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By now you’ve surely heard of the latest campaign to boost girls’ self esteem. Facebook’s COO and the head den mother at the Girl Scouts think too many girls are being labeled as “bossy” and this somehow stunts their psychological development. Or something. Anyway they want to ban “bossy” and we’re on board with the whole program. No one is more sick and tired of bossy behavior than are America’s gun owners. Why should law abiding individuals who choose to avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights be told what guns they can and can’t own by people who know nothing about firearms? What CHL holder wants to be harangued by shrill, uninformed self-appointed nannies about where they can and can’t carry their guns? Don’t be bullied any more! Buy your own Ban Bossy! bumper sticker and tell those who are sure they know better than you do to stick their nose in someone else’s business.

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  1. How about we teach our kids to suck it up and roll with it, so when they get to be adults and go be assertive people in the job market, they are emotionally able to handle being told no by their boss?

    • What is this job market of which you speak?

      Children these days are being taught everything BUT the kind of self reliance that comes with being a responsible adult and having a job that even allows them to use their brain enough to say “no.”

      I mean, have you seen some of the books on tap to be approved for Common Core? The whole thing smacks of nothing but training kids for government jobs.

      All of my cynicism and sarcasm aside, you make an excellent point.

  2. In case anyone misses or has missed it. That is the infamous Shannon Watts.

    I’ll take a pair. Give me one with Bloomburgs picture too.

  3. If you get rid of the negative, antisocial behavior, you do get rid of the negative connotation.

    {ooops, that was a reply to a post that is now gone….I was looking forward to what replies it would get. Oh well.}

  4. Has any group or individual advocated for boys recently? I guess that boys, who someday may grow up to become men (shudder), aren’t worth the trouble.

    • If you advocate for boys you are obviously sexist!!

      But in all seriousness, men and boys aren’t doing that well these days compared to women. Homelessness and suicide have spiked among men. In addition boys are falling behind in school. Don’t think government is the solution, but I find it interesting that the “department for women and girls” was proposed years ago, and was approved almost immediately. A similar program was proposed for boys and men, and it disappeared into the abyss. It’s wonderful that the ladies are doing great, if only we could get the bad feminists(some are excellent) to stop trying to grind men out of existence.

    • You sexist swine! I’ll give the Bossy Boots “bossy”, if they give up “sexist”. Fair trade? I think so.

      What could we get in return for “beeyotches”? My daughter used to say her mom was “a bit of an itch”.

  5. “Confident” women are labeled as “bossy” because they all too often have an attitude of authority that is unearned, and in many cases they are not prepared to back up their statements with data and facts, or enter into a discussion of calm rational thought in order to convince others that they are right. Instead, they attempt to dominate the discussion with gut feelings and emotion, and attempt to cast doubt on the empathy and quality of the personalities of those who question their motives and opinions.

    By the way, this is a theory leveled by my wife, and not myself. My wife specifically avoids working for women whenever possible because of this phenomenon.

    • I agree that the sentiment is often true (and I’ve met my fair share). However, the three smartest women I have ever known, all of whom are very successful, betray none of these characteristics. On the other hand, I’ve known more than a few “bossy” men–the stereotypical bad boss that no one can seem to work with for very long.

      • +1–I’ve been tramping this vale of tears in which we live nigh on six decades now, and I never knew until this week that the word “bossy” is feminine gender.

  6. There was a previous comment that seems to have vanished … I was planning on responding to it, in agreement with it …

    The basic point of the WSJ article was that boys are rewarded for trying to “take charge,” while girls are dismissed as being “bossy” if they try to do exactly the same thing. It has nothing to do with girls/women being bossed around by others.

    In effect, TTAG appears to be trying to reinforce this stereotype by labeling a woman who is assertive (completely wrong with her position, but still assertive) as being “bossy.”

    I would argue that calling Shannon Watts “bossy” isn’t as appropriate as calling her a bully, since she attempts to demonize gun owners and shut down any attempts at rational debate. “Bossy” is – per the WSJ article – a word that has been historically used to attempt to dismiss the leadership efforts of a female that someone doesn’t like. And that’s exactly what TTAG is doing here.

    I’d stick with calling her a “bully” instead. More appropriate, IMO, especially since she’s trying to use that term against peacefully marching gun owners.

    • The basic point of the WSJ article was that boys are rewarded for trying to “take charge,”

      Which is utter and complete nonsense. B0ys are punished for chewing a Pop Tart the wrong way. Boys are punished for wearing a 2A T-shirt. Boys are drugged to prevent them from acting like boys.

      The schools, the media, the feminazis — they all hate boys.

      • Agreed. The emergence of “bossy” behavior in girls is a direct consequence of the vacuum left behind from suppressing natural male assertiveness. I’m certain there is a natural equilibrium, but Liberals are always destroying natural equilibriums in an effort to impose their own mandated equilibriums – it is the nature of the beast.

      • What are you smoking? None of those had anything to do with them being boys. And everyone on here needs to understand that this “rule” has nothing to do with adults who are bossy. I remember in elementary school hearing girls talked about behind their backs as bossy and watching them shrivel as word gets around. Kids are incredibly cruel to each other. End of story. One rule isn’t going to fix this, but shame on TTAG hijacking something like this for themselves.

    • Many girls who are called ‘bossy’ *are* bullies. The definition of ‘bossy’ is to be authoritative and domineering, synonyms are highhanded and overbearing. Not the kind of person I would want a little girl to be. When men are ‘bossy’ a more crass word is typically used, the first part is another term for donkey.

      Making a word a taboo won’t solve the problem. Girls and boys need to learn how to be a leader without being a jerk. That requires more than simply prohibiting a word, it requires teaching kids which behaviors are good and bad. The education system heavily favors girls already, all the way to college. Coddling them more isn’t going to help them be positive leaders, it’s going to foster the mindset that they come first, and their feelings matter more than their actual ability to do a job.

      IMO, Ban Bossy is perpetuating the same thought process behind Ban Guns, ‘Your rights end where My feelings begin’. It sounds like the kind of program Mrs. Watts would wholly endorse, which makes me a bit surprised to see it here on TTAG.

  7. I bet Shannon would love it if I started a group called Childless Men for Sensible Parenting, and went around telling mothers they are doing it wrong.

  8. You know what a bossy person is? Someone demanding you submit to their authority and throws out orders when they’ve done absolutely jack **** to earn your respect. Earn my respect, show you know what you’re talking about and lead. Don’t demand.

    You ban that word and I’ll start using b****y and c***y, more accurate descriptors anyway.

  9. Please, nobody support this ridiculous campaign!

    This is just another round of zero-tolerance/zero-judgment campaigns to ban things (not legally this time, at least, but still culturally). Instead of advocating discretion in our words and judgment when deciding if a person is being bossy, we’re being cast as bigots for not disowning the word because it’s sexist.

    Net result: sure, maybe assertive women won’t be mislabeled as bossy as often, but no woman who actually IS being bossy can ever be called out because that would be automatically sexist.

  10. In the 20th century, we put men on the moon, mapped the human genome, climbed Mount Everest, broke the four minute mile, and split the atom. Staggering human achievements all.

    Yet, coming up on two decades into the 21st century, and we still haven’t developed a cure for the common scold.

  11. Notice how it’s the Witches that want to control the vocabulary?
    Which brings us to the actual meme: Shrillary Clinton

  12. I’d make the circle and slash thinner. I had a hard time figuring out it was Shannon and I know what I’m looking at. That said, most people couldn’t pick Watts out of a lineup and may think this bumper sticker is merely anti-women. Caveat Emptor

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