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Pro-gun control Team 26 "rally" in DC (courtesy

Newtown cyclists say gun control campaign now a movement‘s headline proclaims. Hello? Look at the picture. How much of a “movement” do you see? Reporter Ana Radelat forgot to mention how many people showed up. But she was quick to assert that “The National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups have exerted enormous pressure on members of Congress, threatening to back the political rivals of those who vote for gun control with the help of massive war chests. With the impasse in Congress, the gun control movement has accepted the likelihood that federal gun laws won’t change anytime soon. ‘We have learned that the brick wall of the gun lobby is tough,’ said Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn. ‘We can’t predict what day we will prevail.'” Here’s hoping that day is never, and that one day the press will stop mindlessly promoting anti-gun agitprop.

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    • Why can’t a fellow like putting on spandex shorts and riding long distances under his own power, and going to the range to unleash fast flying lead at some steel plates? I find both activities to be very freeing. Though both are expensive hobbies.

      • You know, I may have over-indulged in a little stereotyping there. Then again, given my observations over time, and particularly during my exile in Austin–maybe not. But of course no matter how accurate the “stereotype” may be, there are going to be exceptions.

      • I can do both also. My carry gun fits quite nicely in my cycling jacket. I don’t get the disparity here.

      • I’ve been a cyclist since my first year of undergrad, and have been in the best shape of my life since. Pretty sure I could outrun most of the typical OFWG’s, and still enjoy talking about Glock vs 1911 facts. There are some areas we ride that have some REALLY rough hollows/hollers where these fading coal towns are surviving on welfare/food stamps and meth deals. Carrying CCW while riding is almost prerequisite to get to some really exclusive locations due to punk asses wanting to run us off the road. I’m on a 15 pound bike, with a piece of styrofoam on my head. They’re in a 4000lb truck, a gun still does not equalize the immediacy of that kind of threat, but we have been harassed at gas stations to the point where the clerks called the State Police for our safety. (“You aren’t welcome in our area” type of deals.)

        That, and one of the trails around here has had black bear spottings for like six years in a row.

        I don’t carry while riding very often, but when I do, it is justified for my defense. God knows I don’t wanna use it.

  1. Yes us motorcyclists do love freedom. So do those of us with disabilities, and mentally ill.

  2. Is there a logic fail here?

    Can those people buy guns now?

    I get that they specifically mean for private-to-private in-state sales, but that’s not the insinuation they are deliberately making.

    Most people seeing that will think, “Oh yes, felons should NOT be allowed to buy guns…we must support this law.”

    This reminds me of poll questions that ask something like “Would you rather get a tax cut or feed the poor?” False dichotomy.

    Their sign sure seems like an example of a “misleading vividness.”

  3. I have to say that this validates the fact that there’s just not a lot of support for gun control, even among some supposedly liberal demographics.

    I’m way too out of shape to be called a bicyclist, but none the less I try. I’m also a motorcyclist as well, and far more experienced and competent with that particular avocation. Maybe some motorcyclists don’t care much for bicyclists, but I’m not one of them, and what’s more, I think most if not all motorcyclists AND bicyclists dislike cagers (car drivers) and with good reason.

    The simple point of it is, that whether it’s motorcyclists, bicyclists, or most any hobby you might think of, there’s much more support for the RKBA than opposition. Only among gender might you find differences, and that’s already well known as women are motivated by emotion and men are not.


    • No need to name-call car drivers, not all are bad. I’ve seen some motorcyclists that give motorcyclists a bad name.

      • There is certainly a grain of truth to all stereotypes, even though the extent of it is rarely accurate. I ride a sportbike, but that doesn’t make me a squid, either. You might even recall I asked Jay in Florida if he was a squid or not, simply because he mentioned wearing only a T-shirt while riding. It might have been a bit harsh but, that is indeed his choice to do so. As I’ve been down a time or two, I prefer to wear a good helmet and jacket – it’s not a panacea, but it does reduce potential injury.


        I think I’m fairly safe in saying that I’m firmly in the minority when i state that I’m a motorcyclist that supports bicyclists as well. I even wear those silly spandex shorts under my jeans to prevent monkey butt! And as you might imagine, I’ve had plenty of cars try to kill me…oops, I mean their operators. It’s not the car that kills people, it’s the driver of the car, right?

        Short version…don’t take it too personal 🙂


        • Tom, anything with two wheels is fun in my world. Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, (I commute on a 250 Honda Reflex), even push scooters when my kids had them. It’s just the same as whatever tool you use to propel a projectile at a high velocity vis à vie an explosive charge. Even potato guns are fun for a while.

          Did I get vis à vie right? Ha.

        • You might even recall I asked Jay in Florida if he was a squid or not, simply because he mentioned wearing only a T-shirt while riding

          Wearing only a T-shirt? Well, I guess there’s more than one place on your body where you can feel the wind in your hair.

          • I just had a momentary mental image of the jowls on a dog flapping when it’s got its head out the window of a car. Only the mental image wasn’t a dog, and it wasn’t jowls flapping.

            I hate you for doing that to me.

      • You must not be a rider in a major metropolitan area. Cagers ARE out to kill you. I just wish they would hang up and drive.

        • Atlanta’s not big enough? Damn, I’m not going fast enough. Must try a different tactic!

          Actually, I just moved from Republic, Missouri, which is about 10 miles outside Springfield. I hated going to Springfield with a passion and only went into town if I had pressing business or some other very good reason.

          Riding the back roads, even at high speeds, was and still is FAR safer than riding a motorcycle, or for that matter, a bicycle, in Springfield.

          Atlanta’s a whole different sort of ballfield though.


  4. The “brick wall” of the “gun lobby” is the American people. Hopefully it will remain that way and only strengthen.

  5. There should be some sort of review board procedure before people are allowed to wear spandex.

  6. It’s almost admirable that the senate took the lead from Walmart and is now the leading employer of the mentally handicapped. Hell, just look at the junior senator from CT.

  7. Huh. And these magical “Universal Background Checks” would keep all these people from buying guns, eh? Interesting. Does it involve a shock collar of some sort, that makes them piss their pants and quit at the sight of a 4473? Very impressive.

  8. Chris Murphy-D Conn…….ahhh yaaaaa they’re not having any problems with gun control in that state ,are they?Oh! and the Democrates are sooo pro gun!

  9. “The National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups have exerted enormous pressure on members of Congress, threatening to back the political rivals of those who vote for gun control with the help of massive war chests……………

    I always find the comments about the NRA and other ‘gun rights groups’ amusing. They just can’t get it through their heads that those gun rights groups are backed by millions of American voters……

    • That’s how I always hear it, too. They make the NRA sound like some soulless incarnation, a massive super villain that gets its power from the earth’s core or some damn thing. I don’t think they see a mosaic of American faces at all. Too bad, because in my little square, I’m mooning them.

      • Maineuh, I literally laughed out loud on that one. Something about the set up by ‘mosaic’ followed by the imagery of one little square being a mooning backside just tickled me.

  10. Um, I thought it was Bloomberg that had the massive war chest? Given a single guy leveraging his $27 BILLION dollars against the 5 million average Americans supporting the NRA, which one is the grass roots underdogs again?

  11. I race bikes and triathlons, so I run and ride a lot out in BFE. I’ve heard enough horror stories about motorists committing assault that I really wonder about the safety of myself and others – predominantly my wife, but also other females and really any cyclist. A vehicle is a deadly weapon. A bike, especially if you’ve got a flat or a busted chain, is… a really bad speedbump.

    Riding in a group or at least with a friend is good protocol, and defensive driving/situational awareness are, as always, your friend. Though I’ve never seen Deliverance, I think I get the gist. Me, by my lonesome, out in the middle of nowhere, where I may or may not have cell coverage, and where the police might be 10’s of minutes away…

    I’m about to get my CHL, and this is one of the reasons why. Dispatching injured/rabid animals is another reason – I recently had a friend borrow a knife from a motorist while on a ride to dispatch an antelope that had been hit by a car and entangled by a fence. I’ve had to club a racoon, and had to leave a deer stuck in a fence once while I left to retrieve a firearm. By the time I returned the deer was gone… with a grievous wound and an ice storm coming – I know that ended with coyotes and it pains me to this day.

    So carrying a weapon is not just for protection – sometimes it’s the merciful thing to do and I’d rather dispatch an animal than leave it suffer. However, one only need to read the headlines to realize that the world is full of whackos to whom you and I are potential prey. So chalk this up as one cyclist who is for guns, and thinks gun control is hitting your target.

    Any suggestions on a waterproof pouch for a stainless LCP?

    • Suggestion – maybe one of those tool kits that tucks up under your seat, unless you’re worried about “un sprung” weight. Keep it in a ziplock bag if you’re worried about moisture, but a stainless LCP? Keep her lubed and it’ll go through more weather than you’ll ever want to. Unless that’s your thing. If you wear a typical jersey, get a secure pocket holster and put it in the back pockets next to your granola bars and bananas. No disrespect, I ride, too. Just for fun. Like shooting.

      PS: Learn ALL your local and state laws regarding on/off body concealed carry. When in doubt ask. Then ask again. Ride on.

    • I know weight is hugely important to a bicyclist, which makes the LCP a great choice in the scheme of things. I’d simply use the factory supplied zipper pouch it came with and place it inside a seatpost pack. If you have anything else in the pack such as a tire kit or whatnot I would avoid just putting the pistol in there with a round in the chamber due to risk of a ND. That could go very badly indeed. If speed of access is not absolutely required then just pack it in the bag Condition Three. YMMV?

      At least on a motorcycle weight and size isn’t quite as difficult, but both clearly require a bit of creativity and forethought


  12. UBCs stop the mentally ill, felons & domestic abusers from buying guns? No, UBCs just encourage the mentally ill, felons & domestic abusers to buy guns elsewhere.

    • Like the black market where criminals buy all their guns anyways, along with drugs and stolen property.

  13. I love how the groups with professionally printed signs are always painted as grassroots while groups of folks with day jobs and homemade signs are always astroturfing.

  14. No sir, your lies will never prevail, they will only make “we the people” that
    value freedom stronger!

  15. I saw more people gathered in one place at a small party last night. What a pathetic display this is.

    Universal=Registration and Confiscation. We get it.

  16. I love bicycles. Without them I couldn’t justify rollin’ a little coal whenever I drive a diesel pickup.

    • If that’s not a joke, you’re a douchebag of the first order. I’ve been the recipient of a bunch of laughing good ol’ boy assholes doing just that, and while there’s very little that will excite me to serious anger, that’ll do it. If you’re serious, the criminal charges might very well be worth putting a couple bullets through your back window. If they hit something squishy on the other side, so much the better.

      • Good times. I’ve been run off the road, had drink cups and bottles thrown at me, etc. All by the most “upstanding” citizens. The only way to go is to assume every driver is actively trying to kill you. At worst they ARE, at best they simply don’t have a clue you’re there. They WILL hit you and be confused later. Regardless of right of way, the cyclist loses to the laws of physics.

  17. I got movements bigger then this everyday at 10:30 am sometimes 2 times the day after taco night.

  18. The monkey with the yellow “Stop Gun Violence” sash is really cute. yes, stop gun violence (whilst making all other forms of violence increase 10 fold). Cause gun violence is worse than regular violence -.-

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