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  1. The Georgia-Ukraine joint military training operations were somehow ineffective in preparing either nation for the trials which lay ahead of them.

  2. “Over-protective fathers of the daughters of the American Revolution.”


    Not really what I imagined when you said there was a “Squad of Geri’s” charging the hill.

  3. “Capt Manwaring, they don’t like it up ’em”… (any Brits of a certain age on TTAG will recognize this..)

      • They used P14s supported by a Lewis LMG. Later they were issued with a Thompson (issued to Private Pike). In the first season, the only gun was a double-barreled shotgun owned by the elderly medic (who was also a conscientious objector in WW1). Most of the cast were active servicemen in WW2 and some were actually in the Home Guard. One of the cast was an artilleryman in WW1 and in the Home Guard in WW2.

        Classic series. So well written it can be very funny without actually devolving into rudeness. I have the full series on DVD and it was a good investment. A US version was tried and a pilot episode made, but the humour didn’t translate very well.

  4. Tragically, Iron Maiden’s attempt to remake their video for “The Trooper” thirty years after it was originally released went horribly wrong…


  5. Just remember, if they are too old to fight, they will just shoot you.

    And back in the day, long before the interweb warriors, they were trained to shoot.

    Respect your elders, they went through more crap than just your cable going out.

  6. Rogaine’s Heroes.

    Saving Private Ryan $5 with this coupon at Denny’s but only if we eat before 4:30 because I need to take my pills.

    “Who remembers where we parked the Power Wagon?”

    Captain America: The Late Late Late Winter Soldiers

    4 for 1. Boom. Did something useful.

  7. In order to remain competitive in the modern retail clothing market, Sear Roebuck & Co. recently launched it’s newest store brand: Old Army.

  8. Upon hearing that just over the ridge there were “mums demanding action,” the 68th annual reunion of the British 1st Cavalry Division came to life with a vigor little seen since the debaucherous reunions of the 70’s…

  9. When killing and fighting get them down,
    They know their morale can’t droop.
    As long as they all relax in town
    Before they resume with a bang and a boom
    F Troop!

  10. The televison producers were running out of ideas when Smith said, “What about a show that’s a cross between F Troop and Gilligan’s Island where they try to free Hogan’s Heros?”

  11. There was only one take for that scene. And no more action shots for a week. That mop looks dangerous!

  12. Dads Army great show about the Home Guard!
    Was on the TV in the 70’s and 80’s
    Show some respect.

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