographic proof that before Farago came on the scene, kids could practice poor trigger discipline to their hearts’ content.

  11. “I shot you first” “No, I shot you first!”, the days before paintball where everyone was Hahn Solo!

  12. “Well, if you don’t like this gunfight, there’s probably another one around the corner.”

  13. All of you are suspended for the rest of the school year, so you can go hunt and fish to your personal delight. Enjoy no longer being in school.

  14. That kid on the right in the dark jacket. Must be shannons daddy. Fake pistols. He knows they’re fake and he’s still ducking and hiding behind the little kid.

    Remove Darwin from the equation and you wind up with shannon.

  15. Not trying to win but this looked an awful lot like my neighborhood as a kid in the 50’s and early 60’s…man the world sucks now.

    • Kinda looks a lot like mine too, but during the 80’s. The kids all had decent shoes, though. Even the poorer ones.

  16. If we had those new guns that shot around corners, we wouldn’t have to stand out in the open like this!

  17. …while both can be effective, hard cover is preferable to using your buddies as meat shields…

  18. “The boys in overalls were playing combatants. The boys in coats were playing war correspondents.”

  19. Now kids can just shoot their friends on Xbox, all while eating snacks and drinking soda from the comfort of their own couch. Nevermind the early onset diabetes, we got meds to manage that. Ain’t technology grand?

  20. Back in the day? Boys would play with cap guns and the Cops wouldnt shoot them for doing so.

  21. Boys, there is no doubt. The Mattel Fanner 50 is a far superior cap to the Nichols Stallion 45.

  22. Fortunately these out of uniform Boy Scouts had ditched the illegal squirt guns when the Scoutmaster busted them and took away their safe speech and assembly merit badges.

  23. Don’t worry Fellas… Ever since Clive got them there glasses He can’t hit the broadside of a barn…

  24. Early forms of the fabled cornershot weapon involved shoving your younger brother out from cover and telling him to shoot. While extremely safe for the operator, high casualties rates of younger siblings in the War Robbers soon lead to a rethink of its design.

  25. Concerned moms also decry that appears that some of the kids have no protective footgear, too.

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