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The most creative caption entered in the comment section by midnight Sunday will win their very own Ban Bossy! bumper sticker. Start writing!

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  1. This is my rifle, and also my gun !
    It’s only for fighting, well maybe some fun!

  2. Robert, Nick and Dan in drag. On their way to double the crowd at the next mda march.

    • Judging by the machine guns, I’mna going with Soviet Union. Don’t think I’ve ever seen an ammo hopper or whatever it is like that on an RAF Lewis gun.

    • From

      World War 2: Three members of WAAF, (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force), equipped with camera guns and aerial camera for overhaul at the School of Instrument and Repairers and Cine Projectionists. Circa 1943.

  3. Didn’t I tell you two, swing those hips right and those flyboys will give you ANYTHING…

  4. Ethel and Dottie, expecting to get harassed by the coppers for legal open carry, brought Elouise along to document the 2nd amendment infringement with her state of the art F8 hand held camera.

  5. Three expert analysts were able to prove with aerial photography that the rumors were true — Himmler’s were very similar and Goebbels had no balls at all.

  6. Diane Feinstein (third from left) back in 1943 when she was drafted into service. One evening, while on patrol on Guadalcanal, she discovered that her gun went click while everyone else’s went bang. This led to a distrust of firearms that continues til today.

  7. “A young Jeremy Clarkson, flanked by his then-still friend Piers Morgan on the right, and an unfortunate lass on the left, who would later be framed for war crimes.”

    • “cankles”… that did it, now I’m in trouble at work for laughing myself silly. Gee whiz that was funny!!!!!!

  8. Three guns openly carry three ugly human women to desensitize Britons to the public presence of their low-capacity gene pool.

  9. looks like this party is going to pick up…lets get that camera Rollin….get the action going….

  10. Larry, Curly and Moe’s wives had had enough of their shenanigans….
    Woop! Woop! Woop! Ruff! Ruff! BANG!

  11. Betty (left) was thrilled with the chance to serve her country; Susan (center) had always been turned on by the prospect of blowing sh*t up; and the other two had long since learned not to trust Penelope (right) with a gun.

    • Britains response to Rosie the Riveter was universally canned by the public. Shuttering their hopes for such effective recruiting campaigns.

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